Camera mounted on AR-15 lower

I have blogged before about cameras being mounted on rifle stocks. SayUncle found this webpage showing a camera mounted on an AR-15 lower.

Picture 2-18

This is an incredibly bad idea. Not only could people could easily it for a gun-like weapon, but an AR-15 lower is legally a firearm. I doubt the cops would be very happy about it being waved around in a public space.

Steve Johnson

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  • HTownGuy

    “I doubt the cops would be very happy about it being waved around in a public space.”

    I’m all for using common sense in public, for the common good, but what cops think quit mattering to me long ago.

  • dogon1013

    But does it take a picture when you pull the trigger is the real question.

    And if you switch to full auto…does it take continuos photos, or only 3 “shot” bursts?

  • Carl

    Interesting legal issues if someone were to get arrested for this and then refer to the second amendment…

    But I agree you should always try to avoid looking like you are pointing guns at people, regardless of laws (unless you actually are pointing a gun at someone, of course…).

  • Rass

    The gallery for your pic includes a “what if ” scenario.

    Caption, “… Now pretend you’re a cop. Shoot or don’t shoot?”

    I’d bet there’s some tongue-in-cheek going on there.

  • Robert

    I saw an article a few months back about a military photographer who had a similar device that’s just as nonsensical, but at least doesn’t require an actual lower receiver. It still seems like stupid and counerproductive behavior.

  • Phil

    Kinda Related.

    Different use of an EOtech holo sight.

  • Jonboy

    This is a very old idea, actually. Google for “photosniper”. It’s popular russian-made kit with a 35mm SLR camera, a superb 300mm f4.5 lens, and a lightweight stock with trigger shutter release.

    It’s superb for use with big telephoto lenses when a tripod is a no-go.

    But for use with a base lens, as pictured on that AR-15 hack? Okay, THAT doesn’t make sense.

    There was a phaetora of similar kits back in the sixties and seventies. You still see them occasionally in more civilized countries where cops don’t shoot you for scowling at them, LOL.