Colt / Umarex M4 Carbine .22 Tactical Rimfire AR-15

Colt and Umarex have teamed up to produce the Colt M4 .22 Tactical Rimfire. The is probably the only real “Colt M4” you will ever be allowed to own!

I am not 100% sure they are in fact AR-15s. UMAREX USA uses well known brand-names such as Beretta, Ruger and Walther to sell their airguns. This could easily be a AR-15 patterned rifle much like the .22 GSG MP5 or GSG AK.

 Images Colt Colt Umarex 22Lr M4 Carbine 1

There will be four different models.

Colt M4 Carbine

* 16″ Barrel
* M4 collapsible style stock
* A4 flat top upper recoever
* detachable carry handle
* A2 flash hider
* A2 pistol grip
* 30 round magazine
* Weight: 5.95 lbs

Colt M4 OPS (includes the following extras):
* Rear BUIS (Backup iron sight)
* Free floated aluminum picatinny rail handguard

Colt M16 (includes the following extras):

* 20″ barrel

Colt M16 SPR (includes the following extras):

* 20″ barrel
* Free floated aluminum picatinny rail handguard
* Flip up read and front sights

 Images Colt Colt Umarex 22Lr M4 Carbine 3

Fake suppressors will also be available as seen in the above photo.

It will be officially announced at SHOT Show 2009.

Hat Tip: OnPointFirearms

Steve Johnson

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  • jdun1911

    Good marketing when they said “COLT M4”. It’s an outright lie. I wounder what the action for the .22lr will be?

    I have a Ceiner .22lr conversion kit on one of my AR15 build. My cousin bought four Spike .22lr upper, three of which sold to our gun club members. Both use the Max Atchisson .22lr design.

    I was thinking about adding a folding stock to one of my strip lower because the Atchission doesn’t use a gas system. It is a recoil base action so there is no need for a buffer tube.

    There are a number of .22lr upper and conversion kit for the AR15. The demand for .22lr AR15 outstrip the supplies chain. Very long waiting list.

    BTW don’t buy the Ceiner kit directly from the manufacture. You’re not going to get it for sometime.

  • jdun1911
  • Concerned_Soldier

    the M4 isn’t all that great, I have carried them for years and would rather have the M1A SOCOM 16, or a H&K 416.



  • daskro

    It would be a breath of fresh air to get a cheaper .22lr upper than what Spike’s charges. Hell forget about getting a ceiner kit from ceiner, he’s an asshole and a bad businessman.

  • jdun1911

    Get the CZ v-22 if you want a cheap .22lr upper. They are around $250.

    Ceiner isn’t the best person to deal with. That’s why you don’t buy it directly from him. Get it from an online store.

    There are a number of .22lr ar15 manufactures. Spike is desired because they make their upper compact and offer SBR version of it.

  • David S

    nice looking rifle. if the price isnt to high. i would definitly be interested in finding out more about it! i wonder how long before it is going to be in stores?

  • gdogs

    jdunn, where are all those cz v22’s you speak of? from what i’ve found they haven’t been made/imported in a while. other than the upper on a sun devil lower that is on GB (and has been forever) i haven’t seen a single one for sale. i’d definitely buy one if i could find one.

    as for the colt/umarex m4, i’ll wait till after it, the s&w m&p 15-22, and the sig 522 come out. let the jones’s go out and test them all. then buy the one which is working the best. let’s face it, these likely won’t be the shooters that the dedicated uppers (with the right twist) are, but all 3 look like a lot of fun.

  • trevor

    it looks cool, i saw it at a g.a.t. guns factory shoot and the guy said it was a semi auto gun

  • Is this gun going to be non-restricted in Canada…anyone know?

  • CanadianBeef

    Yes the Non-Restricted permits have been approved for the new Clot .22 M4
    prices are not confirmed yet, they say anywhere from $600- $1100… so that is a big range at the moment, more details will come closer to the release date.
    Stay Tuned !

  • Umarex has posted a website for the Colt .22 Rimfires:

  • Frank

    Interesting … it seems this will be a better shooter than the Sig 522, since the Sig 522’s twist rate is 1 in 7″ (inappropriate for .22lr), while these M4’s all use 1 in 13.75″.

  • Frank

    Scratch that last comment. The site I was looking at for Sig had the twist rate wrong. Sig 522 is 1 in 16″. Sorry.

  • jcoleman

    These are dedicated 22’s. The uppers will not fit on an AR lower. I played with them in KY and they feel the same as the real deal when it comes to the size and weight. The S&W is a polymer frame gun, even the quadrail is polymer. Conversions for AR uppers usually don’t work great due to the bore being larger than a 22lr needs. Umarex USA is a couple of blocks away from my shop, and they have done their research. As a matter of fact Walther actually makes the gun.

  • bill

    I just bought this gun and it is excellent…the quality unlike what others have said..not flimsy whatsoever….it’s made tough but the metal is light. Performance is wonderful…really accurate and reliable.

  • Ed

    I just got the tactical carbine myself. The rifle is very solid and shoots quite accurately. I mounted a Leupold 1×14 Prismatic sight, and it is very accurate. The pistol grip is non-standard, even though it looks like it might be. I pulled off the wobbly butt stock and replaced it with a MagPul CTR. Strangely, the standard M4 carbine was being offered at the same price as the tactical M4 carbine. I expected to pay at least $100 more for the quad rails w/covers, but they were both $595, making my purchase a no-brainer. It shot Winchester value-pack bulk ammo just fine, but didn’t care too much for Remington value-pack bulk ammo. I will most likely run CCI ammo through it from now on.

  • victor

    I have just ordered the standard m4 online for $599. The next day I noticed that the ops version had gone on sale for cheaper! I believe it was only $589! At the time I placed my order it was about $650. Anyway. Does any one know what the threading is on the barrel of the standard version? I assume that it is threaded at 1/2×28 to accept the muzzle break that it comes with (or is it just for looks?)

  • Ed

    Not sure what the threading is, but the muzzle brake is removable. A few oddities I noticed:

    1) The very basic pistol grip is proprietary, with two holes (one for a pass-thru pin from the trigger group, the other — toward the rear — to mount the Allen screw). Standard AR grip options will NOT work as their hole(s) does not line up at all with where the screw mount would need to be. I did quite a bit of modification and drilling to get a Hogue grip mounted (which was worth the effort). Shame they couldn’t have made that part STANDARD!

    2) The recoil buffer tube, although mil-spec diameter, does NOT thread into the receiver the way a standard AR does. Instead, the castle nut is mostly for looks, because that tube mount to the receiver via an Allen screw that can only be accessed by removing the end-cap at the end of the tube. Bottom line, you can’t change tubes out, but you CAN replace the 5-position butt-stock with a mil-spec after-market version. I first tried the CAA version which went on easy, but was WAY too wobbly when fully extended. I then went to the Mag-Pul CTR which has the lock-down lever, which fit much better, and took the wobble out.

    3) Very impressed with the accuracy. The free-floated barrel of the “tactical” version (quad rails) certainly lends to this.

    4) Trigger pull is rather heavy, but consistent with little play or over-travel. Didn’t take long to get used to it.

    5) I wish there was a way to lock the bolt open (other than inserting an empty mag then pulling back the charging handle). The lever that would normally do this on an AR, is also on this rifle, but it is cosmetic and non-functional. Hmmm…

    All in all, I am pleased with this rifle, and proud to finally own at least SOME type of Colt AR. I hope you find these observations useful.

    • Ed, did you get the email I sent you?

  • Greg

    I understand this is going to be California legal withthe 10 round clip. Talking with Colt the lower id dedicated to a 22lr and cannot be changed out to a .556 so there should not be any issues in California. As you know., AR-15’s (all) are illegal unless you have a bullet button on the lower assembly. I just want a tactical rifle. This is a rimfire and shouldn’t have any issues due to the “Ban” list…. Any coments on this ???

  • Steve

    Anybody else have trouble with the magazine falling out the bottom when you pull the trigger? I bought one of these Colt/Umarex AR looking .22 M4 Ops rimfire rifles at a gun show last week, paid $599. The first time I went to fire it, the mag shot out the bottom and hit the floor. I tried it again with the same result. After checking it closer, the magazine was not locking in, and the cartridge was actually being struck on the side by the firing pin (yikes). I called Umarex and they ae sending me another mag release button to see if that will fix the problem. I’m curious if anyone else had this problem, or am I the lucky one?

  • Tim O’Rourke

    Anyone having extraction issues. One of mine, carbine, does not grab the spent reliably, the rifle never misses an extraction.
    Has anyone figured out how to disassemble the receiver?
    I could fix the extractor if I could figure out how to do a takedown.

  • My Mags all seem to fit snug with a semi forcefull snap into the reciever. Im afraid you got a bad one..
    How is the besy way to clean the bolt and breach?? It doesnt want to come apart any futher after the upper is dissconnected. The Manual says to always start from the breach???
    I’m using a .22 bore snake , it works,, and wondering if im missing something else or better?

  • walt vandeburgh

    In responce to steve’s comment. “The first time I went to fire it, the mag shot out the bottom and hit the floor. ”
    Like any AR when you insert the mag, give it a firm tap from the bottom to ensure the mag is seated. This one seems to need a little firmer tap than normal. I got a few minor complaints. The rear retaining pen is way to tight, have to use dowl and hammer to get it out, and I cant figure out how to take it down to clean the chamber. Anyone out there got a take down file for it? We had a blast with the little rifle at the river yesterday. I have three AR’s. I shoot an AR in 308 by DPMS, girlfriend shoots the 223 by rock river, and I got this colt 22 for my ten yr old daughter. I’m happy with my puchase. Now if I could just take it apart to clean it. Any Help?

  • Frank Perkins

    I purchased an ops version in June 2009. Fantastic plinker. Put a $75 sight mark laser/holo sight and it is great. Hates Remington ammo but Winchester and Federal bulk ammo do well. The bolt can be locked open by reaching up in the mag well with a finger, but the bolt release is just for show. 1″ patterns are easy at 40 yrds with halo sight.3″ with laser. Careful if you break it down…the fake bolt release and “bumper” (bolt stop) will fall out. Breaking down further than just removing the upper is pretty complex. The barrel is a light weight tube that sits inside the heavy external barrel. It is held in place by the flash threads on the flash supressor or compensator. The good thing is that replacement barrels are cheap and you should keep one handy if you blow a lot of 30 rnd clips. The action seems cheap and loose, but is accurate and reliable and it holds up well. We have run 8500 rounds thru it so far without problem, but it likes to be field cleaned and oiled in the after two boxes (1100 rounds). We keep a snake, Qtips, bore cleaner and oil in the tactical case ($29 at Gander Mountain). Buy a couple of spare mags (35.00 ea) and go have a ball. I wanted an AR-15 but couldn’t justify the ammo cost. This thing is more fun and costs pennies a round. Shooting at night with the laser is better than sex (almost). I have 4 boys ages 10 to 16 and we all love this toy. Highly recomended for the $550 price the get on the internet. Have fun!

  • 6x6pinz

    Picked mine up for $500 NIB off of GB. Been a great little plinker. By no means should this rifle be compared to an AR other than appearance. The fun that can be had adding options from the AR world are unlimited. My AR22 M4 has worked great right out of the box. I picked up a couple of extra mags and have been having a blast with it. I have left owning the real AR’s to my friends and love annoying them with the look a likes. My Safir T14 has been well accepted and I believe that in time they will come to like the colt M4, once they get their noses bent back in place.

  • Steve

    Follow up on my June 24th question about anyone having their mag fall out of the bottom. Colt (Umarax) sent me a new mag release assembly at no charge. I installed it and still could not get the mag to grab. I called Umarex, they sent me a call tag to send my Colt M4 Opts .22LR in for warranty repair. Waiting to see what they find. I saw one at a show last weekend and tried it out….the mag snapped in ok (nothing like an AR feels, but it snapped in). I’ll report how my rifle is repaired.

  • J.B.

    A video was just posted on field stripping it:

  • Is the trigger similar to real AR-15s? I have a RUGER 10/22 with the Arch Angel conversion and I really like it. But it only looks like an AR (kind of) it still doesn’t feel like one when shooting and I want to get the most out of my trigger time.

    So my question: is the travel, creep, weight, break and reset feel like a GI trigger?

  • Ed

    Howdy Gerod — In my opinion the trigger feels similar to a standard issue AR trigger. It seemed a little heavy at first, but has lightened up a bit after extensive use and additional lubrication. I too, have a 10/22 w/Arch Angel conversion, and I agree that its feel is way different than an AR, or this Colt 22.

  • Jon

    I also had problems with the magazine catch. The mag stays in and the rifle shoots fine, but even the slightest pull on the mag and it comes right out. Tried the other 2 mags I have and same thing. Had my gunsmith look at it said to get a new mag catch. Called UMAREX this morning they said they have had a few of these issues and are sending me a new mag catch. Hopefully this fixes the problem unlike the new one you got Steve and I dont have to resort to sending the rifle in and wasting time my time.

    Other than the mag catch issue the rifle has been awesome. First few hundred rounds I had about 5 FTF from light firing pin strikes and one stove pipe, but the past 500 or so rounds have had no issues. So far it shoots anything I put in it from CCI mini mags, Federal Game shok, and federal bulk. Put a holo-red dot and its accurate all day long.

    Steve: keep us updated as far as turn around time with the warranty repair. this will be a good test of UMAREX’s warranty and customer service capabilities. Hope they are prepared for dealing with gun owners and not their regular customers who are probably 10 year old kids that purchase their airsoft guns.

  • Thanks Ed! I think I have to get one. I have gotten really excited about 10/22 conversions. I think have enough people here to start a support group for those of us who have ripped our hair out because of the cinere kit.

    “Hi my name is Gerod”

    “Hi Gerod”

    “I have been cinere kit free for 3 months now and I just don’t want to put myself out there just to get hurt again.” ;,(

    just kidding. I put in my order today with scottsdale gun club and will report shortly.

    BTW scottsdale gun club said that they got about 30 in a week ago and had to send them all back. They were broken in half, things missing, etc. and they had to give refunds to another dozen or so customers who bought them.

  • Steve

    Update on my mag falling out while plinking: I sent my Colt M4 Opts version .22LR in to be checked out (after they sent me a new mag catch and it didn’t solve the problem). After only about a week turn around, I received my Colt back today and the mag grabs nicely. It looks like they did some gunsmithing as opposed to replacing parts. Either way, the mag holds nicely. Going to the range tomorrow to finally fire my new toy. Umarex was quick and kind in handling my situation. My hat is off to them! I didn’t know what to expect, as I have never had a problem with a new pistol or long gun EVER.

    Jon-I think Umarex is prepared. They are ready to handle warranty situations, at least in my case. Thanks Umarex!

    “Nothing is better than the service behind it”. I’m impressed with the service I received from Umarex.

  • Carlos DeLancey

    I just purchased the colt m4 22lr, and so far I really like it. It seems to be the most accurate 22 cal. rife I have ever shot. I matched it with a bushnell 1×32 red dot scope that really looks go on the gun and at 25 steps will hit the same hole every shot. Next step will be to shot at longer ranges. Only shot around 200 shots so far but really like it so far.

  • Doc

    Just got the NEW Colt .22LR …made the mistake of putting Remington ammo through….lotsa problems….switched to Winchestor…as fast as you can pull the trigger it cycles! Loving it….

    How do the rail covers come off….have the M4 OPS version…

  • Ed

    Howdy Doc,

    Push down hard on the steel spring clip and slide forward at the same time, and the rail covers will come off. They are clones of the Knights Armament design, and are every bit as nice. I put a standard ladder rail cover on my top rails, after installing my optic.

    Remington bulk didn’t work well for me either, or anyone else that I had heard from. Just like you, absolutely no problems on Winchester bulk, or Winchester up-scale, or any CCI versions that I have tried.


  • Jon


    Just received the new mag release from Umarex, installed it, and shazam the mags stay in! Thanks Umarex for resolving my issue in a timely, professional manner.

    While installing the new mag catch I also turned in the bolt speed adjuster all the way on the recommendation of the video that is now posted on the Umarex web sight about field stripping.

    I have had very few misfires and most of them came in the first few hundred rounds, but hopefully they will be all but non existent now.

  • Tim ORourke

    Has anyone else found the front sight post to be on short side?
    I have to run mine all the way up on both my carbine and rifle.
    Tried regular AR post but threads are different.
    Wonder if there will be optional front posts available???

  • Bob

    Hey Tim,

    I just shot mine today for the first time and found the same situation. Front sight post does seem too short as well for me. Ran it up as far as I dare. Also shooting extreme to left, had to run rear sight almost to full right to bring group in line. Not real happy with the iron sights, but had a blast with it anyway. I think a scope of some kind may be the way to go here. Iron sights, shooting 36 grain Federal (Blue Box) ammo, sub MOA at 25 yards, 1 1/2 MOA at 50 yards and just over 4 at 100 yards. No feed or ejection problems with ammo, but expect a flyer every so often. I wonder how CCI would group? No its not my AR HBAR, but its still fun and cheap to shoot.

  • Tim

    I also have HBAR and a couple of NM AR’s but with ammo and reloading prices I have been shooting the 2 colt rimfires most.
    The carbine that had eject problems went back to Umarex last week for tweaking. The rifle now has red dots and scope to play with. At 100 yards using Remington match it but the majority in a 2 -3 inch group with a fair amount in x ring. Really suprised me on the 100 yard range. Just bought last 5000 round match ammo case from CMP yesterday so that should last a week or 2!

  • Johnny Couch

    I had to run the sights up real high also. They are about an 1/8 to 1/4 inch too short. The retaining spring for the sight also pops out. I will call Umerex tomorrow!

  • Doc

    Having the SAME problems with my front sight! I ordered a Holo optic…I guess that will fix the problem as long as I have battery life! Any news from Umerex in regards to the short sight? Let us know….Thanks!

  • Johnny Couch

    Called Umarex today. The Armorer there said that they knew that some of the sights were too short. Is sending me a taller one today. He also said to adjust the tension on the spring nine turns and that should help with most ammo.

  • Carlos DeLancey

    I now matched my m4 with a nikon 3x9x40 scope and it really is a good match for the gun. I shoot cci mini mag in it and it never miss fires, not like the remington that the gun would not even load. I would recomend this gun for anybody. The gun isnt the problem that most people are having its the ammo. All guns like different ammo, this gun is not an exception.

  • Johnny Couch

    Called umarex on the 7/21 recieved the taller post on 7/24. Great turn around time. No cost

  • Johnny Couch

    New front post sight! Dead on shots now!

  • Bob Sabanick 07/SOT

    I am ordering an M4 OPS. I was wondering what the fire control group looks like. Is it comparable to an AR-15/M-16?

  • Tim

    The fire control group is unique not interchangeable.

  • Tim

    I received my carbine back today everything works much better now, mag stays in well, new taller front sight, new recoil buffer and spring, now shots all my match ammo, and extractor now works 100%.
    Now I just need to send rifle back and they will be a fine pair!

  • Hey All!

    Has anyone heard that Smith and Wesson is making a .22? I looked for it online it looks pretty nice.

  • Ed

    Yes, it’s called the M&P15-22, and you can read more about it from this same blog, @
    Unlike the Colt, it is polymer, but claims to share many components with the AR platform (probably things like the pistol grip, where the Colt falls short). It’s supposed to be shipping right around now, at an MSRP of $499, but only in the tactical carbine configuration (unlike the Colt). It will ony have a 25-rd mag capacity.

  • Hi Ed. I read the TFB page on it. Some irritating dweeb arguing that $500 is too cheap…

    To me the Colt sounds better. Plus On your previous post you were saying that you could modify a pistol grip to fit it. The ONLY thing that would make choose the M&P would be if the trigger was interchangeable or at least very similar to the USGI trigger. It looks like it isn’t though. 7lbs!

    Does anyone know the trigger weight of the COLT?

  • branden

    i had the same problem with my colt m4 .22 . My magazine would not seat correctly. My gunsmith told me to send it in but i decided to keep tinkering with it because i knew it was going to be something stupid. Sure enough i found if i slightly bent the “lower receiver pin” or the part thats attached to the spring on the opposite side of the mag realease the mag seated perfectly.

  • Robert

    Bought the M4 Ops model. Very nice construction but had the same problem with elevation as others. UMAREX is sending me the longer front post. The front sight is an “F” type. Was told that this is shorter than the standard front sight. (The whole sight not just the post) Hopefully I will have the same result as others and all will be well. Also have the problem of shooting very left. If the rear sight is centered at 50 yards, it shoots about 12-16 inches left. When corrected have very little left in the rear for a true windage issue. Tests were done in no breez and in a protected berm. No wind at all. I will replace the front post and go from there. BTW UMAREX was very responsive.

  • Bob

    Hey Robert,

    When I talked to Umarex about my sighting issues, they sent me a new front post and recommended removing the tension pin holding the front sling guide. Under that is a set screw (1.5mm) which may be backed off to allow you to tap (I used a rubber mallet, dead blow) front sight mount/gas tap block in the direction required. I suggest you do these adjustments at your range if allowed, as it may require a couple of tries to get sighted in. It worked for me. Mine’s a M4 Ops also. Added an elevated red dot also for more fun.

  • Bob Sabanick 07/SOT

    Tim – Thanks for the info. on the trigger group. I want to (legally) convert mine to select fire. I guess I’ll have to whittle out a hammer and sear on my Bridgeport. I have an 07 FFL/SOT so there are nor legal restrictions for me to do this. When I figure it out, I’ll make up some blueprints and make them available to other people that want to (legally) convert their gun. The .223 M-16 is getting really expensive to shoot. Plus, I can shoot the .22 LR at the indoor range.
    Thanks again, Tim

  • Bob, my former boss (also manufacturer/SOT) has been asking me to help him figure out how to do this. LMK if you have some success!

    It might be easier to do it on the M&P 15-22 because it uses GI lower parts but we haven’t examined one in any detail. We have been messing with the Colt a bit if we have any success I will let you know.


  • james gagdiner

    hi i bought one of these colt m4 22 carbines and let me tell u iam far fron impressed the gun was fine the first 90 rounds of 22 ammo i put through it using the federal bulk 22 from wallly world but after that the gun started jamming anf miss feeds and then the saftey fell out i lost it somewhere well i called uramax and they are sending me a call tag all i can say is lets see what there warranty is like so far iam very unhappy wasting 600.00 dollars on a gun that iam beginning to think is junk this the first time i ever got a lemon with all the guns i have bought over the years but like i sais we will see if they fix it and how good is there warranty .

  • Bob Sabanick 07/SOT

    Gerod – If I have any sucess, I will let you know. Are you familiar with the “Lightning Link” for the Ar-15 to M-16 conversion? A modified version just MAY work on thee Uramex. If you want me to email you blueprints for the lightning link, let me know, and I’ll scan them and send them to you. I will need your email adress to do this.

  • Bob Sabanick 07/SOT

    Gerod – My email adress is: bobanick [ a t ] yahoo [dot] com

  • Bob,

    I sent you an email.

  • Tim

    Received my S&W M&P 15-22 today.
    Storm was coming up so I only had a chance to try 200 rounds of different ammo.
    It feed and fired every type of ammo I had. Even the Remington that would not chamber in Colt. Never missed firing or had any feed problems.
    The wind was up put it does not appear to be as accurate as colt. Eley Practice seemed to group the best, wind was a factor but I tried for calm air.

    Things I liked:
    Seems to have same trigger group as AR
    Both front and rear sights are removable.
    Bolt comes out same a AR for cleaning.
    Very light weight, maybe a little too light.
    Eats all types of ammo and does not complain.
    Well made as far as I could tell.

    Things I did not like:
    Accuracy, need to put scope on in calm air to verify.

  • Bob Sabanick 07/SOT

    I got my M4 OPS today. I tried shooting CCI Velocitor ammo thru it. I failed to feed about 75% of the time. VERY dissapointed. I tried some old cheapo Federal ammo in it, and it worked good. It could not have been the difference in velocity, because it failed to feed the first round almost every time. The first round is fed by the spring alone. It can not possibly have anything to do with how hot the ammo is. Maybe I’ll learn to like this gun once I figure out what ammo it likes besides ancient Federal. It shoots to the left, even with the rear site adjusted ALL the way. All over, I was very dissapointed with this gun. I am an 07/SOT N.F.A. Manufacturer. I looked at the fire control components. Tim feels as though this trigger group is similar the AR-15. It does not look at all like an AR-15/M-16 fire control group to me, but then I did not completely rip the trigger group apart, so Tim may be right. He may have torn his down to the casting. I did not. Overall, I am very dissapointed in this gun. Buy a 10/22. It may not look as neat, but they shoot every time you pull the trigger. This gun may work good after they make a few million of them and work the bugs out of it. But for now, I would never recomend one of these. Someone didn’t do their homework before they went into full production. This gun is still in it’s secondary tryout period. And they are having paying customers send them back the bad ones so they can figure out what is wrong with them. That’s exactly what the U.S. auto companies did in the 60’s and 70’s (Chevy Vega). And they are still paying for it with customer confidence that was lost, and never re-gained. Colt is going to severly tarnish their reputation by letting someone stamp their logo on this gun. They should have named it “High Point” or “Raven”.
    I am a federally registered N.F.A. gunsmith and that’s all just my opinion, for whatever it’s worth. I may be wrong. My wife tells me I am all the time.

  • Tim O

    I was frustrated at first but now I am a fan! The feed problem is related to bullet diameter ( I believe ). I can run all types of new and old Federal with no problems, same with Wolf Match. I should go out to car and get my notes but a lot of ammo works OK and over all it is at least as accurate as any 10/22 I have built. Also more accurate than the S&W M&P 15-22 I just finished doing more testing with today. The factory told me that Walther used a match reamer for chamber and it is tighter than normal. Some ammo just will not seat all the way in chamber due to oversize lead. You would not notice this as much with a bolt gun but I do notice this with H&R 12 match rifle, some ammo is hard to seat. Umarex offered to open up chamber but I am reluctant to do so, I may let them do my carbine but keep tighter chamber in rifle. I also had them install (they will also ship) a new taller front sight and mag catch, worlds of difference.
    Try some Federal ammo, even Dick’s Federal blue box 714 worked well.
    Tim O in NC

  • Bob,

    I thought you LOVED it! What happened? Also, I think Tim was talking about the Smith and Wesson M&P not the Colt.


  • Bob,

    Also, Try a different rear sight. I sometimes have issues if I buy a cheap CAA carry handle rear sight. I will ship you a good one if you want, though I am sure you can get whatever you want. Also try Tapping the front sight base over a little or possibly a new sight post. Maybe the hole drilled for the front sight post wasn’t drilled straight…

    Don’t give up buddy!!! We need ya! Plus who is going to help me look smart in front of my old FFL/SOT boss when I know how to make his go FA?


    (All NFA rules apply and are always followed in everything relevant that I do. Only grubby dirt shooters even think about breaking them)

  • Tim O in NC

    The chambering issue I had were with Colt, S&W will digest anything I threw in Mag!
    If your mag pulls out easily take the mag release lever off and file the upper surface of catch boss slightly .010-015 will make it latch in and not pull out. Takes 10 minutes in old man mode!
    The S&W is very pickey on accuracy as to what works and does not.
    Colt is fairly accurate with anything that will chamber, so far it seems Eley Practice and Wolf Match (not extra match) seem to one hole at 25 yards.
    Tim O

  • Robert

    Bob…Thanks for the info. Just received the new front post and from the height difference, it should solve my elevation issues. I will try the front set screw and see it I can, gently, reslove the azimuth issue. I will post when I have worked it. Just an asside, my M4 has functioned perfectly with almost any ammo but some old CMP Remington (The lead seems very soft but is the best in my H&R M12). The new Remington Match/Target works fine. The El Cheapo Federal functions just fine. I tried Eley Tenex, Federal GM, all worked with NO malfunctions. Group-wise the Remington and Federal are pretty equal at 50 yds.

  • Derek

    Took the M4 OPS .22 to the range today for the first time and WOW…what a great fun gun!!!! Easy to operate, adjust, and maintain. Be sure to adjust for high velocity ammo before your 1st trip to the range as I did. No jams for me with almost a 500 round brick used up!!! Great gun!!!! WOW

  • Bob Sabanick 07/SOT

    I just can’t justify doing work on a brand new gun that is under warranty. If I do anything at all to it, Umarex could void the warranty, right? I am going to send them the gun back, with a letter telling them my problems with the gun. I paid $665 for this gun (delivered, with four mags). That’s a lot of money for a .22 LR that doesen’t work most of the time. And when it does work, I can’t hit anything because of the sights are off farther than their adjustment. I have built belt-fed machine guns, submachineguns and just about everything in-between (legally). I’m not going to do a bunch of work on a brand new gun that is under warranty. Hopefully, they can fix it. If not, I will expect my money back, or a different gun. If it was some $100 gun, then maybe I could say “Oh, well”. But for over six and a half hundred, it should have worked good right out of the box. I bought an American made Walther PPK once. It was a piece of junk, too. I guess they are living on their name, not how good their guns are. From now on, I’ll build my own. If they don’t work, I can only get upset with myself. And I already don’t like me, so it doesen’t matter, right?

  • Johnny Couch

    Bob , I am sure they will honor their warrenty. WHen I first shot mine , it was rough at first. The tension spring needs to be set before you shoot. The armorer at Umerex said to turn it 9 times. Not 9 380 degree turns, but 9 twist of the wrist. The more I shoot this rifle the better it gets. just needs some break in time.

