S&W Finally Shipping Walther PK380 Pistols

Over at my blog post about the Walther PK380, readers have anxiously awaiting the arrival of the pistol that was announced in January. S&W have finally announced that it is shipping.

Limited “First” Edition

More more about this .380 ACP pistol here.

Steve Johnson

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  • I quit carrying my .380 when ammo got ridiculously expensive. I won’t carry a gun I can’t afford to practice with.

  • SpudGun

    Wow, with this, Ruger’s LCP and Sig’s new one (the 238?) – the .380 is this season’s must have caliber.

    I’d like to see a comparison test between all these noobies and the old Walther PPK or Bersa Thunder.

    Though I must admit, I do like the funky grip on the new Sig – but I’m probably the only one.

  • Dave Olson

    I bought my PK380 First Edition about a month ago. Sine that thime I’ve been able to run more than 200 rounds thought it. I can say that it it an absolute performer and flawless on the range. I had only one hangup and that was due to me. The design of the grip is a delight to hold. Walther did their home work in ergonomics and anatomical design. The other important thing is the slide. All steel like the barrel. The grips are poly and help to reduce the weight. It is well balanced and returns on target with little climb. At 40 yards I can place a magazine, 8 rounds, within the lines of the target. I figure at 10 feet or 10 yards, he’s mine. I sold my PPK/S because I hated it. For me, the ergonomic and anatomical grip design didn’t cut.

  • Tony Shiver

    I just received my PK380 yesterday and could not wait to fire it on the range. I’m still amazed at the ease and comfort of operating this firearm. It’s compact size along with it’s eight round mag makes it a perfect concealed protection weapon for me or my wife!

  • jsmith

    I recently purchased a PK380. I love it. Slim, .380, easy to conceal/carry, decent power and more. The only thing: the ambi safety broke after about a month and a half of use. S&W/Walther is paying to ship the PK380 both directions and fix it….for free. I am awaiting the weapon to be shipped and returned to see if the fix is good enough. Anyone else have this problem?

  • jose salvador arcenas

    yap i got one too. with that pk.380. soo easy to carry and firing it is soo smooth and accurate and have a impact power. its cute and the design will not be late in some other units.most i like is the design of the slide.. and even you load and fire with 170 rounds continue firing, still he can make it… and the barrel and slide still calm and cold as normal… and even my kids and wife can do manages to fire it.. in all gun i was fired, only i can say to walther pk380 is the best one. but only my problem is too hard to find an extra mags and i want to have about 7pcs extra mags on my carrying bag, even in gunshop soo difficult to find. here in philippines… hope have some good guys to help me how to have an extra mags for my walther pk.380….. thanks guys….