Steve Johnson

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  • Kenneth

    As a gun dealer I excitedly awaited the intro. of the 325wsm,but the firearms market never ever realy caught on.I guess between the 300,and 338 it just didn’t find a nitch.My mentality as far as the 325wsm intro is whoop-de-do esp. with the new RCM cartridges out now.Essentially ruger’s version of winchester’s shorty cases.Sadly I know very little about the pros/cons between the two.Things that make you go HMMMMMM.

  • Jonnynewt

    I own a 1962 or 64 version of the Browning BAR Centerfire just like the pic by the Winchester SX-AR. Does anybody know what it might be worth? It has only had about 30 rounds through it and it does not have a scratch. My father kept it in incredible condition.