Federal Cartridges laying off workers

SayUncle reports that Alliant Techsystems are laying off workers for the second time from their Federal Cartridge Ammunition plant in Anoka. Apparently their order backlog is at an end.

At first glance this seems insane given the availability of reasonably priced ammo. One reason could be that the market for premium hunting ammunition has decreased.

One of the premium brands manufactured is Cape Shok dangerous game ammunition. It could be possible, in our current global economic state, hunters cannot afford to travel to the parts of the world where dangerous game is found.

Capeshok Bx L Copy

Why they do no tool up to produce more cheap “tactical” ammo is a mystery.

Steve Johnson

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  • Why they do no tool up to produce more cheap “tactical” ammo is a mystery.

    Indeed. Get a WHOLE bunch of good quality, INEXPENSIVE quantities of combat grade ammo out to “the field”. *AHEM*

  • Steve

    Answer: no reason to re tool when new laws or taxes on ammo will remove or restrict any current ammo shortage.

  • OB is going to make our life miserable.

    I am sorry to hear they’re laying folks off.