CAV-15 polymer AR-15 lower recievers back in production

SayUncle and Oleg Volk report that the Calvary Arms CAV-15 MKII polymer AR-15 lower receivers are back in production after getting approved from the BATF.

Last year in February the BATF confiscated their inventory. Apparently the feds were not happy about how the serial numbers were attached/moulded to the plastic.

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 Gallery D 26194-2 Shot+Flier+Front+V2
Very pretty! (The “increased profits” refers to manufactures of AR-15 rifles)

 Gallery D 26197-2 Shot+Flier+Back

From the press release:

The CAV-15 MKII receivers are back in production, after receiving approval from BATF Technology Branch for the method of affixing the serial number plate to the lower. We are currently filling back orders for our dealers and OEM clients. We will begin taking retail orders when all dealer back orders are filled. Please check with our dealers to see if they have in stock what you need.

We are currently not selling complete lowers, or complete rifles. Our vendors for these parts have substantial back orders. We currently have no ETA for these parts. If you are concerned about impending legislation, buy a lower receiver now and assemble it into a complete rifle when the supply chain stabilizes.

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  • KP


    • KP, I don’t know the price

  • Jesse

    They were $150 for the stripped last I heard. That’s in the standard colors like black, green, and desert tan.

  • Al

    Their website indicated $150 for a stripped lower, $225 with all the little bits included.

    Novel idea; I’m surprised no one else has done this yet. It works for all those great modern pistol designs so I’m sure it will work well for a rifle too. I want one…

  • Price isn’t bad, has it listed as 150 for the stripped and $225 for the complete. Plus if it ever breaks for any reason they’ll send you a replacement for 30$…thats pretty good.


  • Jake

    According to their website:

    $150 for a stripped lower
    $225 for a complete lower

  • jdun1911

    Their old polymer black lower/receiver cost around $50 two years ago before the ATF mess.

    I’m going to get one or three because I don’t have a single polymer lower in my collection.

  • Tom

    They’re quite affordable, around $100 from Brownells with member discounts. I think the MSRP is $150 from Cav Arms’ website.

    I don’t think they make the crazy colors anymore (yellow, red, blue, glow in the dark, etc), just OD, Coyote and black.

    I’m too much of a customization junkie to build one as a main shooter, but I’d absolutely put together an entry-level light build and camo finish it myself at the shop.

  • Dave

    Brownells member discounts? I’ve been ordering from them for years and don’t know about this — what does this refer to?

  • KP

    Cool. Glad they got past that ATF lunacy in tact. I’d be interested to know the details of that.

    It’d also be cool if they made a polymer lower without the stock & handguard.

  • Tom


    The master catalog should come with a notice that tells you how to take advantage of discounts if you’re a gunsmith, dealer, or collector. They print special codes after the items in the catalog that translate to discounted prices, and the website automatically applies discounts if you’re registered and logged in.

    I doubled checked, and both the catalog and website list the CAV-15 receiver for $100 after discount, which is pretty awesome.

  • The main advantages of Cav Arms guns are the light weight (1 pound less than metal receiver) and low cost (fewer parts needed to make a complete rifle). Steve Fisher uses one and hasn’t broken it yet — for Steve, that’s unusual!

    • Oleg, great to see you on my blog 🙂

  • @ jdun1911

    MSRP on the receivers has never been less than $125.00. Some distributors may have sold them cheaper on clearance years ago, but they were never sold more.

  • By the way, though ATF allows Cav Arms manufacture new receivers, they are holding on to the seized property. So Cav Arms has an expensive legal fight for the return of their property on their hands. It me, it’s yet another reason to support them.

  • crimson30

    It’s a shame they don’t make a version that can take other buttstocks…

  • Bob Young

    I ordered one for a dedicated .22LR rifle. I plan on using it to teach my 9 year old how to shoot. The A1 stock length and light weight were the main reasons I wanted to build one.

    I have a A3 upper with a 16″ 1/12 twist barrel. I think it will be a fund camp gun for our trips to the country.

  • jay

    are they ca legal

  • The Flounder

    Yes they are cali legal. I got mine there a few months ago for fairly cheap. 200-250 OTD I think. Not sure If this is the place to bring it up but i’ve been trying to match it to an upper and the guy at the local gun store (I moved) told me there were some problems with uppers breaking. Is this true?

  • Rob

    I have one and I like it it’s lite and works great

  • PTAnderson

    Although this is an old blog post I still like to provide relevant current information where I can. Cavalry Arms no longer manufactures these lower receivers. GWACS Armory, . They bought everything lock stock and barrel.