Narco's tricked out AR-15

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Raul emailed me some photos taken in Reynosa, Mexico, which is directly across from the city of McAllen, Texas, after a gun battle with between police and Mexican military and a drug gang. I thought this photo of an AR-15/M16/M4 with a lot of accessories hanging off it was interesting. I have seen many photos of confiscated C-MAGS taken from drug gangs, but never a photo of one that was actually used in combat and the gun is was used with.

More info on the gun battle here.

Thanks Raul for the photo and info.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Edward Edward on Mar 01, 2009

    I wonder how effective a SBR with C-Mag actually was in a narco's hands... (In an idle "did it make a difference in the hands of a crappy disposable gunman?" kind of way.)

  • Brian stanton Brian stanton on Dec 03, 2009

    Even with all the bells and whistles if you cant run it then it always ends up in photos of confiscated weapons.train,train,train........