Walther Pistol Kompakt: PK380 .380 ACP

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Walther have scaled up the P22 pistol and produced the PK380, a .380 ACP chambered pistol.

The PK380 features:

  • 8+1 capacity
  • polymer grip, steel frame and slide
  • 3.66″ barrel
  • Overall length of 6.5″
  • Picatinny-style rail
  • Ambidextrous mag release and safety.
  • Drift-adjustable rear sight.
  • Unloaded weight: 19.4 ounces
  • Width is 1.2″

Four models will be available:

First Edition: a limited series model with “First Edition markings”, holster and two mags.
Two tone: nickel-plated slide.
Standard: All black
Laser model: Standard model with laser

They should be available later this year.

Photo Copyright Ken Lunde. Used with permission.

From the press release:

For 2009, Walther® has once again exceeded expectations with the introduction of the new PK380. Engineered on one of Walther’s most popular platforms, the P22, the PK380 delivers .380 power into a lightweight, ambidextrous pistol. Versatile, comfortable and nearly the same size as the P22, the Walther PK380 continues the company’s longstanding tradition of German innovation and technical expertise.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Dave Olson Dave Olson on Sep 27, 2011

    Just received a notice that I had to submit to the blog otherwise lose my posting privileges. Was not aware of that rule. Well as it happens I do have a post that I think some may find of interest. I bought the small size laser light attachment for my .380. It works find. Dark is better of course but daylight can cause some problems. The next question. Who makes a holster for the PK 380 with attached laser. Now this was some ago. Going through my collection of holsters I came across one made in Florida. It allows sufficient room toward the bottom of the holster for the .380 and the laser. All I can tell is that it was made in Florida. Wether that was in mind or not, I don't know. The majority of holsters fit up against the foreword trigger guard.

  • Dave Olson Dave Olson on Mar 05, 2012

    Wanted to post this info about the how to carry CWC. In the past several months I have become familiar with a company called Coronado Leather in San Diego. They've been in business since the 80's so they have staying power. They are not a large firm nor do they pour out hundreds of holsters, etc. They create and make their products. Almost exclusively leather. They make several jackets with sown in holsters; also leather vests with sown in holsters. In addition they make several different types of carry bags for the office, trips whatever, again with sown in pockets or holsters. They use bull hide and bison skin. They are sheer quality. Guaranteed for life. They also make a limited line of bison belts. Am I high on this company and its products, you bet. I'm waiting for my custom made goat skin Dean jacket which I should see this week. I have two vests,one bull hide the other bison. I have two of the carry bag bag, different sizes, one leather waist pouch with a concealed pouch. I have a bison belt that will be around long after I'm gone. As I said I am very high on this company. My Dean goat jacket is being made to measure and should see it this week. It has two concealed pockets, one on either side. They are expensive but not when considering their stuff is made in the USA, not Mexico or China, with a lifetime guarantee. Try: www.coronadoleather.com. I have my PK 380 with a small laser rail and it fits the inside holsters.