Bolt action AR-15

Ryo decided his Remington 700 did not cut it, so he built a bolt action AR-15. Basically it is a AR-15 with a side charging handle and a blocked gas port.

Img 4545

Instead, I bought a 26″ Krieger AR-15 Varmatch barrel, with a 1:7.75 twist. They had these in stock, so it showed up at my apartment in about 2 weeks. To block the gas port, I simply installed the gas block off-centered (then later rotated it upside down because I was getting stung by gas and ejecta which managed to leak through the gas block and out the rear-facing hole where the gas tube would normally be).

A great looking rifle and I am sure it functions well and the bolt can probably be worked faster than many straight pull bolt actions.

More info and photos at Tech, Guns, and Food Blog

Steve Johnson

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  • Hey Steve,
    I sometimes write articles for aviation week and space technology defense blog. I wanted to use information from your website on the Marine Corps new IAR for a new post. Can I get the info from you and use it with your permission. When its posted I’ll make sure you get credit and that a link is posted back to your blog.


  • Tom

    Fulton Armory makes uppers and modified bolt carriers for side-charging builds, as well as a model similar to this fellow’s rifle without the gas system plugged. I personally think the knob-style handle is kind of ugly, and would like to see a curved style handle along the lines of an M1A op-rod handle.

    On the legal end, since the gas system isn’t permanently blocked, would this still be considered semi-automatic for hunting purposes in some states? Here in PA for example hunting with any semi-automatic centerfire rifle is strictly prohibited. I imagine BATF would pigeonhole an idea like this by saying it could “readily be converted back to semi-auto” or something.

    If this type of thing would take off I could see someone producing a gas block replacement sleeve with a gas seal you could clamp to the barrel.

  • Don

    Neat. Does it still eject after the shot is fired?


    • Don, no, the gas system is what cycles the action and that has been removed.

  • Concerned_Soldier

    Why would he do this?



    • Concerned_Soldier, he is used to the AR-15 and wanted a bolt gun he was familiar with.

      • SGTRICK57

        I think this is a great idea. When I served in the army and was attached to the funeral detail, it was common place for the semi-autos to jam using blanks. This would eliminate that problem for the detail’s rifle squad and look much more professional when rendering honors.

  • Thats a great idea. Makes me wish I still had my AR.

  • Maxpwr

    That could be the future of Gun Ownership in America. In England and other countries, they can have “AR-15s”, but they have to be manually operated like that rifle, not semi-autos.

    Obama and the Democrats might let us keep our AR-15s, but they may have to be all bolt-action operated in the future.

  • He has the Bullet Button installed on the magazine release.

  • Hey, DIGG won’t accept the title of “Bolt action AR-15”. Are they anti-gun or something?

    • Heath, hmm, thanks for trying … I don’t know. I am a bit of a n00b on these “social” websites. If you are feeling charitable, try submitting to reddit guns:

  • I think I may know how to solve his nicked fingers issue… he’s already using a bolt as a charging handle, why not bolt on one of the bolt-on mauser or mosin-nagant conversion bolt handles for sporter rifles?

    Or he could make a custom piece… regardless, just installing something that’d drop the bolt handle down a bit would let him eject with force and allow the spent cartridge to clear his hand.

  • Al

    For years now I have been using a similar technique with my SKS. I would simply remove the gas piston and effectively converted it to a “Straight Pull” bolt action. I did this so I could keep track of my brass for reloading. I did not worry about it with non-reloadable stuff. Anyway, great looking AR15 (or, would it be a BR15????).

    • Mark

      I know this is an old post but I need to clarify something. No it would not be a BR15, AR does not stand for Assault Rifle, or Automatic Rifle. It stands for Armalite Rifle. Just need to clarify this.

  • Rignerd

    He should have looked at the Tubb 2K

    The upper he used looks a lot like the Fulton Armory side cocking upper. I used the same thing in .308. But I kept the gas system intact since I live in a free state and can hunt with whatever I want.

    The real question is the rifle more accurate as a bolt action than a semi auto?

    • Rignerd, thanks for the link. In theory I suppose it would be slightly more accurate, although the high-end AR-15s are very accurate. With the cartridge being fed very smoothly, I would expect better accuracy.

  • Jeremy

    technically it wouldn’t be anymore accurate if the gas port isn’t blocked cause you are still losing muzzle pressure after the gas block area… i would plug it.. it would increase exiting muzzle pressure and give a little incease to velocity …… that in connection to some [if it is a 5.56×45] 69Gr HPBT that should have a superior accuracy in theory still depends who’s hands it is in
    it wouldn’t be considered a semi auto cause you need manual operation to chamber the next round….

    still a great idea good looking upper