Savage 20 gauge 220F Slug Gun

Savage have come out with a 20 gauge bolt action slug gun. Because of the smaller size of 20 gauge cartridges they have build the 220 series on the 110 rifle action. The recoil is apparently significantly less than the 12 gauge 210F Slug gun.

The 220’s accuracy should be no surprise because it’s not built like a shotgun, but rather like a Savage Rifle. “The 20 gauge chambering allows us to build the gun on a Model 110 receiver,” Said Savage CEO Ron Coburn. “This provides many advantages over a traditional shotgun with rifled barrel. On of the most noticeable, of course, is the inclusion of the AccuTrigger.”

 Images Centerfire Specialty 220F

 Images Centerfire Specialty 210Fcamoslugwarrior


Caliber: 20 Gauge (Chambered for 3″ shells).
Barrel Length: 22″
Weight: 6.75 lbs
Magazine Capacity: 2 rounds detachable

It features the Savage AccuTrigger, free floating barrel and oversized bolt handle. The black synthetic will retail for $505 and the RealTree camo model for $555.

Steve Johnson

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  • Matt Groom

    Cool! The folks at Savage are always coming out with good ideas. I hope this one does well.

  • larry r

    I live in Iowa and the 20 gauge in my opinion is the perfect deer round. I have always wondered what the 210f would be like in 20. Now I don’t need to wonder. As soon as there is cash in the account, that baby is mine!

  • devin

    my buddies dad has the 210f and it kicks on both ends, and i dont think the 220f will have the kick as the 210 but it will have the knock down power needed along with 200 yd accuracy

  • Larry W

    Would like to know where we could get this gun. Here in WIsconsin Gander Mountain cannot find anything in their books about it.

    Would really like to try this one out. Any information would be greatly


  • Dave S.

    On my way to Cabelas to pick up my Savage 220F . Gander is the last place to go for guns.

  • Dave.S

    Picked up my 220f Thursday,will be at the range on Sunday with 5 boxes of SST’s and 5 boxes of Copper solids.
    Mounted a Leopold 3x9x40 Ultimate slam scope. I’ll leave a note after the rande session.

  • Dave.S

    Sorry meant RANGE session…..

  • Bill

    rande or range, I’m waiting for a comment on your ‘test drive’ of the 220F

  • Dave S.

    BUY THIS GUN, you won’t be disapointed. I changed to a Leopold 3x9x40
    Ultimate Slam Scope. I only had a 50 yard range to work with. With SST”S
    i was able to shoot 5- 3 shot groups all touch the same hole. This is the most accurate slug gun i own. I own 4 others. 100 yards should be around 1 to 2 inches.. Any questions , ask and i’ll try and help..

  • Dave S.

    If anyone needs one Cabelas has about a 2 week window on a current special order. My buddy ordered his on sat and was told it should be in by
    the 31st. Cabelas price is $450.00. $100.00 depsit is needed to order.

  • Cory L

    Hello every one, i just thought i would add my experiance in. I picked up my 220F last night. for scope rail i user was 2 Weiver #46 (wish i had something i could get the rings closer) due to the long action i had to pull my Leopold off my varmit rig (i always like to re sight the .204)(by the way the Savage .204 Varmit is a tack driver). i will be taking it out to the range on Sat. with 50 rounds in 10 flavors, i will let you know what i find works for mine

  • Cory L,
    Looking forward to the out come while almost hold my breath. Please post your findings when available.

  • Dave S.
    Your comments worked for me. Got it. Thanks for you input. There certainly seems to be a problem with the scope mounting routine with this. Hopefully, we, my ‘smith’, Cory L, have this worked out (he his zeroing in tomorrow (the second, the camo model). He got the matt one
    zeroed in last weekend. We are looking forward to getting ‘in the hunt’ next weekend.

  • Cory L

    Here is what i have so far, dont buy the Weiver mounts get the Leopold 2 peice Mount for the 110 & turn the rear mount backwords this allows for the use of shorter scopes you will also need to grind down the rear screws from Leopold since they touch the bolt, 2 threads was enough.

    1. Light waight
    2. Oversized Bolt
    3. Solid Frame
    4. Recoil pad
    5. Accu Triger
    6. Accuracy

    1. Clip seams cheap
    2. Stock seams Cheap(Im on the fence)
    3. Shell Ejection Poor(Might be different with a round in the clip)

    Winchester Partition Gold 3″
    50yd = 2″ group
    100yd = 3″ group

    Hornady SST 2/34″
    50yd = same hole 1/4″ at the most
    100yd = cant get to that range yet!

    this is not going to be a bench gun so as a deer slayer, i would say it is the most accurate slug gun i have shot(With the SST). i am stoping playing with rounds and i am going to stay with the SST since deer season for us in Minnesota starts in 10 days and the $2.60 a shot for rounds.

  • robert

    fyi i bought savage 220f used weaver 2 piece bases with one reversed .forward most base screw had to be filed i mounted burris 30mm medium ht rings, and a bushnell 1-4 trophy illuminated . no range time yet but im ready, gun has a great feel! cory i see what you wrote about sst, looks like you found your load

  • Dave S.

    Glad to see everybodys getting the kinks worked out. I’ve shot only SST
    slugs. I just picked up 5 boxes of Remington Accutip slugs. When i talked to Savage they said they got the best accuracy with the Accutip slugs.
    Monday or Tuesday i’ll be at the range again,this time with a lead sled on
    a bench. I’ll report back next week. Central duck starts in the morning, hunting both days. Happy Halloween…

  • Mark

    Just bought my 220 and had it set up with scope. It will not eject the spent casings, something that I see everyone talking about, I am suprised my gunsmith did not catch it, can someone give me a specific on how to fix this issue so I can print it and take it to him. The gun shot fantastic, but I was so shocked about the ejection that I quit shooting and packed up.

  • robert

    hi mark, unlike rifles this savage needs the bolt worked all the way to the rear with some authority when working the bolt, also if its ejecting but not clearing the action your scope might be mounted to low. when practicing with dummys, my shells bounce off the windage turrent on the way out. i hope this changes when i eject emptys.i have a 30mm 1-4 power, with medium rings, i found out by accident that no objective bell makes mounting easy for shorter scopes on this action. good luck and let us know how you make out.

  • Dan

    I just purchased my 220 for Cabela’s and had the scope mounted with Leupold 2 pc. base and medium rings. With the rear base rotated forward, I didn’t have any problems.

    Savage recommends using the Federal Barnes Expander 3″ (P209XTI), Remington AccuTip 2 3/4″ (PRA20) and Remington AccuTip 3″ (PRA20M) with their literature that comes with the gun. I purchased some Hornady SSTs for site in, and had the shots touching at 50 yards, but could not get a good group at 100 yds (6-8″). Also I had 3 shells not fire after repeated tries. I would not recommend these. I do not want to miss a buck of a life time due to a miss-fire. I did try the Federal Barnes Expanders and had a 2 1/4″ group at 100 yards on a very windy day. I will be buying the Remington’s and trying them later this week.

    I also had trouble with the ejection of spent shells. It was better with the clip loaded, but still would not work smoothly. I had to really rack the bolt hard to get the spent shell out. Has anyone contacted Savage Arms regarding this problem? They definitely need to know that so many people are having the same problem. If anyone comes up with the solution, please post it.

  • Cory L

    Dan, i got out to the 100yd this weekend and found the same thing, the SSTs shot fantastic at 50yd and i though it would be the one but i as well found that at 100yd it fell apart with 2 – 6 inch groups. it was kinda funny 2 shots would shoot ok 1 would fly off, i checked everything and all was tight and the gun was locked into the rest and the Winchester Partition Gold were not all over the place. I dont know why i dont just try what they actualy recomend for best accuracy! No time to change now since i leave Friday for hunting!

