Tacti-cool StG44 rifles

Sport-Systeme Dittrich, who manufacturer semi-automatic reproductions of German WWII weapons, have produced three alternative history versions of the famous Sturmgewehr 44 (StG44) assault rifle. These rifles explore how the StG44 may have developed if Germany had won the war. Legendary photographer and editor-in-chief of Bron i Amunicja Remigiusz Wilk (REMOV) took these photos at IWA 2009, an outdoor expo in held in Germany, and emailed them to me.

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Bd44 Links
The original BD44 (StG44 clone) for comparison

These photos are Copyright Remigiusz Wilk (REMOV). Used with permission.

 Bd44-Folding-Stock 01
The new side folding stock variant.

 Bd44-Folding-Stock 02
Over folding stock variant.

 Bd44-Picatinny 01
The Tacti-Cool variant. Quad rails, full length top rail, side folding stock, recoil pad, red dot sight.

A big thanks to Remi for the photos and information. Also, thanks to Mehul for sending me info about the Stg44.

Steve Johnson

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  • Dom

    I gotta admit, I’d find room in the safe for that over-folder. Doesn’t the AK-47 and the 7.62 Soviet look an awful lot like the STG-44 and the 7.92 Kurz? As a result, it seems like these alternative histories look a lot like the real history of the AK-47/AKM series. I’d like to see a carbine, though.

  • Himmel

    Cool, but the pics look photoshopped?

  • Himmel, I don’t think they are. Remi is quite well known.

  • bullzebub

    both the 2 first are ak47s type underfolder stocks…

  • Matt Groom

    Awesome! I want Haenel version (BD42(H) not shown, but on website) so bad….

  • Nick

    I don’t think they’re legal for import into the U.S. as semi-autos, unfortunately.

  • The blue colour ruins the whole photo.

    I converted it to 8bit grey scale – it looked like a modern assault rifle.

  • 22lr

    Thats way cool, we need a modern version of the BAR in all its tactical glory, not that sissy rifle Browning makes, LOL. Any ideas if the BD44 is allowed in the states?

  • Steve,

    The updates are fantastic and I do like the look of the Tacti-COol version though some might think any variation heretical. Thanks for getting the latest pictures for this post – this is why I always enjoy reading your blog and visiting it to learn about what is happening in the world of firearms.

    Best wishes and good shooting!

  • I agree with Bullzebub that both of the two first ones are normal underfolder stocks.

  • Nooky

    I kinda like the tacticool version, I don’t mind since it’s a replica and not an actual historic rifle. It looks like a FN SCAR.

    But it doesn’t come near that masterpiece.

  • Nick

    “Any ideas if the BD44 is allowed in the states?”

    It’s not. ATF considers it an MG.

  • Viper5552

    BD44… an MG Why? it is not selective fire

  • Nick

    It’s built on a duplicate of the original Stg44 receiver, which the ATF says is a machine gun receiver. An MG is anything that fires more than one shot per activation of the trigger, or anything that can be readily made to do so. It fits the bill of the latter. In Germany the barrel and bolt are the controlled parts, so there was no reason for them to change the receiver design for a semi-auto rifle.

  • Bolter

    Interordnance was going to import these a year ago (I had a deposit on one). Vaporware so far. The ads disappeared months ago, and have not heard about the importation since. They are sold in Canada and have been for some time. The same manufacturer also makes a very nice repro MP-38 that has been imported by IO (unfortunately folding stock welded shut naturally due to short barrel).

  • Orlando

    Believe it or not, the underfolding stock model WAS produced, although the stock was made for the STG45. It was an incredibly rare prototype, and very little information is available for it, but I DO have some pictures of it!



    I also have a book that details it’s build and operation, as well as it’s production.

    • Mike

      That’s not a German prototype, its Swiss if i remember correctly, definitely not not an StG 44 or variant