Daniel Defense M4 Carbine

    Daniel Defense, known for manufacturing AR-15 parts, have produced their first complete rifle.

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    Daniel Defense M4 Carbine

    The carbine features:

    * their own in-house manufactured lower receiver
    * 1:7 16″ barrel
    * Daniel Defense Omega X 12.0 FSP rail that extends forward of the front sight / gas block
    * Daniel Defense A1.5 rear sight.
    * Magpul stock.
    * Daniel Defense forward grip

    Daniel Defense, Inc | Browse | Rifles | M4 Carbine
    I like the look of the A1.5 rear sight.

    Promotional video:

    No word on pricing.

    More info at DDM4.com

    UPDATE: MSRP seems to be $1600. See randomhero58’s comment below.

    Hat Tip: Tactical Life

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