Safir T-14 / ATI AT-14 shotgun photos

I covered the Safir T-14 / ATI AT-14 .410 AR-15 shotgun on the blog earlier this year. Mike, a reader of The Firearm Blog, emailed me photos the AT-14 he just received.

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Saiga Safir 410S-1

Two black shotugns. .410 Siaga shotgun (AK clone) left.

100 1971-1
Annular piston system. ATI’s markings can be seen on the lower receiver.

If you have any questions I am sure Mike will be happy to answer them in the comments.

A big thanks to Mike for taking the time to strip his rifle shotgun for photos.

Many more photos after the jump.


T14 Bolt
The bolt

T14 W Ar Mag-1
AR-15 magazines fit. Safir markings on lower receiver.

T14 W T14Mag
With T-14 magazine inserted.

100 2447
Next to SKS

More photos of the internals:

100 1972

100 1973

100 1975

100 1977


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  • Jesse

    Imagine showing up to shoot skeet with that.

  • War Wolf

    How is the overall fit & finish? Have you fired it yet? and lastly, what was the price you ended up paying for it? Thanks.

  • tarkan
  • Fred

    So is the lower half the same as a standard AR?

  • 6x6pinz

    I have put 1250 rounds through the shotgun, before the pictures were taken. You can just make out some wear marks on the hammer and that is about it. As one would expect it is easy to get on target and amazingly easy to hit clay pidgeons with.
    I have talked with the importer and they are expecting the higher capacity mags in by the end of March if not sooner.
    I ended up paying $1,000.00 for it shipped which for a specialty AR is about average.
    The take down pins were a bit tight. The rest of the gun is very clean with all the parts mating up tightly. You have to remember that while this is new to the US it is not a new model firearm.

    • 6×6pinz, I read on the net that regular AR-15 magazines could be modified to take .410 rounds, have you tried this?

  • jdun1911

    The lower isn’t a standard ar15 from the looks of it.

  • 6x6pinz

    I actually purchased a regular 20round AR mag at the last gunshow for this purpose. I am able to install shells into the mag, tight fit for length but doable. The original 223 mag holds the shell in the middle and the shotugn retains them at the base. There is no material at the base so I will have to move the feed lips back and modify/remake a follower.
    I have been in contact with the importer and he tells me the 14 round magazines should be in country in April and by then they should have extra 5 round magazines as well. They are also making noise about bringing in the 10 rounders. I will have to see what extra 5 rounders cost to see if it is worth the time to make the needed modifications to the 20round 223 mag, which will only hold 5 410 shells. The curvature of the 30 and 40 round 223 mag is just wrong for the 410 shells to feed properly and most likely would cause lots of problems.
    Since most of the AR accessories fit already there is a lot of aftermarket stuff available for the Safir. I am in the process of looking for an adjustable choke system that would look good on it. I really like being able to adjust the choke in the field depending on hunting conditions.

  • M. Northrop

    I bought one of these a month ago, and returned it to the store within a week.
    My first impression was that this light weight AR type rifle/shotgun would make a great hiking gun in black bear country.
    I bought it and a few boxes of 2 1/2″ slugs to get it sighted in.
    all but one shell jammed while feeding, the bolt sheared a large chunk out of the bolt catch, and the gas that sprayed back in my face reminded me of my old service rifle in basic training back in 1985 that almost blinded you every shot.
    after removing the upper to investigate the problems I found that the lower parts are almost the same quality as my sons cap guns. I doubt they would last for any kind of duty use, as the practice alone would have them turning to mush in a week.
    I took the gun back to the shop that I got it from and showed them the condition.
    they returned 100% of my purchase price and refunded 100% of the ammo cost including the spent rounds (10 in all). I have been shooting or building AR’s for more than 20 years now and I’m amazed that this particular one shot at all without taking my face off with it.
    I pray I got the one lemon you always hear about.

  • Gary C

    Just got my ATI .410 upper. Shot 2 Winchester 2 1/2″ slugs through it on the 3rd shot the firing pin and push pin for ejector both broke. Trying to reach seller now. I loved the way it shot the first two dead on at 30 yds but I am now worried that this thing isn’t made well. Will see what happens.

