Ruger Rumor Roundup

In a few hours Ruger will redefine a platform (their words, not mine). Some possible contenders are:

* Polymer 1911
* Regular 1911
* Mini-14 in .308 (ie. a M1A / M14)
* SR-9 pistol in .45 or the long awaited SR-10 (.40 S&W).
* Scaled up Ruger LCR polymer revolver in a more powerful cartridge.
* Ruger gas piston AR-15

A 1911 is possible. Wilson Combat will have a polymer 1911 on the market soon. Another variant on this rumor is a compact single stack polymer 1911. Having launched two new autoloader pistol platforms in the past few years I wonder if they want another.

N.U.G.U.N thinks a .308 Mini-14 is possible. Ruger does not have a medium game hunting autoloader so this would fill a hole in their product offering. I think it is unlikely because I don’t think the M14 design is going to appeal to hunters and so far the Mini-14 accuracy has not been all that great.

Ruger SR-9 in .45 or .40 S&W. This would could not be considered “Another platform redefined” but many people are hoping for the long delayed, almost mythical, SR-10.

Ruger Light Compact Revolver in .38 Special

Caleb thinks a scaled-up Ruger LCR polymer revolver in a more powerful cartridge to compete with S&W. I think this would be a good idea and a great seller.

Sebastian found a photo showing a AR-15 bolt carrier with a Ruger logo. I have been harping on about a Ruger AR-15 for a long time. I hate to commit myself to this rumor because I have many times in the past and been wrong again and again.

The below images comes from the Ruger 2008 Annual Meeting report (I added blue arrows):

Picture 27-4

This year they introduced a compact carry revolver. This following image is from the Annual Meeting report held last month (I added blue arrows):

Picture 26-7

You can only tell your shareholders you are missing out on a major growth area so many times before they start getting angry! I reckon it will be an AR-15.

A **FAKE** photoshop I made back in 2007.

[ Pretty nifty alliteration in the blog post title 😉 ]

UPDATE: As many of you noted in the comments. Ruger unveiled a AR-15. Read my coverage here.

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  • R.A.W.

    Ruger actually tried to make a .308 mini-14 way back when called the XGI. Never came to fruition for reasons I don’t quite recall.

  • Tam

    Wilson Combat will have a polymer 1911 on the market soon.


    What, the KZ-45 wasn’t a big enough flop for Bill?

  • lfs

    Ruger currently makes the Mini-30 variant of the Mini-14. They also have a 6.8 SPC version of the Mini-14. I don’t think the Mini-14 rumors are true.

    Also, if they came out with an AR-15 that would decimate their Mini-14 sales. And they just spent good money retooling their Mini-14 production, so that doesn’t seem reasonable either. Though a .22LR AR-15 would be a sweet spot with today’s ammo prices, and that would likely not hurt their Mini-14 line.

    My money is on the polymer 1911. They seem to be proud of their polymer technology, and would want to capitalize on the LCP and LCR.

  • You look only at a gun, not at a possible system.

    Imagine this; a police sidearm

    good basic 9mm pistol
    crimson trace laser pointer
    enlarged, fluorescent sights
    integral camera
    integral flashlight (switch between laser and flashlight)
    holster with security features as part of the system

    Second system; a police non-lethal sidearm

    basic taser pistol
    same extras

  • Freiheit

    “You can only tell your shareholders you are missing out on a major growth area so many times before they start getting angry! I reckon it will be an AR-15.”

    True, but is it also possible that they recognize that the market is nearing saturation? If AR sales have peaked it may not be considered a high growth market for long. It affects long term sales as well since the peak guns are in circulation and are being sold used at similar quality to new and a better price.

    Aside from the AR, the Ruger market share looks good. I’m not a CEO, but I consider lost sales due to overwhelming demand to be a “problem you want to have”. You’re selling more than you have, thats not ideal, but its far from bad.

    I don’t know that the AR market has peaked. It seems like the chatter has died down a little, and I didn’t see as many AR-only booths at the last show I was at. Hardly a scientific sample.

    On the other hand, much like sales of the AR back in the 70’s and 80’s after Vietnam, later our troops are coming home and there may be a second run on AR variants.

  • guy

    “Another platform redefined”

    I’m seeing a 10/22 scaled up to .223 – blowback and all.

    No, I will not be test firing one. 😛

  • Kristopher

    The XGI failed because the mini-14 was a scaled down M-14 to begin with.

    In order to handle the .308, you would need to market a new …. M-14.


    Mini-14 accuracy issues were caused by hurried barrel making … bores were off-center in mid barrel, resulting in barrels that wander all over the target when they get warmed up.

    They have fixed these issues, but still have a bad rep from the past.

  • Tom

    The XGI ran into issues related to cost versus reliability and accuracy. Bill Ruger canceled the project because it would’ve cost too much to refine the accuracy to his standards, while maintaining reliability. So instead of a cheap inaccurate gun that’s fairly reliable, or an expensive accurate gun that has reliability issues we got…well, nothing at all.

    There was a small batch of prototypes made, and they occasionally show up on auctions like Steve’s link. More info from Perfect Union here:

  • WBR

    It’s a gas piston AR…..

  • Don

    I would love to see a 1911. I’m not a big fan of the AR-15 but it would probably be the smartest thing for them to get involved in. A pleasant surprise would be a DA carry revolver in 9mm based on their new polymer idea without the need for moon clips. Short cylinder and 5 shots.


