Zel Custom 3rd Gen .50 BMG AR-15 Upper

Zel Custom are just about to put their 3rd generation Tactilite .50 BMG / .416 Barret AR-15 Upper into full production.

Gen-3 Upper

The new Gen-3 receiver is CNC-machined from a single piece of steel. It includes an integrated picatinny which is machined into the receiver.

Zel are also working on a quad rail system for the Gen-3 upper (see photo below).

Shown without coating on the rails

Steve Johnson

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  • iMick

    Wow! Why? Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should…sometimes 🙂

    • Why? Integrated rail machined into the receiver not make mean the rail is as strong as the receiver itself, but it is also much better aligned than a screwed in rail could be. As for a quad rail: bipod, infared devices, huge night vision scope system etc.

  • Fred

    The rail should add strength to the receiver too. Added material and stiffness at least.

  • Tux

    The concept looks great, except I can’t picture that M4 style collapsible stock soaking up too much recoil.

  • Martin

    Ooo! A quad rail? You know, ’cause sometimes having a 50 isn’t cool enough and you have to accessorize. I’m not sure what you’d accessorize it with, but It’s good to know you can.

  • CMathews

    PVS22 on the quad rail for the win.

  • Good question about the quad-rail. Here’s why: we wanted a long flat top rail to give the operator more real estate / flexibility, for obvious reasons. Based on user feedback and since it was a nominal extra cost, we added a long rail on the bottom, too. Without the side rails, it just looked weird. Since it wasn’t much more money or trouble to add the side rails, we went ahead and did it, figuring, “why not? It’ll be there if someone wants it”

    Steve, thanks for the mention, it’s an honor.

  • Needs a red-dot.

  • Pat

    DUDE i like the idea, but what would put on a AR 50 bmg that would not give away your location, a laser ect? your targets friend could see the dot on his forehead for one and it would not be practical, oh wait i know a lunch box. but seriously guys i like it. this is a great gift for a man who has everything!

  • just wondering if using ar 15 style lower where do you get the trigger unit from. i presume trigger would have to be heavy duty since the primer in a 50 cal is alittle bit harder than just standard 223 round. where does one get such an item.

  • We include a heavy duty hammer and heavy duty spring with the unit.

  • patrick

    i really like this. its pretty much…well, AWESOME. im thinking about buying the .416 for a post deployment gift to myself. however, i have one question… how accurate it this thing? dont include the match version though. i dont have the money for that. haha

  • mike bobier

    what is the cost of the 50 bmg vs say the 416 and the 338 lapua

  • With the Lothar Walther std barrel, we’ve been getting sub-MOA with match ammo and proper barrel maintenance. The .50 BMGs start at $1748, the .338s start at $1348 and the .416s start at $2048. The .416s have been getting a lot of attention, lately.