KBP’s new MTs 225 tactical revolver shotgun

Janes reports that Russian firm KBP are now producing a tactical version of their MTs 225 revolver shotgun:

The MTs-255 tactical shotgun is a 5-shot weapon and is designed around the revolver principle. The cartridge cylinder swings out to the left for loading/unloading. It can be fired either double-action (a long pull of the trigger both cocks and fires the weapon) or the hammer can be manually cocked for single-action firing. A heavy duty, single-strut metal side-folding stock is fitted, which pivots around a conventional style revolver pistol-grip and lies alongside the right side of the gun when in the folded position. Sights are described as ‘open’, but a length of Picatinny-type sight rail is fitted to the top of the receiver for the mounting of other sighting devices. The butt-plate, pistol-grip and fore-end are all constructed of high-impact polymer for durability and corrosion resistance.

The original MTs 225 was introduced as a hunting gun back in 2000. It has an interesting design. The benefit over semi-autos would be its double action revolver reliability.

12 guage

Photos from Tozman @ Shotgun World Forum.

Steve Johnson

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  • They steal the idea from Taurus?

    • Keith

      Taurus stole the idea from Colt!

  • Canthros

    Now, the only problem is that price on the regular model starts around 10K USD or more, IIRC.

  • B Woodman

    Visions of the old original Colt revolver rifle . . . . .

  • Al T.

    Egads, chamber that in .45-70 and I’d buy it! Or perhaps .500 S&W…

  • AB

    Am I wrong for wanting one of these in a pistol format with, say… a 6 inch barrel?

  • Matt Groom

    Those Russians sure do come up with some interesting designs. Too bad none of them are sold here! But on a Revolving rifle, the cylinder should open on the right side to facilitate right handed reloading. A swing out cylinder revolver is designed to be held in the left hand and loaded with the right, which is why they open to the left.

  • Wolfwood


  • It is no secret that I love revolvers, however I am not sold on this concept. I would have to shoot it to make a judgment. It is cool but I am not sure how practical it is.

  • Fred

    Yeah… I want one.

  • Steve,

    The KBP / Shipunov design bureau builds some really nice guns. A firearms historian whom I know in Germany has one of their semi auto sporting rifles chambered for the 9.3×64 and he simply loves it. I have also seen some of their sporting shotguns with hinged front triggers and gold plated innards which were as good as anything that you could get from anywhere else.

    I do wish RAAC Firearms or someone else brings these guns for sale to the USA. I’d love one with a rifled barrel for slugs.

  • SpudGun

    Okay, we’re all thinking it, slap on a pistol grip and cut off the barrel to make our very own Hellboy pistol.

    Would make the .500 S&W look ‘weedy’ in comparison.

  • I think speed of reloading would be a decent benefit as well; though it’s probably not MUCH faster than loading most tube mag shotguns.

  • DMP

    What does that thing weigh? So how does one plug it for 3 shot legal hunting?

  • Mehul, yea, I read that they are the Russian guns to own if you can get hold of them. Apparently a few were bought into Canada some years ago but were all quickly bought by collectors.

    Al and Spud, I would LOVE one of these in a rifle caliber. How cool would that be? Frickin awesome. I wonder if you can fire .45 colt in the .410 model …

    • Craco

      just use slugs

  • Burst

    I think the optimal configuration for a ‘tactical’ weapon would be top break.
    Ambidexterous, less awkward to check/change ammo, and faster reloads.

    With modern metallurgy, it shouldn’t be a problem, especially if only 2.75in shells are used.

  • Dom

    Man, yeah I gotta admit I’d love to have a six-shooter model in .30-30. Why is nobody importing this?

    • Dom, I think because it is not on the Clinton approved list. Any Russian gun not on the list cannot be imported.

  • Brad

    First photo caption, “12 guage”?? Typo alert!

    Burst, “I think the optimal configuration for a ‘tactical’ weapon would be top break. Ambidexterous, less awkward to check/change ammo, and faster reloads.”

    Nah. Just make a full-moon clip instead!

  • CS

    This has nothing to do with this post – but this video about the Swiss gun tradition is interesting and may be worthy of a post you can schedule in advance when you are too busy for your blog.


  • Don

    I want 12 GA moon clips.


  • Dr. Feelgood

    For your rimless 12 ga. shells?

