Charter Arms Rimless Revolver update

Readers have been asking me what is happening with the much talked about Charter Arms Rimless Revolver that keeps failing to make an appearance.


Charter Arms have issued a press released saying that they are manufacturing at capacity and cannot produce enough of their existing guns and will not introduce another gun until demand dies down.

Let’s be clear about what Charter Arms wanted to do initially. Needless to say, not producing the CARR this was NOT the plan when we first announced the new revolver. The 2008 election created this panic. Had the election results been different, firearm and ammunition demand and sales would not have exploded, and the new Charter Arms CARR revolvers would be in stores right now.

Bottom line, the CARR is not vaporware, there is simply no room in Charter Arm’s production line for new items. Additionally, Charter has several other new guns and models in addition to the CARR series, and those guns we won’t even discuss until things get back to normal.

I am not sure to be skeptical or not. The pistol was supposed to be on display at SHOT Show earlier this year. After SHOT the excuse given was patent problems. It was supposed to be on display at the NRA show, but again it was a no-show. They have since pulled all links on their website pointing to the Rimless Revolver page. Maybe they are legitimately worried about production, but refusing to even discuss the pistol seems like bad public relations to me.

Full press release is at

Steve Johnson

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  • Steve,

    Thanks for posting this. Two days before Charter Arms released this press release, I had written on my site about the possibility that the CARR might be vaporware, and I spelled out some of the reasons why. I hope to see this revolver produced, as I really like the concept.

    When I spoke to a Charter employee who answered the phone in their media office, but elected not to give me his name, he said that production was pushed back to “late July.” I didn’t see any mention of a production date in the press release, so I am guessing that July is not likely either.

    I hope to see this revolver in the near future, but I am guessing it will be a long time, if ever, before we see it.



    • Richard, thanks for the tip 🙂

  • K. D.

    I doubt we see the pistol now…..I am pretty disappointed. I think I’ll buy used Taurus 9mm with the moon-clips.

  • KP

    Nuts, that looked interesting. Speaking of interesting/neat handguns that aren’t out yet, any word on the Boberg XR9?

  • Bob

    I thought before the shot show they had to pull out due to patent issues, that they had patent problems and couldn’t show they stuff till it was ironed out. and they probably still waiting for the office to approve it. As I hear the patent office is backed up constantly.

  • Chuckster

    What’s the big deal? I own a Colt .32 Detective Special that also handles .32 ACP without any moons etc. Some of you reloaders should know that the .32 ACP does in fact have a slight rim which is enough to hold the cartridge firmly in the cylinder. My Colt also has an external firing pin that has no trouble making contact with the primer.

    Now here is something the Homies in the Ghetto do. On cartridges that fall through the cylinder they will wrap thin copper wire around the base of the bullet, just enough to prevent it from falling through. I have never tried it but wonder if it can be done with 9mm luger rounds in a .38 ?????

    • Quintin

      Couldn’t you just get moon clips to use the 9mm in a 38? My Taurus holds 45acp that way.

  • Meltron

    It’s totally vaporware, a company should be able to at least have one protoype that they can let us ‘heathens’ touch or at least examine

  • Marv

    I for one would like to buy the 9mm and the .45 preferably in a 4″barrel.
    I have been awaiting these for a long time now.

  • Marv

    Chuckster, I tried inserting 9mm round in a 38 revolver on your suggestion, it can’t be done 5/16″of the case sticks outside the clylinder.I think the forcing cone comes into play.Nice idea though about the wire for making do with what is available. I wish the guy who makes those plastic rimz for my S&W 45ACP revolver would make something for the Taurus 5 shot 9mm.Taurus still sells the Taurus 9mm snubbie but moonclips are a pain unless you load a bunch .Typically I load all the RIMZ I have so I have 84 shots of 45ACP .
    The price is right on the Taurus and the stellar moon clips are available.Maybe that’s the way to go.It’s been at least 2 years since Charter announced the 40acp to be followed by a .45acp and 9mm .The Taurus is available in SS which I preffer since I live in Florida