GunVault Shotgun BreechVault

GunVault have introduced a new gun lock for Winchester, Remington and Mossberg pump action shotguns called BreechVault. As the name suggests, it locks into the breech. The magazine can still hold ammunition so chambering a round simply requires the lock to be removed and action pumped. The lock is made from \glass nylon so it will not damage the gun.

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Locks are often frowned upon by self defense experts, but some people cannot legally leave their guns unlocked, or are simply unwilling or unable to do so for whatever reason.

The MSRP is $19.95.

Steve Johnson

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  • Mang

    If you can’t have a safe for whatever reason, go ahead and get a lock. I was just reading through the “stolen guns” thread at the HKPro forums and it’s a sobering reminder that guns really do get stolen. Not only are you losing several hundred dollars plus of your property, but *your* gun ends up in the hands of criminals and possibly murderers.

  • I want a scattergun for home defense.

    I also have two small boys.

    Yes, they’ve been taught not to touch Daddy’s guns. But I can’t watch them 24/7, and one mistake is too many when in comes to firearms and young kids.

    I use a GanVault pistol safe to keep my current home defense gun secure, and this could be a great option for my future home defense shotgun.

  • Carl

    I’m personally not allowed to use guns for self-defense (local laws), but if I were I’d probably carry a handgun on my person at all times. A shotgun placed somewhere in your house (locked or not) is not going to help you if you happen to be elsewhere in the house or outside when attacked.

  • Dom

    @Mang – While you do say two true things, I disagree about the relationship. Locks on a gun are like locks on your door – a good idea if you need to keep honest people honest. And it is also true that a stolen gun likely arms a criminal. But I don’t see any connection whatsoever. A stolen gun with a lock on it will so quickly have that lock cut or drilled, it may as well have not even been there.

  • cavalier

    I prefer the Mossberg Loc-Box, since it locks the shotgun AND mounts it in place. A thief is less likely to spend the time to rip it off the wall.

  • Locked/unlocked debate aside. I installed a ShurShot stock on my 870 and now the provided lock will not fit. This would be a good solution.

    I tend to think its good practice to have your idol (not used for protection) guns locked. For me its more about peace of mind.