  • Cory L

    Just a FYI since Cabelas just called me back from Oct 20th about ordering one! (i have 2 already) i thought i would share some costs with you all!

    Camo: $539.00 (befor i told him what i paid)
    Black: $449.00 (after i told him what i paid for mine)

    Gun Stop (small shop in MN)
    Black: $444.00

    Ahlmans (small shop in MN)
    Camo: $499.00 or $489.00 cash

  • Dave S.

    Shot this morning, the Remington 2 3/4 Accutips really shine, the gun seemed to like these better than the SST’s. I also had the same outcome with the SST’s at 100 yards. They shot great at 50 and began to open up to over 4 inches at 100.The Rem Accutips printed no larger than 2 inch groups at 100 yards. I will stick with the Accutips.

  • Dave

    dicks has them in sale this week for 449.99

  • Mark

    Still can not get the shells to eject 8 out of 10 times. My guns smith used the 2 pc Leupoid and said he did turn the back mount around, but I am not sure, he said the only way it would work? I am not sure if it is right or not, he said he did not have to grind down the screws and everyone else said they did? I am not sure what to make of it, he said it will have to be returned to Savage, my best friend bought one and did the exact set up and it is not ejecting either, I am a little lost and upset. If any one could take a close picture of thier set up it would really help me. Could you email to mark [at] coppertreedesigns [dot] com?

  • Jay

    I spoke with Savage Customer Service and they recommend only one scope base for the 220F: EGW 1-Piece Picatinny-Style Base Savage 110 Through 116 Round Rear Long Action Matte. They cost about $40. These bases can be purchased direct from EGW or Midway. The customer service agent told me that they could not guarantee perfect ejection functioning if any other scope base is used. I hope this helps.

  • Cory L

    Mark, I will try and remember to get you some photos. i have my black one set up with the Weaver base, with that you must use a long scope tube so i mounted a Leopold Mark 4, when the shell ejects it hits the over sized turret that causes a bad ejection.

    On the camouflage one I have the Leopold 110 two piece and a Meopa 3.5 X 10. The mounts came with 2 different length screws, I put the short ones in the front and the long ones in the back. I never switched them around to see if that resolved the issue since it only took 2 seconds to grind them down 2 threads, this one ejects fine but you have to think of a few things.
    1. Long action that must go all the way back to eject a 3” shell, it looks and feels weird with a 2 ¾ shell
    2. Try it with a loaded shell (it will work fine) but once shot the light casing takes more of a slam to eject it unlike brass does.

    P.S. Bang! Flop! 70 yds in the woods this weekend with a perfect heart shot!

    this is a great stand gun but as a drive gun i chose the 1187 for the faster cycle rate.

  • Mark

    Jay, that helps allot, I am not sure it I will get it done for next week, but I will try that mount and hope it works. Thanks

  • Spanky

    Holy Cow Cory L. 70 yard bang flop is awesome!!!!

  • robert

    jay, thanks for the imfo on bases, i wrote savage a letter about three weeks ago about scope mounting my 220. i live in mass, and they are about 30 miles away making these things and i still have not recieved a response. all the forums on 220s are hashing the same problem, scope mounting. im surprised savage did not incude this imformation with the gun. has anyone installed this application yet? and how were the results? thanks bob

  • Jay

    Hi All, before you start thanking me too much, you should read the new 220f posts at Shotgunworld. At least one user who has the correct EGW base (Part number 2120) is still having problems with ejection. It would be disappointing if the the only base Savage recommends does not help the ejection problem. I’m also wondering if any users have tested ejection without any base or scope mounted. Are there problems there too? I’m still at least a week away before I can test my setup with the EGW base and Will keep everyone posted.

  • Cory L

    Just thought you all would like this artical

  • Jay

    I mounted the EGW 2120 base on my 220F without rings and scope to test ejection of empty 2 3/4″ and 3″ slug shells from multiple manufacturers (Lightfield, Winchester, Federal). All 35 shells ejected nicely. Some would bump off of the scope base, but none hung up in the chamber. I tested ejection with the clip both loaded and unloaded. I did NOT have to tilt the gun to have gravity help with ejection. The picatinny, high 1-piece nature of the EGW scope base may help prevent shells from banging against the scope, but I will test this next week.

  • carlos

    hi everyone jay is right the egw 2120 works great on my gun. shot at the range with rem accu tip at 101 yards and printed 3 holes 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 and better, i did had 2 jams but that was it. looks like to me that the more you work the bolt the better it gets with time and also keep the action and bolt oiled, i talked to savage in person and told them my story at the range. told them how i think there is friction with the bolt head.

  • Cory L

    Carlos, are you sure your rail screws arnt to long? I had a sticky bolt till i took a couple trhereds off the rear screws on the Leopold mount, you might have the same issue with your rail screws. what rail are you useing?

  • carlos

    hi cory, i was wrong i looked at the base and it saids egw sav la. i took the bolt out,didnt see screws sticking out. so thats good. i think the more you work the bolt the better it gets cause when i first got the gun the friction was bad. so i wasnt easy on the bolt i cycle the bolt as many times that i could and now its doing great.

  • Jay

    I found that the forward most screw on the EGW 2120 rail had to be filed down a bit. The other 3 screws were fine.

  • Cory L

    Carlos, you wont see them! you will just barrely feel them its more like a small bump when you feel for them. before i did mine the bolt was sticky and i figured no way it could be the bolt being to long, but everything was fine after i shortened them. Just something to check

  • carlos

    thanks cory for the info.

  • Just wanted to interject. The accutips in 3inch shot great at 50 yards out of my 220. The problem is I cant get them around where I live, everyone is running out. Do the barnes shoot the same as the accutips, or close to it? thanks.

  • carlos

    hi alan, savage recomends remington accutips as they shoot best with the 220, i didnt need to try any other as the accutips worked for me, shot from a steady bench rest i got a better group from last time i went to the range, 1/2″ to 1″ at 100 yards and 3″ and under at 150 yards, i also shot the accutips off hand and the result was 1″ to 1 1/2″ at 100 yards, its good to shoot off hand to see if you pull to one side.

  • Darrell

    Thanks Cory L. for the webb site, it was very helpful. I now own the savage 220 and love it so much, that I put me 3006 away for this season in West Virginia. I am shooting 1 1/4″ group at 100 yds and 3 1/2 at 200 yds. I am using the Federal Barnes Expander 3″ (P209XTI), shells. I also tried the winchesters, they did OK but not quite the group. If anyone has questions please ask. Like I said I love my 220 slugger.

  • Greg from Pa.

    Add another post from me. I have one topped with a Leopold 3.5×10. I shot the Remington Copper Solid, Federal Barnes Expander, Hornady SST, and Lightfield Hybred EXP. All seem great at 50 yards but open up at 100 shooting out of a lead sled. So Far the Lightfields are in the lead with a group of 3″ at 100 yards. I would love to shoot the SST’s with the 1800fps but they open up in my gun to over an 8″ group at 100 yards.

    The barrel does heat up and starts to throw the slugs if not enough time is taken between shells. Are there any other barrels made for the 220F?

    H&R makes a single shot 20 that has the heavier barrel, that shoots 1 hole groups all day.

  • Babysan

    I recently purchased a Savage 220. Don’t try Remington Copper Solids. Go straight to the Accutips. I used 2 3/4″ and got 1.5″ groups at 100. Overall, I like the rifle. Its nice to go into the Ohio woods with a rifle feel. It could eject better for sure. The mag is a little tricky with the bolt closed. The most unsettling thing about my experience was a misfire. Its the only one I had in about 30 or 40 rounds, but it happened at the worst time – when I had a deer in my sights. Luckily, I was able to reload and the next round pummeled the deer in its tracks. I only took a brief look at the primer of the misfired round before I tossed it and it did look like a shallow strike. I’ve been shooting for 20 years and I have never, ever had a misfire with any load of shotgun shell, so I’m not 100% confident of my 220.