  • Hi all, permit me to say hello if I can.

    I am the Safir factory rep for the UK (also France, Italy and the USA) – Hi Kamil if you are reading this.

    Perhaps I could use this forum to give you some more news on the Safir T14.

    First: Safir T14 Semi Auto Shotguns – Important Information for Firearm Dealers (RFD’s in the UK ) or FFL’s in the USA.

    Safir Arms are pleased to announce that with immediate effect, firearms dealers FFL’s can now order and import Safir T14 shotguns directly from the factory and not from a sole importer.

    To register as a Safir Dealer / Importer, FFL’s should simply email a copy of their certificate and a letterhead/compliments slip to the Safir RFD / FFL support team on (STRICTLY Trade Only) who will contact you with appropriate information.

    The Safir main website is:

    Second: Safir T14 Semi Auto Shotguns – New Product Range.

    Safir are also delighted to announce the launch of their new range of A4 Flat Top mil-spec polymer receiver models. This will allow shooters to fit optics of their own choice such as a scope, red dot sight, laser, flip up sights or even a detachable carry handle/sight arrangement directly to the upper receiver.

    ALL Safir T14 Shotguns are marked 36/.410 cal. 5 or 10 shot magazines are available as standard. High capacity 13 round magazines will be available any time now. Longer or shorter barrel lengths can be specified if required. Also available are upper receiver conversions that can be fitted to a standard AR rifle.

    Third: Safir T14 Semi Auto Shotguns – Information and Support for Clubs and Shooters.

    As part of our FFL /customer support strategy, the Safirdirect support team would like your help in compiling a directory of dealers and retailers etc who can supply accessories and ammunition (slug and shot in 36/.410) suitable for the T14. If you are an RFD /FFL or accessory retailer and can help in any way, please drop us a line on, especially if you can ship to the UK.

    The support team would also like to hear from any T14 owners, clubs, range owners, landowners who are running competitions using the T14 as we are planning to run these in the UK.

    I am planning a trip to the US early next year, starting in Arizona (been there three times, great place) also Oklahoma and Michigan so if you are an FFL or range owner in those areas please email me as soon as possible.

    Just for info: I am an NRA (USA) member and also an NRA (USA) Pistol Instructor (amongst other things). Not bad for a Brit I suppose.

    Please feel to contact me on:

    Head your message FAO Charlie.

  • Oscar

    Charlie: I bought two T-14 in Guatemala Central America, the problem is that the shell jammed while feeding, I tried many brands of ammo, and the store has no answers to the problem. Thanks.

  • OSCAR: Thanks for feedback. Is your gun European or US Spec?

    The problem is due to ammuntion, as considertion must be given to the length of th shell when ejected as it is now longer than when it went in due to the crimped end now protruding. Not all 2.5″ shells are 2.5″ on close examination Maybe this will help;

    The standard shotgun cartridge sizes to be used with Safir T14 shotguns are:

    Europe (inc. UK)

    36 Calibre x 65mm


    .410 Calibre x 65mm

    The length of the shotgun shell should be between 57mm – 60.05mm (American model guns 57mm, European model 60.5mm unfired length) and a maximum length of 65mm after firing.

    Slug, birdshot or buckshot cartridges all work well with the Safir T14.

    For EUROPEAN models of the T14, certain shotgun shell makes and brand/types like those listed below fit well and can be used:

    • Remington Express (UK/England)
    • Remington Kleinbore (Germany)
    • Vieri (French)
    • Fiocchi, RC and Luxor (Italy).

    For AMERICAN models of the T14 we recommend;
    • Estate#8,
    • Remington #4 Long Range, #6 long range, #6 Field, and 1/5 oz slug.

    NOTE: NO Winchester 2.5” ammunition will fit the T14, neither will Remington #9.

    The best shotgun ammunition (produced in Turkey) for Safir shotguns are Calibre 36 “Palla” slug. Birdshot and buckshot are also available.

    I have also heard from feedback that Federal ammo works so maybe worth trying a few?

    Hopefully this will help,


  • PS Sorry for typos.