  • Mang

    There is nothing surprising or revolutionary about ANOTHER large gun company making an AR-15. It’s almost as boring as an established gun company making their own 1911. Is there really room in the marketplace for a Ruger AR, or a Ruger 1911? I doubt it – if that’s their big surprise, I just hope they end up breaking even on the investment.

    Polymer mid-frame revolver would be neat. Maybe they can make it a little prettier than the LCR.

  • jdun1911

    Over the decade Ruger short sightedness cost them a great deal of money and market shares. From not willing to develop compact pistols for conceal carry to AR15. Ruger is a mismanaged company.

    There is at least a six month waiting list for a complete AR15. The AR15 has been the best selling rifle for the last 25 years. We still haven’t got our upper parts that our gun club has ordered on January.

    There are two firearms that people keep buying over and over again in the USA, the 1911 and AR15.

    I do not know how they can maintain sells of the Mini-14. The entire auto rifle market in the USA is dominated by AR15. The price point the Mini-14 and AR are about the same.

  • Matt Groom

    Shotgun, yo!

    Ruger can’t possibly be stupid enough to launch a platform that A) Already exists elsewhere, B) Is better made by established competitors (Investment cast vs. forged and milled), C) Is based on a false assumption about that system (I.E. the AR gas system is “Dirty”), D) Is based on a common modification which INCREASES the likelihood of FAILURE, and finally E) will steal significant market share from one of their most established products.

    Having said that, they were dumb enough to make an inferior copy of the P3AT, and then pretend that they came up with the very concept. So, maybe it’s an AR that only takes Mini-14 mags.

  • Terry

    I had an opportunity to shoot a basic Bushmaster AR15 versus a NRA Tactical Mini-14 and the mini-14 seemed to be the more accurate of the two. Have plans to test both, soon.

  • War Wolf

    Whatever it is, it will sell well. They (Ruger) have hit marketing paydirt in the last couple product launches, and I see much of the same for wahtever product they bring to market tomorrow. The time is right, the market is right, the brand is right and the momentum is there. Ruger has sailed into a perfect-storm and is going to be awash in a sea of cash if they can get significant numbers of units into the hands of consumers in the launch window.

  • K. D.

    I don’t know, another AR-15 model or another 1911 model….I can’t get excited by either. Too many other brands that make these models well already.

  • Brad

    lfs said, “Also, if they came out with an AR-15 that would decimate their Mini-14 sales. And they just spent good money retooling their Mini-14 production, so that doesn’t seem reasonable either.”

    Fair enough. But what if the new product is an AR-10 size rifle instead? That wouldn’t compete with the existing Mini-14 line and there is less competition in the AR-10 market than in the AR-15 market. And what competition there is in the AR-10 market charges a premium price.

    So imagine this, a polymer receiver AR-10 with gas piston type operation, which is lighter and lower priced than all the competition. That would be cool.

  • Paul Schow

    How about Ruger 10/22 Metal Storm 🙂

  • Roadkill

    Its hard to say what they’ll be putting out. A ruger SP in a big bore caliber would be great. A 7 shot GP or a polymer GP would also be interesting. The S&W nightguard line is a solid concept, but really pricey for what you get. A ruger version would sell better I think. Imagine a 2.5 inch barrel speed six with factory night sights and the polymer part of LCR at only 600 out the door. A shotgun might be it. Especially if it were a box magazine type. Considering how well Saiga’s have been selling, this type of shotgun might sell very well. They’ve already tried companion carbines, but those were largely a failure.

  • Nick

    Aaaannnddd the answer is…

    SR-556. Piston AR.

    Called it.

  • jculpjr

    It’s a 5.56 AR platform. Two stage piston design.

  • Gunnar
  • NoneMoreBlack

    Looks like it’s an AR-15, and Gunblast has a review up:

  • Cymond

    Let me put an end to the debate: It’s the SR-556, an AR-15 platform rifle. Congrats Steve, you called it!

  • westkybanded

    It’s a frakin $2000 AR…

  • jdun1911

    It’s hard to believe that a mini-14 will out shoot an AR15. The mini-14 isn’t known for its accuracy.

  • irishman

    I am on the Ruger website on another browser. The new platform is a piston driven ar. (yawn)

  • Whatever

    This makes sense in that there is apparently money to be made in that market segment but if they’re going to claim that their product will redefine the platform, they should make something that doesn’t look like a carbon copy of other designs. Break out and make something different, add another piston to make it symmetric, change the operating handle position, or something that could be improved.

  • Fred

    The adjustable gas system is pretty cool, but I’m sure not spending $2000 on an AR any time soon.

  • K. D.

    This is the best that Ruger can do?????? A new $2000 AR?????
    I am disappointed…..

  • Oh God they are gonna jump into the GP AR-15 market! Stick to revolvers Ruger and leave the rest to those in the know.

  • Ken

    Yes another AR clone.Yes another gas piston clone. 2k$ is well,too much.Nothing wrong with gas piston system as long as its engineered PROPERLY.Flimsy crap floating around gives GP a bad rep.Still have my 10/22….

  • Rick

    I wish Ruger would make a Real 1911, All steel version, instead of all the polimer and plastic junk guns.
    A 1911 with the same quality that they put into their revolvers.
    im sure the polimer and plastic guns work good for a while.
    But I would like to see a pistol that was made like the original.
    Built to survive a World War.

  • komrad

    Ruger should start making Minis that take standard AR and AK mags. It would probably help Mini sales but it might hurt their magazine sales.