Steve Johnson

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  • Rex

    I have such a chub for this rifle. KEL-TEC: MOAR PLZ!

  • Sweet. Ship! Ship! Ship! already.


  • Vitor

    Beautiful pic. And let’s not ignore the opinion of the guy who tried the rifle. He refered to the RFB as his “favourite 7.62 rifle”.

  • jdun1911

    I hit it.

  • XxleoxX

    kinda looks like an L85 🙂

  • John CR Grendis

    Wonderful pic, makes Bilderberg shake in their italian loafers!! This is what its all about, i wonder what the germans felt like during operations on the eastern front, confronting thousands upon thousands of armed russians!! The russians had the right idea then and our countries founders had the right idea for us. As Hirohito, put it so bluntly “to invade america would be foolish; for there is a gun behind every blade of grass”. Never were true words spoken more eloquently!!! If the feds try to corral us in, obama’s shock troops try and make us like the next stalinist empire or nazi germany this is what it will come down to, boys/girls/men/women hiding in the woods, hit and run attacks till dawn and bombings galore. The feds and shock troops will pay a bloody toll for every one of us they take down. We will paint the town red with ours and there blood to make sure that they realize that i will never lay down my arms and ammo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!