  • Bob Sabanick 07/SOT

    Johnny – I wonder exactly how many revolutions nine twists of the wrist is supposed to be. It’s like when my Grandma baked a pie. A pinch of this, a dash of that. In today’s high-tech world, telling someone “nine turns of the wrist” is not very specific. This must be the kind of logic that they used when they designed and built these guns. And they turned out just like Grandma’s pies. One was fantastic. The next one would taste like cardboard. Leaving important items to human guesswork is exactly the opposite of Quality Control. A guy named Deming wrote a book about this subject. The Americans ignored it. The Japanese auto companies used it like a Bible. That’s when they started kicking our corperate butts in Quality and customer satisfaction. I loved my Grandma. But I wouldn’t trust her “pinches” and “dashes” logic to build weapons with. This gun reminds me of the pies she made that tasted like cardboard. Take one bite and spit it out. Give the rest to the dog under the table. Grandma taught me a lot. Mostly what NOT to do!

  • Robert

    Tried the higher front sight post today. Resolved the elevation problem. Then I pushed my luck. I swapped a handle from my Colt HBAR. Right back to being 2 feet high. Funny thing, using this handle resolved my azmuth problem. Hmmmmmm……. Anyway now I have to see if I can have a handle. I would think the shorter (Standard A2) handle would be the best fit. If you use a hightr Mil_Spec handle for the “F” marked FSB it would aggravate the problem. Oh well I will keep trying.

  • Johnny Couch

    try 9 180 turns. this is what I did and it shoots great.

  • Ed

    Just bought a S&W M&P15-22 this week for $495, and took it out today and ran a couple hundred rounds through it. Then I fired my Colt AR-22 from the same bench rest, and got similar groupings. I thought the Colt was really neat until I got the S&W. Fit, finish, and overall quality look quite good, ever though the upper and lower are predominantly polycarbonate. Similarities are clearly greater to a standard AR-15 than what the Colt offers. Pistol grips, butt stocks (without tube), picatinny rail accessories, and trigger assembly interchange with standard mil-spec AR options. That part is really nice, and better than the Colt’s limited interchangeablity of just picatinny rail accessories and the butt-stock (without tube).

    I saw some links where folks think the Colt is more accurate, but I do not find that to be the case. They are fairly equivalent in my testing at 25 yards. The S&W, however, seems to take-down easier for cleaning, which is a plus.

    BTW, I also saw the S&W at Academy for $449. Of course, I stumbled across that after I already bought mine. Oh well….

  • Bob Sabanick 07/SOT

    Umarex called me today and gave me an RMA number to send the gun back with. I wish I would have bought a S&W from the start. I can’t sell the Colt (I am an FFL holder) as a new gun. And even if I did sel lit as a used gun (and took a beating on the money), I would be selling someone a gun that I know they won’t be happy with. And I really can’t justify keeping the Umarex and buying a S&W, spending a total of $1200 for two .22 LR guns. All I can do at this point is to send the Umarex back to them, and hope for the best. I guess praying would be about the only productive thing I could do, but I doubt if God really cares about wether my .22 works, or not.

  • Quality Observer

    I find it interesting how someone with little knowledge of a subject now thinks he is an expert. I have been in the quality business for 30+ years. Do you truly believe quality is a measure of how many turns it takes to adjust something? Would you be more satisfied if someone stated to rotate a wrench 360 degrees 9 times from the 12 o’clock position? Don’t you believe quality is related to customer satisfaction? Maybe you should read some of the other comments on this blog. It sounds like there are some very satisfied customers out there. Have you ever seen any auto company tell you their defect rate, Japanese, German, American or any others when you attempt to sell you a car? They relate quality to customer satisfaction! JD Powers! Etc. It sounds like Johnny was satisfied with his answer. CUSTOMER SATISFIED! You should really read Mr. Deming’s work. It involves a whole lot more than you think you know about. You build/modify firearms one at a time probably taking several days or weeks. Manufacturers build them on a production line where you have variations in each process and each component. The idea is to limit the effects of the variation so that the end product still meets the customer’s requirements. I can see that they have had a few issues but based on what I have read they have addressed them so that the customer is satisfied. No product has ever hit the market without some problems. That is why in the Quality field we have what is called “Continuous Improvement”. That is how we all get better. By the way I am a M4 Ops owner and I am more than satisfied. I have shot the M4 carbine and the M16 versions of these rifles and they all performed well.

  • Bob Sabanick 07/SOT

    Quality Observer – How could you possibly state that I have little knowledge in the subject of Quality Control? I have worked in the Quality Control Dept. at General Motors for over 24 years. We rate our Quality in defects per 100 cars. I work in the C.M.M. room. Yes, you are right. One measurement of Quality is customer satisfaction. But anyone with mechanical knowledge does not explain how to correct something in terms that can not be nailed down. We measure things in one thousands of a milimeter. I know that this is not needed to explain how many turns you need on a screw, but just stating “nine turns of your wrist” is a little vague, don’t you think? The Lordstown factory where I work produced thousand of Chevy Vega’s. They were at about the same Quality level as a Yugo. Junk. As far as J.D. Power and Associates, they started out as eleven people renting office space and test driving cars that they rented. For some reason (their ritzy sounding name?), the public took what these people said as gospel. So the car companies starting loaning them new cars to drive. Special ones that they had their best mechanics double-check every system on. Then they started letting them keep the new cars after they test drove them (providing they got a favorable test report). Demings work involves a lot more than I think about? How could you possibly know how much I know about Deming? You are making assumptions. Assumptions that I am some backyard gunsmith. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I work in the Quality Control Dept. at G.M. I am the trainer/team leader in the C.M.M. room. I am a customer of a Umarex gun, and at this point, I am not satisfied. Like I said in my previous posting, I sent the gun back to Umarex, and I”ll see what they do to it, and how it works when I get it back. Maybe I will be a satisfied customer in the end. I was merely making some observations about the gun I bought, and what other people told me about their experiences with theirs. Assuming that you know how educated I am, or how well I know Deming’s processes is assuming a lot. I may just be a little bit smarter than you think. I just happen to have a different opinion than you. We do not agree. That’s OK. But please do not state that we don’t agree because I lack an education, or the life experiences to judge a product that I have purchased. That just isn’t playing nice. Don’t forget. In this instance I AM the customer. And at this point, I am not satisfied. Hopefully I will be when I get it back. Let’s all play nice and talk about the guns. Not about each other. On this blog, I really think that it’s the gun that counts, not our personalities. Can we agree to disagree, and not cloud the issue with each others thoughs about the other guy? I hope so.
    Thanks for the input, and God bless.

  • Derek

    Good comments Mr Quality! Love the Colt OPS! Ordered the Gemtech suppressor adapter today to run my AAC Pilot. I’ll let everyone know how it works!

  • Bob Sabanick 07/SOT

    The Gem-Tech adapter works great. I got mine for my AWC can a few weeks ago. It seems like Gem-Tech makes some really fine products. I also have a G-5 supressor from them. Very impressive. I really like the cam lock setup. With the adapters, I could put it on the Umarex, but it would be way too big for it. I hope that when I get my OPS back from Umarex, that I will like mine as much as you like yours.

  • Mary Carr

    Take the wrench that came with the rifle and loosen the flash suppressor two full turns. That loosens the rear pin and you can drive it out. Are you shooting Remington ammo? It doesn’t like Remington. Bolt speed might need adjusted. Check your owner’s manuel.

  • Bob Sabanick 07/SOT

    Mary – I was unsucessfully shooting CCI Velocitor and Stinger. It did like the cheap Federal. It shot the Federal with no problems. Umarex has got it back right now. Hopefully, it will shoot OK when I get it back. It seems as though the diameter of the chamber was tight. I could be wrong, because I did not measure it. I guess that if I take it out with different velocity ammo, then I’ll have to always take the adjustment wrench for the bolt speed with me. I’m sure that after some testing, I’ll know where (how many turns) to have the adjustment screw for the different types of ammo I use. Thanks for the advice about Remington ammo not working well. I won’t bother wasting my time trying it. I usually shoot CCI through all my .22’s. Maybe the Umarex just doesen’t like CCI.
    Thanks again for the advice.
    God bless

  • Hamlet

    I want to thank all who have contributed comments here. Great example of the incredible community of knowledge made possible by the internet. After reading through these posts, I made the “educated” decision to buy the Colt, and am taking to the range tomorrow.

  • Quality Observer


    My apologies to you. There was no malicious intent. I agree it is ok to disagree. I hope and pray that you are satisfied when all is said and done.

    God Bless

  • m4noop

    Machine Gun Bob,Wish I could’ve read your comments before i bought my colt M4. I got mine and couldn’t fire 6 rounds in a row without jamming or primer light strike problems.I have and do own a lot of colts and have never had a problem with them.I tried serveral different type of mmo with same problem.I have sent it back twice now and am in the same boat you are.Can’t resell and get money back. They know me by name there now. I just wanted to take time to thank you for writing and to let you know you are not the only disatisfied customer. I recently purchased a gsg5 and what a difference 1000 rounds without a hickup.

  • Bob Sabanick 07/SOT

    Quality Observer – I’m glad that there are no hard feelings. It’s all about the guns, not you and I, right? It seems like m4noop is having the exact problems I am experiencing. Like you said, hopefully they will fix it up well enough for me to sell it as a used gun. I’ll loose a bunch of money, but at least the guy I sell it to may like it. I am WAY too fussy when it comes to guns. You are right. I build them one at a time, and fuss over every detail. You can not do that on a production line (unless you are going to sell the guns for tens of thousands of dollars apiece). I look at every gun as a weapon. If I do not have 100% confidence in it, I get rid of it. I had a Glock model 27. It worked perfect for hundreds of rounds. One day it “stovepiped” a round. I put it up for sale the next day. I know that this is not acting like a normal person, but I never claimed to be normal. Picky, yes. Normal? No. Guns to me are like a wife. She only has to cheat on me once, and I will never trust her again as long as I live. Thanks for the reply. It’s a small sandbox. We might as well play nice.

  • Bob Sabanick 07/SOT

    m4noop – It distresses me that you have sent the gun back several times, and it still does the same thing. If that happens to me, I will cut it into two or three pieces with a band saw and send it back to them and tell them to use it for a suppository. I’ve done it before. I am not a rich person. But I expect guns to work every time. If a company can not make some little .22 plinker work right, then shame on them. 40-plus years ago (when I was a boy) I bought a .22 Winchester semi-auto. The kind with the tube that holds the rounds under the barrel. I’ve put thousands and thousands of rounds through that gun. It’s gone years in between cleanings. That gun has never jammed once. And when you are 12 years old, you don’t clean, or oil your gun. I never even owned a cleaning rod for the first few years. Every winter I would take it over to my friend, John Konya’s house and use his cleaning rod. I shot it after carrying it around all day in freezing weather while it was snowing. I shot it at a limestone quarry when it was 100 degrees and had super abrasive limestone dust everywhere. It never jammed-up. Never. 40 years later someone can’t make an auto loading .22 to work brand new, at an indoor range at 70 degrees, and no dust/dirt? In 40 years’ time, I figured that guns would improve, not get worse. And you could still probably buy several of those little Winchesters for what I paid for the “colt” umarex. The problems that you are describing are EXACTLY what my gun does. Exactly. It sucks, but maybe if tou try some cheapo Federal ammo, it will work. I haven’t actually measured the bullets with a micrometer, but I’ll bet that the Federal ammo is a few thousands of an inch smaller than the CCI, or the Remington that won’t work. I bought an adapter from Gem-Teck so I could put my AWC supressor on the end of the umarex. Where on earth am I going to find subsonic ammo that this thing will cycle? Probably impossible. We just put a new blade in the big Do-All band saw last week. I hope the colt doesen’t need to get ran through it. Those companies really don’t know what to do when you send them a gun back in pieces. I tell them to remove that serial number from their production book. The paperwork involved for them to do that is probably more than it costs to fix the rifle, or re-issue a new one with the same serial number. I hope I’m luckier that you were. I hope they fix mine. It’s a shame when you buy a brand new gun that says “Colt” on it, and you have to hope and pray that it will work. I’ll bet Sam Colt is turning over in his grave. He knew what a quality gun did. It tosses a bullet out the end of the barrel every time someone pulls the trigger. Modern quality control was not even thought of back then. Like the insurance company says “it ain’t rocket science”.

  • Derek

    m4noop be sure to adjust your ammo setting inside the gun before your 1st trip to the range. It is pre set to low velocity ammo and the screw needs to be turned inward(below flush)…..try that and report back…..gentleman’s bet your problem is solved!

  • m4noop

    Derek, Don’t want to get in a online argument here but,I spent a day off and on with Umaex on the phone trying to troubleshoot this problem and trust me when I tell yuo this did not fix my particular problem with the gun. When they sent it back the last time it will shoot CCI maxi mag with some irregularity. This will be one of those guns that I will shoot for fun ocassionaly when it decides to fire,but will never depend upon to save my life. Again not trying to be a colt basher here.When I invest 600 dollars in a gun I expect it might shoot better than my 200.00 ruger 10/22 which I would not hesitate to pick up with any ammo and defend myself or family.

  • Bob Sabanick 07/SOT

    m4noop -Personally, I think you are right. For the price we paid for our two Umarex guns, we could have outfitted eight people with Ruger 10/22’s. I am no fan of Bill Ruger. I feel he did some anti-gun politics when the magazine capacity law was being decided (he only sells guns with 10 round capacity). But he makes reliable guns. Colt used to make good guns years ago. The U.S. Military buys M-16’s from F.N. now. Pistols from Beretta, of F.N. As far as I know, there is presenty no gun that Colt makes for our military. I MAY BE WRONG. I am no military weapons aquisition expert. But Colt sold the U.S. military Colts for years, then they lost their contract. Umarex is only going to make guns’ quality to the specs the their parent company (Colt) demands. If Coly’s guns can’t pass muster with the military, then it’s safe to assume that they are not going to hold Umerax to a higher standard than they hold themselves to. Again, this is merely an observation from an outsider. I do not work at Colt, or Umarex. I work At G.M. Having product/company loyalty is a great thing. Big companies live or die from repeat customers. Selling someone a poorly functioning gun, car, or whatever it is, only makes you a few dollars today. The real money is in making something good enough that they come back to you year after year and continue to hand you money. Colt/Umarex is failing to do this. Maybe not with everyone, but I think they have got their last penny from you and I. I bought this gun primarily so when I take my two Grandkids out to the range, they can shoot a gun like my AR-15. Handing a child a malfunctioning gun may sour their fun. Like going fishing and not catching any fish. Plus, there is a serious safety issue. Everytime the gun malfunctions, they shrug their shoulders, and hand the gun to me to “fix it” for them. Some child trying to clear a rim fire cartridge that has been struck (but not hard enough) is real dangerous. A hang fire is rare, but if it should happen, then it’s going to be hard to explain to their parents why their face likes like a pizza. And you know how impatient kids are. If you are not watching them like a hawk ( I do ), they aren’t going to wait very long before they try to clear the misfired round from the gun. Who do you sue? the gun manufacturer, or the ammo company? I don’t want to need to find out. Guns should work at least 99% of the time. What would the people at Colt or at Umarex think of G.M. if their car stopped running half of the time they drove it? And then we blame it on the brand of gasoline they use. And they are using the same gasoline that they have used for years in all their other cars. They would be livid. Well, that’s exactly what they are doing to us. Blame the ammo. Blame the dopey consumer. They are just making sub-standard guns. The military knows it. That’s why they lost a long-running contract with them. Colt will probably be the next company to file bankruptcy. And this Umerax .22 will be one of the anchors that drags them to the bottom. I know that writing this will upset some people. You can disagree with me all you want. But let’s all stick to talking about guns, and gun companies. Don’t launch personal attacks on me. I have nothing to do with the fact that many of these guns don’t work. Let’s talk about guns, not about people.

  • Tim ORourke

    I found what may be a cure for some, not all, of the loading problems.
    First I have found some ammo to be 100% reliable no FTF or load issues.
    Every Federal load is this way and recently I found black box bulk Winchester target to be another reliable load. Yesterday I was sighting in with the Winchester and after 6 10 round mags I started to get failure to FTF with a new full mag. I found this strange, I remembered loading this mag fairly quickly not paying too much attention as to how I loaded the mag. The next 10 times I loaded that mag I was very careful in loading mag and continued with no FTF.
    Conclusion, carefully loading mag, checking alignment of each round eliminated all FTF issues. At least with the Winchester.
    I suggest trying this on some of your loads that have FTF issues.

  • Quality Observer


    I am glad that our tax dollars are continuing to allow you to purchase products. We all know how well GM has been managed over the years. Have you ever worked for either of these companies? Do you know why Colt does or does not supply the US military? You should state facts not your opinion. This is supposed to be about the Colt/Umarex .22 Rimfire rifle, not everything else wrong in the corporate world. Gun enthusiasts get on these blogs to chat/discuss about products and sometimes look for help, not to listen to someone on a soapbox. With your knowledge maybe you should try to help and not hinder.

  • Bob Sabanick 07/SOT

    QUALITY OBSERVER – “I do not work at Colt or Umarex”…. “I MAY BE WRONG”… …”this is merely an observation from an outsider”. These are all direct quotes from my previous post. By making these diclaimers, I feel that I was just giving my opinion. If I am not allowed to give my opinion on this blog, then why does the administrator keep posting my comments? “Just the facts, maam” was for Joe Friday. If opinions are not what you want to read, then ease your mind, and don’t read my comments. If you see a posting that I made, just don’t read it, if my opinions bother you so much.

    • Enough is enough.

      From here on in any comment on this blog post not about the Colt / Umarex M4 will be deleted.

  • Derek

    tried the Winchester 555 box of ammo today and shot the entire box without one dud! Later I used the gemtech adapter to mount my silencer and it worked perfect! If anyone is going to use a silencer call gemtech direct and order the adapter.

  • Tim ORourke

    I have 2 of the sights, one red dot the other has red illuminated reticle. Both work fine, one of them is on sale now at Midway.

    If you having feeding problems try Winchester or Federal ammo and carefully seat each round in mag. I pull spring down just enough for next round, let the spring up to seat that round and then back down for the next. No feeding problems with the above ammo. I had issues other brands especially Remington.

  • Robert

    Hi all. Tried my M4 yesterday. Per my original post I had problems with the rifle shooting way to high at 50 yds and to center the impact, the rear sight was almost against the right stop. So………..
    1) Called Umarex about the elevation and they sent me a new (higher) front sight post. That fixed the elevation problem but did not change the azmuith problem.
    2) Tried the handle from my real 5.56 Colt and was back to the elevation issue even with the higher front sight post.
    3) Ordered a handle from UMAREX. …..Great! Resolved the elevation problem AND the azmuith problem. Makes me think the rear (original) sight was off center. The handle is definitly lower and this is what resolves the elevation issue. As far as the azimuth issue…it must be centered on the rail better.

    Anyway, both issues are now resolved and at 50 yards the rifle can break paper using Federal GM. Eats anything I feed it from El Cheapo 36gr to Remington Target and Fed GM. Also Remington High Velocity with no failures. I would now say I am happy with the rifle and think it will be a lot of fun. BTW I put my older 3X20 Colt scope on it and it works just fine.

  • Hey Bob, just a little down the page on this link :

    There is a picture of 3 bolt carriers. They say don’t use the regular AR15 bolt or else mill down the BC. Is this true?

  • Also, I wrote to firearmsblog to get Quality’s ip banned but they haven’t responed yet. The guy comes in here with out ever talking about the Colt .22 and his first post is talking trash like he knows everything. I bet he doesn’t even own one. I would just ignore him if he doesn’t get banned. Thanks for the email!

  • Hey Beltfeeder. Which gemtech adapter did you get? Just the A2 flash hider with the two left and right lugs?

  • Quality Observer

    My apologies to all.

  • Ed

    Well, the more I shot my new S&W M&P15-22 alongside the Colt, I became increasingly more impressed with the S&W. The trigger is a lot nicer and has a much lighter pull than the Colt. The difference is not even close. The fact that things like the trigger assembly and pistol grip are all interchangeable with the myriad of AR-15 upgrade options is a real plus. I addition, I like the much heavier barrel, the functional bolt release, ease of disassembly and cleaning (very much like a real AR), and the solid feel. Umarex may be fairly responsive now, but what about in the future when there are a bunch of mal-functioning Colts out there? S&W’s customer support is legendary, and sets the standard by which others can be judged.

    Bottom line, I took my Colt to the local gun show and traded it. Dealers were telling me that they have come down in price quite a bit since they first came out. I traded for a 2nd-gen GSG-5 with telescopic stock and HK rail clamp option for optics mounting. Given the plethora of seemingly pleased GSG-5 owners out there, and the breadth of accessories, I felt that was a better addition to my collection than a 2nd AR-clone — especially one that I probably wouldn’t pick up any more after buying the S&W. Fake parts, loose assemblies, and parts that fall out upon cleaning the weapon bother me. A firearm that is difficult to field strip and clean won’t be my first choice when I go to the range. The accuracy wasn’t all that much better than the S&W, so I am comfortable with my choice. Sometimes that’s the price you pay for wanting to be the first one on the block with the next new firearm.

    I wish everyone the best and continued enjoyment with their Colts. My decision made good sense for me. If you haven’t bought one yet, seriously consider all the good alternatives that are out there. For me, it was the S&W M&P 15-22. Now if only I could find some spare mags….

  • m4noop

    Ed I can certainly identify with you about being first kid on the block.The only thing my colt M4 has gotten me so far, is a close repore with my local UPS shipper. I am on my third time sending mine back now and am either going to wrap it around a tree if it doesn’t function or try to get something out of it on trade.By the way have a GSG5 that I’m well pleased with.To the administartor;thank you for providing this forum so that people can express their frustration to others like me. I work hard for my money as I’m sure a lot of others on here do. To pay 600.00 for a non functioning trinket is very disheartning.S&W is looking really good to me right now.

  • james gagdiner

    well got my colt m4 22 back from umarex and its still screwed up so i traded it back where i bought it iam gonna go with the gsg -5 i think these colts suck iam sorry iam not im pressed thought it was a cool idea when i first saw it but now as far as iam concerened all these guns are a good 600.00 dollar paper weight and thats it so i couldnt take they aggarvation of it so to those people who are still trying to get theres fixed good luck you will need it

  • scottyd

    Thanks for all the feedback on the colt/umarex .22. I was in the market to buy an ar(.556) and did not want to pay the higher prices that they are brining right now. So I figured I would go with the colt .22. Ar looks and cheap .22 ammo, could not go wrong with that. UNTIL I found this forum.
    Now I am not going to buy one with all the problems reported here.
    Thanks again, you guys saved me $500 +.

  • Tim O

    What ammo are you using. Even my worst feeding Colt would devour all the Federal ammo with no miss fires or FTF. Even after I had them fixed Remington of any flavor is a no go. All the Winchester I tried also worked 100%.
    Tim O
    BTW I have 2 Colts, 1 S&W, and the GSG5. I like them all but for different reasons. The easiest to clean and hoot to shoot is the S&W, the GSG is a favorite to just plink with.

  • Mark

    I just recently purchased my Colt .22 M4 OPS and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Here is my TOP 10 Reasons why everyone should by one:

    1. MATCH GRADE CHAMBER: Due to the match grade chamber or, ZIP Chamber as they call it in Europe, it only prefers the quality ammo but not necessaryliy expensive stuff though. It shoots Federal, CCI, Wolf, and most of my Winchester very well. Once i made the bolt adjustment Umarex recommend it worked like a dream.

    The easiest way to make since of that is look at is if it is a car – Try to run crappy gas in lamborgini or don’t bother tunning it either” – it won’t run for crap even though you just paid $300 grand for it. Great things take some TLC.

    2. Accuracy: It is also extremely accurate – dime size groups @ 25yrds with open sights. Can’t wait to get a scope on it.

    3. Materials: I love the fact the upper and lower receivers are sturdy Aluminum and not plastic like the “others” currently out and most of the other parts are made out of heat treated steel.

    4. Barrel: it has a LOTHAR WALTHER barrel in it!!! Great barrels!!

    5. Parts: All the parts/pins/etc are extremely tight – not sloopy or loose

    6.Magazine: smoothest spring on an AR style mag I have ever felt

    7. Threaded barrel: I can use my Walther P22 silencer on it without an adapter

    8. Fun: I can go out and shoot all day and spend 3/4 less $ than if i took my .223 out – Cheap to shoot!

    9. Accessories: They have all kinds of stuff available for them. I got on the website listed on my paperwork in the box just to take a look. They have a few videos about cleaning etc on there too. – Very helpful

    10. Umarex USA: I called them before i bought my M4 and kept a couple of their people on the phone for a long time a couple of times asking them every question i could think of and they answered everything (thats how i know what the materials are and about the lothar barrel and such – I made a list of stuff i wanted to know before i spent that kind of money) they were nice and informative and they told me if i ever needed sevice or parts they would take care of me so my impression is they stand behind their product which means a lot to me as a buyer.

    I recommend this rifle to EVERYONE and I hope that some people don’t avoid buying this rifle just because a few people have had small issues with them, not to say it should be expected or excused but, out of the thousands i am sure they sold, 3-5 people with issues is extremely great for a new product. (look at Ruger – they have recalled almost all of their new models they have released the last few years but they still make a great product)
    Besides from the feel i got from Umarex they are going to take care of any problem that could arise – so no worries and HAVE FUN SHOOTING cause i am!

  • Carlos DeLancey

    I know there has been a lot of negetive reports on the colt m4, but I purchased one about two months ago, and I love the gun. I dont expect a good gun like the m4 to shoot cheap shells like the remington bulk pack. If I wanted to shoot cheap shells I would have bought a cheap gun. I only use the cci mini mag and have no problem with the m4. I never have a missfire or a bad feed problem. The accuracy of the gun is excellent, and with the nikon scope I have on it, makes it a deadly machine. I may have lucked out and got a good one but I would recommend this gun to everybody.

  • Derek

    Almost a month now since my purchase and 3 range sessions later and I still love this gun……get it, try it, and I bet you’ll love it!!!!!!! It is shooting spot on without fail…..

  • Richard

    I just purchased a Colt .22 M4 and had some initial problems with it. It is supposed to be factory set for Standard Velosity .22 but mine wouldn’t cycle cartridges. I had 20 Jams out of 35 using Remington, 7 out of 50 using Winchester and 5 out of 50 using Federal. When I tried to make the adjustment necessary to set the ammo type, the first problem I had was removing the pin to access the adjustment screw. The manual doesn’t tell you that you have to open the flash surpressor 1 1/2 turns before you can knock out the pin. Once open, I found the adjustment screw to be protruding several turns rather the being flush. I turn the screw all the way down as suggested and since then have had no problems with Winchester or Federal ammo. Remington still hangs up and acts as it the lead bullet is slightly too big for the bore. Remington will go in about 3/4 the length of the bullet and stop. You can manually push it in the rest of the way and it will fire. Don’t use Remington. I currently using Winchester standard velosity and Federal high velosity with no problems. Since I have all of the bugs out, it really is a fun gun.

  • I also purchased a Colt ops. It’s a great looking rifle, But have had the same problems as everyone else except my forearm rail rotates on the Barrel. There are two allen screws that won’t bottom out to the Barrel to lock rail in place. Also when you fire a full clip to empty, the breach should remain open. It doesn’t. I have sent my rifle back to Umarex today after firing about 300Rd’s through it. They were very nice on the phone. Time will tell if they fix or not. Will let you no in the future what happens.

  • m4noop

    Good luck Bear I’m on my fourth send back for my m4 ops.

  • A commenter has been posting under different names. This is not acceptable and all comments not under his original name have been deleted. He knows who he is.

    Please do not ruin this page for everyone else. If you have a problem with Umarex get in contact with them, I am sure they will be happy to discuss it with you and sort out any problems.

  • tp

    Trigger pull at 7.25. NEVER had a pull so rough.

  • Colt M-4 22 cal. : New gun – bad tirgger, new gun now at the gunsmith for his comments. Sorry I paid so much for so little quality.

  • Gerald Ambuehl

    happey with gun now just need full auto concerson never misses with federal 510

  • Kellison

    After reading horrible reviews of the M4’s, I decided to buy one…

    I’ve had my M4OPS out to the range a few different times…

    The first time out, I had a few stovepipes and light strikes with the Federal 550 pack… No biggie… I was expecting it… I only regret buying the 10,000 rounds of it before having the rifle… It fires from the 10/22’s just fine… Problem 1 solved…

    Took the upper off, did a major cleaning of the bolt, and reassembled… No bolt adj’s or talk or “the screw”…

    CCI minimags work without flaw… Winchester SuperX works just as well… 7,500 rounds, boresnake every 1000, and cleaned at the mid-point… 1 light strike and zero stovepipes…

    The only problem I’ve had thus far is optics. I wanted a dual sight set-up.

    Iron sights out to 100yds, red dot at 40.

    The front sight overall is too tall for a red dot or most any optic without removing the front sight in favor of something flip down… $60-90 for the Umarex flip down front… Or $100 for Troy… No brainer… Still haven’t bought it though.

    I’ve searched and searched for see-thru picatinny risers and couldn’t find one tall enough…

    FFL/Gunsmith mounted his spare Trij ACOG on it, and it worked for what we were doing…

    The magazines don’t seem to stand up to heat as well as they should… The plastic lips close to the chamber seem to melt ever so slightly. Nothing major.

    We’re working now to design a mod for them to replace the lips with machined steel… Let you know when that comes full circle…

    I was a GSG snob at first, but after handling the plastic S&W and polymer Sig, I am happy to own my Walther made Colt M4OPS.