  • Oscar: You can mail me directly t14comp [at] safirdirect [dot] com

  • Derik

    I got three rounds through the T-14 flat top before the bolt broke. Sheared right in the middle.

    Returned for a replacement, will try one more.

    Side note, the markings on the box recommend use of Winchester.

  • charlie


    can you email me on


  • GillAgin

    I purchased the T-14 recently and took the forearm area apart to see if I would be able to clean this area. I was able to take it apart, but when I went to reassemble it I noticed one half of the forearm had two of the hole that were not cut through and I was unsure if this piece went on top or bottom and I assumed it went on the bottom to protect ones hand from blowback by the piston or something during the fire sequence.

    I’m a noob and don’t know much about the AR platform or this one, so please forgive me if this question seems obvious. Thanks, John

  • charlie

    On the handguard there are holes that are open and some of them are closed – the open ones provide sufficient gas escape. You can break the plastic in the closed holes to let the gas escape better, especially if using picatiny or other mounted stuff like optical sights , lasers or flashlights on the gun. It is better to open them all.

    It does not matter which piece of the handguard is up and down, they are similar.

    Hope this helps

    Charlie (Safir)

  • Alex

    Charlie hello
    the lower the safir accepts the uppers in .40 caliber S&W ?

  • charlie

    Sorry Alex, no idea, I don’t even know if it has been tried.

    Remember that doing such thigs would invalidate any warranty and could make the weapon illegal as 40SW is not a shotgun caliber….

    Cerainly in the UK this would be a big NO and would land you in jail for 5 years if you got caught. UK laws state that if you convert from shotgun to full bore then that is it, converting BACK makes no difference if you are caught. Stupid I know but such is UK gun law!

    Interesting to hear if it works though although we could not recommend anything that could invalidate the warranty and/or affect the working of the T14 components or breach local /state / federal /national laws etc.

  • matt

    i have got one of these and found the same shell problem for the 14rnd mags but the 5 rnders take just about anything i have put into it. on the fireing side of things mine shoots two feet low so i am changing out the reciever to a rail top (instead of the handle top) and i have also sent the barrel into briley and had chokes put into it (mod,full,& xfull) for around $200. i am planning on putting a small halographic site on it to cure the shooting problem of course i will have to cut the front site as it will be in the way but small problem. am going to use this for birds this fall can not wait to get it finished.

  • Giannis

    Hi everyone!

    I want to ask two questions:

    1. Where can I source a flattop receiver from (EU)?

    2. I want to install a retractable stock to my T14 classic. Is it mil.spec, or do I have to buy a SafirArms one?



  • Eric

    I have a SBR, and just bought this upper….. My question is what kind of mal-fuctions will i have if i cut the barrel down to 11.5″?

  • Charlie

    Hi Guys, Just in case you think I am ignoring your questions, I have terminated my realtionship with Safir so I cannot get involved any longer.
    You should refer your questions to the main importer, whoever supplied your gun or alternatively I am sure that someone on here will have an answer.


  • Muhannad

    the t 14 is the perfect toy for those looking to have a legal m16
    other wise i tried all tipes off ammo. but it is all ways jamming
    i have a glock .45 to my side when ever i go hog hunting
    my advice
    dont buy this shit

  • Andrei

    Looks like every component is merely a revision of the AR-15 setup, minus the annular piston design. Bolt head / carrierand fire control seem modified, that’s why it seems the face is shearing off parts.

    If the bolt head were to be changed to an AR-15 compatible setup (that is, for a .410 shell, of course), and not an originally modified component, you might not have the issue. It seems that, shell ejection failures and FTFs are simply caused by tolerance issues.

    The reason why the S12 has such good performance is it’s built to Soviet standards (i.e. firepower, reliability, simplicity) as it is an Kalashnikov design. The Kalashnikov weapons have such generous tolerances that inaccuracies in feeding, extracting, ejecting, or cycling are nearly completely irrelevant. And even all that could be solved by simply a pull on the charging handle and a few smacks to the upper receiver cover.