  • david lawrence

    I am also having trouble with misfires in my 220. It shot Hornady’s fine but I was only able to get one Federal/Barnes load to go. I keep reading about people having misfires-it doesn’t seem like the ammo. I talked to the folks at Savage and the “tech” said to try the Rem. Accutips and acted like the misfires were of no concern. I did try several shells from two different lot numbers and they wouldn’t go-barely indenting the primer. I’m wondering is it something to do with the Accutrigger blocking the sear, but why only with the Federals. I like this gun and want to work through this glitch, but it’s a glitch that I can’t live with.

  • Tom

    I bought the 220 in November and had not shot a deer with it until yesterday. Let me say first that Rem Accu Tips printed 1 in groups @ 150 yrds very impressive. So yesterday we on our late season doe shoot and that gun/load dumped 5 doe the closest 187 and longest 229 yrds. All DRT at those distances its funny you hear the gun then the bullet hit the deer, but sighted in 1 in high @150 just had to hold at the top of the back. Only had one time when the shell did not eject and that’s because I didn’t rack the bolt all the way hard with a 3″ shell. This is a very impressive slug gun extremly accurate as good as my H&R ultra sluger 20 maybe better. I’m just totally convinced the 20 is the way to go over the 12 when it comes to knockdown power. I would recommed this gun to anyone looking for a dedicated slug gun.

  • Slugshooter

    SAVAGE 220 …Well got me one after reading all these comments. Mounted the factory bases with Nikon 3x9x40. Fantastic Gun …you seen the comercial not the same old Savage….Well its true …Inch or less groups 100 yards …With either Remington Accutips or Federal Premium barnes tipped Exspanders……No misfires with either. Gun is as accurate as my riffled browning a-bolt 12. It handles and carrys better than the Browning but you have to rack the bolt back all the way hard to be sure of empty shell ejection. It performs well when you know how to use it. I am really impressed with the Savage gives me a new prospective about Savage Arms. Good guns very accurate. Highly recomend this gun to anyone for looking for a slug gun.

  • I wish if had found this website before I purchased my 220. I traded my 2nd H & R 20 ga. in for it. Both H & R’s misfired on deer. The first at the range also. They shoot great! WHEN THEY SHOOT. (Light Field, Hornady, & Fed. Barnes.) I first tried the Leupold 2 piece bases, but did’nt like how the reversed windage screws overlaid the action. Tried the 2 piece weavers next but was unable to mount the 2 X 7 Leupold because it was too short. I switched to a 3 X 9 X 40 Leupold, it fits but just barely and I would like it back a bit further for eye relief. I’m heading back to the gun dealer to order the EGW bases. Have to admit, I’m a little nervous about the 220 and I have’nt even squeezed the trigger yet.

  • Joe

    I currently have a Savage 210 12 gauge that I have taken several deer with over the last few years. It kicked like a mule. By the way I’m 6’3″ 255 lbs. Simple solution, took it to Magnaport. They did a shotgun port job & I also installed a Limbsaver pad for a Thompson after elongating the screw holes. The gun didn’t like any slugs & I tried them all. Murphy’s law – last box, Federal Barnes plastic tipped 3″ expanders. Shoots 3 shot clover leafs @ 100 yards all day long & kicks less than my 1100. A pleasant gun to shoot from the bench. It is a little overscoped with a 3 X 9 X 50 Browning.
    As far as the shell’s ejecting, I installed Burris X-tall tactical mounts. I haven’t had an issue since installing these.
    I hope this helps, I just ordered my 220 today & will put a Burris 4 X 14 X 32 adjustable objective compact on it. Wish me luck!

  • Joe,
    The 220F will not abuse you like the 210 12 ga. (it feels good and is good).
    What you will need to pay attention to are the scope mounts.
    Cory L (my ‘smith’) and I, have tried a couple of different setups, read throught the above. We both ‘scored’ during this years deer season with our 220F’s, but both have replaced (for the better we hope) the scope mounting hardware. (we have not gotten the new EGW bases etc to the range yet, but they certainly look and feel like they will work just fine.

  • I received my EGW 2120 bases and mounted a 3X9X40 Leupold VX II using medium buris rings. I have Hornaday and 3″ barnes ammo left from deer season. I’ll try these first, but plan on trying the Rem. accutips in 3″ also. I’ll let you guy’s know as soon as we dig out of our second 20 plus inch snow of the year.

  • OK, It only took 5 weeks for the snow to disappear here in South Jersey. The gun performed great. What a nice trigger pull. Touching holes @ 50 yds. It likes both hornady and Federal barnes. (I was unable to get the Rem. Acutips, but I have the 3″ on order.) The set up listed above worked fine with shell ejection. (You really have to concentrate on working the bolt though.) If anyone can find extra magazines, please let me know.

  • buckmoia

    In regards to the mounting and ejection issues: Has anybody used the Leupold QRW Bases and PRW Rrings?

  • I don’t remember the #s, but I started with what the computer at my gun shop listed as recomended leopold bases and rings. They did not work as far as mounting the scope. (too far apart). I was unable to fit my 2 x 7 x 30 or 3 x 9 x 40 because of the spacing.

  • buckmoia

    Thanks for the input. From what i have been reading, the way to go is the EGW 2120 base.

  • Douglas

    I have just purchased my 220 Savage! This gun I got at Cabelas for $449.99. I just put a 3x9x40 Bushnell 3200 series on it, for around $300. This gun is not only able to go out to two hundred yards, it can go up to 250yds. I want to try and push it to 300yds. I wouldn’t really take that long of a shot at a deer, it’s just nice to know it’s possible with this gun. I would tell anyone to use the Remington Accutip 3” for ammo. I would recommend anyone to buy this gun!!

  • The Dednutz 18200 Mount works like a charm on the savage 220F

  • Robert S

    Bought the gun put a 1.65-5 nikon slughunter scope on it and it shoots amazing 200 plus yards no problem! no ejection problems at all! hope it works as well for everybody else. Paid $365 for the gun and $164 for the scope cant beat the price.

  • Doug

    Gents, just tuned in via a Google search of “20 gage slug guns”: i’ve never shot this Savage, but I do own an H&R Ultra Slug Hunter in 20g and I’m inside a 1.5″ circle at 120yds everytime with cheap junk ammo(2 3/4in Remmington “Buckhammers”). The gun was $235 and it can’t be beat. It ejects the shells over your shoulder and out of the way for the follow up round… and the recoil… what recoil?! My 110# wife shoots it with me for hours. This past fall I hit a 230# Ohio buck at 70yds just below the shoulder, right in the bread basket and it made it 20yds and crumpled up. I highly recommend you check this gun out.

  • Robert, I have the same scope on hand to mount on my new 220F. What bases (or base) and rings are you using?

  • Sika

    I live and hunt in Japan and am looking for another gun. I have a 870 12ga with hastings barrel and can get 2 inch groups at 100yds with fed 151XS, or 3in expanders.
    I don’t dig the barnes shit for the bigger deer here, at longer ranges they have a tendency to more or less bounce off the bigger stags, and I have a tendency to not be able to lay off them!
    My longest shot would be around 260 yards neck shot a doe. I neck or head shoot all my deer as I can sell the meat. Say what you want but I took 92 deer last year and am well over 200 head in the last three years, which is, well honestly, a lot of freaking deer!

    And I have figured out a bit about these sabots.

    First, get the Leupold slug scope! The name is cheezy and it’s longer than the comparable Nikon, but it’s the cat’s meow.. I bought both and gave my “buddy” the Nikon. The Leupold just has better glass. Second, ignore the BS marks on the magnification selector ring. Know that all trajectiles fall on the same course. On 7 power, all the dots connect on my scope with the round mentioned above and I’m good to 220 yards. Beyond that is a magic trick.

