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First Firearm: Military Surplus

InRangeTV: Mosin Mud Test

In this installment of InRangeTV, Ian and Karl put the Mosin Nagant 1891/30 to the test. The rifle, as stated in the video, has developed quite a following due to its affordability and availability of surplus ammo (that is getting harder to find these days). So how will the Mosin fare? Will it [Read More…]

Mosin Vs. Mauser Shootout!

During the first and second World Wars, Russian and German infantry were armed with Mosin Nagants and Mauser 98 rifles respectively. Thus, the Eastern Front twice saw these two rifles pitted up against one another in countless engagements. In this installment of TFBTV, Alex and Miles drag out a 114 [Read More…]

Teludyne Tech $1200 Moszilla Rifle

Teludyne Tech inventors of the StraightJacket Barrel System is now building custom target Mosin Nagant rifles they’re calling the Moszilla. The StraightJacket Barrel System consists of a thin tube that surrounds the factory barrel with a proprietary substance [Read More…]