Mosin Nagant M44 in hunting configuration

Brian, who blogs at SKS’s and More, emailed me photos of his Mosin-Nagant M44 which has been configured for short range ( 75 yards ) hog and deer hunting. The scope mount attaches to where the front sight would have been.

Click to expand the photos.

I love that laminated stock.


If you are into SKS and other comblock firearms I recommend checking out Brian’s SKS’s and More blog.

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  • Mad Saint Jack

    Edit: Where the rear sight would have been.

    Not Front.

  • Kevin Delaney

    That dot has to be better than the iron sites that come on it….. my M44 couldnt hit water if it fell out of a boat!!!!

  • I do find the red dot pretty funny looking on a MN. Then again I briefly thought about what having one on my Garand would be like so I can’t really judge.

  • Hesmysnowman

    My M44 is darn near the most accurate rifle I have ever fired. Out to 300 yards, it is spot on. The sliding rear sight makes life easy. Put a barrel out there and I will slam the center of it out easily.

  • Ivan the Terrible

    I have to agree with snowman. My 1945 Izzy M44 is a tack driver and has been since I bought it from a local gunshop. I literally did not touch a thing.

  • neblogenso

    Moisin is hell of a gun. It can shoot through a railroad track!

  • Robert

    I’m gonna go get a red dot for my 1945 m44 today. Have a LER scout scope on it now but I don’t really need the zoom as I like to shoot in the 100-150 yd. range. Was gonna do the richards microfit stock and barrel cut. Don’t know If id like losing my bayonet though, as it stands this thing is my own personal shootin, stabbin war club. P.S. It’s a tack driver too, even more so with the original irons on it. Aim sports scope doesn’t hold zero well.

  • Robert

    And here it is

    When I first got it:

    With the scope:

    And here’s two of the red dot

    it’s a Barska Ac10632
    $39.99 at Big 5, I figured either way i’ll probably break it so why buy the $150 one.
    Pretty solid though, 7 different brightness adjustments 4 reticles and came with a spare batt.
    I’ll chime back in with accuracy once I get some range time