Daniel Defense DDXV: California compliant AR-15

I learnt from Caleb at Gun Nuts that Daniel Defense are launching a new AR-15. The Daniel Defense DDXV Carbine is an entry level version of the DDM4 which was launched earlier this year. The main difference is that the DDXV has a standard M4-style butt stock and plastic handguards rather than a fancy stock and rail system.

Daniel Defense DDXV

Daniel Defense are making a California specific version that requires a tool, in this case a bullet tip, to be used when changing magazines. This allows it to be Cali-legal, although somewhat decreases its utility as a self-defense weapon. The California version also includes a 10 round Magpul PMAG magazine instead of a 30 round magazine.

10 round Magpul PMAG. Same size as the standard 30 round magazine.

It will retail for about $1150 and should be available later this month.

Steve Johnson

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  • T Sarp


  • You need a frickin bullet tip to change the mag? You gotta be kidding me. I’m so glad i dont live in Califorina…They act like they know it all but yet they dont know how to handle taxpayer money??? Like a 13 year old with a credit card. The state is definaltly a shining example….of how not to be.

  • Matt Groom

    Good thing it takes more than 10 rounds to kill someone, or people in CA would be in a LOT of danger!

    Personally, if I lived in IOU-Land, I would carry what my Grandpa carried, an M1 Garand and a 1911. Good thing the .30-06 isn’t too powerful for civilian usage!

  • whatever

    I wish there was some way to get some sane gun regulation here in California. Those intent on breaking the law will get the banned firearms from out of state so the ban only affects those who are willing to obey the law. There has to be a middle ground between total bans and no regulation at all that would be acceptable to both sides.

  • DrStrangegun’s patent-disqualifying post of the day:

    Someone who makes tactical shooting gloves needs to make a “California glove” that has a plastic cup fingertip on the right middle finger; and on that finger “thumble” would be a little extension spike on the pad perfect for driving into Cali-legal mag releases.

    • DrStrangegun, LOL, it is not logged as prior-art on the interwebs for eternity. Unfortunately the patent office don’t seem to care much about prior art these days 😉

  • The only way to get SANE regulation in Cali is to move out. I dont think there is a middle ground. Pelosi and all the other beuocrats appearently know better than any of us do! We are just the little people with little minds. We dont know our asses from a hole in the ground. Man… Im just WAITING for that healthcare! I’ts gonna be SWEET!!! That way when i Jam that bullet in that little hole to drop the mag, it accidently goes off and i get taken care of PROPER LIKE!!!
    Heaven forbid I use a finger.. like your supposed to.

  • Affe

    Sad as it may seem, a production bullet-button AR is actually quite a victory in the fight against ridiculous gun laws in CA.

    There’s been a lot of interesting, and heartening stuff going on in the state recently, which could (and has) already had an impact in other parts of the country where similar onerous gun-control regimes are in place. An example would be DC’s recent post-Heller fold, after attempts to adopt CA’s list of rostered handguns was pretty much shown to be arbitrary and capricious.

    You may crap on CA, but the in-state gunnies are (finally) catching up in a lot of ways.

    Follow the 2nd Amendment threads on Calguns. Even Mark Larue became a believer and donated a sizable sum to a Cali specific organization devoted to fighting CA’s silly gc laws…

  • Ken

    Bullet tip mag change? Lunacy! Shame the almighty dollar is making this gun produced. Gotta have sales to the large state! Get some spine and tell em shove their gun law where the sun dont shine. Bending to the laws just gives em more reason to bring in dumber laws,they can get away with it. Bet the politicians bodyguards dont have these restrictions on their guns…I do feel bad for the people there though, Having to endure that crap must be horrible. Then have the states money flushed down the toilet.

  • They elected the officials that made the laws. I feel bad for them too…. but just a little. The DC hand gun ban was unconstitutional and so is a bullet tip mag change!!! lol

    The sad thing is that i dont realy see how making these kind of restrictions does any good. The only people it affacts is the people how obey the law. There is nothing wrong with background checks and other protocol that goes into buying a firearm but it does seem to take it too far. A criminal is going to get a gun if he wants. Just like a crackhead will get his/her crack. But I bet the gun he gets has a button for a mag release!

  • Affe

    Ken, god forbid that manufacturers should follow the almighty dollar and sell into states with lots of sales. By your logic, when the Fed AWB passed years ago, anyone making anything banned should have just torched their production lines in protest because, well, sheer lunacy to have a featureless build on an AR platform, or a ten round mag.

    As for the rest, I can’t hear you over the choir you’re preaching to.

  • Steve; not prior-art, but I dump ideas everywhere with no intention of following through myself. “Seeding the fields” so to speak.

    There have been one or two that I’ve kept to myself though, only spilling the beans once I find *real* prior art, like the wicked little REVAP (refluxing eductor vapor accumulation purifier) idea I had.

  • Paul

    Don’t tell Pelosi! Otherwise the California legislature will ignore their fiscal crisis and devote all their time to adding this new firearm to their banned list.

    Don’t believe me? Just look at what they have done to their state! IOUs is their new money. Everyone will just issue IOUs to each other and be happy.

    As for the laws, aw man, you think the Crips and Bloods obey that law? They smuggle in dope, so why not guns and ammo while they are at it. If Mexico can get RPGs and machineguns, well I’m sure the gangs in California can to.

  • Wonder if Daniel Defense will take part of my payment in the California IOU I’m going to be getting in leu of actual money.

  • Rog

    Okay…. so now that this article is about ONE YEAR old, do we actually have that CA legal rifle out there somewhere? If yes, where? Who’s selling it, and for how much.

    I know we Californians are always treated differently cuz of our STUPID politicians. As if people in Ca are any more at gun danger than rest of U.S. Besides, gun owner don’t hurt ppl. Criminals Do!

  • Travis

    Yo Rog,


    Compliant? Yes. Obedient? Not always…

  • Spock

    Another CA legal AR/M4 producer http://www.franklinarmory.com/ located in Morgan Hill, CA