  • California Bear

    Hello to all colt M4ops owner’s. The time has come to inform you of my new experiance with Umarexusa. I sent my rifle back for adjustment’s and they returned with a nice little scrap on it back to me. I was a little bit Pissed Off at first. Because it was brand new. Then I shoot about 160rd’s throw it today. I must admit it worked perfectly and all problem’s vanished. They also sent me a extra mag with it. I must say those guy’s at Umarexusa are Ok. I am very happy now. Some of your comments online scared me that this company would not take care of it’s customer’s with problems. That is not true. They do take care of the customer I am living proof. Good luck to all and happy shooting. I am glad I bought Colt M4Ops It’s great!

  • John1775

    Well I have to pile on with the disappointment of this weapon. Had the same feed and extraction problems many have commented on. I sent it back and recieved courteous and quick customer service from Umarex. However first time shooting it after I recieved it back it now doesn’t load the round fully into the reciever about 75% of the time and had several light strikes of the primer rim. I am going try different ammo and see how it performs. Will post more after I change the ammo.

  • James

    I have for some time been considering a .22 upper for my M4 type AR-15. Recently at a gun show I made an impulse buy of a .22 “Colt M4” carbine instead. I took it home and went over it and immediately discovered that I should have spent more time with it and examining it prior to purchasing it. It is not a Colt and although Colt claims on its website that the rifle is produced by Walther mine is stamped as being produced by Umarex. I am not sure what this tangled web is or what the relationship is between the companies. Umarex is a company which builds air soft guns and you can see the heritage in the design and quality. I am disappointed that Colt would stamp its name on this rifle. I have found Colts in the past to be of high quality. I made some dead wrong assumptions that this rifle was set up similar to M4 .22LR uppers that I had considered purchasing several times. Upon close examination of the rifle the functionality becomes frustrating. First of all the safety lever is flimsy and mushy. It requires 180 degrees of rotation from semi to fire instead of 90 degrees as is standard with the AR-15/M16/M4 series of rifles. This is a major issue for individuals who constantly manipulate the safety and practice firing drills that began and end with the weapon on safe. The second thing that I dislike about the weapon is the bolt hold open. I have to caveat my statements about the bolt hold open lever by saying that I have not used any other rifles like this and it is possible that my weapon has a defect. The bolt hold open looks like it should be functional however it is not. The bolt locks to the rear after the last shot is fired from the magazines however the only way to lock the bolt to the rear without a magazine inserted is to place your finger in the magazine well and push up on the bolt stop. The AR type leaver on the side it is only eye candy and just takes up space. The bolt spring is the weakest that I have ever seen in a .22 and constantly refuses (with .22 Remingtons) to close the bolt far enough to chamber a round. You will be farther frustrated if you tap the forward assist because it does not function either. The dust cover is also flimsy and you really have to thump it to make it lock in the closed position. I liked the idea that I had purchased a weapon that could fire the cheapest ammo. I went to Wal-Mart and purchased 500 rounds of 36 gr. Remington Thunderbolt ammo and headed to the range to try the rifle. The magazines are probably the best part of the rifle. They are simple to load and allow you to depress the magazine follower and go easy on the thumb. After loading a couple magazines I settled down to some shooting. The rifle absolutely refused to chamber the ammo and I ejected 8-10 rounds before the rifle fully chambered one round. The round fired and the rifle returned to its previous state in which I could not fully chamber another round. Finally I secured a box of 40 gr CCIs from the truck and tried them. They functioned and cycled correctly though the rifle. The .22 Remington have a bad reputation however I was subsequently able to fire two 25 round magazines though my wife’s 10/22 without a single malfunction (while she reminded me the 10/22 cost $197.00 at Wal-mart which is much less than the $598.00 I paid for the “Colt”) so they should be adequate. Maybe it simply requires some experimentation to determine the correct ammo but I am not satisfied with the rifle or its performance at this point. When attempting to strip the rifle down I was also disappointed by the construction materials and the effort necessary to remove the rear receiver pin. I have not had the time to get back to the range with the weapon and frankly I am not sure that it would be worth the time. Presently the “M4” occupies a spot in the back of the safe where it will most likely stay until I feel adventurous. It will not be the tool that I had envisioned it to be. I am disappointed with the rifle. Simply put it is a toy and cheaply made at that. If you like smoke and mirrors and want a fake gun to mount fake optics etc on then this rifle is for you. If you want a rifle with same controls and function as the AR-15/M16/M4 series of rifles leave it alone. I am not turned off to the idea of a .22 AR but do some research and no impulse buys.

  • Ed

    Howdy James — I made a similar impulse buy, and was initially fairly pleased with it, despite the design idiosyncracies, until I tried to strip it down for cleaning, or to add other AR-type accessories to it. I only fired CCI and Federal bulk ammo through it, so I never had any FTF issues. I got increasingly concerned as I read the blogs of the many others encountering problems, and having to send their rifles back to Umarex — some multiple times.

    I also purchased the S&W M&P15-22 shortly thereafter and fell in love with it. The controls are were they are supposed to be and function like an AR. The trigger pull is crisp and much lighter than the Colt. Accessories are AR-compatible all the way down to the trigger group. Take down and cleaning is just like an AR. It eats all ammo I run through it — even Remington bulk. I has a match-grade barrel from Thompson, not a soda-straw barrel inside of an aluminum sleeve. Best of all, it feels incredibly solid, and of quality design, fit, and finish. Oh yeah, it’s also made in USA….

    Bottom line, I chalked my Colt purchase up to experience gained, and traded it shortly thereafter for a GSG-5, which has also been flawless. I got rid of mine while they are still a bit of a novelty, and hence, still held a bit of value. I feared that the longer I waited to trade it, the less valuable it would become, as word of such issues like you and others have had continues to grow and circulate. Of course, I am just a data point of one, but I can certainly empathize with your situation.

  • Andrew

    this gun is on my top gun list. I have had a few like strikes and two ejections problems, but still like very much. Does anyone else have problems with the dust cover not snapping closed though?

  • Ed

    Andrew — mine never would snap closed — it always stayed open. Seems it was another one of those parts that was merely cosmetic.

  • John1775

    Well I had a chance to run some CCI ammo though my M4 yesterday and it fired flawlessly. Any brand of Remington ammo jammed it up though. Called Umarex and they verified do not use Remington ammo. In all, I had higher expectation of this weapon. For the money spent ($569) the reliability and finicky ammo issues I would rather have dressed up a 10/22 and been able to dump ammo all day without worry. If you have low serial number weapon ( mine is in the 3000’s) you may want to call Umarex and request a new owners manual. When I spoke to them, they said there had been many changes from the original one shipped with the first series of weapons and that they would send an updated one free of charge.

    ps: Andrew ejection port cover is purely cosmetic another question that Umarex answered on my phone call.

  • pjtec4

    I recently purchased the M4ops and ran 500 rounds of cci with no feed problems, only 3 duds. I attempted to shoot some remington ammo and had 60% fail to feed and fire. A couple years ago I had a failure of remington ammo in a 9mm HI-Power in that the loads were too weak to work the action properly. I would not recommend Remington ammo for any firearm ever. Many of the .22 bullets were loose in the cases. Maybe made in China? This Rifle Ser.# in 21k range, no complaints yet.

  • Jason

    Man I wish I had done a little more research before buying! I have a Walther 922 with a Gemtech Outback II ans wanted a rifle I could swap the can over to. When I saw the M4Ops at Academy I thought it seemed like a pretty good deal, it felt sturdy and the threads would work with the p22 bushing. so I bought it… had a box of thunderbolts, and subsonics by Remington…and of course had FTF 90% of the time. I have the same issue with the Mag Release as described it doesn’t fall out but the slightest pull on it will break it free from the mag well. my overall opinion at this point is, I paid ~$600 for a cool looking piece of trash… I will try some other ammo later today, but if I specifically bought it for use with the Outback can, so the having to feed it HV rounds is a bit counter-productive. I loaded up some Colibri rounds as well, knowing the wouldn’t cycle the action, but assuming I could hand cycle them…. nope, the ejector doesn’t reliably grasp the rim of the Colibris.

    I will file down the topside of the mag release and try the other type of ammo, if anyone has had any luck with subsonic rounds please let me know the type… If I cant find any that work, this little colt will be for sale. I guess if you aren’t using a can, and you have the right ammo that feed in the match barrel its probably a great little plinker…

    hope someone has found some sub sonics that will feed and cycle reliably


  • m4noop

    Jason I hate to tell you this but I just recieved mine back after the 4th time back to Umarex…It will fire cci now maybe 85 % of the time but will not cycle any of my subsonic stuff..I have a Waith supressor also that i had great dreams of shooting on this gun..I have a GSG 5 Pk that works great with the remmington subsonic stuff.Good luck to you.

    • m4noop, have you tried CCI Subsonic HP ? It is the only subs I use on my .22 guns.

  • jshootstoomuch

    I’ve had a few feeding and stovepipe problems with my M16, called Umarex and found my charging spring was not adjusted properly. 9 turns in from flush for High Velocity ammo. I also discovered since the bolt carrier is in 2 pieces (what a design DUH that was) that one side was just a hair high on the back side and was not allowing my magazine to sit flush. I ground down the top surface of the mag. It now seats perfectly and have not had a misfeed after about 800 rounds. I’m calling Umarex with my results. They also sent me a mag release ??? There is nothing wrong with the one I had.

    I’m using CCI HV, Aguila Interceptor, Federal #510 Champion with no troubles. I even used Remington cyclone just to try them out with no trouble.

    KEEP IT CLEAN. After 200 rds I clean off the feed ramp and all around it. And run my bore snake once. When I get home I give the action a foam bath and blow it out with compressed air.

    I agree the price was alittle high. I paid $650 for mine but it is a great plinker and everyone who tries it out loves it as well.

  • Gentlemen, all comments were of value to me. I too had some difficulty 1 st. Time out with 50. Percent ftf’s! However as in all new products once the “bugs” are worked out then it is good range rifle to bring the spouse out to. As a former usmc officer. And a current officer we have to remember we all are enjoying our 1st. And. 2 nd amendent rights as americans. Right? Good shooting all of you great americans. God bless you guys! Dr. Commander.

  • Just purchased the Colt M4 ops .22lr, “Still in the waiting period”. I have 100+ rounds of some 20 year old High Velocity CCI ammo I am waiting to put through it but was wondering what would happen if I did not adjust it for High Velocity before using? It won’t shoot as fast or what?

  • jshootstoomuch

    You will have misfeeds and possible stove piping. Your Colt comes with a allen wrench to adjust it. Very Simple, remove rear pin for upper half, allen screw in the back of the action, turn ‘in’ 9 turns from flush and your done. Keep it clean and clean the feed ramp as soon as it looks dirty.

  • Gerald Ambuehl

    Has any gunsmith been able to do anything with the trigger pull of 7lb’s

  • Gerald Ambuehl

    If Colt had taken the upper and lower all metal from there 22 AR and used S&W trigger assembly, upper bolt assembly and there barrel from there 22 AR they would have had the top and most trouble free 22 AR out there. And would not have the bad reputation they are getting now and mfg. Cost would have been lower.

  • California Bear

    Well I am back to square one, The colt went back to the Manufacturer. This is second count of problems and very pissed off. I just returned from my gun dealer with great news. He said he would take back my colt M4 oops and give me store credit towards a new rifle. I am very pleased with that option. I really wasn’t satisfied with the preformance of the colt. I just didn’t need another show piece in the safe. Owning one of the Colt/Walther rifles is like owning a old motorcycle some time it works perfect and sometimes it doesn’t. Good luck to all of you shooter’s and thank you for this Web-Site.

  • Frank Perkins

    I posted in July when I first got my M4 Ops…I said I loved it then and I still do after 10,000+ rounds fired. We have since purchased a Colt LE 6420 and still like to shoot the .22 just as much. I just wanted to give a positive plug for a gun that has been very,very good to me and my boys.

  • Chris Mc

    I have had the M4 now for 2 months and around 5000 rounds. The gun has been shot by a number of members at the local range and everyone loves it. I have shot everything from RWS to Federal to Winchester and maybe 5 hung up cases. I have not shot Remington because of the comments on this and other pages. I have found the gun to be accurate and a blast to shoot. I have a Bushmaster A2 and a DPMS National Match. I can practice my offhand with twice the shots at half the cost. I can’t wait till my Grandson is old enough to teach him to shoot with it.

  • brian lawrence

    I purchased a Colt M4 .22LR about a month ago and have put close to 1000 rounds through it and I have found some things that I really like and I just recently stumbled upon a couple of things that really honk me off:

    1. Once I got it dialed in, it shoots like a champ and is a blast to shoot!
    2. I have tried CCI and Winchester 333 and it seems to like those quite a bit, although I think I need to adjust the slide speed because I still suffer from the occasional misfeed/failure to eject/etc.

    1. Like others have mentioned, I had to run my front sight post up quite a few turns to bring my rounds down. It was shooting at least a foot high at 60-70 yds. Umarex is sending me a taller sight post when they get back in stock.
    2. I had to go quite a few clicks to the right on my rear sight aperture to get on paper too. The rifle shot way left out of the box. Umarex said that I might need to adjust my front sight base because apparently they have had issues with them moving during shipping.
    3. Still getting an occasional misfeed/failure to eject/etc that I need to adjust for.
    4. The trigger pull is almost painful after a few hundred rounds. I want to take it to a gunsmith to see what they can do.
    5. Aguila high velocity ammo seems to shoot very high even though winchesters are dead on. not sure if it is the smaller bullet weight or the higher velocity but it looks like it will require a re-zero to shoot this ammo in my rifle.

    This really chaps my a$$
    I wanted to improve my iron sights even more so I purchased a . 050 NM DCM front sight post and a .030/.040 NM rear aperture thinking I could really get dialed in with my irons. When I received the new sights, I excitedly set about removing the OEM front sight post and screwing in the new one. Only the new one was too thick and would not fit. %#^@%!! Oh, well I thought. I can at least put on the smaller rear aperture, so I took the OEM aperture off and tried screwing the adjuster back in. Again, the adjustment screw was too large to thread into the new aperture. ^#%$@#$!! I have thought about purchasing a replacement AR front sight base and an AR handle but I am worried what new headaches I will run into with that. I thought some of these parts were standard AR parts but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

    All in all, I like the rifle, but it will most likely be much better once Umarex gets all of the kinks worked out. It would also be great if they could use standard AR hardware so you could swap stuff out easily.

    I hope this helps others.

  • 1903shooter

    I was really worried after reading all these posts. I was very reluctant, but purchased the OPS model Tuesday, September 29th. I have now run about 600 rounds through the rifle. I have used Federal 711B, WOLF target, Federal AutoMatch and Eley SPORT. All have worked very well. The AutoMatch is high velocity but I didn’t have to adjust the spring to get it to work, it worked fine with the spring set for standard velocity. I have had some Fail to fire rounds with the Federal 711 but it was not the rifle, the ammo is many years old and have the same problem in my bolt action target rifles. I mounted a Leupold Mark 8 4.5X15 to fire for accuracy. The WOLF shot under 3/4 of an inch (outside edge to outside edge, not center to center) at 50 yards. VERY VERY ACCURATE RIFLE!!! Terrible trigger 10 to 11 pounds when measured with digital trigger pull gage. The front sight post is too short, so with iron sights it shoots high. Will have to call for a replacement. One interesting thing I found was that the .22 BoreSighter spud would not fit the barrel when I tried to sight in the scope. The Walther bore was just to tight, I kinda’ like that. I also like the ‘match chamber’. Like I said earlier, very accurate rifle. I don’t care if I can’t shoot super cheap crap ammo. I would rather have an accurate rifle then a rifle that would shoot cheap junk ammo that also gives 2 inch groups at 50 yards. I am extremely pleased & happy with it and am already thinking about buying the rifle version that has the flip down sights. I am going to try to figure out how to improve the trigger and get it down to about 3 or so pounds, but the trigger is about the only thing I have any kind of problem with. Really happy that I bought it.

  • 1903shooter

    Just got back from the woods. I fired another 500 rounds. Really, REALLY like this little rifle. Even with the 10+ pound trigger you can fire REAL fast. But still really want to lighten the trigger up. I have ordered one of those Walther Red Dot scopes and 4 extra magazines and am looking more & more at the pictures of the M16 SPR model. Should I or shouldn’t I???????

  • Ganner

    I bought the M4 ops on Sept. 22 and I finally got to shoot it yesterday, I have used 100rds each of American eagle HP, Armscor standard velocity and Remington golden bullet,first i tried the Armscor & it flawless then I adjusted the bolt speed spring to high velocity I used the American eagle & i had 4 FTF then lastly the dreaded Remington golden bullet which i also had a bad experience with my Walther p22 & to my surprise I only had 3 FTF & the 3 that didn’t fire I notice that the slug was too loose on it’s casing…all in all the only problem that i encountered was the FTF which wasn’t the gun’s fault but it was the ammo…I’m very happy with my M4 ops.

  • Capt Perry

    I put a Walther P22 thread adapter on my Colt M4 .22 and my .22 suppressor with 1/2-28 fits great. It even will cycle wilh sub-sonic ammo.

    The is the only gun I take to my range now

    Capt. Perry

  • stephen

    Purchased the M4 earlier this week for my wife, first day out today. Remington ammo failed miserably – especially the Golden Bullet, 0% success. Thunderbolts were not good and Viper was Ok, but 2-3 duds per clip. CCI mini mag worked best, but I still have work to do. Plan to try some Federal, and Winchester ammo next time out.

    Sure gets dirty, keep it clean – especially the ramp, had a few jam on the tiny, tiny lip where ramp and barrel meet. May take sandpaper to it? Figure I’ll adjust the screw first and see how that works. Could be a cycling thing.

    Overall, about what I expected to better than expected. It’s a blast to shoot, seems to deliver a good punch. Figure I’ll just have to devote a little time to tweaking her in.

  • NorCal

    Got the M4 Carbine , had the usual remington ammo problems as everone else but the winchesters worked great. Have yet to adjust the “screw” so will probably try that before I cycle CCI mini mags.Iron sights were right on out of the box,too much fun! Did’nt pay a huge amount 499.00 + tax & dros but even with ftf from the remington ammo it was a blast to shoot. Does anyone know if a two piece rail hand guard such as a Troy will fit direct in place of the original hand guard on the carbine.

  • JVandal

    Just bought a M4 and WOW…. What a fun plinker… I’ve only ran about 200 rounds through it and had one mis-feed of a Thunderbolt… (My marlin don’t like them either…LOL… was trying to get rid of the last 20 or so…)

    Very Accurate with the Wincherster X ammo. Now I’m looking for a see-thru riser to mount a red-dor optic on this thing…


  • Ganner

    I went to the range again today and tried some remington thunderbolt ammo that i bought at bass pro shop last week (that’s the only ammo they have) i bought 5 boxes of 50 rds for $1.99 a box and to my surprise it was flawless, also i got a box of fiocchi super match from tunners outdoor sportsman for $8.99 (ouch!!!) and it was dissapointing coz for the price i was expecting it to go well… I had 2 FTF n 1 stove pipe out of the 50 rds, good thing i just bought 1 box just to try them out, i hope i can get my hands on some cci, federal and winchester ammo next week to try them out on my next trip to the shooting range….i still had a blast shooting my m4 ops.

  • Tim O in NC

    I did some more testing this week at 50 yds with a red dot, my eyes are terrible with out. I was using black box winchester HV 40 gr and they were grouping at 1 moa consistantly. I had never seen this with this carbine, do not even remember the rifle version doing that well. I will take rifle back to range and repeat with this ammo. I also had the GSG AK, GSG MP5, and S&W none matched this grouping with this or any other ammo.
    The Colt rifle with target scope did this with CCI standard ammo if memory serves, but have not seen any of the listed guns and cheap ammo preform this well. Had no feeding or FTF issues with this Winchester ammo. I did have some Winchester 36 gr HV and it was not doing as well.
    Tim O NC

  • California Bear

    I love the look and feel of Colt M4 22Tactical rifle. But felt it was a let down. It is a very expensive little plinker. I am just a kid at heart with dreams that things should work right. The problem with most of all 22 Rifle and pistols is they just don’t preform. Looking backward in time I remember 22’s like remington nylon 66 and Ruger 10/22’s and Sears Ted Williams model 22’s. You could fire almost any ammo throught them and the quality of the gun would last a life time. What happen to well made products that worked. I just don’t know. Thanks to this Web-Site it makes it possiable to communicate about the pit falls of poor weapon’s that we purchase. I myself have sold my Colt M4 to get a Smith&Wesson Mp15 22, From what I have seen on U-Tube and read here it seems tobe the hot 22 rifle for now.

  • Sofaman

    Need a mid-range (price) red dot scope for my carbine. Who’s got a decent one???????

  • george lack

    i have the m 4 22 umarex have had a little trouble with ammo i am still trying different brands. can any 1 tell me hoe to adjust the set screw . i read where some of u turn in nine turns from where do you turn from, when the screw is flush or when the screw is alol the way out. also does anyone know where i can by a front quad rail, umarex sells one for $220.50 witch is almost half the price of the gun. i tried the one from cheaper than dirt but it would not fit because ots for a ar 15 223 ect.

  • Big John

    First thanks for having this forum. I have bought a Colt M4 22Tactical rifle. I live in Alaska and I use my 22’s for what they are intended for, small game and plinking. I’ll still think this gun should of cost $100.00 less.

    I removed the front sight/removed the rear sight, put on a picitiny rail adapter with a BSA 4 power scope with steel rings. Very accurate out to 100 yrds, I am quite happy with all the table fare this gun has provided me in the last 3 months. I shoot cci seconds. I have yet to have a fail to fire when my gun is out hunting.

    Shoot the same ammo. Try others at the range. The barrel had unsightly 2 drive pin slots from the front sight, easly solved by adding 1 foot of black duct tape wraped around the barrel for emergency use. Never gets hot because the inner barrel is the bore. Rabbits, ruff grouse potato and carrots…Is’t that what it is all about? Great sight…..I’ll be back.

  • JVandal

    Ok…. well over a 1000 rds and still a absolute hoot to plink with….

    from my limited experience….

    Thunderbolts work near flawlessly (1 misfire, 200 rds)
    Winchester Wildcars work flawlessly (0 misfires, over 600 rds)
    Remington Vipers ( 1 misfire…. 14 feed issues, 100 rounds)
    CCI Mini Mags ( 0 misfire, 300 rds)
    Winchester X (7 misfires, 50 rds… but man what a little bitty group….)
    Gun show el cheapos Spanish name… spanish writing …. (3 misfires, over 200 rds)
    CCI Mini Mag Segmented Ammo ( 0 misfires, 50 rds)

    I come by the wildcats pretty cheaply and easy and will probably stick to them… but have a lot of other stuff to use up…. the Vipers are pretty consistent, very tight group (small thumb size hole at 50 yards) but refuse to feed properly. This is probably due to their stepped conical shape.

    Amazing how fast you go through 22lr when you loading 30rd clips…


    ps. nearly every misfire of mine…. came during slow methodical firing…. 1maybe 2 came during fast as I could pull the trigger firing….. hmmmmm

  • JVandal

    Double PS….

    after two cleanings and all the ammo that has gone through it…. the problems seem to be lessening….


  • 931billie

    I have the colt ops 22lr and love it and also, would like to ask if anyone else has looked for a see thru riser for it wiht any success? I have the standard tactical sight and front fixed sight, but would like put a scope on without losing any of my line of sight. dual sight set up. thanks billie

  • george lack

    does any one know how to take the bolt out of the rifle ???? i know umarex does not want you to but i need to clean it because it gets real dirty and having it out would be easy

  • Hojo

    Purchased Colt 22rimfire NIB today at Kingsport, TN gunshow. I wish I had inspected it before I left. [I assumed the Colt trademark would be good enough] When I got home and removed it from the box I noticed that that the ejection-port dust-cover wouldn’t latch. The pin to “break open” the lower wouldn’t give to thumb pressure so I had to tap it out with a piece of plastic. When I hinged open the upper and lower, the latch release popped off and piece of plastic approx. 1cm in the shape of cube popped out onto the floor. This 1cm piece seemed to fit behind the bolt. I put every piece back in the box and will call the manufacturer tomorrow. There’s no way I’m going to shoot this weapon or sell it to someone else. I didn’t get a receipt from the dealer but will track serial no. down to get a refund. Caveat emptor………….

  • Tim O in NC

    All that is normal for this rifle and I believe covered in manual. Yes the gray square piece is the buffer for the bolt.
    Tim NC

  • m4noop

    Welcome to the new world of Colt HOJO. Sorry to tell you but I was told by Umarex the dust cover is just ornamental,the release latch is ornamental,and the muzzle break has to be loosened a quarter turn to remove the pin. Mine after 3 times back to Umarex still will not fire a whole clip of anything without a misfire and now stays locked to the rear when empty ,requiring me to insert finger into bolt to manually release bolt stop. I have collected guns for a lot of years and this one is the worst new gun I’ve ever had the dis-pleasure of owning.If I didn’t have a conscience I would sell or trade mine in a second.

  • george lack

    still waiting for anyone who knows how to remove the bolt from the rifle so i can clean it

  • Jason

    I was going to make some custom displays for my local gun shop in trade for an umarex m16spr… I looked at the spec on the m4 and m16 and it shows 13.78 inch rifled length for both, the m16 has a 20 inch barrel, what gives? Is it useless to get the longer barrel or is there a misprint in the specs? I was hoping to have a nice companion to my M1S AR-15 in 545×39 / 20″ & FF tube for squirrel harasment. What would you recommend? Oh and thanks for all the great information, I think it took me an hour to read ALL the comments!

  • Mike


    With the rifle broken in half, unscrew the flash suppressor and remove it, now pull the changing handle back and that will pull the guts out of the rifle, bolt, breech, and barrel.

  • george lack

    i am having so much dam trouble with all ammo even the ones that hang fire. the bullets look ok in the mag but when loaded into the rifle and thay still look ok looking in to the breach , when the trigger is pulled i hear that dam click, did not feed a bulley into the chamber / any one no how to fix this problem???? it happens with all mags

  • george lack

    mikeon thanks for the information

  • george lack

    mike do you have feeding problems, rounds not feeding after loading a magazine and then putting into the rifle ,pulling the chargeing handle then a click when the trigger is pulled ????????

  • john1775

    Take a look at the posts around the July time. A major factor in this weapon cycling properly is the ammo you use. Many folks have posted different types however most everyone has used CCI with success. Additionally I called UMAREX and they confirmed this and warned about using cheaper bulk amm like Walmart Remingtons and Winchesters. Also if you don’t have a manual for the rifle call UMAREX and get one sent to you. They are really good about warranty, however warned me about tearing down the weapon to far as it voids the warranty. I started using CCI’s and enjoy the weapon now but had much frustration before and had to return the weapon once to UMAREX. Good luck.

  • george lack

    thanks john, i havent torn down the rifle yet tho . but i have tryed many different typs of ammo so far the last being spitfire and thay r not that good either. neither is h v aquila . this rifle looks great but what a problem. my gsg5 shoots everything but the problem also is it wont chamber a round most of the times before it fires only i click on a full loading of 10


  • Bob

    Wondering where to find a 30 round mag for this gun. California gun evidently only has 10 rounds.

  • Mike

    George Lack

    Do you mean misfires/light stikes? You really have to smack the magazine in because sometimes it won’t seat. I’ve had issues with Winchester Super X ammo from Walmart failing to fire, but even worse luck with the Federal 550’s from Walmart. Using the 550’s I got about 5 fail to fires/light strikes per 30 round clip. In my opinion, they are garbage in my gun, they also leave a really gritty residue in my gun, like someone sprinkled a pinch of sand into the inner working of the rifle. CCI Mini-mags and the Mini-mag HPs work great though.


    You can order them directly from the Umarexusa website.

  • Robert

    Hi All, Just wanted to say some positives for the M4 Spec Ops. I now have had it since August and have fireda couple of thousand rounds through it. From reading the forum I must be lucky. I have no problems with it. It eats all types of ammo from Federal 36gr 550 paks from Walmart to Remington Target. I can say it does not like the Remington “golden Bullets” 500 paks. I have never adjusted the bolt spring tension to accommodate any different ammo.
    Just on speculation, could most problems be magazine related? I know that I have to give the new mags a good smack to seat them properly but other than that…….

    Just wanted to say a positive for the gun. It is fun to shoot!

  • george lack

    bob thanks for answering i have had a lot of bad strikes with the rem . also stingers the best so far federal not soo good , spitfire not the best have had better strikes since i turned in the screw 9 times but most trouble with feeding . i agree the 30 rd mag stinks it lockes in but i can pull it out with out pressing the mag release even tho it seats in i bought two 50 rd boxes of stingers cci for $13.oo in wallmart bad huh ???? unbeleiveable what ammo is costing these days even .22s

  • Greg

    I bought the M16 Spec Ops in September and have had a blast with it. Remington “golden bullets” 550 pack from Walmart do NOT work as others have posted. They do work in my 22 Kimber pistol, so the boxes I bought will not be a waste. Federal 550 packs from Walmart work great, but not as accurate as the CCI HP’s. I will use CCI for hunting and target. Then use the Federal for plinking.

    The rear pin keeps creeping out on me and I have to keep jamming it back in place. I tightened the muzzle brake and that didn’t seem to help much. Is this a potential problem, or do I just take my rubber hammer and punch to the range??