    The T14 could be a wonderful and very successful setup if it were changed. A lot can be done by giving the moving parts a bit more clearance. Tightening your bore and setup generates accuracy (as the AR-10 and AR-15 showed us), but remember the old addage of the shotgun:

    ‘If you’re aiming, you’re doing something wrong’

    So do we really need assault rifle-accuracy for a .410 semi-auto shotgun?

  • With all the teething problems removed, T-14 will appear in the market very soon. view it in the coming shotshow at some booths in Las Vegas.

    The company is setting up a manufacturing facility in New Jersey very soon. Most of the ground work has been done. Permits and licenses are being obtained. This M-16 style Mil specs gun is designed to use every kind of ammo, birdshots, buckshots or slugs. Manufacturer recommends slugs. Because the gun has a powerful gas system that no other shotgun has and also very accurate up to 300 meters. Being Milspecs you can buy an upper separately which can be used/interchanged with all AR 15 lowers, like Bushmaster, Colt and Smith Wesson to convert these rifles into shotgun. The barrel is smooth, however, manufacturer has plans to make it rifled in near future.

  • Safir Arms T-14 M-16 style shotgun and Uppers re-entering US Market by Jan 2011
    36 (410) CALIBER, UNRIFLED AND UNGROOVED SEMIAUTOMATIC T- 14 HUNTING GUN WHICH IS SIMILAR TO AR-15 223 REMINGTON will be sold by exclusively for Safir Arms manufacturing facility being setup in NJ.

  • john windle

    hello, i’m a member of the usaf. recently on a trip to turkey i purchased a safir t-14 shot gun. i brought it home loaded 10 rounds of estate #8 and fired 1 round. the bolt broke right at the t bolt. not good for a new weapon….. where can i get a replacement bolt. and is this a usual occurance? nothing like my colt

  • john windle

    Sorry to hear that you had this problem. This is very unusual. Please e mail me ( with you address to help you. thanks

    Dawood Qureshi

  • john windle,

    I can get you a replacement bolt. please contact me.


  • Dear members,

    Finally, we have gone through all the processes of licensing with ATF and permits with local NJ authorities. The Guns will be here next week. We have special introductory pricing available at this time, no Minimums. Please visit our e commerce website and reserve your weapon. FFL dealers get special whole sale discounts upon mailing an FFL to us. we will have stock on accessories and high capacity magazines, 10 and 13 rounds soon. We will carry sufficient inventory to serve the need of our customers and after sale service. The gun is very popular in other countries. Our both the factories in Turkey are backed up with orders. The current lead time runs between 4-6 week. For USA customers, we will replenish our inventory every month depending on the orders in hand. Guns will be shipped on first cum first serve basis.

    some of the members had a question about the Uppers. Yes, the uppers are mil-spec and will work with a branded standard AR-15 Lower.

    Regards/Dawood Qureshi
    Incharge North American Sales

  • Safir Arms T-14, classic and T-14 Compact are here in USA. Uppers are in stock too. Here are some pictures :

    here are some Specs and pictures,

    Type: semi-automatic
    Gauge: .410 (36), 65 mm (2 1/2″) chamber
    Length: 960 mm (860mm for collapsible butt “S” models)
    Barrel length: 510 mm (also 320 mm or 610 mm)
    Weight 2.6 – 2.7 kg
    Capacity: 5, 10 or 13 rounds in detachable box magazine
    The T-14 shotgun is developed by Turkish company Safir Arms.
    Offered by Safirarms LLC NJ.

    T-14 with Additional Accessories


    T-14 Classic


    T-14 AR-15 compatible Upper

    T-14 Classic S

    T-14 Compact-S

  • Roman Hidrogo

    I like mine a lot! It is a blast to shoot. I bought the upper and attached it to one of my standard AR lowers. The biggest problem (a serious one) is that the magazines are EXTREMELY sensitive to the shot shells used. The problem lies in the length of the shells. I have some Remingtons and Federals that work just fine. However, the Winchesters will not cycle. The length of a Winchester is 2.28″ (unfired). The length of a Remington is 2.22″ (unfired). The magazines (ATI) that came with the upper can accept nothing longer than 2.25″. Its a shame. The gun is way cool but the magazines are bad. I now have to take a ruler with me when I buy .410 ammo.

  • matthew
  • خالد خليل

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