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Kamil Arikut, who works at Safir Arms, makers of the .410 AR-15 shotgun, posted a comment on the blog saying that a english language forum has been created for American users of the Safir T-14 so that they can get in touch with their Turkish counterparts. If you have questions about the gun, they probably know more about it than anyone in the USA.

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  • “gunner”

    i’ve signed up for their english forum, hopefully it will see more members and start a link between turkish shooters and us yanks.

  • are thay leagle in n.j ?

  • cruzan

    Just purchased my T14, waiting for it to arrive. Can’t find any 10 round magazines though ?? Any suggestions on best ammo – I purchased some 000 Buck 3 pellet.

  • Safir Arms T-14 M-16 style shotgun and Uppers re-entering US Market by Jan 2011
    36 (410) CALIBER, UNRIFLED AND UNGROOVED SEMIAUTOMATIC T- 14 HUNTING GUN WHICH IS SIMILAR TO AR-15 223 REMINGTON will be sold by exclusively for Safir Arms manufacturing facility being setup in NJ.

    The shotgun shell standard to be used for T 14 shotguns are 36 calibre x 65 mms. for Europe and .410 calibre x 65 mms for America. The length of the shotgun shell should be between 57 to 60.5 mms.(For American model guns 5.7 cm.s, for European style guns 6.05 cm.s) unexploded(closed) and maximum 65 mms. Exploded (closed).

    The shells can be filled with slugs, birdshots or buckshots. They all work well with T 14.

    For American models of the gun we recommend Federal # 6, Estate #8, Remington #4 Long Range, #6 Long Range, #6 Field and 1/5 oz Slugs. No Winchester 2.5” ammo will fit, nor will Remington #9.

    For our European models certain shotgun shell model and makes like Remington Express (England), Remington Kleinbore (Germany), Vieri (French), Fiocchi, RC and Luxor (Italy) fit well and can be used.

  • Steve

    Dawood Qureshi, I have two questions for you reference the T14. First off, is the front sight base metal or plastic? I have heard from several people it is made out of plastic and it is very easy to break.

    Second question. Do you off an upper in your “classic length” with an A2 fixed carry handle upper? I really do not like flat top uppers…

    Thanks. -Steve

  • Tom

    My t14 doesn’t cycle and hand guard comes apart every shot. I am unable to get response from Safir . I welcome any response or help

    • Jim

      I got a T-14 at an auction. It has FTE problems about every other round. Contacted Safirarms in NJ and sent it to them to fix. Was received by them on Aug 28th. Waiting to hear back. Does anyone have similar problems? Has anyone got one that is working good?

      • Tim

        I bought two NIB from a dealer two weeks ago, One cycles well every 2.5″ Federal and Winchester round I ffed it. The other had a malfunction on the first magazine where the bolt carrier and I believe the bolt fail to seat properly, chewed up the chamber pretty well too. I have email SAFIR for the past few day and left several voice messages with no rsponse. Anyone been able to talk to anyone?

  • Jim

    I was able to talk to Dawood Qureshi

    Safir Arms LLC, Sales and Marketing Manager

    32 Ironside Ct., Willingboro NJ 08046

    Phone: 301-828-7141

    Hard to get ahold of Mr Emre Özcan at office phone 609-877-1110

    • Tim

      Thanks for your response however;Dawood Qureshi no longer works for SAFIR and even though he forwarded my message, there has been no response. I email every SAFIR site I can find without response.

    • Tim

      Thanks Jim,

      I have emailed for the past three days and left messages at the phone number as well for the past 3 days. I am begining to get concerned that this is some fly by night organization since they do not even respond to email. Hopefully they will come through. I did notice that they are an LLC in NJ.

      • Jim

        You may want to try emailing M.Kamil ARIKUT, Foreign Trade Director at I sent him an email about the lack of response I received and he was able to contact Emre. If they get enough complaints on the lack of response, maybe they will do something about it. I have not been able to get an update on my T-14 that I returned for repair.

      • Jim

        I just got an email that Emre is on vacation until October 10. You might want to put this on your calendar for follow up then.

  • Tim

    Well, he was on the list of 5 email addresses I have been emailing everyday for the past week. They also get a daily message at the phone number. I am afraid I will have to send a formal request via snail mail with a return reciept in orde to get their attention. I will give them a few more days and then elevate to the next level. I hate to say it but I am one of those guys who never gives up.

  • Tim

    Well, I guess it is time to post again. I finally recieved a reply from SAFIR asking me to wait until the 10th of October when their Respresentative would be back in his office in NJ. Well I waited and attempted to contact him last week with a couple of emails. Still no reply. I contacted the number for SAFIR and recieved a disconnected message. Guess SAFIR is history and they have no intention of honring the warranty.

    • Jim

      I have not heard back from them either. Sent an email a few days ago and just tried the number – you are correct – it has been disconnected. However, it did say temporarily disconnected. I just sent another email to Emre and Export Sales that I want my T-14 and mags returned. Will let you know what happens. Kind of wish I had never sent mine in. At least you still have yours.