    Put a Leupold 2X7 rimfire scope on the gun and what a great combination. Overall, I am very pleased with this gun and have more fun with it than any other gun I own. My high powered rifles/pistols are getting too expensive to shoot, except for hunting.

  • george lack

    to day at the range i fired .22s federal 500 pack, stingers, spitfire ,aquila and not one hang fire not one feeding problem. i think my trouble was the flash suppresser was too tight from the factory. tomorrow i will do the same execpt i will ad thunderbolts and federal in the red box will let you know tommorow

  • Alann Beck

    All I can say is I read all the negative after I bought the gun of course and thought I was well prepared before I went out and fired my M4 ops model. What a joke out of the box. Firing pin feather striking. Unspent rounds were ate up just fine by my 10-22. Problem solved. I did send the gun back for good. I am not willing to waste $600 for a chance that I might get a diamond in the rough when it comes to this boat anchor.

  • m4noop

    Alann,I’m glad to hear you were able to get your money back.I have sent mine back to thenm 4 different times and have another problem with my M$ now and they have not offred to refund my money. Going to the gun show this weekend and getting a good gun.

  • george lack

    everything was great today, all fired flawlessly again all except thunderbolts but i never really like them too much before anyway. so ithink my troubles are over. must have been the flash suppresser was to tight from the factory

  • Alann Beck

    m4noop, I see a class action coming out of this down the pike. I can’t really recall ever hearing about a modern gun with so many flaws and repair tickets. I told the gun shop they didn’t have an option. They can eat it or Umarex can. It’s not my job as unsatisfied customer to figure it out. I was probably one of the rare ones to get my money back. When you spend over $670 on a new gun it better be flawless out of the box or you mine as well convert it to a toilet plunger.

  • george lack

    sorry to hear alann that you gave up, i had the same trouble as you to a t . but losening up the flash suppresser and just snugleing it up was my answer to all the problems . now i love the gun .its a blast to shoot.

  • Alann Beck

    Maybe down the road after all the kinks get worked out and Umarex doesn’t scrap the guns I might look into replacing it. But for now I had to let it go. I only had my muzzle cranked on hand tight to.

  • Mike

    Has anyone had the problem of the 10 round mags being REALLY hard to take out? I just ordered 3, and they are all really tough to remove. This rifle is slowly becoming a POS in my mind.

  • Mike

    Nevermind….I figured it out and fixed it. 🙂

  • george lack

    mike what did you do to fix it

  • george lack

    mike how did you fix it ???????

  • Bradley Reese

    I have shot remington ammo (350 rounds bulk) with no problems. federal ammo (500 rounds) no problems. I enjoy this gun much. Got mine at Gander mtn, had their gunsmith adjust the magazine clip after about 500 rounds as it was not tight enuff. great service there. Do not let the few whiners here keep you from enjoying this gun.

  • I bought an MP4 OPs .22L on 11-19-2009. Fired first shots on 11-20-2009. Stove pipes, failure to feed, failures to eject, fail to fire, clip falls out. Nothing but troubles. Using Federal SpitFire high velocity ammo. I would not recommend this gun to anyone. I have a DPMS DCM .22LR that rarely has issues and a GSG-5. (unless using Remington ammo). Planning to pickup a Smith&Wesson 15-22 and maybe a Ruger 10/22, throw this Colt away.

  • Mike

    George Lack — I filed a particular spot on the magazine down just a hair. I can’t explain it without a picture.

    • Mel B.


      I pored over all 190 or so pages on the Colt/Walther/Umarex M4 Carbine on The Firearms Blog and your short note on 11/22/09 caught my attention. I have C/W/U’s M4 Carbine as well as their M16 and M16 SPR .22LR rifles. I have many mags for these firearms, all marked and numbered. On two of these firearms the mags seat hard (not a big problem) but are very hard to remove (a significant problem). On the third firearm the mags seat easily and securely, and they drop freely upon pressing the mag release button. I waxed some mags with carnuba hard wax as I used to do with Govt 1911s and that helped a little in the two stubborn firearms. I swabbed a mag with Dykem and see that the mags contact the mag well front and back on their narrow dimensions and on one side of the feed lips’ long dimension. Where did you file the mags? I know an image would be best, but maybe a word description would lead me to where in the mag well I might relieve some pressure. Or I could snail-mail you a picture that you could mark and mail back.

      BTW – I’ve only fired the M4 and it functioned well with Aguila’s Standard Velocity round. I got 7 misfires out of 500 rounds, all light strikes. Pulled the bolt and hosed down with Horady’s One Shot until it ran clear, blew out with compressed air and no misfires on 250 rounds.

      Best regards,
      Mel B.

  • Alann Beck

    Bradley Reese,

    Few whiners? Feel free to look into more forums and ask around. Heck call Umarex and ask them how many guns came in this week for repair. It’s not a few! This is a wide spread problem. Talk about few? You are one of the lucky few. You got a diamond in the rough and not a toilet plunger. My gun shop was very aware of these mentioned problems not being an isolated incident and fully refunded my money after my gun decided to not function properly out of the box. Yes it was cleaned properly prior to it’s first outing, I used good ammo, my bolt speed was set properly. Now, when a firing pin does not engage the rim properly and you have fail to fires every fifth round, that there Bradley is not whining. I suppose you’ve never had anything malfunction in your life let alone posted your findings or reviews or told folks in person how disappointed you were about a certain product. You keep your clone Colt and I will let my Ruger 10-22s do the whining from now on while they are out performing and outlasting your gun by a long shot.

  • m4noop

    Whiner Bradley? Fist of all I am a gunsmith and I know a piece of junk when I see it . Yesterday was one of the happiest days I’ve had in a while. After sending my m4 back to Umarex 3 times, and having yet more problems upon getting it back,I traded it at a gun show for a MP 15-22. As of last night I had put about 400 rounds of various brands and velocities through this gun. I had only 1 faliure to fire on a remmington.This is the difference in a well made gun and a piece of junk. Congradulations on your luck of actually getting one that works. Read the post,go to a reputable gun shop, and see all the other whiners that expected that over 600 hard earned bucks would buy them a good rifle right out of the box.

  • george lack

    allen you are right, i had a few problems but i was lucky thay are gone now. there is no doubt there is many many problems with this gun and there are some of us that are very lucky and when the gun fuctions and we know it.hopefully umarex will work them out for every one in time

  • Tim ORourke

    I have just received the Sig 522 and comparing it to the gsg, s&w, urmax colts I also have. First impression is that it may be the best of the lot. The only minor gripes are: no sights are furnished, loading mags is a real pain.
    Other than that it is a fine firearm, easy to clean, accurate and well made.

  • Bradley Reese

    I was wrong with the whiner comment. Please forgive me. May all be safe and blessed this day and always.

  • After spending a day trying to tweak the Colt, I gave up. I also took many photos of the problems I encountered with the gun. I packed it back up and took it back to the store armed with photos. The store unfortunetly would NOT return the gun but did give me a new one. The gun was just not safe and the photos prove it. The serial number on the new M4 is higher and has a very different feel when pulling on the charging handle. I am hopefull. I also purchased a S&W 15-22. and already like the gun more without even shooting it. working bolt latch, better lower, safety selector is only 90degree versus the M4 a full 180degree (weird). Will post some results.

  • Andrew Novak

    Any update on this rifles availability in Canada/whether it will be restricted or non-restricted?

  • Wow – so many negative feed backs on the Colt AR15 22. I purchased one several weeks ago and love it. I did have problems with it out of the box – failure to eject, failure to feed and failure to fire. At first I was very disappointed with my purchase. I called Umarex and they were very helpful. First step – quit using cheap ammo (remmington). Second step – break the gun down and turn in the fireing pin tension allen screw IN 9 full turns. Third, before putting the gun back together, clean off the garbage left in the feed area from the remmington ammo. I put the gun back together and purchased some Federal bulk ammo – and the problems were resolved. The gun is awesome, and extremely accurate, and reliable. As for you gentleman that whine – yes I said whine, about it not being a true AR, and AR parts not interchanging with it, you miss the entire point of it creation. It is built as a preprietary 22lr in the configuration of a AR15 – and Walther and Colt did an excelent ent job accomplishing that task. I also have a Rock River Arms (and love it), when putting the two side by side, they are virtually the same in appearance. Wheras the Smith and Wesson MP15 22 – in my opinion, it looks like Smith and Wesson pit less attention into their design, and with it’s polymer construction, fails to maintain the handling characteristics of a “real” AR15 – something that the Colt does a very good job at. Now for the reality of the situation, each person has their opinions and their “real to life” experiences. I have spoken with people from the gun shop where I purchase my guns, and they expressed displeasure in the Smith and Wesson for the same reasons as have been described about the Colts version. Each situation is as it is, but take the time to make the adjustments, clean the gun and use correct ammo. Incidently, shooting CCI Velicitors from the Colt is awesome, but they are more expesive than the Federal bulk ammo. If you have a Colt, enjoy it, if you have a Smith and Wesson – enjoy that as well.

  • Optics Planet has a good selection of red dot sites. One in particular that I have seen mounted on an AR is a TASCO that is currently being offered for $129.00. Dependig on how your factory sites are set up, you will need the burris extra high rings to go with it. Appears to be a nice set up for about $150.00. Another site I would reccomend is He has some awesome accessories for the MP 15 22, the Colt ar15 22lr, as well as the GSG configurations. Prices are great and he offers 100% satisfaction money back gurantee including the shipping costs!

  • I finally had a chance to test out the replacement colt. To my disappointed I have all the same issues. I also had a chance to test out the M&P 15-22. Aside from the colt problems I’ve had I really like the M&P 15-22 better. The M&P on numerous occasions has gone into burst mode, starts spitting out bullets like a full auto 3round burst. Not sure what that is all about. I plan to send the colt in to UmarexUSA at least once. If that doesn’t fix it, It will be sold at a loss.

  • Kenny Davis

    I’ve been ready all the issues with the Colt M4, which I’m having the same problems. My issues are like everyone else, ammo just keep jamming. But I’ve determined a couple of ideas that might help. If you push on the magazine assist loading button upwards as you fire the rifle (which you are helping the spring), this seems to eliminate failures. Once the button gets past the magazine input it will jam because one can’t press to assist the spring at this point. So, I’m trying to find a higher “K” constant spring to place the original spring in the magazine and run some more test.

    Another issue is that running ammo with higher velocities > 1250 fts seem to work much better. Umarex recommends RWS 40grs which I believe the manufactures stated velocity is 1460 fps. I found that I have less failures with higher velocity ammo.

    Other issue, which I have not yet placed my hand around, is the shell doesn’t hold probably as the fired case is being ejected as a new case is inserted. My guess at this time is where the end of the shell base sites on the bolt needs to be milled out deeper or the shell holder is not quite long enough. I need to get a spare bold from Umarex an make some modifications. Why do I believe this, if one looks at where the shell eject pin is located, you will notice the shell will dis-log before this pin is hit to eject the spent shell.

    When It comes to cleaning, the Engineers should go back to the drawing board.

  • Guys I had the same problem with my ops. It would stove pipe about every other round. I called umarex and they told me to send it in I sent it to them on a wednesday and they got it back to me on tuesday super servive also gave me a 30 round mag for my trouble. They replaced the extractor and adj the ejector and now it never misses a beat. I have fired two full mags as fast as i can pull the trigger I have probably fired close to thousand rounds since and it never misses a lick keeps on going. So guys they can make the little JEWEL work like magic. I also have the Colt carbine and after it broke inn it is very reliable and never misses a lick just like it is made to do. I use the Federal 550 value pack ammo and have no problems with this cheap ammo. So guys if you have problems don’t give up The guys at umarex can fix the little jewles. I simply love to shoot these rifles they are a BLAST to shoot but is very sad that we haft to send a NEW firearm back to get to work wright.

  • Kenny, Have you tried adjusting the tension on the firing pin spring. It should be turned in 9 full turns with all ammo. Also, the type of ammo is definately a contributing factor. Use cheap ammo and you will get the failure to feed, failure to fire, failute to eject, etc. In regards to the carrier not picking up the shell and pushing it into the firing chamber. you need to make sure the nose of the shell is pointed slightly up and that the back of the case is situated as far up in the magizne as possible.

  • Kenny Davis

    Did turn the spring in 9 turns, but still had jamming issues. Also, tried difference magazines with the same out come. Another observation we noticed was the gun likes to be run dry, not like a AR-15 which need to be oiled all the time.

    I have completely disassembled the gun and gave it a good cleaning. This will determine if soot build-up might causing some of the issues. I’m not convinced this is the issue. Thanks.

  • Sorry to hear that everything you have tried in not working. I have noticed that they do shot dry even after oiling. That surprised me as well. I hope you get thing straightend out and get it firing correctly.

  • george

    kenny i had the same trouble as you at first and was frustrated also. i loosened the flash supresser (that was too tight from the factory) turned 9 turns on the adjustment screw and only tightend the supresser a very little i shoot almost all ammo even the ones that did not work in the begining

  • Kenny

    George now that’s an idea. I will try loosing the flash suppressor. I already have it turned down 9 turns starting point was with the allen screw flush with the aluminum bolt carriage.

  • Ray

    I had a FTF problem using CCI Mini Mag, about 15::300 rounds. But this only happens when loading a fresh mag and closing the bolt. I read the post above and turned the recoil spring all the way in. Tried to cycle with the Mini Mags and seems to feed well now. Will test shoot this week end.

  • george

    kenny, umarex recomends on there video that you loosen up the flash supperssor before adjusting the allen set screw 9 turns. i dont know if it means anything but when i first adjusted my set screw i did not loosen the suppressor and still had the problem untill i did it the second time around as the video shown. then it worked fine. maybe if you dont loosen it, turning the set screw wont set the right way

  • Kenny

    George, tore the rifle complete down. The suppressor only supplies tension on the barrel which hold the bold carriage in place. See no advantage in loosing the suppressor first. What I did find is two issues, one I’m not for sure about regarding the ejector length. The ejector pin looks broken. I have another on the way from Umarex to make a comparison. Next is the extractor which should hold the shell until the ejector pin hits the shell to eject the casing. With the bold out of the rifle, the extractor will not hold the shell. There is about 10 to 15mil of play. So, when the shell is being extracted from the barrel, the case falls off before hitting the ejector causing a jam or some called stove pipe. The ejector relies on moment to eject the case correctly. If the extractor does not hold the case, then ejector pin can’t do hit the shell. I have dialog going with Umarex, but they think it is the pin that holds the magazine in place. I know there has been a lot of issues with the mag falling out. I will email Umarex today and ask about the extractor issue. By the way, both MP15-22 and Ruger 10/22 will hold the shell with the bolt out of the rilfe. There is no play.

  • Tim ORourke

    I had the same issue and sent one of mine back and it is extraction much better. I do believe the extractor needs some rework, the angle and relief on the extractor is not good, the rounded outer portion rubs in case and keeps hook from fully engaging rim. I may modify myself.
    Is there a take down guide somewhere? I heard you can send spring launched parts all over shop if you do not know what you are doing.

  • Ray

    go to link for take down info…CALGUNS.NET

    No more FTFeed with mine but still having occassional light strikes, about 1 to 50 rounds fired. Usually fires the 2nd time. Any suggestions? Ammo used are Federal, Winchester, Armscorp. Although I didn’t have any LS with CCI’s.

    Other than FTFeed there are no other issues. Still fun to shoot, I can hit a 4″x8″ steel plate at 100 yds all day.

  • Kenny

    Ray good link:). Does anyone know how to remove the extractor? I thought removing the pin the that hold the firing pin I could remove the cover to get the to the extractor. Well, this was not the case. Couldn’t remove the cover after removing the pin. I believe I’m going to have to send it back to Umarex for evaluation and/or adjustment.

  • george

    ray that was great, great, that website you listed. really shows how to breakdown the rifle.
    the pics are really clear.

  • Gabriel

    hey, im just a kid so bare with me. i dont know to much about rifles and im thinking about getting the colt m4 ops. would you suggest this as my first real rifle? and i noticed the front sight sticks up quite a bit in the pictures. would that get in the way of a scope?

  • Ray

    The link info was given to me by Bill Springfield when I went to inquire about how to remove the trigger group so I can send it to him and he can work his magic on it. I never did though, decided to just wait for the match trigger group that Umarex is planning to come out with.

    When I clean my rifle now I just pull out the bolt/barrel group and spray brake cleaner to clean it. And drop of oil on everything. Much easier to do.

  • John1775

    Gabriel, I would not recommend this rifle. If you look through this bog you will see the many issues people have had including myself. I gave my son a ruger 10/22 and he loves it. In fact Ruger just came out with the
    SR-556 and I wish I had bought this insead of my Colt M4 22lr.
    Check it out @:

    Good luck…

  • John1775

    My bust it’s the SR-22 @:

    Good Luck!

  • george

    ray, thats good to know, i will do the same only i use auto carbruator spray. only thing you have to be very carefull on some plastics


  • Gunner25

    I agree with Machine Gun Bob. I worked with ISO900 standards for a defense contractor. A vague reference to 9 twists of the wrist would not be acceptable. Written procedures would have stated (turn X degrees from zero to x degrees stated 9 times).

    Hey Bob did you ever work with the old time QC gang at the Chevrolet Cadillac street garage?


  • george

    ray, be very very carefull , i was going to clean the rifle like you only take out the barrel and the latch handle with the bolt group. but when i pulled on the latch handle ,witch was a little stuck a little spring and pin came out too. i had to take the whole receiver apart to put it back. it works the mag and holds the bolt open. what a job, i think its the smallest spring on the whole rifle

  • Does anyone know how to remove the extractor from the bolt??????

  • Ray

    Thanks for the warning George, I wonder how that pin and spring popped out without disassembling the bolt section? Is that the one that sits under the barrel chamber? You’re lucky you didn’t loose that part. Happened to me when I was working on my AR15, the buffer retaining spring flew out and never found it. Good thing the shops here stocks them.

    I noticed also when I pulled mine out, the four nuts holding the assembly was a little loose so I tighten them up maybe put threadlock next time. One more thing to check…

    Another issue I have is the wobbly stock. Wanted to replace it with a Magpul. I emailed someone from the other forum where he replaced his with a Magpul CTR Mil-spec and he said that there was still movement. Guess I just have to live with it.

  • george

    yes ray thats the spring under the barrel chamber. just keep the bolt window up faceing you while its on the bench as you pull out the chargeing handle to take out the barrel. if you have the spring window showing the bolt face down the little pin that holds the spring under the barrel will fall out and than the spring will unseat. also does brake cleaner damage some plastics ????

  • Ray

    George, I’m using Prestone break cleaner (non-chlorinated), not sure if it will harm plastic but I’m not taking any chances. Only using it to clean metal parts like the bolt assembly, works pretty well.

  • jason

    I had just purchased a Colt M4 ops 22 just as a practice weapon. I have a Colt 6520 and I have to call a spade a spade. Right out of the box it was faulty. The bolt carrier spring was not strong enough to push the ammo into the chamber all the way. I tried several different brands of ammo and all with the same results. I contacted the dealer and he refunded me my money. Not reccomended !!

  • george

    ok ray, i use carbrator cleaner i test the plastic first with a small q tip
    take care george

  • Tim O in NC

    I got real brave and completely disassembled per the previous web site.
    If you are careful and do not let barrel slide to rear until you are ready to split the carrier the little spring will behave. As for putting it back together I found if you leave the pin out for the bolt hold open lever you take most of the pressure off that D— little spring. Once the barrel is back in place (you need a lot of patience to hold every thing steady) you can slide the pin for hold open in slide bolt forward while holding barrel and then slide the other half of carrier on. After a few tries it is a piece of cake (almost).
    I did see the problem with the extractor. They used a key cutter to make relief for extractor, it needs more relief near end of chamber. Next time I will have a 3 mm end mill and mill this back straight for 2 mm or so and the extractor can then grab the rim better. I believe the only reason it works at all is that after ignition the casing is pushed back with bolt and if you are lucky the extractor catches the rim.
    The tear down is not that bad, I only used mineral sprits and compressed air to clean. The graphite goop they used at factory comes off easily with a soft brush. I used Rig grease on all sliding surfaces hope this does not gum up as bad. Have a group of scouts comming to range tomorrow so they should give the carbine and rifle a good work out.
    Tim in NC

  • george

    ray, i made a mistake when you pull the bolt receiver and barrel out of the plastic barrel shroud the spring window must be down ,not up like i said the last time

  • Guys I have a fix for the wobbly stock or loose stock. Take three strips of black electrial tape just shorter than the length of the stock and put them in the stock one at 1200 oclock and one at 5 oclock and the last one at 7 oclock the tape takes the slop out of the loose fiting stock and I find that it fixed mine up great. The black tape is unoticable and works great.

  • Tim O in NC

    Folow up to disassembly and full cleaning. I had a chance to let the scouts shoot both the carbine and rifle today and I was amazed in the difference. Both had no issues at all shooting Winchester black box bulk ammo. The ejections were clean and shot 10 ft out from rifle. Other than a good cleaning especially the bolt, I did slightly file the extractor relief not very much though. I did do one thing on reassembly, I tightened the flash suppressor with the supplied wrench and then backed it off and re-tightened to only “hand tight”.
    Do not know what made the biggest improvemment but it is a different gun now. Will do some more range testing when weather improves later this week. For now I am a happy camper!
    I do have 2 GSG’s , AK and MP5, a S&W AR22, and the new Sig 522 and I believe the Sig is the best of the lot except for the miserable mag. It loads and feeds OK it is just a pain to load.
    Tim in NC

  • Ray

    @George- got it, thanks. Good looking out. I’ll make sure to do that next time I clean it. Come to think of it I could have lose that spring too the last time I cleaned it.

    @Sherman- thanks for the info also, works good! Much better now. Save me from buying that CTR.

  • Mike

    Tim O in NC, this might be a tough question since there are no pics to post, but how did you file the extractor relief ?

  • george

    ray, i had a loose stock too a while back,all i did was open the end plate and thigened it up inside with the long alen wrench that is used for the set adjustment screw

  • Tim ORourke

    As for the ejector relief I used a small square file, I did more polishing and scraping verses actual filling. I looked at some of older Remington 22’s, 513, 541 etc, for guidance. I filed, scrapped and polished this area as much as I thought possible.
    I realized that there is a big difference in semi auto with blow back and bolt action 22 rim fire. The bolt stays forward with the bolt action so you can steal a little extra relief with a rim fire bolt action. On the bolt action 22’s they actually cut into chamber a little with this relief and relay on the bolt for support.
    The blow back semi auto needs more support around the area due to blowing back when fired. This is the reason these semi auto’s get so much dirtier than the bolt actions.
    Hope this makes some sense, I truly believe the through cleaning did more good than any filling and polishing I did.
    Tim in NC

  • Alex habeeb

    I have been interested in purchasing a Walther Colt m4 carbine .22lr for some time. I was wondering if this firearm would take an upper of a higher caliber and also if $700 would be a reasonable price?

  • Allow me to answer your question: No you cannot add an upper or lower or any other interchangable part from other AR configurations other than external mounting accessories such as stalks, scopes, lasers, etc. Why? Because the Colt M4 is a dedicated .22 that was created to only be a .22

    Is $700 dollars a reasonable price? It may be if you are lucky enough to get a trouble free Colt M4 I think most people would tell you to either purchase a 5.56 / .223 and buy a conversion kit for it or look into getting the Smith ans Wesson version M&P .22 as it will take just about any .22lr ammo you want to feed it where as the Colt M4 ops likes the high grade CCI, winchester, and federal ammo. If you want the most accurate gun then get the M4 ops and feed it CCI mini mags if you can find them.

  • Places like Gander Mt. Sell the Colt OPS for $699.99. I find them for around $530.00 at local gun stores in MN. I had two Colt M4 .22LR and both failed to perform at any exceptable level. I ended up trading it even up for Smith&Wesson M&P15-22 ($430.00). I now have two M&P’s and have been very happy with it. With my experience with the Colt M4 .22lr I have a hard time recommeding it, too fustrating and as a FFL holder, I will not stock or resell them. Hope that helps. I have some very nice pictures of all the problems/jammings with the colt. I’d be happy to pass them on to you. I will say URAMEX is a good company and appears to be servicing these promptly when sent in. I’m awaiting DPMS to rebuild its .22LR life of rifles. DPMS all the way.

  • Gerald Ambuehl

    Vastar where are you in Minnesota? I am in Bemidji and just sent my trigger assembly to Bill Springfield for rework. Other wise i have had no problems with mine I shoot nothing but Federal 510 in it. Lot of fun to shoot. I allways sad I would Never have a AR type. But this gave me the bug so I just bought a Rock River Lower no sure if i will go with a 6.5mm,6.8mm or 450 bushmaster upper

  • Vastar

    Gerald A:
    I am in Belle Plaine. Glad to hear some are having luck with the Colt OPs. I tried Federal SpitFire, Federal 550, Winschester, you name it. All failed at the same rate. I’ll have to say when it did fire correctly it was very accurate. I deal with DPMS and Bushmaster and have heard good things about Rock River and Stag ARMS.

  • Adam


    As a veteran of Iraq who carried an M-4 in combat. I wanted a fun plinking gun that was familiar. I don’t like the S&W MP15 plastic design and again I wanted the basic M-4, I carried in Ramadi. I just bought the standard the M4 for $470 and I am going to try it out tomorrow. I watched the armorer video at Umarex on how to field dress it and turned the spring adjustment screw 9 (180 dg) turns to prevent potential FTFs. I am going to use Federal ammo and let everyone know how it fires at the range tomorrow.

  • adam

    I fired my M4 22 lr at the range today and I was happy with it. I did have some problems though. The rifle shoots low and to the left at first. I adjusted windage and fixed the issue, but the rifle is still shooting low (1.5 inches) after adjusting the front site post. I had a good group, but zeroing is another story. Do I need to get a longer front site post? Will Umarex replace it if I call in? Anyway, loading the rifle I did have some issues with getting the first round failure to feed, I just pushed the 1st round towards the front of the mag when loading and all the problems went away. Once the first round is in it did not jam. It is not like a real M4 because the dust cover, bolt catch, and forward assist are not functional, but for plinking -the rifle is fun. I ended up shooting around 250 rounds and had a good time. For someone that wants to shoot an M4 – I would say it is accurate like the M4 I shot in the army because I had jams / zeroing issues with M4 / M16s at 25 meters during qualification. I could qualify with this weapon if I had too. Good time / fun weapon. Could someone please answer the front site post question?



    Hello all,

    Took awhile to get thru all your comnments, experiences.

    I picked up a standard M4 Colt/Umerax and have had excellent results with my rifle.

    Extremely accurate at 25 yards from sand bags with stock iron sights. No issues with FTF’S or adjustment of front sight. Ammo tried to date has been five different value pak/brick’s of both Federal and Winchester, not a singgle problem.

    Gawd I hope Murphy (Murphy’s Law) doesn’t read my comments! ;>)

    I also have a S&W M&P 15/22 and have also had excellent experiences thus far as noted above with the Colt. One hole ten round groups using a Bushnell Trophy Red dot scope at 25 yards from a sand bag rest.

    Bolth of these firearms are very different yet similar. Love them both and would reccomend them highly based on my experiences.

    I put an after market spring kit for a standard AR in the S&W and improved the trigger significantly. Cost, $10.00. I also mounted Hogue grips on each firearm. The S&W was a snap to install and the Colt required about 15 min’s of modificaton work to the Hogue grip to get it on.

    My next step on the S&W is to take a Dremmel tool with a buffing wheel and smooth out the contact surfaces on the S&W trigger group. I’ll then put my Lyman Trigger Pull Gauge on it to check how many lbs my trigger pull is. The best test will be at the range for functionality and that all important “feeeeeeeel”.

    After the holiday’s I’m going to see what I can do about installing a free float front hand guard while removing the front sight on the Colt as I would like to install a sight on it. I’m hoping a Hogue forend will be able to fit with little or no modification. Anyone try this yet?


  • Adam
    If you will give umarex a call they will send you a taller front sight.
    They are very good to work with and they have super fast service.

    Thanks for serving guy. I know it is bad over there.


  • Ray

    @GEOJR – what do you use with the buffing pad to polish/smooth out the surfaces?

  • geojr


    It’s a four block buffing kit that came from Sears for use on a regular sized grinder with a buffing wheel attached to the grinder. The colors are White, Black, Brown and deep Red. Each of the colors has a certain abrasive rating. Unfortunately the top of the box they came in has long since vanished as I must have purchased the kit 25+ years ago. With the box top went the part number and grit rating for each block. I used the deep red on the trigger parts as it is a medium abrasive. One of my sons might have a set of these abrasives, I’ll check with them today or you might even find it on the Sears tool web site as I’ve seen them at the local Sears stores over the years. It will only smoooooth out your trigger so you don’t feel that eternal gritty drag. Still a long pull, but hey it’s a rimfire and you adjust to it quickly. Also, the more you shoot the gun after the polishing the better it gets. Usually around 500 rounds which in my case doesn’t take long with a rimfire! :>)

    The spring kit is a JP Enterprises, Inc. kit #JPS3.5 which includes a Reduced Power AR Hammer/Trigger and Dis-connector spring. This took my trigger pull on the S&W M&P 15/22 down to less than 4lbs and made a dramatic difference. We’ve installed about ten of these sets in various AR .223’s with excellent results thus far. You can find the spring kits a various web sites for less than $10.00.

    We’ve always gently polished the hammer and trigger so as not to diminish the integrity of the metallurgy of the parts themselves.

    Hope this helps.