    Second, if you’re a regular-joe deer hunter, don’t screw with anything faster than 1550fps. Oh, wait a second, I just remembered that no one wants to be considered a ” regular-joe “. So to word it in a more digestable manner, If you truly are an ethical hunter you will not perpetuate your desire to elongate your “package”.

    Truth be known the slower stuff just simply shoots better. Some of you have the HR 1-28ish twist ultra slug hunter, some of you have tar-hunts, etc, but most folks have guns that are “good nough” like my el cheapo 870. Stuff like mine, or any 11-87, 1100, Bps, 1300, ithaca deerslayer, mossberg 500 or 690?, marlin 512?, and perhaps this savage just seems to shoot better with the slightly cheaper and slower rounds. I know that’s hard to swallow for many of you..Stuff like this “I did try the Federal Barnes Expanders and had a 2 1/4″ group at 100 yards on a very windy day. I will be buying the Remington’s and trying them later this week.” makes me think people like just throwing money away only to tell others that they can afford to. My point is, if you can shoot 2 inch groups with any $500 gun, call it good, especially if it’s a shotgun.

    In closing, shooting deer at 70 yards with these guns shouldn’t be a trick, it should be lights out, as well as anything out to 150yds. Here’s a pic of a stag I shot in the eye (on purpose) at 70 yrds with my 30 year old junk.

    Anyway, I like this 220f and I’ll figure I’ll pick one up as the 20 gauge shells are cheaper and I go through a couple hundred a year.

  • Howard Cowley

    Has anyone tried leopold 1 piece mount and rings on 220 savage?

  • SIKA

    I read the LeUpold works if you cut out the middle.

  • We bought 3 of the 220,s no ejection problems at all. All 3 smooth as silk. I am not a sharp shooter but am killing water filled milk jugs at 200 yds. every shot i love this gun. My granson 13 yrs. old is hitting 2 liter coke jugs at 200 yds. We aloso shoot the remington 23/4 acu tips. We are going 2 the range 2morrow 2. try a 250 yd. an 300 yd. shots. Have shot lots of slug guns but we like this 1 th best an if it keeps shootin like this won.t own anything else

  • Dan T.

    Just mounted a Leupold Ultimate Slam 3x9x40 on my 220 with a one piece base with medium high rings, worked great.

  • Mark Smith

    Good article on the 220f in this month,s NRA magazine, American Hunter.According to the article the ejection and mounting issues were resolved in guns made after november 2009 after some modifications by the factory. Given early reports of ejection and scope mounting issues on this forum, I had been on the fence between the 20 ga H&R and the Savage. This NRA article convinced me to go with the Savage

  • jeff

    Bought a 220 last fall and just had it scoped with a new nikon and EGW base—only prob is I have 10″ groupings at 50 yards with the 3″ barnes expanders. I am using a sled for sight in, all mounts are secure. I know some guns like different ammo but 10″ at 50 yards is rediculous. I could throw the slugs at the target with better accuracy. After reading the previous posts something has to be messed up!

    Anybody have any ideas on what i should check first before I drop any more money on different slugs…………I wouldnt think a brand new scope would be at fault……


  • Karl

    I have a couple of questions for those who already own a 220. I just bought one and am having some issues.

    1. What is the total cartridge capacity of this gun? I can load two in the magazine +one in the chamber, but in no way will the second feed into the chamber after ejection. Is this gun limited to two cartridges?

    2. So far, I AM NOT impressed with the “Accutrigger”. I’ve removed action from stock, followed directions, and the trigger weight is still at a miserable four pounds. Is this all I can expect with the set screw turned counter clockwise to the stop?

    I don’t know…I don’t have mounts or a scope on this gun yet and I’m already beginning to wonder…so far it looks like about $400+ dollars of plastic.

    Please let me know if I’m living beyond reasonable expectations.

  • jeff

    update on sight in issues……

    I replaced the “these will work” rings that the guy who mounted the scope suggested with some burris rings and am now getting a tight grouping. I only had time to get it where I wanted at 50 yards tonight, next weekend will be at 100 and futher. I switch slugs: 2 3/4 inch hornady SST and so far I like them——seemingly half the kick of the 3 inch barnes. I will also try accutips in 2 3/4(can’t find 3″ anywhere to try them) and see if either shoots better.

    Karl—2 down 1 up is right. The no feeding issue is strange… the clip not in all the way or not in square? That is one part of the gun I don’t like and it does feel “cheap”. But when you get down to it the gun is fairly inexpensive I got mine at $350 so far I think is is a great gun for the price.

    I haven’t adjusted the trigger yet—I am not sure what the low end of the settings is for the accutrigger. Your the fist person that i have heard of that has had a complaint with it.


  • Karl

    Yes, I can only have two shells in the gun at a time. If I have a second shell in the magazine, it will not feed after the first shot. Granted, the gun is brand new and maybe a little stiff, but I wasn’t sure if I really should have two in the magazine, but then why would they construct it to hold two?

    To be honest, now with your reply, I may just ship the thing back to Savage for an inspection.

    And there’s no way following their instructions that I could get that trigger below 4 lbs.

    Although a low price, I feel the gun should at least work in the way it was intended.

    Thanks for your reply Jeff, at least now I know what I can expect.

    BTW- Midway, Nachtez, and the like have the 3″ Accutips. I’m thinking once we get this gun functional I’ll settle on the 2 3/4 Accutips. I believe you’ll get a less recoil with any 2 3/4 over a 3″ shell…part of the joy of shooting a 20 gauge.

  • If anyone cares, my gun shop found me a spare magazine for $22. He also got some 3″ accutips. Heading to the range as soon as it cools down.

  • Karl

    Todd- I might pick up a spare clip and $22 is less than what I’m seeing online. How about a phone number to your shop?

    BTW- I have every evening been working the action on the 220. Slowly…ever so slowly…things seem to be getting better. I can now feed the second of three shells, but still with some difficulty, and working that bolt as hard as I can. I do believe it will be better with time/use.

    Trigger’s still on the stiff side, but not horrible. I got it to a shade under 4 lbs., so looks like that is what I’ll have to live with.

    Any scope recommendations from anyone? I’m going to go with the EGW base and Warne rings. Should I go low or medium? Thanks in advance.

  • Karl, Butch’s Gun World – (856) 692 – 1010 Vineland, NJ. I mounted a 3X9X40 VX II Leupold on medium rings.

  • Karl

    I bought a few boxes of Accutips, and noted that they feed flawlessly; not a hitch at all. Just a note to let others know that not all slugs feed the same. The other slugs I had been feeding were Remingtons too, just older slugs. The trouble was in the cartridge itself, not the gun…a good thing.

    I camo painted the stock, and will install optics this week.

  • Karl

    Jeff, how’d you ever make out with the new slugs at further ranges?

  • jeff

    Hi Karl, I had an hour of spare time a week ago and shot the SST’s at 100 yards. Groupings were a little over 4 inches average—-not too bad but I am looking for better with this gun. I have since found some accutips 3″ and 2 3/4″ and will shoot them when I get some more time……hopefully soon.


  • Karl

    From what I read elsewhere, seems most are more pleased with the 2 3/4″. I’m hoping so as I bought a bunch of them. Fairly reasonable at

    Heading out in four days for a moose hunt in Newfoundland. The little 20 will have to wait until next year to receive its first blood.

    Installed a Nikon scope, and everything seems to clear, but haven’t fired her yet.

  • Gordie

    I just picked up a 220 and received it today. I ordered the EGW (evolution gun works base #2120) as recomended by Savage. Weaver extra tall rings are recommended to eliminated any ejection problems. I will be mounting a Nikon Prostaff 3×9 x40 scope. I hope to get to the range next week. I’ll post my expirence.

