Double Barrel Pump Action Improved

Inspired by the Double Barrel Pump Action we saw on Les Jones’s blog, HerrKenny decided to make his own, more professional looking, “Moe Szyslak Special”.

The odd shape makes the photo look screwed. It is not.
Centered Bead. “Persuasion” chokes (sharp edged).
Duel Extended Magazines – 16 shot capacity.
The underside.
Firing the double barreled beast.

I am very impressed by the workmenship that went into this gun and I am sure there would be many out there who would pay good money for it.

Moe Szyslak sporting his iconic double barreled pump gun

Thanks to Jake for helping me find out about this gun.

Steve Johnson

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  • “I am very impressed by the workmenship that went into this gun and I am sure there would be many out there who would pay good money for it.”

    Not if it is only as reliable as shown in the video, they won’t.

  • Erik

    I couldn’t tell from the pics or video- how/where does the ‘left side’ eject?

    • Erik, one left handed receiver is bolted onto a right handed receiver.

  • How do you eject a fired shell from the shotgun on the left. Is it left handed?

    • Heath, I think so.

  • Mu

    well, using 2 handles doesn’t sound like the ultimate solution, needs to be more like [url=]Blaser’s Double Barrel Repeater[/url]

  • Martin

    That’s not a Moe Szyslak Special, it’s a Frink-iac HOYVIN-GLAYVIN! 5000!

  • Looks like two 870s stuck together.

    Why would you do this? Not that ‘because you can’ isn’t a perfectly legit response.

  • SpudGun

    This weapon screams – ‘Come and get me zombie scum!’

    I hope the next generation comes with a better ejection system but other then that, I think it’s groovy.

    Now I’m off to strap six 10/22’s together to make my own mini-gun.

  • Where do the shells of the left side gun eject to?

  • Don

    How does the one on the driver’s side eject?


    • 30calhunter

      I believe Remington makes a lefty version, so that would me my guess.

  • viper5552

    Hmm… that looks more than a little unwieldy

  • Kyle Huff


  • Back in the ’90s, Stembridge Gun Rentals put together a prop gun like this for an action film. However, I don’t remember it ever appearing on screen.

    Besides grafting a left and right-hand model together, you could just graft two Ithaca Model 37 together. This design ejected out of the bottom.

  • Carl

    This seems about as practical as “dual-wielding” a pair of pistols. That is, not at all.
    For what it’s worth though, I think I’d use a couple of semi auto shotguns if the object was to maximize the amount of lead I could put on target in a small amount of time.
    But a full auto shotgun is probably a lot better for that.

  • Bozo texino

    does this have two triggers or one? how does he shoot both at the same time?

    IIRC, more than one shot per trigger pull = machine gun in the batfe’s eyes

  • Nathaniel

    I know the guy who built the original 1740. I’ve fired it. Recoils like a kitten, even with the heaviest buckshot. He’s also the brilliant/insane mind behind the SteFAL rifle:,5205.0.html

    DeerHunter, not JesseL.

  • “Deer Hunter” Kennedy

    Hello. I’m the guy who did the first “1740” shotgun over at THR.

    Looks fairly good. It’s a bit long. Now, let’s see it busting clays. 🙂 That’s what I primarily use mine for.

    The triggers are separate on mine, which means you hook your finger through each trigger guard and pull both at once. Makes for quite a spectacle.

    I have videos of my room mate and I shooting IPSC and small targets with my 1740. It’s really an amazingly fun gun. My 11-87 is getting dusty…

    Happy Shooting!


  • scott moore

    I would like to see, two left&right double auto’s,double trigger,s, what a brush sweeper, I mean deer hunting, for herds! Could be a bad ass weapon. Got to keep dreamin! For under $600, do we have any person’s of interest?

  • Andy

    I understand the entire design except for the safety. If you used a right handed model and a left handed model, the safety would turn off in opposite sides, which would be a major inconvenience if you needed to use it quickly…so I’m wondering..did you convert it to a single safety switch or don you have to switch them both separately?
    Thanks, happy shooting

  • bobby

    bad ass. and a beautiful job. i had the same idea so i figured i should make sure nobody has already made this monster. and to no real surprise you made ,and pretty much perfected it. amazing job. Looks like ill have to find a different way to destroy something. moe would be proud. i would love some tips to make my own and cant wait to see what’s next.

  • 30calhunter

    Take that Biden!