  • geojr

    Got it for you:

    Craftsman 7 pc. Buffing Pad and Compound Kit

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    Sold by Sears | Sears Item# 00929807000 | Model# 29807 (Be the first to rate and review this item)
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  • geojr


    Sears Product Description:

    Disc wheel is 6 in. in diameter and fits spindle/arbor size of 1/2 to 5/8 in. Includes 4 compound types, Emory cake, Red rouge, Tripoli and White rouge. Set also includes 3 white buffing pads.

  • Ray

    Geojr, thanks! I’ll check Sear’s today.

  • geojr


    I polished the trigger contact points and then lubed them yesterday. Spent around 20 minutes polishing, average time I’ve spent thus far.

    Took the rifle to the range today.

    The improvement was significant and immediate. It just kept getting better and better. Put 200 rounds thru gun and couldn’t ask for a better trigger (with the spring kit also installed).


  • Tim in NC

    Since I posted my through cleaning I have run a lot of rounds through the carbine and rifle. No issues at all with feeding or FTF. I can not believe the difference not the same rifles. I am using bulk Winchester, Dick’s Federal 714 target, bulk Federal, and CCI standard. Not sure how long it will take to load up with crud but the light weight Rig grease seems to be a big help over the gritty grease that comes from factory. The only other mod was to polish up the extractor recess while I had it apart. I did spend some time cleaning the bolt and using a light oil to soak down into bolt. I also lubed the recoil spring with Rig grease.
    All in all they are both shooting very well with the above ammo.
    Tim in NC

  • Jim

    Hello, I have read all the post on this site and it appears a lot of folks who post, just had there first experience with a 22 rimfire. I have been shooting them for 40 years or so and found the best way to make them reliable is to clean them often especially the chamber. My first gun was a Remington single model 4 and after about 100 shots I had to use either a pliers or straighten clothes hanger to push the empy round out and once i cleaned the chamber the rounds went in and out slick as snot. My second and third experience were semi auto rifles Win, Rem,Marlin and again once they were dirty they were jamomatics, until the chamber and ejector were cleaned. I believe the same holds for almost all autos exspecially 22 rimfires . The dirtier the chamber gets the harder the case pulls out and on a 22 rimfire the stamped case is slighty tapered and rounded were the ejector pulls the case out so the dirtier the gun gets the harder the case is to pull so the ejector slips off before it is completely cycled, not like a c/f .223 round that has a flat machined rim for the ejector to pull from. I do have a Colt 22lr ops m-4 and had no problems with it, but I always clean it after a couple hundred rounds. I read some post that the Remington ammo did not shoot so like everyone else (curiosity kills the cat) I had to try them since I had a box around. I shot around 70 rounds of Remington Thunderbolts and about 70 rounds of Winchester bulk with no misfires from each round. To my surprise I could pick out which round was the Reminton from the Winchester before I even looked at the maker marking on the back of the case because the Reminton case was blackend by burnt powder leaking by. I mic’ed the Reminton case and the Winchester case and the Remington case was .001 under the Winchester .024 Rem and .025 Win which aloud gas and burnt powder to escape pass the case which in return dirtied my rifle much faster. “I would not use anymore Reminton ammo in my rifle”. I with others was not real pleased that funtional parts were fake and parts were not interchangeable to the AR-15 like S&W’s which modeled there internals like a .223 to .22 conversion, but I must say I really do not have any complaints about the gun either it seems to fire great and the accuracy is fantastic. Besides I read reviews on the S&W and GSG 5 and they all have complaints about cycling. Moral of this story is keep your gun cleaned and it will shoot well for you as for the poor soles that had several problems and sent the gun several times to get it fixed I would demand my money back or demand a new gun, because like most gun makers a lemon poop up but is not common including the ruger 10/22 which I really like. I bought my Colt M-4 and 1,000 rounds of 22lr for just over $500.00 and a 1,000 rounds of .223 are $500.00 “ALONE” if not more , so I bought the ammo and got the gun “free” so to speak. Now all you anti Colt’ers cut me some slack on the free gun part I know I’ll get some slack from that , but I have many AR’s in different makes and calibers and love them all. Take care and have fun thats the name of the game also join the NRA keep or rights to own our weapons

  • geojr


    First and foremost I absolutely agree without reservation ALL of Jim’s comments above. Rimfire’s are persnickety lil’ buggers about what ammo they will and won’t shoot and are notorious for needing to be kept clean in order to function properly. I never, ever put a brush down the bore of a rimfire now that they have the ” Bore Snake” on the market!!

    Hat’s off to Jim’s comments!!!!

    Some information regarding S&W’s AR rimfire.

    I’m starting to accessorize mine like most gun enthusiasts do.

    What I’ve discovered so far is the entire trigger assembly is interchangeable with almost all AR .223 parts.

    The trigger pins are exactly the same, but, the palomar action is thicker than a standard .223 receiver and therefore the stock pins don’t sit flush with the outside surface. This is only an issue is you want to dress it up with a pin kit as I did. You’ll have to fill in the external pin plate slots on for each pin to make it a tight fit.

    Amdi bolt releases won’t work as they are significantly different.

    After market bolt handle release can be made to work. You’ll have to modify the locking contact point that locks onto the receiver, but it can be modified.

    Ambi safety, no problem.

    Rail covers, no problem.

    After market front sling pica-tiny mounted units, not a problem.

    I’m also going to see about modifying my Colt with a free float hand guard and replacing or removing part of the front sight so I can mount an optic of some kind.

    More to come.


  • Jim

    Thank you geojr !

  • Burkedogg

    I bought my Colt M4 a few months ago and have run about 1000 rds thru it thus far…and it shoots great…after reading this whole sites comments, I guess i should feel lucky. Only a few snags (short site post) and no feed issues or failure to fires… I shoot the standard cci stuff and it shoots great. Now I want to put all the “toys” on it. The Ops version wasn’t available at the time of purchase. Has anyone put a rail on a standard m4…not a two piece but a free floating one…umarex has one. Is it easy to install or am I taking it to the gunsmith?


  • I bought my Colt M4 ops .22lr a few months ago. My wife made me wait 3 months for Christmas to get my hands on it. During this 3 month period I have read every blog post there has been. I think about 85% of everyone has problems with this gun. Now I guess its my turn. The first thing I did was properly field strip, clean it, and adjust for the CCI High Velocity ammo that I was going to put through it. I thought I was golden, boy was I wrong. Right off the bat after a few shots, “Fail to feed” and then again after a shot or 2 and then again. out of 40 shots I had 15 fail to feeds. Not quite stove piped but they did not feed completely snug so that the firing pin could properly strike. I tested with a 30 round mag and a 10 round mag and same thing. I also tested with 40 grain and 36 grain CCI HV amo. The gun seemed to do better with the 36 grain ammo which was had a higher FPS rating. When I first shot the gun I was using 25 year old CCI mini mags, 40 grain. I thought that was the problem so then I broke out the new stuff and same deal. I am going to field strip the gun and back down the velocity bolt a half turn or so to see if that works any better. Why should I even need to do that? My Ruger 10/22 has not once had a fail to feed in 5,000 rounds. Umarex should have made a recall of all rifles and then fixed the problem before making more but nooo. They just keep making these guns with the same specs so that the problem has never resolved. yeah I hear their customer service is good but why should 85% of everyone need to send the rifle back? This is a bunch of BULL. Merry Christmas to me. Thanks Colt / Umarex. P.S Burkedogg, you should be thanking your lucky stars for getting one that works. I feel like spitting right now.

  • dane

    The solution for my M4 was simple, “DON’T USE REMINGTON AMMO” . They’re too chubby or something, they won’t chamber all the way, they won’t always seat, about 80% of the time. Federal, CCI, and Winchester work flawlessly.

  • BILL


  • af

    Just purchased an m-4 carbine (.22). I am a tac instructor ho wanted more trigger time with a weapon system that was fairly identical to my existing m-4. While it is not an AR/ M-4, it will take all of my add on gear, and the ergenomics is nice. I Was extremely pissed with all of the issues initially, but seem to have much of it all worked out now. Umerex’s people were excellent to deal with over the phone and pointed me in the right direction with regard to ammo, etc. Several observations thus far:
    1) had serious issues with many types of ammo and was ready to stomp my new rifle…IE; wolf, remington, winchester, etc.. but then HAD FLAWLESS RESULTS WITH CCI MINI MAG 40 & 36 Grain.
    2) The cleaning issue sucks, however, I just use GUN SCRUBBER and hose it out thoroughly while at the range, then oil as needed.
    3) Some feed problems may be caused by grabbing mag well with support hand while shooting (something I like to do), as your hand may interfere with the spring tension button on side of magazine.
    4) Rifle was extremely accurate, but sighting it in was a bit of a nightmare. I may well throw my aimpoint on it or another red dot site, possibly try out a lazer…
    5) the non functioning dust guard issue sucks, but is likely a matter of there not being enough energy to both knock the dust guard open and cycle the round properly at the same time, so it is better that it does not work. If it worked the rifle likely would not!
    6) I have worries that loosening the flash supressor in order to break down the weapon, may throw off my zero, as it will be “hand tightened” to different torque each time I do it in the field. Have not verified this though.
    7) I was told by Umarex that the rifles come set for Euro ammunition, thus the need for tightening the bolt spring down nine or more turns from the flush position.
    8) I love the ease with which you can load up the magazines…very easy to do and easy on your fingers after a full day of blasting away! Beats the hell out of getting “M-1 Thumb” with my other .22’s…..

    Ill stick with the new rifle for now and hopefully get some cheap, but effective training in with a weapon system that I am used to shouldering.
    Again; BUY CCI Mini-Mag High Velocity AMMO!!!!!and Gun Scrubber!!!!

    Hope this helps folks a bit-

  • rilly nice wepon it cock fully but thats what the fourwerd asist is four i got it four my 12 b day

  • i forgot to put didnt

  • great gun i cannot say how much that this is everything that i would have expected in a gun

  • Mike G.

    My friend and I bought Colt 22 lr M4’s at the Gunshow thinking they would be a fun plinker without burning 40 cents per shot like our .223 models. We bouhgt them from the same dealer and tried both bulk ammo and some high velocity CCI. The results were similiar. His gun would not seat the mag correctly and even showed deep gouges in many rounds as they failed to seat properly. If we held the mag tightly into the M4, it helped, but not 100%. This gun needs smithing. My M4 had less of a problem, and even got through one mag without by holding it up into the M4 tightly, but this is not a proper discipline. It may have a bit of a break in issue, but this is just not right. It also did drop the mag a couple of times and jamed every fourth or so round for another 4 mags.

    We are going to send them back for service. I have a couple of GSG 22lr carbines that almost never fail, maybe one out of every 200 rounds. I don’t expect them to be perfect, but these are really frustrating. I will let you know when they come back and how hard it was to get them repaired.

  • MBO

    I have had my Colt/Walther/Umarex M4 22lr carbine for about a week. Today, I took it to an indoor range with my son, and we ran 100 rounds through it. We had several failure to fires (perhaps one to two per magazine on average). While this was frustrating, I think some of it may be a result of the way I fed the magazine. In general, I like the feel of the rifle and the way it fires. The resolution was easy when it failed to fire, pull back the bolt and feed another round after ejecting the one that didn’t fire. (Reloading the ones that failed to fire invariably led to their firing.)

    Our target in the range was 25 meters away and was constantly swinging left and right (due to rolling it out on ropes after placing the target, bringing it back to check our zero adjustments, etc.).

    We also had one stove pipe. We were shooting Winchester High Velocity ammo but did not do the 9 turns as suggested by Umarex and people here.

    I noticed that our rifle was pretty dirty when I first took it out of the box. There were metal chips and dust from manufacturing and shipping. I am wondering if this, too, may have contributed to the misfires?

    That said, I am impressed with the construction and “feel” of the weapon. In some ways, it was like becoming reacquainted with an old “friend” I had in the army back in the late 60s and early 70s. It was a pleasure to squeeze the trigger, feel a bit more of a kick than I expected and hear a louder report than I expected from a .22.

    While some things don’t work the way they do on a real M-16, I knew I was buying a replica when I laid out the money for it. I am not at all unhappy about paying $595 for this rifle, feel it was money well spent, and it has given me a new respect for .22s.

    I look forward to ironing out the bugs in this rifle and having many hours of fun with my son and wife (who says she is interested in shooting, too).

    I hadn’t picked up a rifle like this since I got home from Vietnam, and I was surprised how comfortable this one felt in my hands. I own an SKS, and I didn’t enjoy that at all. Some of the cosmetic differences between this new rifle and a real M-16 may have been a bit disappointing because the rifle wasn’t “exactly” like the one I had, but the fact that my 14-year-old son and I had fun together with something I knew a bit about far outweighed any minor disappointments.

    Watching my son shoot for the first time in his life, learning about weapons, firearms safety, shouldering the rifle and pointing it down range, and then seeing the expression on his face when he pulled the trigger for the first time was very rewarding. (There was no drill sergeant there to pound anybody on the head with a range paddle. It doesn’t get any better than that.)

    Thanks to Colt, Walther, and Umarex for producing such a fun rifle. I intend to keep this and use it with my son for quite a while. Who knows, maybe I’ll get the real deal when finances permit?


  • HLHanna

    I bought one of the M4’s last fall and have had pretty good luck with it, a couple of missfires but nothing major.
    I did have the mag’s fall out. On close examination I noticed that the slot on the magazine body for the mag lock was rounded at the corners and the lock was not entering the slot. A little squaring up of the shoulders with the can opener point on my pocket knife and the mag’s lock tight.

  • Patrick

    Well, here goes. I had put this gun on Lay-away back in Oct. 2009. I wanted an inexpensive 22LR that looked similar to the issue M4 so I could train with it for less than a real AR, (which I already have). On the way to make another lay-away payment with my girl friend. I showed her the Colt and she says “I like this. This feels good”. Coming from a girl who has only shot firearms once. I took note. Well! It became her Christmas present. She loves it!
    Now, along the way I’ve been reading all the responses to the Colt M4 and freaking out. Did I buy to early? Should I have waited until they (Walther) fixed all the bugs? I have to say that educating myself with all the information on this thread about ammunition, cleaning, magazine loading, magazine seating, and sighting in has paid off. We shot it today for the first time and my GF loves it! Not one miss feed, stove pipe, or miss fire. I did not get the chance to sight it in today as I just wanted to let her get used to firing her weapon. We also shot the Sig 522, a S&W 422, Glock M27 40cal and my Bushmaster in 5.56. She tried all of these and did great! But she said she loves her Colt M4 the best. Ending comment, I was pleased with the Colt and hope the next time it performs just like it did today. The smile on her face was well worth it.
    Good luck to all

  • george

    well i have been cleaning my colt ar 15 umarex as was in the pics that ray listed the web site ,and have not had 1 ftf any cycleing problems. i also use any ammo except remington. this for a few months

  • Squirrel Assassin

    I received the Colt M4 Opps fro christmas and fell in love with it! I have shot the M4 and M16 and love them both dearly and am very farmiliar with feild-stripping and maintaining them. Needless to say I was very eager to go to the range and burn up the ammo the was taking up space in the gun safe. Well the day finally came but to my dissapointment the rifle jammed horribly! On my return home (after only fireing 2 mags) I began reading up on the issues of the rifle. I must say i was deeply releived when I read that almost everyones hated remmington 550 bulk ammo. So on my way to up to S.C. for a ski trip I stopped in the bass pro outside Atlanta to see if they had any cases of CCI or Fedderal amm. To my dismay they didn’t, all they had was Remmington Trundicated tip high-velocity ammo so i picked up a box. As soon as I got back I went back tot he range and had a blast! i made the adjustment for high-velocity ammo and didnt have a single problem(except one round was a dud, it was struck hard but didn’t fire)! As of now that all I use, I deeply recomend this rifle to anyone who wants to buy a good .22 tactical rifle. Not to pick on anyone who bought the M&P 15-22 but why would you pay the same amount of money for a gun made almost compleatly out of plastic? I can use Break Free between cleanings but with the M&P 15-22 you cant due to all the plastic. This is easily the funnest and cheapest(on ammo) rifle iv ever shot. Thank you to all who posted on here, you insight helped me tremendously!

  • Adam

    Well, it has been 2 months since I bought my Colt M4 22 LR and since I got it sited, it has been a blast. I have put around 1500 rounds thru it and rapid fire it often. I got it zeroed and it has remained extremely accurate at 100 yds almost as good as my Savage .223. The only thing is I push the first round forward in the magazine when loading and it prevents FTFs. It is a great little rifle and fun to shoot. Not so fun to clean, but very fun to shoot. I recommend watching the Umarex armorer’s video before field stripping and use Federal ammo so you can plink all day. By the way- Remington ammo jams it and my Walther P22.

  • Trent

    Hi all.

    I’ve had my .22 M4 for over three months now. I love it so much. I haven’t had any problems with it except for adding the RIS forward due to the fact I didn’t have a AR tool. I just took it to my local gunsmith and he added it for less that it would have cost me to buy the tool. As for the ammo, I use CCi mini mag 36 grain. I’ve fired close to 1000 rounds now and haven’t had a single jam or stovepipe issue. But I do clean the rifle after about 300 rounds or so. For the most part it is a great plinker and love the look of a M4. I live in Cali so a regular M4/AR is banned here. So I have the look of one and can shot it for far less than if I had a genuine M4 in another state. I am sorry to those of you that have had bad experiences with yours. Umarex has good customer support so I hope you go to them before you give up on your rifle.

  • Chris Mc

    Hello all, I am one of the owners that love this rifle. I have been using it to practice my offhand shooting. As I wrote in my previous post I have a number of AR-15 rifles in 223. After I received the taller front sight from Colt, I have been able to sight the rifle in without raising the front post to high. The next problem was the width of the front post. I am accustomed to the National Match .050″ post. The Colt front sight is close to .100″. I took a chance and chucked the front sight in my electric drill. With the drill laying on its side and locked on high, I used a fine file to see if I could round the sight and reduce the diameter. IT WORKED LIKE A SMALL LATHE. I applied light pressure to the file and took my time not to overheat the sight post. I stopped every so often and checked the diameter until I was down to .050″. I then hit it with a little Sight Black and it works great. For those of you wanting to shoot iron sights, I suggest this modification highly. Our club is starting an indoor AR 22LR match. We have members with Colts, S-W, Ruger, and AR-15 Conversion units wanting to compete. I am convinced my colt will hold its own if I do my job.

  • morgansjc


    5.56 and.223 are the same thing. NATO calls it 5.56, civilians call it .223.
    Thanks for helping us with our *dilemma*. I think most of us know the difference between 5.56 and .22s. While what you’re saying is true, it’s irrelevant. The point of shooting .22 in an AR or M4 configuration is fun and inexpensive shooting, or between match trigger time at a reasonable price. I can shoot my M4 .223 one handed, so recoil is not the issue. It is with my 7.62 NATO rifles and 30.06, but 5.56? Nah. My buddy’s girlfriend shot my Ruger Ranch Rifle in folding stocks so often I finally made her buy her own ammo. 🙂

    It’s not about breeding bulldogs to Chihuahuas. If it was the military wouldn’t use a laser system to train. It beeps instead of shooting out blood, and people don’t have to fall to the ground screaming. Does that make it a wannabe system? No, it makes it an inexpensive way to train, much as the folks shooting M4s in .22 shoot and train in preparation for match shoots, etc. with 5.56 and 7.62 autoloading rifles. It’s all about pulling the trigger. If you’re shooting BCM (Bureau of Civilian Marksmanship) high power matches, or combat competition, you want all the range time you can get. Some good shooters show up. Plus, if you register and shoot BCM matches, you can qualify for things like the M1 Garand sales, etc. You have to shoot to qualify.

    Be safe, firearms and drugs and alcohol don’t mix.

    Keep it downrange and hittin’ MOA,

  • morgansjc

    Chris MC –

    Great post, good info. Many matches won’t allow anything but iron sights, so info like this is always good. The important part, which you mentioned, is light pressure. Otherwise it will overheat, which takes the temper out, and it’s easy to take too much off. Miking it periodically is a very good practice. When I load match ammo I mike everything, and am very careful with powder charging, since the goal is to hit dead center. I also load in a humidity and temperature controlled room.

    Speaking of matches, does anyone here shoot am M1 Garand in matches? If you are making your own 2 round clips for trial shots, I can send you a few sites that manufacture them, as well as 8 round clips. I know this is a site for .22 ARs, M4s, etc., but there seem to be a lot of match shooter/gun club folks here, and there’s bound to be a few that love and shoot Garands as much as I do. I know that mentioning this is off thread, sorry, I just wanted to make a quick mention of it for the match/gun club shooters.

  • Craig V

    does anyone know if Umarex/Walther has “re-tooled” the assembly line to address the customers problems with the Colt m4? Short notice, but from what I have read the Colt will have a short life if they do not move on customer input expeditiously.

  • Jose

    hi does anyone can help with the m4 blueprints? i dont know where to find them if its posible, i want them for a 3d project im on, if anyone can help it would be great thanks

  • george

    i have added cci-standerd ammo to the list that works for me …. but still no remington .22s i have had no trouble since i losend the flash supperesser that was too tight from the factory. i only snug it up with the wrench so it wont losen up

  • I purchased the Colt M4 .22 a couple months ago and have put six hundred rounds through it. I only use cci 40 grain mini mags. It has been flawless in firing and great fun to shoot! I clean it after every couple hundred rounds. I use powder blast to clean the action, Q tips to get in tight places and lightly oil the extractor and firing pin both front and back. For the barrel I use a bore snake with breakfree clp (from the breach end and out to the mussel). Run the snake through a couple times. Works great!
    I know this little rifle is overly criticized on a lot of Ar 15 forums and they push the S&W because it has similar parts that the AR has but, I do not like all the plastic used on the S&W! This is coming from a veteran of 29 years in Police work and guess what I carried? and still do, a S&W .357 mag. The Colt M4 was made by Carl Walther in Germany, which is known for quality in gun mfg. Yes, at one time on owned a Walther PPK .380 and used it as a back up weapon! Yes, I like the Colt M4! It is cheap to shoot and looks just like its big brother, the .223!

  • Patrick

    Thank you for your service Mike. I agree, the colt likes being fed CCI 36 or 40 grain ammo so that’s what I do also. Since this was a gift to my girl friend (the Colt M4). She wanted to clean it by herself. Well, we didn’t view the pictures on how to break down the weapon and at the part where you un screw the upper receiver one of the charging spring guides (there are two of them) flew out some where. We didn’t panic. Just cleaned everything, put it back together and the next day emailed Umarex and they called back and I ordered two more guides which arrived three days later and we were back in business. Lessons learned. My girl friend loves her M4. But I am now addicted to .22’s
    Since then I have bought the Sig 522, and the GSG-5 PK. And I want to get the S&W MP1522 or a CMMG conversion for my Bush Master. When is this going to end????????

  • Thanks Patrick! I am glad to hear you got the Colt back in action. I have read from other posts that Umarex has good customer service! I also think that its good that your girl friend takes on the responsibility of cleaning her own gun! I had never considered it a chore to clean my guns and have been doing it for over 40 years. I thought it was kind of fun! I was curious why the charging spring guides flew out of the action? Are you, during cleaning, pulling the barrel and action out of the upper receiver? The only thing I do is pull the two pins to free the upper and spray breakfree powder blast in the action. Its a good degreaser and blows out most of the gunk! Powder Blast is also not as chem. harsh as Gun Scrubber.
    I was also curious how you like your Bush Master .223? I know its more expensive to shoot because of ammo costs! After growing up, living and working in a large city in CA.: I now live Northern Nevada. Nevada is very gun friendly, lots of wide open area to shoot in and many AR 15 owners! I still love sporting clay shooting with my Rem. 870 and golf. You have to stay busy when you retire!

  • Patrick

    Good morning Mike,
    Well, the reason why the charging spring guide flew out was the fact that Shelly and I didn’t take the time to review the breakdown for the M4. I did have it saved on the computer after seeing the information here. By Adamon 19 Dec 2009 “I recommend watching the Umarex armorer’s video before field stripping and use Federal ammo so you can plink all day. By the way- Remington ammo jams it and my Walther P22. ” I found it has a pictorial showing how to disassemble the Colt M4 down to nuts and bolts. After you unscrew the flash hider you can pull the inner upper receiver and barrel using the charging handle from the outer upper receiver. If you want to break it down further. You carefully back out the hex screw at the back of the upper receiver that holds the charging guides and spring. This you know is the adjusting screw for different types of ammo. By this time I was so proud of Shelly getting into cleaning and exploring her Colt that when she wanted to take apart the two haves of the upper receiver I just sat there and watched as she unscrewed the 5 hex bolts then (twang!) Charging spring had escaped. Along with one of the charging guides. Now I should have known better, but she was in to it. Enjoying the process, and needless to say so was I.
    On another note. Since we have the receiver apart in two half’s the barrel comes off and what is interesting and a little confusing is this little spring that sits under the breech of the barrel. For the life of me, I can’t figure out what’s its purpose. Not to mention what a pain it is keeping it in it’s hole while reinserting the barrel. In the pictorial they do show a technique which takes a little skill but is easy once you’ve done it. I can tell you she has a new respect for her Colt. Mike, if you don’t mind. What city did you work in? I spent 7 years in Burbank where I, at that time. Had my FFL and was wanting to get into the business. But, the timing was bad. Assault ban, Rodney King riots, The Clinton’s, not to mention California’s policies were to much. Then the North Ridge earth quake was the last straw. To many rats in the cage. So, I’m back in Colorado. Sorry about the long reply. To much coffee. Hope your enjoying your time off. Golf too? Nothing better than shooting nine. Or shooting clays. Take care.


  • charlie Hutchings

    I have having many many misfires with my m4. The bullet is just bearly hit by the firing pin? About 10 percent misfires/ anyone have a similar problem or a solution?? I have not fooled with the barrell release by the flash suppressor..could that be associated? Thanks.

  • Dale O

    I just received mine this past week and have had no failures to feed or fire. I am shooting the Federal bulk pack (blue box)high velocity. My brother got his this past summer when they first came out and we had problems the Remington ammo just like everyone else. To your question Charlie I would say to first give the gun a good cleaning and a lite lubricating. Next adjust the bolt spring further in as this will chamber the round a little more positive. Second thing is to get some good high velocity ammo(not remington). My brother and I have alot of rounds through these two guns and have had no real problems.

    I noticed on my newer model that the front sight is taller and that the chargeing handle has the more accurate latch feature built into it unlike the first models. Anyone know of any other mod’s that wer made?

  • Hi Patrick,
    I worked for San Jose P.D. and started my career in the late 60’s. Lots of turmoil during that time, I am sure you know what I mean!. Any way back to guns. About cleaning the Colt M4, I was thinking thats what you did when parts were flying every which way. Yes, I am aware of the post that depicts all the break down of the gun. Nice pictures, but too many springs and things that can become airborne! Don’t get me wrong, I am always been a person that is curious and love to take things apart to see how they work! However, I think for now I will stick to powder blast and Q tips until things really get dirty!
    Since I now live in the high-desert of Nevada , have wide open spaces to shoot and a very gun friendly state, I was thinking about getting a AR15 .223. I know they are more hands on, breaking down the bolt for cleaning and lots of options for customizing, etc. However I love that stuff, and not afraid of getting my hands dirty! So, from your experience, what would you recommend and how do you like your Bushmaster .556? Thanks!

  • charlie Hutchings

    Thanks for the answer Dale, I have cleaned the heck out of it, but of course cleaning the bolt is a problem. I have tried several brands of ammo. The gun feeds flawlessly, it is just firing pin just bearly hits the primer enought to see a dent. I don’t know if the hammer spring is weak or if something has damaged the firing pin. I can put the firing pin far enough with my finger that if it were propelled more forcefully it could cause more violence to the primer. I am considering putting a small weld on the hammer, that would force the firing pin farther into the primer with direct contact, not the centrifugel for required by this floating firing pin???? might work?? need a good welder. Thanks, any other suggestions?

  • Dale O

    If you have tried several brands and they are all doing the same you need to send it back. If the round it not seating properly some of the engergy from the firing pin could lost by it forcing the round to seat. I have heard that the chambers on some have been tight and I belive the factory has been reaming on request. You could also have a firing pin issue. Best bet is to send it back for inspection. Sorry to hear that your having issues with yours:(

  • Patrick

    Hey Mike,
    In keeping with the thread (Colt M4). A quick, easy and fairly inexpensive add on is CAA’s (Command Arms Accessories) Stock Saddle. Product Code: SST1 For $26.49. This is a drop in cheek rest with two battery storage compartments. It has a really nice cheek weld. It’s basically a poor mans SOPMOD. I had it on my 5.56 until I replaced it with a Magpul ACS. It bolts right on to the Colt stock. Really makes a difference and Shelly like’s it. Now for my Bushmaster. I bought it as a lower receiver with the collapsible stock, pistol grip and trigger group. Over time added a flat top upper. Then when funds were available I would add goodies to it. It’s pretty solid, and hasn’t given me any trouble. I’m interested in the new breed of piston uppers coming out lately. I’m a big fan of AK’s and FAL’s and I believe the AR going piston was a long time coming. Cost of these are up there. $1500 to $2000 and up. So with that in mind. The AR’s that are direct gas impingement are coming down in cost. Then you can bring that cost back up with all the add one’s. I’m sure you’ve been looking into the different AR manufactures. Tons to choose from. I could go on and on but want to keep this as much on topic as possible just my 2 cents for now. Let me know what you come up with when the day comes. By the way. It’s been really hard not to over accessorize Shelly’s M4 Ops. So far it’s just the CAA stock plus a single sling adaptor with a bungee sling. She’s interested in a red dot of some kind but wants to wait for a while. As she puts it… “It’s my M4 !” Take care.