  • jeff


    Hopfully your hunt was successful in newfoundland.

    I finally tried the 2 3/4 accutips and will definately be sticking with them shot 4 boxes and best 3 shot group was under 1 inch and the worst one was just over 3 inches at 100 yards.

    The gun feeds and ejects perfectly and gets smoother each time I use it. After spending well over $100 on ammo I am finally ready to go for deer season.


  • Gary

    Hi guys. I have a brand new savage 220f camo for sale. Included is a Muelleur 3x9x42 sport dot scope, rings/bases, 10 boxes of federal barnes 3 inch 20ga ammo, sling. Never shot brand new with box. Paid 900 for entire package. Willing to sell for $700 Obo. I am going out of state on a deer hunt and need cash. I live in Virginia and would most likely need to arrange pick up. These guns especially in camo are really tough to come by. Call at 434-806-2816 if interested.

  • Karl

    Hi Jeff-

    Glad to hear those 2 3/4 worked best for you…but for my own jealous reasons. That’s what I bought a bunch of, as a lot of shooters seemed to be impressed by them. Still have not fired my gun, and most likely will wait until spring to give me something to tinker with up at the deer camp. The gun is growing on me now that I know it will feed flawlessly, and hopefully will eject spent shells with the same aplomb.

    Moose hunt went great, both my buddy and I got nice bulls the first day of hunting. Heck of a long drive, but great scenery, people, and hunting. I’d make the trip again. And, moose meat is fantastic!

    Hope you get a nice buck with your 220 this fall.

  • Adam

    Hi, Has anyone tried glass bedding there 220 yet?

  • jim

    i got my 220 last year right before season,i used the sst but i only sighted in at 50 yrds,now i just got home from a 16 week job and wanting to sight in proper after reading the post sounds like the sst falls apart past 100 so rems or barns 23-4 or 3 let me know

  • Adam

    Hi, To anyone having miss fire problems. Before you jump the gun and get worried. Make sure your bolt is all the way down. I had 2 miss fires and both were caused do to the bolt not being all the way down. That causes the firing pin to not have the right amount of spring tension. Adam

  • Hey guys, Finally got to the range to sight in with the 3″ accutips. After 2 shots and 2 scope adjustments, the next 3 shot produced a 2″ group @ 50 yds. I ran a swab through the barrel and shot a 1″ group. However the 1″ group was 2-1/2″s low. I bumped the scope up and shot twice more, 1 a little high and on a little low (2″ group). I came home and cleaned the gun. heading back this weekend to try the 2-3/4″ accutips. I also may try some hornady’s again.

    Anybody have any ideas as to why that second group would have been 2-1/2″s low after the first was right there? (All I did was run a bore swab through the barrel 1 time.)

  • Hornady it is. 1 1/2″ @ 50 yds for now. Good enough to hunt with. I will tinker more when I find more slugs. The 2 3/4″ accutips were not bad @ 50 Yds, the SST’s were just a little better. This time I brushed and dry patched before the last 3 shot group.

  • Andriy

    I have a question about the 220F Slug gun.
    How percise/accurate is it ? If I were to shoot 150 yards?
    And about how far can it shoot percisley?

  • Adam

    Andriy, This gun is a 200yd gun all day long maybe even a 250yd gun with the right ammo. I shot a three shot group at 200yds that was 4in. I don’t think you will find to many slug guns that will do that. Adam

  • TripH

    My father purchased one for me for hunting this year. im proud to say ive taken two does with it (after bouncing a 5/8ths ounce federal premium 2 3/4 inch Barnes expander ( EXTREMELY RECOMMENDED ROUND) bullet off a low hanging branch on a nice 25+ inch 8 point opening day) one at 70 yards, and one at 150. Four inch groups at 200 with just 13 inches of drop. In Southern Michigan, where hunting with center fire rifles are illegal. I highly recommend this rifle to anyone looking for dependability and accuracy in the same package.

  • Mike Campbell

    Listened to what the experts said and went and bought Federal Premium P209XT1 Barnes tipped Expander.

    Range results, 100 yards one and two inch groups, 150 yards 2inch groups but four inch to the right, Could the wind move it that much ??? , It didn’t seem to be blowing that much but what do I know

  • Mike Campbell

    Went and followed links above, Listened to what the experts said and went and bought Federal Premium P209XT1 Barnes tipped Expander.

    Range results, 100 yards one and two inch groups, 150 yards 2inch groups but four inch to the right, Could the wind move it that much ??? , It didn’t seem to be blowing that much but what do I know

  • Lou Diana

    I bought the 220F and a Nikon Slughunter scope in 3x9x30mm, bought Remington Accutip slugs and went to my gun club to mount scope and sight gun in. Scope mounts would not allow me to mount the short tube Nikon. Went back to where I bought the gun and they told me everyone is having a problem with mounts. So, I logged on to CGW and ordered a mount from them. Now I have to wait and see when the mount gets here and I attach the scope. I wish the gun dealer would have said something when I purchased the gun. I have a Savage 210 in .12ga killed a lot of deer with it. The new 220f feels nice can’t wait to sight it in. Gun season starts this monday, I am cutting it close. I might have to use one of my other slug guns for opening day.

  • Chris Stoneking

    Just sent my 220 back to Savage for repair. It cost me a big deer today when the firing pin didn’t hit the primer hard enough (again). My gun has done this on the bench and now, in the field. It also does not like to eject spent cases unless the bolt is worked very forcefully. The gun is quite accurate with Remington Accutips and Federal Barnes Expanders but I am having serious doubts as to whether I will ever trust it in any season other than doe only. My friend’s 220 has also had mis-fires. I have and have had lots of Savages (many with accut-triggers) and have never had any issues. I really think the folks at Savage have a potentially great gun but that they also have some serious problems that need to be addressed and re-engineered. They seemed to suggest that I can’t or shouldn’t wear heavy gloves that might cause the accut-trigger to work improperly. Get real! I live in Iowa and it gets real darned cold when the hunting gets good. I have to know for a fact my gun will fire.

  • Adam

    Chris, I guarantee that your miss firing is dew to your bolt not being all the way down. I had 3 miss fires wial on the bench and figured out thats what it was. I have easily put around 100 shells through my gun and haven’t had a problem sense…. Wish you would have read my post above about that issue might have saved you a nice deer and some money…. Adam

  • Adam and Chris,

    Adam, Thanks for the heads up on the bolt. I broke my new savage in this week in NJ. I have had no problems with misfires, but I pay close attention to the bolt being down. I hate to say it though, I feel the loose bolt is an issue we should’nt have to worry about. Maybe it is something that Savage should address.

    Chris, I feel your pain. I’ve had 2 H & R 20 ga. ultra slug hunters. Both were absolute tack drivers, but both misfired on deer. (one a giant 9 pt 40 yds in an open field.) That’s why I bought the Savage. This is extremely alarming to me.

    Anyway, I’m still tinkering with the best slug for my gun. Shooting SST’s now, but the 2 3/4″ accutips were’nt bad either. (better than the 3″ accutips) Waiting on the tipped fed. barnes to be restocked.

    Question to all, How many shots between brushing and patching for best accuracy? Or do you guys do something different between shot groupings?

  • Lou Diana

    Sighted in my 220 yesterday. Toppeded with NIKON slughunter on EGW mounts. The gun shot 1 inch 3-shot groups at 100 yards using Remington Accutips . I had one misfire and that was caused by a low recessed primer on the slug. Other then that gun functioned flawlessly. Very happy with the gun .

  • Calirob

    I just got a model 220F and shot a deer at 150 yards no problem. I can’t quite understand why it will only hold two rounds including the one in the barrel. It seems like you should be able to have two in the clip and one in the barrel but it is almost impossible to get the clip in and then it jams after the first shot. Can anyone help me here?

