Narco’s tricked out AR-15

Raul emailed me some photos taken in Reynosa, Mexico, which is directly across from the city of McAllen, Texas, after a gun battle with between police and Mexican military and a drug gang. I thought this photo of an AR-15/M16/M4 with a lot of accessories hanging off it was interesting. I have seen many photos of confiscated C-MAGS taken from drug gangs, but never a photo of one that was actually used in combat and the gun is was used with.

17445 3-1

More info on the gun battle here.

Thanks Raul for the photo and info.

Steve Johnson

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  • Edward

    I wonder how effective a SBR with C-Mag actually was in a narco’s hands… (In an idle “did it make a difference in the hands of a crappy disposable gunman?” kind of way.)

  • brian stanton

    Even with all the bells and whistles if you cant run it then it always ends up in photos of confiscated weapons.train,train,train……..