  • Thanks Partrick. I appreciate your input! Yea, I too added a one point adapter with a bungee sling to the Colt M4. Works great! I can shoot the M4 while I’am out in the sage brush and then let it dangle and transition to my hand gun. Talking about red dots, I came across another shooter that had a holographic red dot on his S&W M&P .22 He said he got it at Midway and was only about $50.00. He let me check it out and it was very easy to pick up your target, if you know what I mean, and you keep both eyes open. About the AR15, I’ve been having second thoughts about it….may stick with my .357 mag, 12 gauge and still love my Colt .22!
    You mentioned the AK47. I came across the GSG AK-47 .22lr on this blog.
    Kind of cool! Who knows, maybe I’ll get one those Red Army guns to go with my M4. I tell you shooting .22 cal. can be lots of fun and most importantly cheap! You too,take care!

  • morgansjc

    Hi Jose,

    Here is a blueprint site, all kinds of weapons including the M4. Enjoy and good luck!

  • morgansjc

    Hi all,

    Some might find this a handy site. It has videos of the M4 and M16 in .22, field stripping, etc. Be sure and have your sound on.

  • morgansjc

    Hi all,

    I pick my new M16 A4 up Saturday coming, and am getting the .22 conversion kit so I can shoot in our local indoor range to get plenty of trigger time between matches. I shoot high powered autoloading matches sponsored the BCM, and it seems like a .22 conversion is a great way to get inexpensive trigger time.
    My question is if anyone out there has made the conversion, and what is your experience with it? I have heard good things, but if anyone has some real world advice I’d like to hear it. I decided on the A4 model because of it modular adapability, it’s easy to switch from optics to iron sights, etc. Any input on how the weapon works with the .22 adapter would appreciated. Thanks!

  • Bob in Tampa

    I got my M4 back in October. I was attempting to shoot Remington ammunition and the rifle did nothing but misfire and jam. I was considering taking it back. I had other issues with it…hard to open for cleaning, once opened, the fake bolt release falling off, bolt stop falling off. Strangely, the dust cover worked, and still does. Fortunately, I ran out of Remington and tried a box of Federal bulk. I didn’t clean or adjust the rifle in any way. The misfires and jams disappeared totally. Haven’t had one since! As time has passed, I have learned more about the rifle and began to enjoy it more. I wasn’t overly impressed with its accuracy. I am not a particularly good shot, but a 4 1/2 inch spread (30 rnds) at 50 yards wasn’t particularly impressive. Then I ran out of Federal. Still haven’t cleaned the rifle yet, BTW! While still at the range, I picked up some CCI Mini-Mag 40 Gr. I changed nothing else, just the ammo. The spread for 30 rounds shrank to just under 2 inches! Impressive (for me)! The rifle is fun, feels like my AR, and I have learned to stop worrying about its faults. I will keep it and enjoy it!

  • Jose

    morgan thanks for the help but all the pdf´s from says file size: 0 bytes and when i download and open any of them obviously it says its a damaged file.. if anyone know another page for an m4 blueprint i would appreciate it


  • george

    patrick, i too had that little spring and tiny pin come out a few times and it sure is a lot of work to put it back . one thing i learned was to clean it after each use , by that i mean to pull the barrel from out of the plastic shell each time because i had a hell of a time because it was stuck thats when that little spring and pin comes out all the every time i clean i pull it apart not just some times

  • Norn Nicholas

    I just purchased an M4 Colt for my birthday and was pretty excited with its appearance. I have a full size .223/.556 EA 15 and the shorter EA 15 carbine from Eagle Arms, except for the magazine the EA 15 carbine and the M4 Colt are prety much identical. When I opened the action at the gun store I questioned weather this was a new gun. It was filthy inside. After waiting the 10 days here in the Peoples Republic Of Kalifornia I got the rifle home and gave it a very thourough cleaning.I contactd Umarax and was told 9 complete turns with the Allen screw and that should do it. After reading all the above comments I went to the range today and was kinda worried. However this rifle went bang every time. I used Winchester Super X H.V. hollow points and Federal H.V. bulk pack that I bought about 7 or 8 years ago.This rifle with the open sights was VERY accurate! It will definatly NOT feed/fire/extract the Remmingtons as stated above, but I had some and wanted to see. I did manage to hide 3 of the Remms. at the bottom of a mag filled with Federals and they did feed, fire and extract. But I would agree that Remmingtons are basicaly useless in this rifle. My only disappointment is that my magazine, a 10 round Kalifornia approved mag, mind you,would only accept 9 rounds. For those of you in FREE states a 30 round mag holding only 28 or 29 rounds might not matter as much, but here in Kalifornia that one round is mighty important to me. I have an email in to Umarex, we’ll see if they can get me that whole extra round in the mag. I hope the people who are having problems with their rifles are able to get Umarex to make it right because I had a lot of fun shooting the Colt M4.

  • Patrick

    Hello Norm,
    Glad to hear your colt functioned well for you. Shelly’s was just as dirty when we were cleaning it before going to the range. Metal shavings in the action along with carbon. Test fire, then packaging, I imagine. I spent 7 years in Burbank. 1987 to 1994. I went through all the all the gun law changes at that time. Was wondering what the penalty for owning a Hi-cap magazine?
    And good luck on that extra round.

  • charlie Hutchings

    If you live in Missouri, no worry about high capacity mags…love Missouri

  • Hey Norm,
    You have my sympathy for being a gun owner in California! I moved to Nevada ten years ago from the Bay Area (CA). I was born and raised in the Bay and worked in Police work for many years. I have an adult son that wants to get the Colt M4 .22 and he also resides in CA. I tried to discourage him because unlike Nevada, which is very gun friendly, Ca. is very restrictive on what is considered an “assault weapon” and the 10 round mag. limit, etc. I have been retired for several years and was not up to date on the penal code statute regarding assault weapons that are prohibited in CA. and if the Colt M4 .22 rim fire was also included. I tried to do some research on this on the CA. State Attorneys Office and it wasn’t much help! Seem to be some what vague in respect to the AR15 .22 clone!
    Even the office of the ATF seemed to be confused about CA. Assault Weapons Laws! I wanted to ask you if your Colt M4 .22 (CA. compliant) has a fixed stock or is it retractible like ours, do you have a pistol grip, and if it has a flash hider? I know you can only use the ten round mag. It would drive me crazy if I had to be re-loading every ten rounds and the cost of having all those mags. I have four 30 round mags and thats not bad!

  • Norm Nicholas


    Owning a hi cap mag before the ban is O.K. they are all grandfathered in, however the hi caps cannot be sold ,loaned or even given as a gift to someone in this state. They have to be sold out of state or burried with me when its quittin time. Since this is CA the penalty is probably execution which in CA means dying of old age on death row. I had a blast shooting my Colt M4 and I am stocking up on ammo, for as of 1-1-11 residents of CA will no longer be able to buy ammo out of state. All ammo transactions will be face to face and we will be fingerprinted. All this will do is drive up the prices even more and make supplies a lot shoter. This is compliments of Gov. Arnie Sh–forbrains. Along with banning all 50 BMGs in the state he decided to sign this ridiculous ammo law. This guy has made his living exploiting firearms, and he thanks all Kalifornians by stripping gun owners of even more rights. The Colt M4 rocks. Gov. Arnie Sh–forbrains should be stoned. Have fun and keep on shootin

  • Norm Nicholas


    Trying to get an answer from any CA government office is a total waste of time. The Assault weapon ban here in CA is ONLY for centerfire rifles and certain handguns that have various cosmetic features. For now the rimfires including the Colt M4 .22s are O.k. in CA . My Colt M4 has the telescoping stock (4 positions) the bayonete lug, flash hider ,and pistol grip. Unfortunatly we have been stuck with this rediculous random 10 rd. magizine limit. I would love to unload a 30 rounder from the M4. If your son gets one make sure all the junk is out of it with a great cleaning and make sure the bolt speed Allen screw is set 9 complete clockwise turns from the flush starting position, per Anna w/ Umarex. The Colts are available from several sources here and he should be able to negoiate by playing both sides against the middle. Even if he just gets them to waive the DROS. And like most everyone has said NO REMMINGTONS. Keep on livin Free in Nevada and unload a 30 rounder for me.

  • I have read that It’s not illegal to have a High Cap Mag in California for any reason. You can bring one back from another state. You just can’t use it in California. You can take it with you to other states. You can also Pin the High capacity Mag for use in california and when you travel you can remove it. I have seen High capacity mags that have been pinned here in the local gun shop here in California. They also sell many legal California legal AR-15 type rifles. It’s amazing. I feel like I have left California. I believe they have California Legal .50 rifles for sale as well at this Gun shop here in Loomis,ca

  • Norm Nicholas

    In keeping with this blog, let me first say; I still have not heard back from Umarex re: my 9 round 10 round Kalifornia compliant magizine. Come on I just want that one last round. This is why they should’nt make 10 round mags, this rifle was designed to use a hi cap mag. I fear its a matter of time before they start going after the rimfires here in Kalifornia. After all the centerfire versions of these rifles were banned more for how they look than how they function.

    As far as the high cap mags go, It is my understanding the ones owned before the ban are grandfathered in so who’s to say “if” you bring one in from out of state that you did’nt own it before the ban? I sure would’nt buy or bring back anything marked LE only. And I would’nt bring back any hi cap mag for a firearm that wasn’t already in existance before the ban. The whole magazine issue is not very clearly defined, typical of Kalifornia lawmakers. Re:the 50 BMGs ,according to the CA Attorney General,s site ( )effective 1-1-05 any person who lawfully possesses a .50 BMG rifle prior to 1-1-05, is required to do one of the following by 5-30-06 :
    (1)Complete and submit a .50 BMG rifle registration application form along with $25 to DOJ.
    (2) Make arrangements with police or sheriff to relinquish your .50 BMG, or
    (3) Remove it from the state

    Ronnie Barrett of Barrett Firearms has refused to service any of Los Angeles County Sheriffs Depts. Barrett 50 cal. due to their support of the 50 cal ban.Ronnie Barrett is the type of person who is a true friend to the opressed gun owners of this state.

    Everything about SB/AB 23 is poorly written and poorly thought out, starting with the term “Assault Weapon” A true assault weapon has a selective fire feature. None of the ones that were banned by AB 23 do.
    I saw a Khar/ Auto Ord.1927 A1 Thompson at a local gun shop and did a double take, I asked why this did not qualify as an “assault weapon”. The shop owner took out a little punch and used it to depress a 15 cent spring detent pin in the hole of the mag release. The mag of course was only a 10 rounder although it was of regular length. The shop owner and I both agreed that this was just sad. Once the 10 rd mag is removed the Thompson will still accept the 20,30, or 50 rd drum mag, not legally of course but come on, what a shame.The price of $1500 was nearly $500 over the 2009 Gun Digest list price and this was an altered inferior product, in my opinion. I have a real Thompson that I registered and it sadly will always be classified as an “assault weapon “in this sorry state. All because of ignorant, frightened politicians, and that crappy 15 cent detent pin. I have seen the ARs, and I feel sorry for them as well. These weapons were not designed to have fixed pinned mags.What a sorry state of affairs.

  • k thompson

    i never commented b4 now.. always just no gun expert i feel really nieve when i read alot of smart gun guy comments.. but!… i do love my m4 ops!!! makes me think of my 11bravo days!! kinda!!..ok so 2 my point. there is alot 2 read here(i read it all) & i was just amazed at how 2GUYS!( M.B.& M4NOOP) were able 2 go on & on about how unhappy they were! on & on !! ok!! we got it!!! but still on & on…..& not even remembering what they said the day b4!!!..REALLY!!! go back & read 4 yourself….example…m4noop started out good but lost count on how many times he CLAIMS he sent his weapon back!!! the way it reads is he max’s out at 4times! but then later tells another it was 3 & back to 4& then 3 again!!!…come on really!! 1rst grade stuff! ill use my fingers! i can count to 10!!!….3& 4 is easy!!! so i’m kinda thinkin that M4NOOP, &M.B. might work for S&W.OR R THE SAME GUY!!!.WHAT? MAYBE?? OK then just go & count the comments here & calculate it percentage wise & then take them 2 same guys out of it…ok im rambin!! SORRY!!! IM JUST A REGULAR GUY THINKING 1RST TIME POSTER… PROBABLY GET BANNED 4 NOT KEEPING IT GUNS…..but i luv my COLTM4 OPS…kenny.

  • charlie Hutchings

    I only have two complaints about my m4. 1, the dust cover does not function and trying to make it function I broke it. I did order parts from the company and the sent them to me exactly as they said they would. I lost the pin trying to insert it into the spring, (totally my fault), 2, my firing pin just hits the primer with enough force to “barely” fire the shell. Does not matter what ammo or how much I turn the screw to the left 9 turns. Now on the bright side, I have fired my m4 probably about 300 rounds now and the accuracy seems to keep improving.

    Yesterday I gave it a REAL test. I set 4 targets up a various unknown distances (this was also a sweet 17 scope test) and used my range finder to estimate the distance. The closest target was 90 yards the farthest was 200 yards. The little gun at 90 yards shot a 1 inch pattern. Target 2 was 139 yards, it held a 1 inch pattern also at 139 yards, next was 169 yards and the pattern was about 2 inches. The next target was 200 yards and it held about a 5 inch pattern. I also tried another target at 270 yards. With that target I was not able to adjust the scope enough to stay on the 8×11 paper but it held a pattern low of about 8 inches. I thought that was amazing!! Not much wind and was using PMC ammo. I shot about 70 rounds and had two misfires do again to not hitting the primer hard enough. The gun functioned flawlessly. (and it is beautiful) I hope to hear others with good news about this little gun.

  • As I previousely Stated “My M4 ops” was giving me fail to feeds on a 40% ratio even after adjusting for high velocity. It was seriousely frusterating. I was using premium high velocity CCI 36 and 40 grainers which is what most people have the best luck with. I have since sent my gun back to Umarex. They had it back to me within 72 hours. I have only had one Fail to fire out of 90 rounds and that was in the first clip 3rd shot. I don’t think I will be having any more problems with this gun especially after I give it a good cleaning and some break in time. I better pick up some more 10 round clips before California decides this gun looks too cool and outlaws it.

  • RG


    I realize CA has much to offer and is not all bad. But, the ONE reason I would NEVER live there is the gun laws as they are currently on the books. For any money, for any job. The point is not that I love guns more than money, or family etc..but the oppressive nature of how the government rules over people causes me to throughly boycott CA. As for the Colt M4, I have hesitated to purchase based on all the negative reviews in this forum and others. The GSG rifles are awesome, and I highly recommend. I have a 5.56/.223 AR15 and have very few places where I live to shoot.

    Thanks for your posts!

  • Norm Nicholas


    I bought the Colt M4 because I’m a big fan of the AR platform. Gun owners will always have different opinions and likes and dislikes.I read All the comments in this blog and contacted Umarex before going to the rane with the Colt. I got a great deal of information from peoples comments and it helped me in what to try and what to avoid. Getting as much info as you can is always a good thing.I have seen other blogs about the GSG and the S & W .22s, and just like here there is a good cross section of lovers, haters and the its O.K. ers. I feel the same way you do about firearms. People buy what they like. I’ll tell you what, I have a 10/22 that I got in 1989, paid $99 for it tricked it out for another $100 and it is as awesom as anything out there now.

    I agree 100% with the reasons why you wouldn’t live here. As a disabled person I have had to deal with the gov. more than the average bear. Kalifornia and Arine are selling tourism, they have to cause they have driven a large % of the gun related business and jobs out of state further distressing our economy. He has turned his back on education closing many schools state wide and again elimating jobs. His illegal furlough of the DMV workers has been overturned by the courts and has cost the state 100’s of thousands of dollars in back pay to workers who basicaly got back paid for not comming to work. He is also big on releasing prisoners early, making Kalif soooo much safer for the people of the state that he is doing his best to disarm. Make no mistake about it this guy is a bad actor in all respects.Kalifornia has a lot to offer to visitors, NOT the the residents. As far as The AR 15 rifles, I dont have any problem finding places to shoot them YET, I just make sure that I’m carrying my “assult weapon” registration with me.In case the gun police are lurking in the shadows. And then there’s this ammo thing taking effect 1-1-11. fingerprinting, no out of state sales. I encourage all the gun enthusiests of Kalif. to stock up now cause soon it will be later than you think.

  • RG


    Sorry to hear of some of your troubles. No reason people have to deal with bad and corrupt government. I remember a year or so ago, SFO County passed one of the most restrictive gun laws ever. I do not hear to much about it, but know it really is a bad law. I love the AR-15 platform also and may end up buying the Colt. I also have the GSG Kalishnikov in .22LR and it is nice, although I wish I got the wood furniture rather than synthetic. The ammo law you mention really bothers me, and I hope the Supreme court votes our way today. I am hopeful they will vote in our favor, and all these ridiculous State laws are overturned. I also want the CCW and reciprocity laws changed as well to recognize ALL CCW permits across state lines just like a driver license.

    I completely agree about you stocking up. I buy from often and they do have good prices, but I dont know if they will ship to Cali. I stocked up last year (2009) as a result of the threat of much higher taxes, but your law seems like it is already on the books. Hope you can work on an appeal for that stupidity. Most retail stores are selling the Colt for $599.99 (on sale!) but I may order from Davidsons for less, even with shipping. Hope to talk to you again soon!

  • James K.

    I bought mine about three weeks ago. So far I really like it alot. I did very little research before setting off to buy a .22. My intention was actually to go buy the smith, luckily the store I went to had both the colt and smith in stock. I made the choice to go with the colt after finding out the smith was all plastic. Its not a bad looking gun but I have seen airsoft rifles that look more like real AR’s. And I think for most people that’s the point of this rifle, If all I wanted was a .22 and didn’t want it to look like an AR why not just buy a ruger 10-22? If you go to the Umarex website they have a FAQ section that says the dust covers are not supposed to stay closed by design for those of you who were wondering about that. I too have had the ammo problem. Like everyone else discovered the remington ammo ive had laying around for about ten years wouldnt work. I bought some federal from wally world and all is well. I am also having problems with the magazine staying in properly but ive contacted the service department at umarex and they are sending me a new mag catch assembly. After I get it In about two weeks I will go back out and shoot and report my findings.

  • Norm Nicholas

    Thanks for the heads up on the ammo web site. Their prices are cheaper than anything I’ve seen yet. I took the Colt M4 out to the range for the second time today, I was able to fix the 9 round magazine problem and now it holds at least 10. I took the 40 gn. Winchester powerpoint H.P., the 38 gn. Federal H.P., the 36 gn.BVAC, H.P. and some 40 gn. Fiocchi CPSP. All brands are High Velocity.I put 450 rounds thru the rifle and it ran perfectly. I forgot to take some American Eagle that I had, but I think I read here on this page that they run fine. I’m going to get rid of ALL my Remingtons with my Western Field single shot,(made by Colt according to the serial numbers listed in Numrich Gun Parts Cat.#24)First gun I ever shot, had it since I was 4. I had the mag fall out on me once but that was my fault for not giving the mag its usual seating rap. I have added a Tapco rubber butt stock cover as well as a laser and a scope. The plastic release lever for the stock had several sharp edges that I rounded with a file.I really dont care much for the cheap plastic stock. You can trick this weapon out in any number of ways, But I think I’m done. I dont really need the scope or the laser cause the open sights are great, but the visual is pretty awesom. The scope mount I got has the look thru feature so either one is possible and easy. Of all the things I added, I think the most usefull is the Tapco rubber butt boot,I found it in Cheaper Than Dirt for either $9.97 or $11.97 cant remember. I do highly recomend it. That cheap plastic stock felt kinda slipery when shouldered. It feels more like the real thing with the boot on it. I bought some of the CCI and Agulia hot stuff. Any advice out there on if it is necessary to adjust the bolt head speed more or less revoultions for these hotter loads? All the info in this blog, good ,and bad has helped me get the great results that I have gotten with the Colt M4.

  • blurocket

    fuggidaboutit…the s&w mp 15-22 is the best …the bolt release actually works and its almost a pound lighter. It eats all rounds w/o jamming…at least mine does.

  • Blurocket
    If your m&p 15-22 doesn’t ever jam you are one in several thousand that that does not. I have a 15-22 and have had to send it back for update and it still jams. They do not like remmington ammo and some do not like hollowpoint. I have the Colt ops and the Carbine they work great but they also do not like remmington ammo. So have fun and enjoy.

    I have the rugger sr-22 and it goes bang EVERY time the trigger is pulled and it will shoot any thing you feed it.


  • B.M.

    First off, thanks to everyone for their comments. This blog was very helpful . I was on the fence whether to buy or not buy the M4 Ops. At first I was taken back by all the haters regarding this firearm and it’s problems. Then I read some of the posts that seemed to be more fair and decided to make the purchase. Picked it up on 3/12/2010 in CA.

    I just returned from the range and let me say this gun performed perfectly. No FTF, No jamming, No “stove pipe”, No loose magazine, NOTHING. Worked perfect right out of the box. I used Federal bulk 525 ammo in the blue box, 36 grain HV. I also tried Winchester 555 ammo 36 grain HV. Both flawless. Shot about 500 rounds. The gun is very accurate, I have a BSA 50mm red dot which worked great. In my opinion, the gun is very realistic, has a nice weight to it, and seems to be well made. Again, that’s my opinion. At the range, there happen to be 2 US Marines practicing next to me. I offered to let them try the gun out and they couldn’t believe how realistic the gun felt. They even commented that the trigger pull was almost identical to their standard issue rifle. For what it’s worth they liked it and so did I.

    To those who are on the fence, ignore the jokers with the lame comments about the 180 deg safety, the non-operational forward assist, the dust cover “issue” (oh no the dust cover doesn’t close- boo hoo), it’s not a real AR, you can’t swap the upper with a 5.56 NATO upper, it’s better to buy a Spike’s upper, blah blah blah. Give me a break guys. BOO HOO. Just ignore those comments like I did. And to those with the “S&W is better” comment, give me a break, go read the blog over there like I did. That gun has had it’s problems as well. Sure it’s a nice gun, I looked at those. Better price, easier to field strip, mechanically closer to a real AR-15, but it’s made of plastic mostly. Didn’t seem as realistic to me. Just my opinion.

    The one complaint about the Colt that I didn’t see on this blog was that the barrel has a sleeve inside of it. That threw me off a bit. Don’t know why they did that. I would have preferred a solid match barrel, which the S&W does have. Don’t know what difference it makes but thought I would point that out. Hope someone found this useful. Thanks.

    BTW, for those talking about the hi-cap magazines. I live in CA and just ordered a 30 round mag from Texas. It’s on the way UPS. No problems.

  • charlie Hutchings

    B.M. I am with you. I love the little gun and when you pull it out on the range, people notice, it is a conversation piece. We had a long distance 22 match and the M4 was the only rifle there that never missed the 184 yard target. (a piece of typing paper). It has got me excited about shooting 22 again. I have always loved the Ruger 10-22 and still do, but I now prefer the M4. It makes me smile. I now have very few miss fires, maybe because I keep it very clean. Hope everyone loves theres. Or if anyone hates theirs and wants to sell it cheap…let me know.

  • So I had to send it back once due to Fail to feed and JAM. It has worked fine the last 200 rounds with 36 Grain CCi. It did not seem to like to 40 grain as much. Going to try some Winchesters next. I love the gun, what can I say it just Rocks once you work out the bugs.

  • Patrick

    Hello B.M.
    Glad you like the M4. You did your research and made the choice. There will always be something wrong with anything a person buys. It’s what you make of it, that lets you enjoy it or not. We went shooting yesterday and put 320 rounds down the tube. No problems. As for the barrel. I read some where that Walther designed the barrel to be sandwiched between the flash hider and the receiver so when you tighten the flash hider it floats the barrel. Bringing the accuracy. That explains the tight tolerances found in the receiver pins when you field strip the weapon. At least that’s the way Shelly’s is. I’m going to be trying about 5 different red dot and 4x powered scopes. These are cheap ebay replicas. ACOG, 522 Eotech, M2 Aimpoint, ELCAN and the 3X Eotech twist off. I’ll bring any info to the table when they arrive. If any body has experience with any of these let us know.

  • new mag catch received and installed. Very easy. As I hoped this corrected the mag not quite latching in problem.The part that Umarex sent me was slightly Different than the one I took out. I’m sure if someone wanted with a little file work they could make the one they have look just like it, But there is no reason to since they will send you one with a simple e mail to their service department.

  • mike

    just bought the m4 carbine. first clip fired through had ftf and jams. tried using winchester bulk ammo and apparently it hates it. i also tried cheap centurion ammo and same thing. not impressed at all with this gun. gonna try cci ammo and see what happens. what happened to colt making a quality gun?

  • B.M.

    Mike, one comment in response to your story…….. FEDERAL BULK 525 AMMO 36gr. HV.


    I bought a Colt Umarex M4 Ops to give to my son on his 18th birthday, which is on March 25th. Fortunately it arrived 1 week before his birthday allowing me the opportunity to test fire it, and I’m glad I did.

    First of all the magazine kept falling out, so I supported the gun with my palm under the magazine to keep it in place. I tried shooting Federal bulk pack ammo and experienced jams about every 6th or 8th round. I fired about 100 rounds this way. I called Umarex customer service and spoke to a lady named Allison. She said she would send me a new mag catch, and suggested I try different kinds of ammo. She also told me to turn the bolt speed adjuster in 9 complete turns from flush, which I did.

    The next day I tried it again (I had to wait until my son was away) with Federal bulk ammo, Winchester bulk ammo, and some CCI Mini Mag ammo. The Federal jammed at about the same rate as the previous day, the Winchester jammed about every 2nd or 3rd round, and the CCI Mini Mag ammo went about 50 rounds with only 1 jam. I called Umarex customer service again, and this time spoke to Glenn. He e-mailed me a UPS pre-paid return label, and said he would put a rush on my repair after I explained it was a birthday gift. He seemed confident that it was just a matter of tuning, and that it could be easily resolved.

    I took my package to UPS late in the afternoon on Friday the 19th and then tracked it online. I figured my chances of getting it back in time for my son’s birthday were slim to none. According to UPS it arrived at Umarex on Tuesday the 23rd. I received it back via FedEx on Wednesday the 24th!

    The repair order said they repaired the magazine catch and replaced the mainspring. They also gave me a detailed set of instructions for field stripping, unlike the vague ones that came with the rifle. I took the rifle out and fired one full 30 round mag of Winchesters and one full mag of Federal without a single malfunction. I fired most of the 2nd mag a fast as I could pull the trigger, and everything worked perfectly.

    Was I disappointed with the rifle when I first received it? Yes. Am I pleased with it now. Absolutely.

    Umarex’s customer service was OUTSTANDING! Thank you Glenn, Allison and all the others at Umarex who helped me to have my rifle back in time for my son’s birthday.

  • Tan Guan Hua

    Just got my Colt M4 OPS shot about 600 rounds and encounter the following problems wondering if anyone out there got a solution to it.

    1. FTF once in a while I am using Magtech 40gr lead round.
    2. Also notice very bad lead build up around the chamber area or 2 to 3 ” from the chamber. It so bad till I have a problem to push a cleaning rod through it.
    3. Notice it work better with high velocity FMJ ammo. as i notice see the leading problem.

    Please give some advice if you encounter same problem e mail as follow



  • charlie Hutchings

    Tan, ftf…is the firing pin striking the round with enough force to dent the primer? I had a lot of problems with this. Very light strikes of the primer. Like everyone else, I have turned the set screw in the back of the bolt assembly the 9 turnes like they say and it did help. I only had one mis-fire in about 200 rounds last week. CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN seems also to be very important. Also having the buffer in place seems to be important, for awhile I had lost mine and experienced a lot of mis-fires. Most find that they donot function well while dirty. Charlie

  • Ckrash2k3

    So B.M. where did you order your 30 round mag from? I am tired of shooting only 10 rounds at a time.

  • Ckrash, I saw them on Cheaperthandirt.Com for about 29.00 $ I paid 33.00 a piece at a gun show. Last I checked the ones on umarex’s site were a little higher.

  • B.M.

    Ckrash, use the following link:

    It came UPS, no problems.

  • Ckrash2k3

    Thanks guys.

  • Blowe

    I got the compensator for the Coltm4 22lr and when I was installing it it was getting tighter and tighter then it almost seemed like it striped and got loose again. I removed the compensator to inspect the threads and I did not see any damage. I noticed on the specs that the standard “muzzle break” that comes on the gun is tightened to a specific tolerance to hold/keep the barrel steady and straight. my question is how tight do I need or should I turn the compensator? As tight as possible? Till it gets hard? When I put the compensator back on I only tightened it till it was steady,however I can apply a little pressure and tighten it more I just don’t want to cause any damage. I know it is a quick replacement but there were no directions at all just the part in a plastic bag.

    B.M. what state are you in? I want to get the 30 round mag, but I live in CA. I would not be using it in CA if anyone was wondering.

    Just FYI I shot 200+ rounds of feds (bulk 525) with not 1 single jam. Not 1 problem so far.

  • B.M.

    Blowe, I’m in CA. So you say u won’t use the 30 round mag in CA? Oh, sure you won’t, LOL. Use the link I provided previously. I didn’t have any problems getting one. As for the compensator just hand tight so it provides tension on the barrel. That should be fine. How does it sound with the compensator? Any major change?