  • Lou Diana

    I ran a dry patch through after I was done sighting in , about 15 rds. I won’t clean it completely until I put it away for the season.

  • Calirob

    I called Savage and was told that the rifle should hold three rounds, one in the barrel and two in the clip.

  • Calirob, In the magazine, sometimes the upper rim of the brass hangs up the second round from going in. Press down on the bottom shells brass with your pinkey finger and slide the second in. When you put the mag. in the gun, place the mag. end closest to the trigger in first and give the top a medium smack. My gun fed fine after a one shot kill last week.

  • Karl

    I also initially thought the gun would only hold two shells. For whatever reason, the other Remington slugs I used simply to work the action (I haven’t fired mine yet) would not allow the second shell to feed into the gun. But when I ordered some Accutips, they feed smooth as silk, all three cartridges. I thought I was all set, and now I hear of some having misfires. Hope this doesn’t prove to be an issue as well.

  • Joe B.

    I have the 220f and I will be placing a Leupold VX-II 3-9×40 on it, will the Dednutz 18200 work without causing any ejection problems or the bolt hitting the scope?

  • Lou Diana

    I put a NIKON Slughunter on mine using EGW mounts. Shooting accutips I had no feeding or ejection problems.

  • Pete

    I was ready to buy a 220 until I found this blog. It seems alot of misfires and ejection problems. I read where someone said savage addressed these problems anymore news about this ? I hunt large clover and corn fields in NY State and long range is a plus, I took a nice 10 pt, at 120 yds. with my winchester m1300 fully rifled barrel but that was a stretch for my gun the 220 seemed just the ticket until I saw the problems listed.
    The tight group at 200yds sounds great, my brother bought the ithaca model 37 new deer slayer in a 20 guaranteed 4in group at 200yds very thick heavy barrel about $1,200 any news would be great, you would think Savage would get right on any problems pronto, when did they start selling the 2200f ?

  • Lou Diana

    Pete, I had no misfire problems or feeding problems using Remington Accutips. I also fired Winchester slugs with no problems. The Accutips shot 3 shot, 1 inch groups at 100 yards. I am very happy with the gun.

  • Pete

    Thanks Lou were you shooting 23/4 or 3 inch ? Were they winchesters supreme gold, how did they group ? How did the accu trigger work ? Did you adjust trigger pull or use factory setting ? This gun sounds almost too good to be true but I believe you. Thanks

  • Calirob


    The gun is pretty much what it is. It holds two rounds in the magazine plus one in the barrel. Don’t try to cram three in the magazine then load the magazine from that. When you pull the bolt back to eject an empty do it hard or they don’t always come out clean. I shoot the 3 inch federals and dumped a deer at 200 yards. You need to get familiar with it and use the parts that Savage recommends especially the ammunition and the scope base. It is still a slug gun when you are all finished.


  • Quest

    Looks like misfires reported from this gun are all over the web. I’m waiting for two of this exact rifles and will probably just send them straight to Savage once I get them from the store. Can’t imagine spending an extra $200 on sighting these rifles and having to take them apart (heard Savage requires the scope to be removed) to send them in for repair due to misfires. With the cost of shipping, looks like those who had misfire are out of pocket at least $150 each before getting their rifle to function.

    Those that sent theirs back to Savage for repair, have you experienced misfire after the repair?

    • ron

      Purchased new Savage 220f at cabelas this summer, shot winchester partition gold 3 in. ammo and shell would not eject from receiver no matter how hard I cranked that bolt ! Then dropped off gun at Savage with the 2-7 Nikon scope and Deadnuts bridge mount (excellent solid mount) on the gun.Factory worked on gun, picked it up , went to fire first shot and click,did not fire. No mark on primer. Next round fired clean, 2 in. off bulls eye at fifty yards, Loaded clip with two rounds, one in chamber for a rapid fire test,the round in chamber fires, cycle bolt, gun jams solid with 2 live rounds stuck in chamber ! Gun is accurate,but will be useing as a single shot for rest of deer season due to real concern of jamming … sounds like they have issues, will bring gun back to local plant at end of season for another factory repair, or possibly replacement.. unfortunately sounds like this problem / misfire are fairly common out there..let me know what Savages solution is to clip feed jam up issue ? Thanks

  • After reading these misfire reports, I started thinking about getting a 20 ga. slug barrel for my encore. (remember, I’ve been through 2 H&R ultra slug guns that both misfired) My local gun shop owner told me not to believe everthing you read on the internet, so I went to the range and put 25 rounds thru my gun. No problems. No issues. and a 1 1/2″ group @ 100 yds with 3″ accutips. I guess I’m keeping it.

  • Conway

    Those of you that are using the Leupold Scope, do you need to place and EGW 2120 mount on the gun first?

  • Joey B.

    Conway, I’m using the one piece Deadnutz mount, I think it’s prodect # 18200 (medium height)

  • conway

    Thanks, I will look into into it.

  • Karl

    I have to admit I was apprehensive. I saw various issues on this and other discussions. I even had some of my own with feeding initially that I finally figured out (ammo specific).

    Also, imagine my dismay whereupon the first shot, the little Indian head glued to the underside of the pistol grip fell right off. I did not have high hopes even though I did print on paper.

    The next few shots I dialed it right in. This was at 25 yards or so, so no big surprise. I decided to try a group at 100.

    The group was much better than some of my centerfire rifles!!! Three shots, and all holes touching at 100! I am certainly impressed!

    Had no feeding or ejection problems, and have since glued the little Indian back for good. Beware this fall deer!

    Very pleasant gun. I was shooting 2 3/4 Remington Accutips and the EGW 2120 mount for those that may wonder. Glad I bought this gun.

  • Walt

    I just got my 220F and have not shot it yet. My problem is that the length of pull is too long at 13 3/4″. Has anyone tried to shorten this stock?

  • Karl

    I couldn’t see that it would be too much of a problem to take the gun to a gunsmith to remove some stock or provide a different pad. With the gun being quite inexpensive, I don’t think any factory adjustments or options exist. It would be sort of a shame to lose that nice cushy pad, but for proper fit, may be necessary for you. With negligble recoil, a new pad should be your first option I’d think.

  • Joey B.

    I went to the range 2 weeks ago with the 220F, after just a few adjustments I was ready to be shooting 100 yards. At 100 yards I got 5 shot 3/4″ groups, 4″ above center. My 220f is topped off with a Leupold VX-II 3-9×40, using Remington Accu-Tip 3″. The bolt isn’t smooth like a rifle, but it’s workable, the trigger is perfect, gun with the scope is light. I love it !!!!!!

  • Joey B.

    Walt, to answer your question, I did have the stock cut to my size by a gunsmith also had the bolt and the bolt rails compounded to make it little smoother

  • Joey B.

    My 220F is topped off with Leuopld VX-II 3-9×40, using Remington Accu-Tip 3″, I’m getting 5 shots 3/4″ groups at 100 yards. The gun maybe a shotgun but handles like a rifle, it’s light, the trigger is great, the bolt isn’t smooth, mine is smoother then when I took it out of the box, I had it worked on when I took it to the gunsmith to have the stock cut to size and the scope mounted, which I’m using medium height one piece Dednutz mounts. I love this firearm !!!!!

  • Trent

    I am looking for a good 20 ga slug gun. I do not know if i should go with H & R or Savage 220 can any one give me a honest answer

  • Trent

    looking for a good slug gun 20ga Sagage or H&R witch one should i get
    please help me make up my mine

  • Karl

    Trent- You have the information all right here at your fingertips. Look at forums discussing both guns. Read all the comments here on this one. Both guns are perfectly capable of harvesting your deer, but are different. You have to make the choice due to personal preference. You really should attempt to hold both guns, perhaps if possible, even shoot them.

    I’m really impressed by my Savage 220, but then again, never owned a H&R. You’ll figure it out, and no one else can really do that for you.

