The Alaskan Hunter: Sarah Palin’s custom .50 AR-15

At the National NRA Foundation Banquet on 14 May, Governer Palin will be presented with a custom AR-15 chambered in the powerful .50 Beowulf cartridge. The Alaskan Hunter, as it is named, was designed by Bob Reynolds of Templar Consulting. Bob was kind enough to email the photos for the rifle and its specs.

Palins Actual Rifle
This is the actual rifle that will be presented to Sarah Palin.

Palin Receiver 320

– It’s approximately 6-7 pounds
– One of a kind custom solid billet upper hand fit to a forged lower made of 7075 T6 alloy
– Vltor Enhanced Modular stock with the state of Alaska engraved on the side
– Satern machining single point cut rifle barrel 1/20 twist, with an integral flash hider milled into the barrel with an 11 degree crown, chambered in .50 Beowulf
– Composite G10 hand guards with spiral pattern cut
– SSA Geiselle 4 pound trigger
– Magpul trigger guard
– Eotech 512 holo sight
– One seven round magazine
– Ergo small grip

Engraved on the receiver is “In honor of Sarah Palin”.

An absolutely beautiful rifle. Do you think if I move to Alaska, become Governor and run for the Office of the Vice President, they will also give me one? I am tempted to try just to get my hands on the rifle 😉

Many thanks to Bob for taking the time to email me.

UPDATE: Palin is not attending the banquet. (Thanks to Sebastian and ExurbanKevin for letting me know).

Steve Johnson

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  • Mike

    I really like the handguards… who makes those and where can I get one?

  • Claude

    Very nice!

  • You can get them from me, although they won’t be exactly the same.

  • Valhalla

    Looks sweet… is it just me or does the hand guard not look attached to anything, as in, would allow wobbling/bending at the end?

    Nonetheless, awesome looking gun. Gotta love the NRA, and those crazy Republicans 🙂

  • Love the Ursa Major/Polaris above the mag!

  • Todd 3465

    Two of these rifles were made. One will be presented to Governor Palin, the other will be auctioned at the National NRA Foundation Banquet May 14th during the NRA Annual meeting in Phoenix.

  • ree

    seconding about the handguards, those look real nice. the rifle is awesome, it’s just too bad the recipient is Palin.

  • Why on earth is it white? that just looks weird..


    • AlaskaWoodsman, I guess it is white because it is designed for hunting in Alaska …

  • Overload in CO

    Seems a lightweight gun. How’s the recoil of .50 Beowulf? Cool caliber. Straightwall cartridge, so it’d be easy to reload.

  • woodfiend

    Guys, those are free-float handguards. They are meant to do that.

  • It turns out Sarah Palin’s not coming after all (

    I call dibs on the rifle! 🙂

  • Tom Stone

    I wonder if you can buy that rifle in CA? AR’s have to have fixed magazines in .223 in CA,but this is a 50 Beowulf sporting rifle with a 7 round mag and not a black “ASSAULT RIFLE”.A nice pig gun…

  • That’s a nice setup!

  • Scrap5000

    Why no dust cover?

  • AK™

    there is no dust cover because there’s no dust in Alaska..just igloos and polar bears 😉

    I think more than anything it’s a display piece.

  • Thomas

    This gun is so b.e.a.utiful

    if Sarah Palin recives this im shure it will be a show peace

  • Ron

    Too bad she didn’t accept this weapon. All the ignorant liberal crap that has taken away from the good things in our culture makes fraidy cats of us all.

  • Jason

    There is no dust cover because a .50 beowulf has an enlarged ejection port to allow for more clearance on its considerably larger cartridge.

  • SgtWaggoner

    Hey “ree”, why is it too bad the recipient is Palin? She is doing more for our gun rights than anyone…She’s a true patriot. She deserves a rifle in her name!

    By the way, many companies, including DPMS & Bushmaster make several uppers with no dust covers or forward assists (if you didn’t notice there is no assist either…) But they are becoming quite popular in the shooting world and in Law Enforcement, no need for stuff that bogs you down, and after you fire the 1st round the dust cover opens up anyways. My newest AR in 5.56 has no dust cover or forward assist my other 3 do…

  • Jack Sutton

    This is absolutely amazing work. I can’t wait to see more.
    Best always,

  • I did the laser engraving – CADD Graphics [dot] com

  • Jack

    I’m assuming that a 50-caliber was chosen under the mistaken impression that Alaska is the 50th state?

  • P22

    This is one bad mother….whoever made this should start a line of them to sell to the public…I would so buy one….this is a hot piece!! And yes I am a young lady:)

  • Gregory Stipe

    eversince, I admired her guts, beauty and skills 🙂

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