    Got to love the Fed Bulk 525! Works flawless in my gun.

  • J.B.

    Blowe, the engineer who designed the Colt .22s said the flash suppressor is tightened to 6.6 ft/lbs of torque.

  • Blowe

    BM – well I have a place in AZ where I was just going to leave the high cap mag. I wish we could “legally” shoot them in CA, I just don’t want to risk it 🙁 I have been told that if you become buddy buddy with some of the range employees at a few local places here in Orange County that they don’t care but iono… Yes there was change in the sound with the compensator, and it looks REALLY cool 🙂

    Thanks for the spec. JB

  • Ol_Painless

    I installed the compensator I got from Umerax, the pic of the M4 ops shows the compensator off the front of the barrel. The end of mine almost touches the bayonet holder… does this sound right? It did screw on but it seems to have gone all the way over the end of the barrel, just doesnt seem right. Is this how yours fit Blowe?


    I was so pleased with the M4 OPS I bought my son for his birthday after it was repaired (see my above entry dated 03/25/10) that I bought a regular M4 model for myself off of Gunbroker. The seller (a very honest guy) said he bought it new and had nothing but problems with it, mags falling out, jamming, etc. He said he put about 30 rounds through it, got disgusted, and just wanted to unload it, so I got a good deal on it.

    As soon as I received it I replaced the mag catch with a new one Umarex sent me for free. I adjusted the bolt speed regulator nine turns in from flush, oiled it, and have now put about 400 rounds of Federal bulk pack ammo throuh it without a hitch. It’s a great little gun, and I’m very pleased with it.

  • Gerald Ambuehl

    In the real world that is the way a compensator is installed on a m4. There is no need for a long barrel for the work it is used for and it handles better when it is as short as can be.

  • Blowe

    Ol_Painless – Yea Mine is butted up next to the bayonet holder. I got tighter and then it got a little loose and I thought it stripped. I took it off and inspected everything and it was fine so I did it again and the same thing happend but I kept going slow and it got real tight. I have shot around 500 rounds through it so far and I have not had any FTF. The ONLY issue I had with this gun ( if you could call it a issue ) is when I went to clean it you need to pop out a pin to break it down and it was REALLY tight, I had to use a hammer and a small allen wrench to push it out. Getting it back in was the same thing. Other than that everything has worked flawlessly right out of the box

  • B.M.

    Blowe, remember to loosen the compensator before you punch out the pin because it takes the tension off the barrel and internal components. Done properly the pin should tap out easily with a soft face hammer.

    As for the hi-cap mag. Just used mine at an OC range. I asked when I walked in and they said they didn’t care. Shot about 350 rounds of Fed Bulk. I did have ONE FTF. Oh NO ! Well it was bound to happen.

    A guy next to me had the highly prized M&P 15-22 (LOL). He offered to let me shoot it with his hi-cap mag (only 14 round mag- I like my 30 round better). It shot fine but did have ONE FTF! Nothing is perfect I guess. Still in my opinion, the Colt was better. More realistic. The plastic M&P 15-22 feels cheap to me.

  • Blowe

    Ahhh dam I remember now it said to loosen the compensator before I poped that pin out. Just did that and it came out alot easer.. Thanks for reminding me. What Range in OC did you go to. I am a member at FiringLine in HB. I never asked about the high cap mags but I just assumed that they would say no. The only thing I HATE about the gun is I can only shoot 10 rounds lol. As far as the other 22s I have tired out the S&W and I did nto like the feel at all, the colt feels like a real .223. My bro has the Ruger 10/22 tactical version. Its cool but the look of the colt is more AR looking. Even though sky is the limit on what you can do with the Ruger as far as looks, I would say the colt is better, my brother agrees with me.

  • Ol_Painless

    Hey guys thanks for the info. I found a pic that showed the compensator the way I described and figured that it was correct and damn does it look bitchen with it on. I didn’t get any reply soon enough and had to take it for a test drive. I adjusted the bolt speed prior to going and dropped on a Barska 2x red dot scope and front hand grip. It fired flawlessly from the first round. CCI 40gr Blazers. When I opened my digitial camo Modgear tactical bag and pulled it out there was a lot of people checking it out. Two Navy Seals were at the range with full auto M4’s and they kicked ass. Even asked to shoot my .22 and they had a blast (wish they had let me fire their full autos). Anyhow I bought the rifle for my son and he doesn’t have an idea about it yet, will give it to him Friday and can’t wait to see the look on his face, that will be PRICELESS. I’m in San Diego and the range is 18 miles from my place in the mountains so thats very handy. Is there a way to show pics here to share with others? Alright then let ya know of any further developments. Thanks again guys.

  • B.M.

    Blowe, yes FiringLine in HB. Just asked and they said they didn’t care. Just don’t rapid fire! With the 30 round mag… will be tempted! Don’t ruin it for the rest of us, LOL.

  • Blowe

    Ol_Painless – glad to hear it is working out for you. Not siure about the pics ( would liek to show mine off as well ) I put the full UTG quad rail system with folding pistol grip, the Compensator and a Walther red dot. I have a flash light on order. They look sick! haha

    BM – Nice! I just may get the 30 round then. I bet rapid firing it is almost to tempting lol.

  • Ol_Painless

    Has anyone figured out how to keep the dust cover closed? Really irrateing that it won’t stay closed when the rifle isnot in use.

  • Blowe

    Well it is not ment to be closed on the .22…. yea I know what your thinking. I thouhgt I got a messed up one, but nope thats how it is ment to work ( lame ). I can get mine to stay closed but if you fart to close to it it pops open… I am sure you can rig it to stay closed though, I was gogin to work on that but have nto had the chance.

  • charlie

    My dust cover would not stay closed, I broke it trying to fix it. I ordered a new one, broke it…ordered replacement the nice folk gave me this one, and it seems to stay closed! Maybe they have changed the design slightly, anyway this one does stay closed. I am now happy. Charlie


    Regarding the dust cover: The one on my son’s M4 OPS stays closed and pops open when you pull the bolt back. The one on my M4 will not stay closed. I wrote to Umarex about this after I lost the little spring and detent that holds the door shut. (I was fiddling with the latch mechanism, and they launched into outter space never to be seen again.) They said the door is not designed to stay shut, and if my son’s does, it’s because the parts on his must be out of spec, and eventually when they wear some, it will no longer stay shut. I asked them to please send me some new out of spec parts for mine.

  • Blowe

    Hahah let me knwo if they send the “out-of-spec-parts” I want mine to stay shut as well lol

  • Not sure in anyone else has seen them yet but I was flipping through an OMB guns catalog and saw where umarex was putting out HK MP5 and 415 replicas. I checked the Website and sure enough there they were. I have to say if I would have known this was coming I would have probably opted for the 416 over the colt model. They are still made by walther. Probably a better product to since they have gotten alot of R&D from the colt buyers.

  • Rwa

    i have to thanks to everyone that has written in. i’ve learned alot from all your experience with these guns. a weel ago i bought a m4 and after reading many of the blogs i was alittle worried. i followed a lot of the suggestions regarding ammo and the bolt sprrd adjuster. my wife and i went to iron sights in oceanside ca and had a blast. we put 600 rounds of different ammo through the rifle and the result were interesting. first 50 rounds were winchester 1650 fps. flawless operation, awsome sound and a nice kick for 22-my favorite. next 50 rounds of blazer, no prob. then came federal bulk and the winchester 333 pack. these were 1250-1280 also worked well i did get a fail to load around 150. the real drama started when just to see used remington bulk. first mag went good with alot more smoke noticed. the second mag would not even load. i did finally get a couple through and one of the cases exploaded as i fired. there was only a little brass left of the case and alot of smoke. DON’T USE REMINGTON. thats the lesson. did a little cleanup, went back to federal and winchester no probs. i did get a few fail to feed but i think its the mag. i noticed that when i pulled the spring down in the 10rd mag filled it then let it spring up the rounds ended up about 3/16 off the back of the mag lips when inserted like this the tip of the round would catch by the barrel opening and tilt the round ass end up. then it would not load. take a look when you load your mags and see if this is happening to you. of easy to fix just push the round back and no probs. the dust cover works on mine so i guess im lucky. got a lot of good comments at the range. many couldnt believe there was such a thing. tried rapid fire with good ammo and no prob. i love this rifle. traded my sks in at faith armory in temecula they were awsome to deal with. i recommend them to anyone. they matched a price of 550 and minus the sks trade in iam a happy guy. my wife loves it too. thats my experience.

  • Jason

    Hey, I’ve been having “a problem?” I’m new to the M16/M4 type sights and I have no idea if I’m being paranoid. But I put 200rounds threw just figuring out the sights and such I read about them. And I have it all right. The only problem I have is my rear sight is adjust 60/80 clicks to the right in order for me to get straight shots. Is this right? I’m aiming it right Im pretty sure.. Im confused.


  • Jason

    I’m aiming it right as in correctly***

  • Junsajr

    I would check the carry handle and make sure it is properly seated and evenly torqued down. Loosen the handle, then push forward on the handle slightly while evenly tightening the nuts.

    In order to find mechanical zero for your rear sight, crank it all the way to the left or right, and then count the number of clicks it takes to reach the opposite extreme. Divide that number by two, and that should give you your half way point (mechanical zero) which is a good place to start when dialing in. If your dial in zero is way off from your mechanical zero, something is wrong. Your front sight tower may be cocked slightly to one side.

    If you can’t fix it I’d suggest contacting Umarex. They have given me excellent customer service. I hope this helps you.

  • Jason

    There is a alen screw inder the front sling swivel if you loosen it you can move your front sight either left or right to fix your problem. Mine was the same way and I fixed it.


  • david mccoy

    Has anyone looked at the barrel on the “colt M4 OPS?
    It looks like a cleaning rod for a .30 cal that is hollowed out.
    Overall quality is very poor.

  • Jason

    David, the flashhider is differnt on the colt m4 ops .22 it holds the barrel in place snug as he’ll, and serves more purposes then I know. The gun is very dang accurate but I do get what your saying how it would seem pretty poor. Looks arnt everything all the time.
    Look up some field strips if ur interested.


  • Mr T

    Hi all! Newbie here. I was reading the comments about aquiring 30 round clips. I am in California. From everything I read doing searches on Google, that’s a no no. Does anyone know how serious that is? If the gun is used by the average person, not a hoodlem, does law enforcement care? Would LE just take the clips, or could you go to jail for up to one year as the law states? I am talking real world hear. I’m wondering if this is just an extra charge LE will use if charging a criminal. I would appreciate comments. BTW, a lot of great info here!!! I have learned a lot about my soon to be gun. Thanks!!!

  • Berserker

    I have read most of the problems everyone is having with their M4 Ops. I did not see anyone with the problem I have been having. My Colt/Walthers/umarex started auto double tapping. I sent it in for warrenty. I also was somewhat impressed with Umerax turn around they replaced bolt parts and main spring. Got it back to me quickly and after 30 rounds it started to tri-burst and automatic double tap. So I called and they sent me another call tag and I returned it again. They sent it right back saying nothing is wrong with it. After receiving it back for the second time, sure enough same problem. If you are wondering it happens with all types of ammo. This time I took video footage and included a full history letter with my return. Yes I returned AGAIN. If they dont get it right this time I am going to post my video on youtube and sell the gun.

  • Mr T

    @ Berserker, video was a nice touch. There has to be no doubt now in their minds. Hope you get it back working right.

  • Jack

    Okay, as of today I have run about 500 rounds thru my new M4 and I am pleased to report its an excellent shooter. The quality is good overall. Yes, the adjustable butt stock rattles a bit, but it doesn’t affect the accuracy and it must have been purposely built that way for a good reason, because everything else on the M4 is puposely built and it shows.

    My clip is the 10 round type, only because I live in California. The clip feeds and loads with ease, never had a problem. In fact its the easiest loading clip I own and I own a lot of them! I’m a retired range master for both police and military and I really can’t say anything bad about this weapon. It’s been fun and cheap to shoot, and there are lots of accessories out here for it.

    For example I picked up a black metal bi-pod (used) for $10 and an ACOG replica scope (all aluminum and nicely finished too) for under $45, and both items work just fine. I was worried about the scope, given the price, but it holds adjustment…so far. I can form a tea cup size group at 75 yds. with it. With the factory iron sights maybe that group expands to about 4.5 to 5 inches in dia., but not much more unless I pull one out., then its my fault not the carbine’s.

    I also found a fake compensator for $48 and it screws right on to the barrel. That item gets a fair amount of attention, as if the M4 needed anymore! When I bring it out everyone gets a little curious and eventually they want to have a closer look. Before anyone checks it over too close I try to take the clip out and close the dust cover and at 3 feet you would think this is the real deal. It’s pretty funny. The .22LR clip is a dead giveaway of course and it’s a weird looking thing, but its very functional and thats all that really matters, right? Never had to tighten the two screws at the base of the clip either, but if I ever do, I will use lock-tite and that should take care of the problem.

    I just wish I could get a 30 shot clip, but this is left coast Calif and the law here is idiotic; no high capacity clips! A bit off topic, but speaking as a retired cop, those laws on high capacity clips are total joke. They’ve done absolutely nothing to prevent crime, but never mind that, our liberals in the legislature will settle for messing with the legal gun owners just to make life more difficult for us.

    You know, there are days I think I hate California for their nutty gun laws and then there are days …I know I do!

    Back on subject, I bought this M4 from Big 5 when they were on sale and I got it for $100 off retail or $599. Pretty expensive for a .22, but for the extra bucks its been “extra” fun and I have absolutely no complaints. Even my dust cover stays shut when I close it; I’ve read some comments that some don’t, but this one sure does.

    My advise is, it’s worth the money – Walther makes a good product. Also I can see this one being a collectable in a few years. Aside from being a plinker, you might just get more than you paid for it in another 5-10 years if you wanted to sell it, but I bet you won’t.

  • kris

    hi all… newbie here. i got the m4ops. need help with queries.
    1. can i swap the stock with other third party stock without any mod or changing the buffer tube? thinking of getting a third party SF Crane stock.
    2. anyone use aimpoint m4 and 3Xmag scope? will the red dot be blocked by the foresight?
    Thanks in advance for answering.

  • Mr T

    @ Bolowe: As far as loosening the compensator before driving out the pin, etc., watch the field stripping video.

  • Mr T

    Took my new M4 Carbine to a local indoor range today. Put 333 rounds of Winchester, and 200 rounds of Remington through it. I was not planning on shooting more than the box of Wincester, but I was having so much fun I didn’t want to stop. I thought the Remington would jam, and I would just head home. I was surprised when the Remingtom worked just as well. They are the high velocity gold, non hollow poing copper jacketed. I had a total of 3 jams, two Reminton, but the gun was getting dirty. I removed the clip with the bolt held back and they pretty much just fell out. Another half dozen duds, but that was the ammo. The dud rate seemed similar for both bullets. There was a good strike on the shell. I went to Firing Line in Huntigton Beach, CA. put the target out as far as it would go. I’ll ask next time in to see how far that is, but I will ball park it at 30 yards. Not hard at all to put almost all the holes in about a 3″ circle. I was using a red/green dot scope I picked up at Amazon. When I got home I eralized that I had for got to tihten the flasy supressor when I had adjusted for high velocity ammo before shooting. I wonder if I’ll pick up any accuracy with it tight now? After cleaning the action seems smoother than it was before my trip to the range. All in all I had a great time! I am happy with my purchase, and look forward to another visit to the range soon.

  • mark

    Jack thanks for the input just got my colt M16 22 lr. wanted to know where you found the acog replica looking for one also. thanks in advance Mark

  • charlie

    Hey Anyone…My op4 has a very slight hammer strike, it loads fine, function fine, but I get as many at 30% misfires because the hammer just does not hit the primer hard enough …I contacted the manufactor and they tell me to tighten up the bolt spring. I have it tighted as much as it will go, but no difference. Also the trigger is G– awful. I have managed to lighten it some (not by working on the spring), but if someone has figured out a way to smooth the trigger please let me know. Charlie

  • Jack

    Mark, I bought this ACOG type off ebay from jureic. Use the advance search method on ebay and you can find the seller by name. He is located in Hong Kong. The scope has proven to be well built and works great.

  • mark

    Jack, thanks for your help found it quickly and ordered it already. thanks again cheers!

  • Ray

    I recently bought a Colt M4 22lr. I was kind of pissed that you cannot change the upper on it to larger round. I spent 600 on a 22! I like to shoot but the adds were misleading and I bought it from a big store which the people who worked there were no help. I really wanted to have a option to put a .223 on my Colt M4 22lr lower. I passed on the S&W 15 because I thought being fully metal that the gun was not dedicated upper and lower. Are their any plans to offer different uppers on that designed lower?

  • junsajr


    IMHO I seriously doubt there will ever be a specially designed centerfire upper made to fit your Umarex lower. I don’t think the lower is strong enough to handle it. You would probably be better off building or buying yourself a regular AR lower with a dedicated .22 upper if you want to be able to switch uppers back and forth. I looked into several options before buying the Umarex M4, and I am very pleased with it now the bugs have been worked out of it (see my earlier posts above.) You will have a hard time building yourself a complete good quality dedicated .22 AR for $600.00, a lot of people want almost that much for a good upper with a couple of mags alone. If you just buy a conversion unit for your centerfire AR your barrel twist rate will probably be incorrect for the .22 LR round, which is why I settled on the Umarex which was designed to be a .22 from the get go.

  • Jack

    Re: Colt’s M4 in .22 LR

    If someone at your favorite sporting goods store led you to believe it could be converted later on to a .223 I would suggest you take it back asap. If you can convince the manager there was deception involved you have a good chance of getting your money back.

    As for my own experience, before I bought one I went looking for reviews on the internet, (that’s always helpful). I came up with dozens of excellent articles. Hey, thats how I found this site! And there were quite a few ads out here too, and none of them even remotely suggested the M4 could be upgraded to a .223. In fact everything I ever found was emphatic about it being strictly a .22 LR. So I knew exactly what I was buying and I was happy with it.

    I’m sorry about your buying experience, but, so far – 1500 rounds later – I am still very satisfied. My M4 is exceptionally accurate. For example: With a 4X scope at 75 meters and from a table support we can hold a three inch group, with the ACOG we can hold about a 5-6 inch group. Haven’t tried the iron sights at that range yet. I have no doubt that a better shooter could hold an even tighter group, so when a weapon exceeds my abilities, well, thats a keeper.

    Problem: There has been only one problem with my M4 and that is the occassional jam. However, the weapon can be tuned (see below) and good ammo also makes for the best results. I had a number of jams with Remington, fewer with Winchester and fewer still with CCI.

    Fix: For tuning to prevent jams, you can adjust the mainspring using an allen wrench and dial it inward (tighten) to eliminate jams. I would suggest you start with the allen screw flush with the top, then screw it in as needed. See the Colt factory video on the net re field stripping. For more serious cases you may have to send it back to factory and they can repair the magazine catch and replace the mainspring and then you are good to go. Colt has a really quick turn around time, usually in 3-5 days.

    Best of luck to you.

  • Ray

    Thanks for the info that helps. I will hold onto the rifle for plinking. I love shooting and I was just kind of let down because I thought I had more options with the Colt. It is a sharp looking rifle also.

  • charlie Hutchings

    Any ideas on how to make the hammer strike harder I have a LOT of misfires and the company just tells me to tighen the allen screw. That is a no go????????? I have a lot of misfires where the bullet is hardly struck at all????Thanks, Charlie

  • Jack

    Here is the UMAREX link for the video on how to field strip you M4 and also to adjust the bolt for high speed ammo.

  • Ray G


    I was in the same boat as you are now. Light strikes about 3 in every 50 rounds. Tightening the recoil spring didn’t help me. I emailed Umarex and sent my rifle for repair. No cost to me. They replaced the main spring inside the trigger housing. Last box of ammo I shot (Federal 525’s) I was now getting 1 or 2 light strikes in every 525 rounds fired. Probably just need a little more break in with the new spring. But I haven’t had a chance to shoot this rifle anymore. Kids lost interest and I’m shooting my big caliber rifles nowadays.

  • Charles Hutchings

    Thanks Ray, I thought I was crazy. The company was giving me bad advice and no one else seemed to ever have that problem. I will contact her again. Thanks for the info. Charlie

  • Adrian

    I’m having the same issue with the magazine not staying in as some of the folks above. It worked fine for two or three range sessions: the mag stayed in as long as it was inserted firmly.

    Maybe half-way through that third day at the range, and half-way through a magazine, the magazine violently ejected itself and hit the ground. Ever since then, the magazine will not “clip” in.. gravity is almost enough to pull it out.

    I’m fairly new to shooting, and bought the gun nearly brand new from a friend thinking it would be inexpensive to feed. I was wondering if maybe I did something wrong to cause the problem, and have been trying to figure it out on my own. It’s been sitting on my bench for a couple months now. Based on the comments above, I’ll be sure to give Umarex a call and see if they can help.

  • I bought one when they first became available and had the same problem everyone else seemed to have, what ammunition to use in it. Luckily, I saw an evaluation on a DIRECTV channel and it pointed me to Federal ammo. I have shot well over 3000 rounds through it and very seldom have a jam. With CCI and Remington at least half the rounds jam and Winchester is pretty good with only 3-4 jam per box. It doesn’t matter what Federals are used, they all work well. I use a 10 round magazine when shooting at the range. It is much easier to handle then the larger capacity magazine and can be inserted faster with a good tap on the bottom. There have been no problems with the magazine falling out. When I first got the rifle I adjusted it for standard velosity and have had no problem firing standard or high velosity at that setting. The quality of the rifle is excellent and its a fun gun to shot, very accurate at aimed or rapid fire.

  • Having big fun with the M4, runs smooth with just about any solids…jacketed if available. Accuracy was more than I expected , for kicks try eggs out to 75 yds.
    Coyotes like the clean up, apples work too.
    Questions ;
    Any drop in trigger kits at this time?
    Any tricks to attach the “faux supressor”…anybody note any advantages / disadvantages ?
    Saw the comments on the Colt / UMAREX add regarding “lower recoil / greater accuracy.”
    Just wondering if anyone has had good experience with that device…or not.
    Even with the “box” trigger, creep and probably 8+ lb pull, the rig shoots tight, reliably and cleaning mine isn’t much worse than cleaning many contemporary gas sporting / duck guns out there.
    Little trickier than a bolt rig, or a 9422….but slam fed rigs shooting lots of ammo …..we all knew the job was dangerous.
    Great little 22….my wife is even blowing up her own cans of stewed tomatos with it. Or is it tomatoes?
    Thanks for any input, remember…we need to leave it better than how we found it . Take out more than we bring in.
    Safe Shooting…

  • SteveO

    We bought our M4 Ops in March and 1st shots were in late May in Vegas (we’re in peoplez repuplik of kellifornia). At the time, we purchased 6 – 10 rd mags and fired only Winchester round and hollow tips…fired about 250 of each and experienced about a 3% FTF rate with the spring dialed per factory rec’s – NO problems with the engagement and retention of the 10 round mags. Have a knock-off Eotech mounted and got it dialed in with excellent accuracy for the 50 – 75 yard targets, and was able to hit 6″ targets ~100 yards consistently. Got back home and cleaned & cleaned & oiled & cleaned.

    We were back up in Vagas last week and “found” 5-30 round mags that somebody “left” behind and they were also brand new …wow, how lucky and convenient for us (hehehe). We loaded ’em up with the same mix of Winchesters and had a similar FTF rate. However, we did experience a FTF higher rate with the 30 rd mags, and 2 of the 5 experienced uncommanded release and dropped to the ground mid-fire. Non of the 10 rd mags have experienced this (still). Fired a fast set from the 30 rd mags and was able to get 24 out before a FTF…that was the best. With the FTFs, we experienced a couple pretty harsh hang-ups which really dented & galled the shells & tips; definitely a bad case of 2 trying to occupy 1 chamber. Overall, we’re pleased with the M4 and, like everyone else, trying to minimize the failures. Really going to oil and see if that helps reduce the FTF rate. I’m just wondering if part of the FTF is the inconsistency mag loading and unloading…watch how they “stack”, especially with the higher capacity mags. Maybe certain manufacturers have bullet/shell dimensions that make the rounds a little more prone to FTF while being used in the Colt’s. Just a thought. Still trying to figure out the uncommanded release issue for the 30 rd mags (maybe 20 rd too).

  • Quentin

    Sportsmans Warehouse had a good price on the basic M4 Carbine 22LR at $459.99 last week so I picked one up. Gave it a lot of thought because the S&W M&P15-22 is tempting and was on sale at Sports Authority last week for $399.99. I have read about the problems of each rifle and finally had to go with the Colt because it looks so much like a real M4, even weighs about the same. And it has the pony on the side.

    I finally got to fire it today and it functioned 100% with Federal 550 Value Pack from Walmart, about 150 rounds. As expected, it didn’t do as well with Remington Golden Bullet, failing to completely close the bolt every other time when a GB was the top round in the magazine. I noticed though the problem usually was when I manually released the bolt and once I got the bolt fully closed the rest in the magazine usually chambered and fired. In fact I tried a mag with 10 GBs and 5 Federals on top and all 15 fired with no issues. That didn’t always happen but it did enough that it may be a way to use up GBs if you’re desperate. Since I have other .22s that handle GB I’ll just used the Federal in the M4.

    I sighted in at 25 yards and had to crank the rear sight elevation knob as far down as it would go (under 6/3) to stay on the bullseye. I can see I’ll need a taller front sight post and hope Umarex will send one. I also hope to buy the nice black dust cover spring they have and put it on my home brewed 5.56 AR which has a silver spring. Very nice touch that Walther used a black spring just like the military Colt M4s! Surprising how much better it looks black.

    Anyway, I’m pleased with the look, heft and function of the M4 .22 and know it was the right choice. So much bad that you read about them but I’m glad I chose it over the S&W and others. Thanks for all the great information here, too!

  • Ciro

    Few months go a got a Colt/Umarex 22lr. M4 OPS.
    I loved the look and the feeling. Second time at range shoot about 300 rounds of Wincester Hi velocty and the rifle started to miss fire and act up. Ok, must be dirty. At home my 22 bore snake couldn’t go through the bore, checked the inside of the barrel with a bore light and noticed some damage in the barrel. Called Umarex, shipped the rifle to them they replaced the barrel section got the rifle back after a week free of any charge, but with a note from the gunsmith the rifle was fired with an obstruction in the bore and should not be covered by the waranty. This made me concerned, how this damage happened. Has any one else experienced this problem? Do you think was related to faulty ammo? How did the interior floating barrel get disassembled from the upper? I made and own a AR-15, but this gun has just the look of the real thing. The inside of it is completely different.
    Thank you.

  • junsajr

    Is it possible you had a squib load (faulty round w/little or no powder but a good primer) that left a bullet lodged in the bore, and then you fired one or more rounds behind it? Do you remember one of your last few shots sounding different (way more quiet?)

    Did you check the bore before you began shooting? I know I’ve often been guilty of taking a new gun out of the box and starting firing it without checking the bore first for grease, dirt, paper, excessive oil, etc. etc. which is not a wise thing to do. Mud and snow often get into the bores of guns out in the field which will cause the barrel to bulge (get a ring in it) or worse, if a live round is fired before the obstruction is removed.

    Your Umarex M4 was desinged around the 22lr cartridge which is why it is so different from your centerfire AR. I love mine.

    I hope something I said helps you out.

  • Jack

    Can’t imagine what go in your barrel, but I serious doubt it was from the ammo. You would think that anything fired, even if it seperated, would have enough momentum to clear the barrel? Weird.

    Next, I think I would like to build an AR-15 to plink with the M4. Since you have done this, I’m curious if you would have any suggestions for me as to what kits and how hard it was? Seems like the kits with an 80% lower are about $800 plus when all is said and done, that includes your jig. Thanks in advance.

  • Ciro







  • Ciro






  • Junsajr


    Look at page 26 of the below link, and page 27 the parts list. It shows a schematic of your rifle. Please be advised that I have NOT taken mine apart other than to clean it, BUT it looks like if you field strip your rifle and remove the flash hider/compensator the barrel receiver assembly should slide out from the rear, and the two slide housing halves are held together by screws. It looks like once the halves are separated the barrel should come out. Like I said I have NOT had mine apart, but this is how I’m guessing it would be done. Just in case you don’t already know the bbl on the outside of your rifle is just a hollow sleeve, and the actual bbl lives inside of it.

    Just a suggestion: Umarex customer service will probably tell you how to change the bbl if you ever have to seeing as how you will most likely be buying your replacement bbl from them. I’d ask them first. If you do, let us know what they say to see if my theory is correct.

  • Tim in NC

    There is a spring and lever that will fly out if you move barrel back in receiver.
    As you take it down keep bolt forward until you are ready to lift barrel straight up. Keep hand over receiver area to catch spring. There is a trick to re-installing the spring and magazine lever, hard to explain but if you study it you will see it is not difficult.

  • Ol_Painless


    Here is a link that was posted by RAY about half way down thru this listing of posts. It shows a picture step by step procedure of tearing down of the bolt carrier assembly. It it very good and I have done it several times. Just folow the pictures and you will or should have no problem (I didn’t). You will be amazed how dirty it is in there and I would reccomed doing this tear down bout every 1,000 rounds or so.. but you can decide on how often to do it.

    Tip 1 … when taking the screw out in step 18 make sure you keep pressure on the screw as it comes free, the spring behind it is strong and will fly if you just unscrew it.. also when reassambling this spring and screw REMEMBER that when the screw gets flush with the housing this is where you do the 9 turns for high velocity ammo.