  • Jim F

    Remember, when firing sabots out of the Savage, the plastic build up is fast, you need to clean out the barrel after about 3 shots…

    • Dave

      I’ve heard this is not true. Randy Wakeman says this gun actually shoots better “dirty”. Has anyone seen ANY evidence that plastic build up happens and is detrimental.

  • Nelson Sigelman

    I have a new Savage 220 slug gun, EGW base for Savage and a Bushnell Trophy XLT scope. Rings? What rings do current Savage owners like. I ordered a pair of rings but they were too low. I am suffering from information and web discussion overload. Help.

  • Joe B.

    I’m using Deadnutz (GrimReaper) one piece scope mounts, and let me tell you they are great!!!!

    I have both the 220f and the H&R Ultra Deluxe and they are both great, but the 220f is better in my eyes

  • scott

    I recently descovered this gun 220 savage and have been dreaming of it ever since but don’t know if I need 12 or 20 need some info

  • Joe B.

    No need to subject yourself to the recoil of the 12ga., today’s 20ga performance is better then the 12ga.

  • I have one thing to say about my 220F. Four inch groups at 175 yards with Remington Accu tips 2 3/4 inch!!!!!

  • Jim

    220 Savage… Second season most accurate slug gun I ever owned or fired. Last year I had troble with the bolt ejecting spent shells I relved problem by practicing ejecting shells firm and strong and either this method was the way to do it or the gun broke in, Problem Solved. Is anybody out there having problem with misfires shooting SST Hornady shells went hunting (9/15 2011) 4 shells misfired primer had a very small dent in it, bought shells fall 2011 from cabellas kept dry. If any one is experiencing this problem please post.

    • ron

      The 220 is a lot like a women.A bit temperamental , but when you find out what she likes, stick with it.My new SAVAGE definitely likes the 2.75 in. Remington Accu-tips. Had only (1) box to try & use before opening day in Ma. on Monday. Shot (2) rounds at 25 yd.s , both bulls eye and holes are touching each other ! No jams , misfires or misfeeds when using clip feed rapid fire.. I am ready now, with confidence for deer opener in AM.To everyone that has a experienced misfires with this gun NOTE; With live round in chamber, TRY KEEPING SAFETY IN ON POSITION WITH NO RED DOT EXPOSED (bolt LOCKED) …When ready to fire push safety towards muzzle ( to off position) and then squeeze trigger with out moving bolt handle…this procedure has worked flawlessly for me..Good Luck to all !

      • Jim

        If I knew that woman (220 Savage) was going to be that tempramental I probably wouldn’t of married her. I went out yesterday took down a coyote at 100 yards on the run, shell didnt eject and gun jammed. Great single single shot. I’m sending gun back to Savage at the end of hunting season to see if they can solve the ejecting problems and to see if they can lock down that bolt more firmly.

  • Jim

    220 Savage… Second season most accurate slug gun I ever owned or fired. Last year I had trouble with the bolt ejecting spent shells I resolved problem by practicing ejecting shells firm and strong and either this method was the way to do it or the gun broke in, Problem Solved. Is anybody out there having problems with misfires shooting SST Hornady shells went hunting (9/15 2011) 4 shells misfired primer had a very small dent in it, bought shells fall 2010 from cabellas kept dry. If any one is experiencing this problem please post.

  • Karl


    Was it cold at the time of the misfire? The reason I ask is that once it happened to me too, but with a Winchester Model 70 in 30.06. Unfortunately, it was with a deer in the sights too, a nice fat 6 pt. Mine didn’t stick around while racking a new shell.

    When I got back to camp, I took the offending shell and put it in the tube again, and lined up on yonder target. Sure enough, it went boom right off the bat. Difference was it was warmer mid day, and the troublesome goo got soft enough to permit a fairly hard strike.

    Turns out the action was a bit dirty, whether it be grease, oil, or just plain dirt or fouling. Now I hunt only with an absolutely CLEAN action…no oil or anything around that firing pin. The Degreaser/Cleaners in a spray can from most companies do wonders.

    May or may not have been your particular problem, but thought I’d share. Haven’t had any of that (YET) with the 220 (making sign of the cross).

    • Jim

      Weather was 50 degrees dry early MI doe season sept 15 .I had my deer sighted in at 140 yards 1 misfire, 2 misfire, third shot dropped my deer in her tracks. Later on I inspected the shells that did not fire – a very light dent in primer. Shell that fired had a very good dent in primer. shot 4 more shells at target 2 fire 2 misfired. Tried reshooting misfired shells they woud not fire. Taking shells and 220 savage to cabellas tomorrow and try to get to the bottom of my problem sounds like others have had a similar problem.

  • Jim

    Weather was 50 degrees dry early MI doe season sept 15 .I had my deer sighted in at 140 yards 1 misfire, 2 misfire, third shot dropped my deer in her tracks. Later on I inspected the shells that did not fire – a very light dent in primer. Shell that fired had a very good dent in primer. shot 4 more shells at target 2 fire 2 misfired. Tried reshooting misfired shells they woud not fire. Taking shells and 220 savage to cabellas tomorrow and try to get to the bottom of my problem sounds like others have had a similar problem.

  • what type of scope should i buy for my savage 220 20ga and rings

  • Joe B.

    I have Leupold VX-II 3-9×40, with the Grim Reaper Deadnutz one piece scope mounts model # 18200. What I did, I called Grim Reaper told which shotgun and scope I have and they set me right up….Good Luck !!!

  • Ronald Knable

    How often should I clean my 220F when sighting it in? Are there any products that you can recommend that I should use to clean it with?


  • Nick

    I recently picked up a savage model 220. Got it all scoped up and went out to shoot it and could not get it to fire. The gun is brand new and it has yet to shoot. You can hear the fire pin hit but no marks on the shell at all, I was shooting federal barnes 3″. Anyone else have this issue?

    • Mike


      Make sure the bolt is closed all the way. If it’s not the fireing pin will drop, but not all the way.

  • Jim

    Thanks Nick for advice I have fired 10 Ronda since 9/15 without incident setting bolt strong. I to felt this may be the problem, my only other thought is that it may have been the shells. The lightly touched misfired shells still wouldnt fire with the bolt set and the primers looked like they were countersunk I am not sure if all shells came out of the same box.

  • Jim

    First of all shooting Hornady 2 3/4 this is the most accurate slug gun I have ever fired with good kill power, with a well placed shot. I resolved my first problem with shell ejection by practicing to be very firm and strong with the bolt I think shell ejection problem has been resolved. Second problem I learned that if I dont check the bolt to see if its set the firing pin won’t strike the primer hard enough to fire. Third I have to make sure that I dont lift the bolt when I slide my finger underneath to shoot or the gun will misfire. All this seems to be a lot more than I want to think about when trying to harvest a nice deer ! I have been lucky so far with this weapon I’ve taken 3 deer at 140 yrd. plus range the first 2 of the 3 I was lucky enough to resolve problems in the field without losing my trophy. I really think the folks at Savage have a potentially great gun but that they also have some serious problems that need to be addressed and re-engineered. . I have to know for a fact my gun will fire.

    • Nelson Sigelman

      Our two week slug gun season begins Monday and I am also apprehensive because I seem to have discovered a new hitch, or at least one not mentioned in these posts.
      When I bring the bolt back with authority every now and then the bolt button (is that what you call it?) will snap over into the fired (?) position that I cannot shut the bolt.
      I then need to remove the bolt and find a hard edge so I can force the bolt button back into the proper position.
      Has anyone else had this problem? What do I call that part of the bolt so I can properly explain my problem.
      Anyhow, it is a dilemma. I need to work the bolt with authority to make sure it ejects the spent shell but it seems that if I give it too much authority I will jar the bolt button out of its proper position.
      What do I do? Use my ancient Browning Light for shotgun season?