  • Meltron

    @Matt Groom, unless I’m reading it wrong, you are implying that revolvers with cylinders that open to the left are meant to held in the left hand and loaded with the RIGHT. I’m not sure what point you are trying to make but most firearms are meant to be held in the right hand and loaded with the left hand, especially revolvers.

  • Peter

    One very attractive looking firearm. I would want one just for its good looks alone.

  • Keith Applegate

    Meltron said – “I’m not sure what point you are trying to make but most firearms are meant to be held in the right hand and loaded with the left hand, especially revolvers.”

    ESPECIALLY REVOLVERS! Dude, are you for real?

    Now, since the original designers of the swingout cylinder revolver (as I recall Winchester actually built the first one much to the chagrin of Colt) are no longer with us we cannot ask them their intent.

    And while Barney Fife did indeed hold his empty revolver in his right hand and use his left hand to load his one “bullet” that’s surely not the way Jerry Miculek (or any real revolver person) does it. In fact, a person holding a revolver in their shooting hand and inserting cartridges with their off hand is the sure sign of a rank amateur or a hollyweird actor. So you see, if you are a right handed shooter and wish to reload your swingout cylinder revolver the fast/easiest way possible you do indeed hold it in your left hand and reload it with your right.

    That’s right, whether you use speedloaders, moonclips, speed strips or loose rounds it’s simply faster/easier to open the cylinder latch with the right thumb (Dan Wesson revolver shooters would use the left thumb/Taurus Ragung Bull shooters would use both thumbs) use the left hand middle and ring fingers to swing out the cylinder thereby transferring the gun to the left hand, using the left thumb to stroke the ejector rod and then use the right hand acquire the reload and replentish the chambers. A left handed person does the same only mirror image except for using the right index finger to manipulate the ejector.

    • Bob

      With all the negatives for Keith, I guess I am in the minority. I am curious how people, who don’t follow Keith’s advice, keep their cylinder from spinning when they use a speed loader (especially the kind that rotate to unlock the bullets). Probably the same people who cock the hammer with their shooting hand (nothing like a weakened grip combined with a light trigger).

  • imhandled

    Now make it double barreled with 8rounds and i wouldnt care how much it weighed but, with the single action ejector pin. speed loaders would simply be to big and awkward to monkey with. now that would be an effective weapon but still federal friendly because it could not be altered into a full auto death machine

  • Ndoggunfreek

    @Matt Groom a right handed revolver swings to the left to be loaded to be loaded with the left hand so the the gun reamins in a right handed shooters shooting hand.

  • Keith Applegate

    Ndoggunfreek: by your logic a right handed bolt action rifle should have the bolt handle extending to the left.

    Matt Groom IS correct.

    A RIGHT HANDED person FIRES a double action revolver with the right hand but the left hand HOLDS it while the right hand (the hand with the most developed motor skills) LOADS the revolver.

    Unless your goal is to reload slower and clumsier that is.

    • Andrew D. Johnson II

      I reload with my left hand. I feel weird reloading with my dominant hand.

  • Keith Applegate

    This is also why Winchester placed the loading gate on the right instead of the left.
    Because, except for some detachable magazine weapons, most firearms are held in the weak hand and loaded with the strong hand.

    Consider this…

    Which hand do you use to load a double barrel shotgun?
    Don’t you hold it in your off hand and use your dominant hand to load?

    Now, if you are right handed, try that with a shotgun with a cylinder swung to the left. How are you supposed to hold the gun? Your left hand is where you right hand needs to be.

    You wouldn’t want to grasp it by the wrist with all of the weight out front would you?

  • Aj

    Ok… I have read quite a few of your comments and I though I would chime in… I have Military Police background and training on an Air Force EST (SWAT)… I would NEVER teach or advocate some one releasing a weapon with their strong hand and holding with the week hand to reload… NEVER!!! Even with a shotgun (having fired one like this and a break action) I always hold with strong hand and reload with week…..

    I understand that it is a little clumsy at first with a long gun but it is the best way to reload…. I teach people weapons safety and tactical shooting on a regular basis…. They are always taught to maintain positive control of their weapon by keeping their strong hand where it belongs at ALL times…

  • Bass Cat

    So…is this shotgun available to own? I’m not a huge gun nut or anything like that, but I’ve been unable to find anything on where to pick one up. If I had to make a guess I’d say it isn’t available in the U.S. because the only results I get when i search for the thing are the Circuit Judge