Umarex has licensed H&K 416, MP5, and MP7 for .22 LR clones.

The president of HK-USA mentioned in an interview that H&K has sold a license to Umarex for the production of .22 LR rifles patterned and branded after the H&K 416, MP5 and MP7. From HKPRO forums:

.22′s: HK has licensed Umarex to produce .22-cal versions of the 416, MP5, and MP7. At least some of these should be on display by SHOT Show in January 2010. It has not yet been determined which models will be released first.

At this years SHOT Show Umarex unveiled a licensed rifle patterned after and branded the Colt M4.

Steve Johnson

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  • Dammit.

    I want one of those MP-7 clones.

  • Vak

    Hasn’t there been a huge craze for .22 replicas lately ? Sig, Walther/colt , GSG and now Umarex.

    (Not that I am against it or anything.)

  • AB

    The situation if you’re a varmint is just getting worse and worse.

  • CMathews

    As soon as they get them here I’d like to see a price on the MP-7 model, I think they look cool. And yes varmints are going to be extinct soon haha

  • RP-in-TX

    I would love to see more .22 replicas of different military and historical guns. A .22 version of the M3 Grease Gun or Sten should be pretty cheap and easy to produce. I’d also love a .22 version of the Liberator pistol. In .22 LR it might be strong enough to last for more than a dozen rounds.

  • D

    Id be interested in the MP7 one

  • Lance

    I’ve seen some HK 416s in normal .223 cliber in civilan hands now. Its a awsome gun and I hope in the near future they become afordable.

  • None

    The rising ammo prices probably has something to do with it.

  • I’d be more excited about the HK-416 in .223 if it wasn’t for the fact that I can get a piston gun from one of four or five other companies for less money that will work just as well as the 416. Plus, the other companies don’t hate me like HK does.

  • jdun1911


    You can get two piston AR rifle for the price of one HK416. The HK416 civilian design model will not interchange with standard AR15 upper/lower.

  • That’s because HK hates us.

  • jdun1911


    We’re not cool enough. Real operator load their rounds backward in the magazine. That’s the H and K way.

  • spencer

    Im pretty stoked for the MP7 model, im guessing theyll have to put a longer barrel on it and possibly make it look like a silencer like the gsg-5 but still cool. now if theyd only make a g36 model.

  • HK is trying to put GSG out of business because they didn’t think of the idea to sell .22 MP5 replicas. I won’t buy any HK .22 MP5, MP7 or 416 because of this.

  • Rusty

    @ Dave and other irrational HK haters…

    So HK doesn’t have a right to profit from their own design? Or the right to defend their patented designs from infringement? HK is well within their rights to sue the makers of the GSG-5. Wouldn’t you sue somebody who copied something you designed and patented?

  • John

    I found that American Tactical can’t import anymore GSG-5 due to the October 20th suit, so if you’re wanting a GSG, better get one before they are gone, I dealt with this guy at and he still had some for sale & shipped me 2 really quick, I’m gonna miss these clones, they are sweet!

  • Tom

    You know what would really be cool is an exact replica of an STG.44 as long as HK is at it.