      • Jim

        I have not had that particular problem but I have had my problems (read my post). I would suggest loading your clip, gun and practicing ejecting. When you hunt make sure you have your bolt down all the way and keep in the back of your mind you may only have a single shot.

  • Is there any truth to the claim of possible plastic build up in the rifling with sabots???? If so does anyone have any reccomendations for cleaning? I just got the savage 220, equipped with leupold rings,3x9x40 leupold VXII. I have attempted to get a good (100 yds.) grouping with the Hornady SSt’s without success (6-9 in groups). They group very well at 50 yds (usually all overlapping within 3/4″ of bullseye). Evidently the Federal Barnes and the Accutips pattern well with many slug guns as the availabilty seems to be limited even at the larger chains. Finally found some through Cabelas and hoping to make some clover-leafs at 100 yds. plus. The 220 bolt is a little stiff still but not broke in yet. The SST’s will not eject cleanly but this may be due to the bolt being a little stiff still. I’m sure this will iron itself out after more breaking in. THE ACCUTRIGGER IS AWESOME!!!


  • Joe B.

    Jason, I have the same set up as you including the scope (Grim Reaper Dead Nutz One piece scope mount #18200) I’m using Remington 3″ Accu-Tips, I’m hitting at 100yds., 4″ above dead center with 3/4″ groups, I know they are PIA to find, when you do find them and if they do well for you buy a few more boxes then you need, so not to crazy looking for them.

    When I had the scope mounted & bore sighted I had the gunsmith lap the bolt rails this made the bolt cycle smoother then it was when I first took it out of the box.

    As far as cleaning the plastic crap I haven’t tried it myself, but I will order a bottle of this stuff:

    Any other questions just ask, good luck !!!!

  • my wife got me a 220 savage for christmas and I am very disappointed!!! I’m shooting hornady sst slugs. shot 4 boxes first day and jammed and miss fired more than any gun I ever had! Got 5 more boxes same thing!!!! got on paper at 50yds then went to 100yds now I’m all over the place! Who wants to go in the field with a gun that jams and miss fires! I have enough to worry about and now how hard did I work the bolt ect ect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is crazy!!!!!

    • Jim

      I’m trying to love this gun the 220 Savage, but there ARE PROBLEMS and Savage should take care of them (jamming and misfires and loose bolt) Even most positive post have thier problems, like telling us we need to shoot another shell, sorry I dont buy that, or lapping the bolt, Sorry I dont buy that either. SAVAGE GET it FIXED

    • jason

      Steve, Iexperienced the same problem with the sst’s. Also noticed
      that the brand new gun may have had a coating of sorts inside the
      barrel. I brushed and swabbed the barrel dry (used no cleaners).
      went online and found a guy having the same problem. He showed
      several different targets with shot groupings from many different
      rounds. The remington accutip 2 3/4″ seemed to have the best groups
      besides the federal barnes rounds. I could not find any federals
      available so I went with the accutips and now am dead on at 100 yds..
      SHORTER AND LONGER DISTANCES THAN 100 YDS.. The SST’s would not eject cleanly even when the bolt was worked firmly. Also the bolt should be cycled fairly aggressively on the new gun. Make sure the bolt handle is all the way down and safety completely off before firing This should help with the misfires.. GODD LUCK. IT WORKED OUT
      FOR ME.

    • Roger

      Steve do you want to sell the gun?

  • Think I will stick wiyh my 870 I can shoot any thing in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe B.

    Sorry to hear your having a problem, lapping the bolt & the rails just makes it somewhat smoother. Savage tested these guns with Federal and Remington ammo, both shot great. Mine love the Remington 3″ Accu-Tips, and I’m getting 3/4″ groups at 100 yards and still 4″ above center, easily a 200 yard shotgun, not that I will shoot that far. Try ammo that Savage used to test out these shotguns, and from what I read well before purchasing the 220f was that Hornady ammo wasn’t the best out of this shotgun

    • thanks Joe B I looked every where today for remington and federal ammo everyone sold out so I got more hornade sst. Put it back on bench and cleaned it after every third shot got better patteren! but will take your advice!! Thanks again!!!

  • alan

    Has anyone noticed when experiencing the misfires that the firing pin is not hitting the center of the primer? This seems to be the case with my Savage 220. anyone have any suggestions as how to correct this condition?

  • Joe B.

    What ammo are you using? I heard but never witnessed the firing pin problem. The ammo I kept hearing about with the firing pin issue is Hornady SST, but also heard there was a few 220f made with a firing pin issue. Contact Savage

  • Fred

    OK all of you folks out there that are complaining about the rifle not firing hornady slugs. If you bothered to read the recommended ammunition savage stated in their brochure you would not have any issues.
    I have used Remington with NO failures and at 100 yards I am getting sub one inch groups. All of the old slug guns were trying to make a shotgun a rifle. Sure they will use any ammo but if your OK with 4 to 5 inch shots at 100 yards I guess you are all set.

    Savage not only got this rifle ‘right” the first time out , you will see other shotgun manufactures following thier model.

    • Jim

      Sorry Fred I have higher expectations for my weapons. I also own a browning bolt action and the only recomondation is to put the right caliber shell in the chamber. If you look at past blogs there have been numerous problems with this gun as I stated I had higher standards.

      • Mike

        I have to join with Jim on this one. I have light primer strikes with Hornady AND some (say 1 in 10) Accutips and the Winchester. the 220 is a tack driver but it is finicky with primer seating depth. I understand that there is a recommended “brand” but bottom line it is a 20ga rifled shotgun and is chambered to take any suitable sabot regardless of brand. I spoke with who I think was the owner, cant remember his name, at the Springfield sportsman show at the Big E this year and he stated that they would stand behind the product and fix any issues. I have yet to do that as I have found 3″ accutips are the “most” reliable. After this season I will take him up on his offer.

    • Lou Diana

      I have had my Savage for two seasons now and I use Remington Accu-Tips in it, and I have never had a problem with this slug gun at all. It is the most accurate slug gun I own, and I have a Savage in .12 gauge, and a H&R slug gun that is a tack driver(single shot). The Savage .20 gauge still shoots and groups the best out of all three. It is light easy to carry in the woods and I have no problems putting deer down, past 100yards at will with this gun.

  • Todd

    OK It’s been a year since my last post. Disappointed to see the amount of issues many are having. Two seasons under my belt with the 220 and everything is positive. I will admit the sloppy play with the bolt in the closed position frustrates the heck out of me. I repeatedly check to make sure it is all the way down when hunting. Especially before pulling the trigger. Seems to be something that one should’nt need to think about while trying to harvest a wilely whitetail. All in all I’m happy. Took my largest NJ buck ever with it this year. (3 for 3 in two seasons) I hope everyone’s issues with their 220’s get resolved. Good Luck!

  • Todd

    Oh by the way, I’m eye-balling a Savage 116 Weather Warrior in 270 WSM. Does anyone have experience with this model rifle?

    • tim

      Was looking at one of these the other day and they pulled a brand new one from a box that just came from savage. Noticed the camo pattern has changed GREATLY, its got way more color now and with orange highlights. Is this a Realtree pattern? Or did Savage go cheap and come up with non-licensed camo pattern. Kinda bummed as I already have real tree gear.

      Anyone got any info on this? NO updates on the savage web site, already checked.

      • tim

        My comments are about the 220 slug gun. Not any other Savage model.

  • ohio hunter

    i hav just recently purchased the 220F, shot remington 3″ Accutips @ 50yds to sight n, after 2 shots it was on. It has the Nikon slug hunter scope which allows for drop compensation out to 200yrds. the gun shoots great to 175 but u must dope the wind. this is by far the best slug gun i hav ever used.

  • Pat B

    I was really thinking this was the gun I was looking for until I came across this forum.Anyone know if these issues have been fixed?