    Tip 2…. be careful with step 23 as it says, there is a small spring under the end of the barrel that you can see in step 24 so keep your hand over the area as you remove the barrel and remove it slowly. I found the when reassembling this part that I had to use a small eyeglass screw driver to hold down on the spring and then place the barrel in position.. worked for me and you will see what I mean when you do it.

    Other than that its pretty straight forward and a VERY good step by step procedure to follow to get a good cleaning on the bolt carrier and housing area. Remember to tighten the compensator or muzzel break when done with assembly.

    Heres the link…

    Hope this helps I’m sure it will …. Happy shooting…

  • RAY

    After the barrel, you can try to mess with the trigger action.

  • Quentin

    Jack, like Ciro I didn’t bother with an 80% lower when I built my AR last summer – I also bought a S&W M&P-15 stripped lower (maybe that’s why I HAD to go with a Colt/Walther for a .22 knockoff of an AR). 😉 My build went well and I came in at about $800. No problems at all and I didn’t have to buy any tools to assemble the lower receiver. For the upper I would have needed tools but like most I bought a complete factory test fired upper. The rifle works perfectly and looks good. No warranty of course, so that’s one concern for many people. I used quality components so don’t expect the need for warranty work.

    Here’s the parts list:
    Lower Receiver:
    Smith&Wesson Model M&P-15 Stripped Lower $130 …….. Springfield, MA
    Del-Ton Lower Parts Kit $50 ……………………. Elizabethtown, NC
    BCM M4 Milspec Stock Kit/H-buffer $70 ……… Hartland, WI

    Upper Receiver:
    ArmaLite U15A4CB MidLength Upper Receiver ……. Genesco, IL
    ArmaLite E20151 Railed Gas Block Sight (total of $500) .. Genesco, IL
    Wilson Arms 16″ HBAR Barrel (included with upper) ……. Branford, CT
    Colt A4 Carry Handle (Cardinal Forge) (used) $27 …….. Hartford, CT
    Bushmaster 0.04″ taller front sight post $6 …… Windham, ME

    CQB Universal Fit 3-Point Tactical Sling (used) $10 … Visalia, CA
    USGI/NHMTG 30rd Magazine $10 …………. Hartford, CT

  • Jack

    Quentin, hey thanks for the great advice. Much appreciated.

    I think $800 is very reasonable when you consider what it would cost to buy an AR-15 retail with sales tax, especially here in California! Our sales tax is sky high. On $1100 its over $90. California…, geez we’re something else. Be glad you don’t live here! We can’t have a high capacity clip, we have to buy a trigger lock with each weapon purchased, then there is another $25 for a background check, doesn’t matter if have done 10 backgrounds in the last week, still gotta do it again cause its all about the money. If you buy from out of state and ship to an CA FFL dealer, they charge $60-70 to do the paper work!

    I suppose if it was some good, I wouldn’t mind so much, but there is absolutely NO evidence to say any of it, like this stupid high capacity clip law, the costly background checks and trigger locks that nobody ever uses, have had any effect on crime or our safety. Zero, zip, nada, no effect at all and I say this with some authority. I’m a retired cop and my son is a cop. We know the laws here are a total rip off, but not much we can do about it, for now. Non-shooters, non-hunters, anti-gun liberals are running the whole show and as for our the 2nd ammendment…they could care less. Sorry for the rant, but this stuff gets me going. I’m old enough (62) to have seen all the changes and the rights we’ve lost…very sad and Calif is among the worst, right after D.C. and New York.

    Back on subject, I thought I would mention after trying various loads for my M4 rim fire, we dialed in the set screw just right and I haven’t had a misfire in over 300 rounds now. However, I don’t shoot Remington’s. It don’t like those rounds for some reason? CCI or any high velocity round…yes, works just fine and super accurate.

    Thanks again Quentin. I think next month I’m going to try to follow your advice and build one up. My grandson (17) says it will be our project and he can’t wait to shoot it.

  • Sauerkraut

    Hi all,

    it took me two days to read thru the entire thread on the side. Thanks to everybody for their valuable input!

    I came across this site when I performed a search about the Walther / Colt M4 since I am considering buying a used one.

    It went like this; I visited my gun dealer on Tuesday to get some ammo but he still had not received the shipment :-(. So I hung out and inquired about any cheap, used self-loading .22s he might have. I have always wanted one to teach my missus to shot and possibly be able to defend herself and our home in case things start going south-pole. I had put aside EUR 100,- for that. Since they -again- changed gun-laws from idiotic to even more idiotic here in Germany the market is awash with them. But he only had this 400,- M4.
    I really liked its looks and I reckon that there are situations when you merely have to brandish this gun and won’t have to shoot with its martial appearance doing the trick. Would that be worth 300,-? Hmmmmmm, can I think it over? Sure.

    Yesterday saw me at the gun shop to borrow it for a trial shoot. I didn’t have access to a range but thought I would try to get aquainted with the gun first. Well, big disappointment. By the time I had read thru the upper part of this blog, the part where the gun gets its lambastering, I had let me get somewhat infected with the negative attitude towards the gun. But as I am in the market for a workhorse that, in times when you might not be in a situation where you can chose the brand of ammo, needs to function with what is available the finnickyness towards certain brands of ammo is not exactly a recommendation. Also, if a gun needs special tools to field (sic!) strip it, and needs plenty of cleaning, this was not really what I was after. And why does the stock have to rattle like a snake? There is over 2 mm of ply in it (it is the OPS version with the collapsible stock which I generally find a positive feature as it allows the missus to adjust it to her shorter arms). And finally, I do not like the phonyness of putting on non-functionig fake parts. Especially where a functioning part would make a lot of sense. What is the point of designing a lever or dust-cover that does not work? I can somehow understand that the FA has no function as it would not have a purpose to boot. But the slide-catch and dust-cover? D’uh!
    I intended to clean the rifle before I would take it to the range today as it is exessively dirty but discovered that my spanners are way wider than the slot behind the compensator (the 13mm key was not included when I borrowed the rifle). I thought about getting to substitute it but decided against. My dealer will marshall at the range tonight so if there are any problems he will witness them 1st-hand. OK, I will thoroughly test it the way it is, and if it performs I will give it a 2nd thought. Grabbed 6 or seven packs of all sorts of ammo I had floundering about and intend to mix them all up and see if there are unduly many malfunctions…
    Kinda hope that there wil not be because I really like the looks of the little carbine 🙂
    Guys, I didn’t want to rain on your parade, sorry if it appeared so, and if you love it, and it is the way you want it, good on you! I will keep you posted about how I will get along with it, who knows, there is always love at 2nd sight 😉
    Thank you all so far!

  • Jack

    I’m not trying to sell you on the M4, but in all fairness you said part of the appeal of the rim fire M4 is its authentic look, so I wouldn’t fault Colt for using a mock extractor.

    As for the collapsible stock, you would have to shake it violently to make it actually rattle, rattle – under what circumstances that would be appropriate? Yes, the stock slide can be made to make a tiny rattle, but I suspect the tolerances were deliberate so it wouldn’t be jam prone.

    As previously stated here by a number of folks, some dust covers tend to pop open unintended, mfg. flaw for sure. Mine closes fine, but I then checked for this before I bought thanks to the warnings from others on this list.

    We continue to enjoy our M4 rim fire. It’s incredibly accurately even out to 100 yards. Early on we had a jam problem, but we worked that out with the recoil spring adjustment (set screw).

    This M4 encouraged me to buy an AR15. Due to cost I decided to buy it in kit form. (It’s being shipped) Thanks again to commenters here and at I went with the flat top C.A.R., version with the 14 inch, chrome lined barrel, using a 1 in 9 twist, 4 position collapsible stock.

    Tip…for heavier bullets and accuracy use more twist, for lighter bullets like the mil 55 gr., use less twist (1 in 14), they are actually more accurate and barrel life is longer.

    On the long list of options I added the extended latch charging handle ($3). The kit came with 4 position picatinny hand guard at no extra cost. Total with shipping was $512, excluding what I bought on the side…. a used, but like new, rubberized 3×9 tactical type scope and picatinny rings all for $37. I added a carry handle ($27 found on ebay). The stripped lower will be another $125…it costs more than most because it had to be CA. legal. I’ve seen stripped lower receivers for sale under $75 on the net.

    My kit came from Model 1 in Whitewright Texas, via the net.

  • Sauerkraut

    Good morning 🙂

    sorry if I offended anybody with my last post, that was certainly not my intention.

    I was at the range last night and surely had a blast! I am pretty impressed with the little carbine, especially with its accuracy. Wow! What a shooter.
    As I had announced, I ran all sorts of ammo thru it, including some dreaded Remingtons. And guess what: it was the Rems I didn’t have a single problem with. They also seemed to deliver the best accuracy (but to be fair: we didn’t really “test” it in a “scientific” manner, but rather just shot it). We did encounter several (quite many actually) “clicks” instead of “bangs” and extracting those failed rounds would always have to be done with some sort of tool as the rounds did not stove-pipe but rather got stuck half-way inside the chamber and bent a good deal. Ugly. But in all fairness it was almost certainly the ammo to blame. They were RWS that I picked up at a sale. They look as if they are 60 years old and have a patina on the lead that I did not bother to remove for this was to be a “test”. And the M4 certainly passed.
    I do, however, stick to my criticism about the phoney parts. And I do not mind the fake pins or FA; those could not serve a purpose on a .22, so what, but I still cannot accept an engineer designing a slide catch or dust cover that is intended to not function although there is a good reason why they should.
    All in all, though, I give it the thumbs up and expressedly recommend the Walther / Colt M4 for anybody who is looking for a semi-auto .22 with the looks of the “real thing”.
    Probably the qualms I have with it is that Walther asks a stiff price for those looks and they are not important for me personally.
    Please don’t forget: I went to buy some cheapy, but was offered the M4 as the only thing currently available. That is not the fault of the rifle, but mine.
    I rigged up a “tool” to unscrew the barrel. The gun is REALLY dirty now, but I can keep it until next week, so I will give it a scrubbing and shoot it again on Tuesday. I will keep you posted.
    Ah, BTW: The front sight is way too short on this one, too. Had to aim about a half metre low!!! Dealer has to provide a longer FS if I buy it.
    Anyways, pretty impressed with the gun, fun thing for sure.
    Let’s see where we go from here.
    Greetings and thanks again,

  • Ol_Painless

    Jack, after buying and shooting my sons M4ops I too had to get an AR 15 for myself.. 🙂 I purchased the Ruger SR556 and LOVE IT..

    One thing about your build.. you said you were getting a 14″ barrel, CA law states that the minuim length for a barrel is 16″

    better check it out

  • Jack

    Thanks Ol_Painless, you’re right of course, California law does prohibit a long gun with a barrel less than 16 inches. That was my mistake I meant to say 16″ not 14″. For others reading this, in CA the penal code section reads, “A short-barreled rifle means a rifle having a barrel length of less than 16 inches or an overall length of less than 26 inches; any weapon made from a rifle which meets the barrel length or overall length criteria; any device which may be restored to fire a fixed cartridge and which meets the barrel length or overall length criteria; or any part or combination of parts designed and intended to convert a device into a short-barreled rifle or which would permit an individual to readily assemble a short-barreled rifle. (Penal Code § 12020(c)(2)”

    I don’t know much about your Ruger, but it certainly looks impressive. I see its priced around $1,500. However, this price is well in line with many versions of the AR 15. My kit weapon was considerably less and we’ll soon see if there was a reason or if it is a bargain!

    How do you like your Ruger compared to the AR’s? Ruger quality is well known, so my bet is it’s very reliable and accurate. We can’t always say that for the kit assembled AR’s because one mfg.’s version of mil spec can be a tad different than another’s. I know, I just compared two stripped lower receivers side by side, one was a snug fit with the upper the other fairly loose.

    PS I heard today from a lobbyist for CALGUNS.ORG they are attempting to get this stupid bullet point button law removed from AR 15’s. In CA you need a tool (bullet point) to remove the magazine and this means technically it’s a fixed mag and compliant with assault weapon restrictions. It’s just rediculous and how conservatives and my brother peace officers ever allowed this law to get in there stuns me! Then again we’ve let too many absurd, worthless gun laws get passed without any good reason for them to exist other than they raise revenue for the state. Don’t ya love it? Thank you CA.

  • Ciro

    HI GUYS!!!!


  • Ciro

    Call Umarex they will take care of your problem. They are VERY helpful..


  • Junsajr

    Hey Ciro,

    IMHO you should first give your rifle a thorough cleaning, then switch brands of ammunition. If you cannot find a brand that does not get stuck in a clean chamber, I agree with Sherman, contact Umarex.

    I have never heard of a broken shell extractor for a 22 rimfire. I once had a live round stuck big time in the chamber of a 308 rifle. The extractor actually tore the rim off when I tried to force the bolt open. I went to the hardware store and bought the largest diameter piece of steel drill rod that would slip easily into the bore. (You can use a drill bit as a gauge to determine what size rod you need to buy, but insert the smooth shank end into your muzzle, not the fluted cutting end that can damage the bore). I took the drill rod and inserted it into the muzzle of my rifle until it was resting against the nose of the live stuck round. I marked the rod about 1 inch in front of the muzzle, removed it, and cut it off at the mark. I placed the rod back into the bore and tapped it with a hammer and the stuck round popped right out. I suppose you could use a GI M16 cleaning rod to do the same thing, but keep it as short as possible to avoid bending/flexing when you tap it. I would use a steel rod instead of aluminum for the same reason.

    Good luck, and please let us know how you do.

  • I write a blog for a local newspaper and yesterday a guy writes in wanting to know why anyone would want to own an AR 15 (M-4)? He teaches at a local university, so I wanted to give him a decent reply. I thought you might enjoy reading what I said.

    “Mark, I’m glad you asked! The black rifle, as it’s sometimes called, is considered a thing great interest, beauty and pride among those who own one or would like to own one. This style rifle is commonly referred to as an AR-15 carbine (carbine simply means short rifle) and they are all patterned after the first military M-16 rifle aka carbine. Today’s improved military version of the M-16 is called the M-4. The M-4 is currently carried in Iraq and Afghanistan by our troops and some allied forces, but the AR 15 is the civilian version and it won’t fire full auto.

    The most common version shoots the .223 cal. cartridge, aka the 5.56x45mm NATO. This round is well known for its low recoil, making it very easy to shoot without a lot of shoulder fatigue. This makes a day at the range more fun. Even younger teens can shoot it.

    Why would someone want to own one? Well, for some, ownership of an AR 15 is more for nostalgic reasons than anything else. It’s a connection to their past military service and all that it meant to them. They might take this weapon out once in awhile to plink or just let the grandkids shoot it. And on the other end, it’s for collectors and competition shooters. This is their passion and it‘s no different than collecting anything of value or as a piece of equipment for people who seriously engage in sporting events.

    So, the appeal of the black rifle is varied as it’s many uses. It comes in many versions and this is a big selling point all by itself. People who enjoy shooting sports often look upon this rifle as one of the most cleverly engineered rifles ever produced because it can be fitted with so many options and upgrades.

    Black rifles may look similar from a distance, yet there can be a huge difference between one version and another‘s, just as you might find between say Toyota Celica and it’s upper class cousin, the Lexus.

    Like I said, the great appeal to the shooting public is in all the options; it has more options than any other rifle manufactured today and at a fairly low cost. A person wishing customize this rifle can select from a wide selection of barrels – chrome lined, chrome moly, heavy, fluted, long, short, etc., then there are various types of extractors, triggers, bolts and sights and more. The stock and hand guard, furniture, as they are commonly called, can come in several colors and camo patterns too; all to make your custom version unlike any other and in a mass produced rifle and this is important for many shooters. The way you choose which parts will go on your custom AR 15 depends on personal taste and the type of shooting you intend to do.

    For instance, if you’re a serious target competitor you would probably select the 24 inch barrel, with a 1 in 7 twist (rifling). The barrel would likely be heavy and fluted, making it both stable and rigid. Then you would want to add a special 3X9 scope with a large objective end to receive light. A two stage trigger mechanism can be helpful here as is an extended charging handle or an ambidextrous safety. Personally I would also add a chrome bolt, less friction and longer life.

    If you are a plinker and only shoot occasionally (nothing wrong with that) and perhaps you also want the rifle for home security, then you might want to go with the short barrel C.A.R. model. This has a 16 inch barrel with a collapsible stock. It’s light, small, easy to store and yet still quite accurate up to about 250 yards or more.

    Public or private club shooting can be especially relaxing and enjoyable once you have mastered the basics and you’re out there on the firing line. It’s hard to think about anything else but what you’re doing! You are checking your target and deciding how you are going to send that bullet down range to hit the X ring and there’s a whole lot to that seemingly simple act. In fact, this can be almost like a Zen moment, where you are one with the rifle! Deep concentration, controlled breathing, careful and precise movements, everything you do, every minor movement, right down to the timing of your heart beat is in play to make the most accurate shot possible. It’s a very challenging process to be thinking of all that it takes to make that bullet fly straight to it‘s intended destination. But, when the hammer drops and it all culminates in the perfect shot right…wow, it’s like rolling 3 strikes in a row!

    Mark, you non-shooters are missing out on something that has brought so much pleasure and satisfaction to many generations of Americans and it also helped build and protect this country. Today, the AR-15 has done a great job by creating a renewed interest in target shooting for people of all ages and backgrounds, and that’s good for protecting our 2nd amendment right’s too!”

  • Sauerkraut

    Hello again,

    I promised you an update, so here it goes:
    I cleaned the m4 as much as is possibble after “field”-stripping. The muzzle break was screwed on very tightly, I left it a bit looser when I re-assembled it. Cleaned the barrel with 3 wipes with a bore-snake and lubed the moving parts lightly.
    When I arrived at the range (only 25 metres and indoor) the mag would’t go in without a hard tap on the bottom …. strange, it was so smooth before??? It didn’t come out, either when pressing the release button. Actually, the release button would hardly budge, what the … ?
    Well, you know my qualms with the fake slide lock; here is an addition to this: it is possible to insert the thing upside-down, then it locks the mag release and yours truly had managed to stuff this up. I had also left the tool at home, so couldn’t fix it and the mag had to be forced in and out. D’uh! …
    OK, again my bad, let’s shoot 🙂
    To cut a long story short; the rifle is a real miracle when it comes to accuracy! Any ammo I fed it, it would be spot-on. BTW: most of it was Remington. OK, it was only 25 metres, but hey! As to reliability; there was 1 FtFire in several 100s of rounds fired by me and two mates. That round had a nice and deep indent, so I must blame it on the ammo. It went off the 2nd time.
    Best thing was emptying 30 rounds on the Olympic Duell Target within 20 second with hardly a flyer and seconds to spare. What a blast!
    The lil rifle is FUN FUN FUN! And it certainly has the looks.
    And there’s my problem with it. Those looks you have pay for. I will think about it again, but although EUR 400,- is probably an OK market price for it, this would also buy me a brand new Walther G22 including warranty and a hard-case, so there is my 2nd option to a straightforward cheapy I originally intended to buy.
    The last word is not spoken in this case but I will probably not buy it. Currently it is still in my gun cabinet but I will return it tomorrow and secretly I hope someone will walk into the store and buy it so I cannot. I’ll be sad, though when that happens 🙁
    Hope this was of any info-value for you. Enjoy your guns whatever they are and stay safe!

  • NHgunner

    Hey Fellas!

    just read thru this entire thing! Phew! I too just purchased the M4 ops. so far, out of the box it has run flawlessly. big no-no in remington ammo.

    My question is will CMMG, or other AR/22 mags work in this gun, or does it have to be the Umarex/walther mags?

    any help will be appreciated!

  • NHgunner

    Hey Fellas!

    just read thru this entire thing! Phew! I too just purchased the M4 ops. so far, out of the box it has run flawlessly. big no-no in remington ammo.

    My question is will CMMG, or other AR/22 mags work in this gun, or does it have to be the Umarex/walther mags?

    any help will be appreciated!

  • ankenytom

    It took me over 2 hours of reading to cover all the blogs from strart to fininish, but now I am very educated on the pro’s and con’s of the Colt/Umerex M4 .22 LR. I would like to know if the folks at Umerex USA also read these blogs/websites dedicated to this particlar model of the AR-15 rifle? If so, they should surely know by now it’s shortcoming’s. The question is this: Will they take all the constructive critizism that has been put out here and make changes to future models that come from the factory “flaw free”, or as close to perfect a $600.00, on average, rifle can be? Or will they rest on their laurals and let the negitive press go on and possibly damage the great name and reputation the brand “Colt” has built over the years. As someone pointed out Samual Colt “would turn over in his grave” if he had heard some of the negitive comments that people have posted here! At this time, I would probably wait for a “Version #2” to hit the market and then make a decision based on the blogs of those owners of the rifle in question here, the Umerex/Colt M4 .22 LR. I was once an “early odopter” of electronic items, such a DVD players, only to pay a big pricetag for “top of the line” model’s only to have Blu-Ray High Definition players hit the market that play the old DVD’s and have 1080P resolutoin, over twice that of DVD, come on the market only a few years later, and COST’S LESS to boot! I don’t care to be a human “ginie pig” once again with this rifle and it’s shortcomings. I certainly hope that the factory’s response to it’s know problems is corrected ASAP! Then, and only then, will I purchase one. In the meantime, I will continue to use my AR-15 ( Busmaster ),with a Ciener .22 LR Conversion kit and Black Dog 25 RD magazine from Cheaper Than, even though the barrel twist in not correct for .22 LR, that should be 1 in 16 rate of twist or rifling.

  • Curt

    Hello all.

    I am new to this particular blog, but am involved in a couple other’s on this site; namely the AK 200 and the ATI GSG Kalashnikov .22 AK 47.

    Unlike a few people here, I have not read every entry.

    A few months ago I purchased one of these Walther manufactured, Colt licensed, Umarex imported M4 .22 Carbines. I have taken it out a few times and put a few thousand rounds through it. At first, I had few fail-to-fires and a few fail-to-ejects. I had cranked the recoil adjustment all the way for HV ammo. After backing off a couple turns, and dropping two drops of oil on the bolt side, I have had zero fail-to-fires and zero fail-to-ejects that were not due to damaged ammo. Runs better than my M4’s and M16’s in the military.

    As far as accuracy: open sights I hit about 1 MOA at about 100 yards. Purchased a Leapers Red/Green Dot Sight from Pyramid Air. Same accuracy. Also tried a Mako detachable rear sight. Same results. Sure, a Ruger 10/22 with a flutted, accurized bull barrel can do better, but I am content with what this unit can do.

    Magazine issues? None. Yes, I have the 30 rnd that came with it, as well as 10 rnd and 20 rnd mags. No issues. I have not tried them yet, but I have heard that Black Dog mags work well. I personally do not know if they are actually interchangable. Has anyone tried?

    Oh yes – bump firing it is a blast!

  • Quentin

    Jack, your blog entry on why people want to own an AR-15 is very well written and I hope that university teacher actually pondered over what you said. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jack

    Thanks Quentin, appreciate your comments and the good news is, the professor came around and actually said he could understand my point! Wow, a small miracle, but we’ve still got huge uphill climb when it comes to protecting our 2nd amendment rights.

    Next, I just finished another article called “Reloading Steel Ammo Cases” and some of you folks might be interested in reading it. As we all know good .223 brass can be pricey and not always available, but steel cases with boxer primers are considered junk and laying around the range in abundance. If you’re interested in reading my experiment with steel .223 cases just follow the link below and then scroll down till you see the title…

  • NHgunner

    Hey fellas;

    well after unpacking and cleanin’ the M4 OPS, I took it off to the range. With me I brought:
    Federal 550 pack
    Winchester Wildcats
    Federal Blue box HV
    Federal Gold Medal Match

    The gun ran flawlessly with the 550’s, Wildcats. it would not run with Federal GMM, or the blue box.
    The front sight was really high, and rear way left. after adjustment, and a little fine tuning, the rifle was keeping golf ball sized groups @ 50 yards without trying. 🙂
    I am impressed.
    I was louder than I expected, and at first shot, almost sounded like my M4.


    I purchased thru a used GG&G sling adaptor that slides over the buffer tube, down to the receiver. While at first glance it appeared it was going to fit, the buffer tube is smaller than commercial or mil-spec tubes. It took some lead shims to get it from pulling away from the receiver. 🙁
    Put my spare forward broomstick grip on her, works great!
    For a sling, I bought a Spectre single point, which is working as it should, as long as the GG&G adaptor stay in place.
    Went cheap….bought an NC star Aiopoint clone, which will not stop wobbling in the mount, no matter how much I tighten it, but I feel that is a design flaw or problem with the NC star unit, surely not the gun. It was removed before a single shot was fired.

    So after so 700 odd rounds on the first time out, I am now goig to go thru the cleaning process. I’ll let you know how easy [or hard] that process is.

  • Jack

    NHgunner…you might want to try adjusting the spring tension (allen wrench) – see Colt’s manual or watch the video on the net. I had a fe short strokes and misfires until I ajusted the spring just a tad and since then I’ve never had a problem. It’s so simple to do too, its something you can do while at the range in about 2 minutes.

    As for cleaning, the take down is just like a military M4…fast and simple. (This is a great .22 – I really like it)

    Too bad about your NcStar scope mount. I’ve had good luck with them on my M4. I have one mounted on the A2 handle and fits nice. I use a 3X9 NcStar on my AR-15 with the A3 upper and all I can say is, wow, what a nice scope for the money! The quality is right up there with the more expensive scopes. I’ve owned 3 NcStar’s and never had a problem – just really good scopes for the bucks. Only I wish they were made here instead of China, but then if they were you would be paying about 4 times the price for the same thing.

    PS To the people who were concerned about the rattle in the adjustable buttstock, you’re going to have that in anything of this style I have two AR’s, same small rattle. No big.


    Can anyone describe the difference in sound with the umarex compensator? Thinking about snagging one. Also, what spring settings are you guys using? I have mine out pretty far and it shoots Federal great that way, but I had several failures to eject the spent casings with Winchester 333 bulk hollow points. Was VERY frustrating. Thanks for any advice.

  • Curt


    I have not tried the compensator yet. But since it is not a true silencer, I would not think that there would be much noise suppression. I started my M4 cranked all the way in, and had FTF’s and FTE’s, so I backed off about two turns and it will now digest any HV I feed it.

    The info I have says that the sights are not scaled to the .22 round, but I hit everything I aim at. Am I ever going to be able to put 1000 rounds into the same hole at 100 yards? No. But then I never really expected to obtain 1″ grouping at 100 yards.

  • Jack

    JGSXR, I would lower the setscrew until it’s flush with the surface, see how it shoots then, if still having problems back it off a tad more, 1/4 turn should do it, doesn’t take much to change spring tension. There is a video on the Colt website showing you how this is done.

    The compensator doesn’t change the sound, it’s mostly for looks. Yeah, you could ventilate it and that would change the sound but a silencer could get you busted, not sure its worth it.

    After rerading the comments here, I would say that 98% of those people that sent their M-4 back to the factory because of misfires could have fixed it themselves by simply adjusting the setscrew for recoil spring tension. You might have to open it up 2 or 3 times before you get it just right, but it only takes a few seconds to open and adjust.


    I tried the above mentioned settings, but had good results only after turning the screw in as far as it could possibly go. Shooting Fed 525 blue box.

  • Curt


    At least you found what works for your unit, that is what matters most. I just hope that you enjoy yours as I enjoy mine. Keep shooting. “Shoot straight and shoot often.” to qoute Jim Scoutten.


    I know the days of Federal value packs of 525 or 550 at Wal Mart for 10$ are gone, but can anyone recommend a good local or online retailer for Federal Bulk ammo? I live in NC.

  • Ron

    I don’t know what it is about this gun, but I’m having a blast with it. I own an AR-15, but I am having just as much fun with this M-4 22 and it’s a whole lot cheaper to shoot. It looks, feels and shoots very similar to the AR. After reading this entire forum and adjusting the spring all the way in and replacing the front site post with a taller one from Umarex it shoots great. I’ve put 400 rounds through it with no problems. I’m shooting CCI mini mags and cleaning it after each 200 rounds. If the performance continues to be as good as it currently is — Its a keeper!

  • Henry

    I bought my Colt M-4 from Big 5 Sporting Goods. Like many, I was getting about 10-20% ftf. These would be first round misfires and failing to chamber, brass not extracting, and light fire pins strike, etc. I tried adjusting the bolt speed tension (9 turns clockwise from flush, then in and out by varying amounts) with no change. I fired about 1,200 rounds of Federal and Winchester Bulk ammo purchased at Wall Mart.

    I called Big 5 and the clerk said I have to send it back to Umarex (I thought I was speaking to the manager). I sent the rifle to Umarex and they replaced the extractor. At the range, same crap. I talk to the manager at Big 5 (the real one) and told him of what was going on. He took the gun back and gave me a new one (of course I had to do the waiting period thing again).

    Making sure the bolt speed tension was set at 9 turns clockwise from flush, and the compensator set at 1/2 turns from hand tightened, I went shooting again. At the range, with the same ammo as before, I was getting only 1% ftf. Many ftf happened after 200 rounds when the gun was getting dirty. That day I fired about 550 rounds of Federal and Winchester.

    I cleaned the gun and set the compensator 1/4 turn in after hand tightening. The next time I had only about 3 (not 3%) ftf with about 600 rounds fired. Excellent!

    Lesson I learned about this Umerex’s/Colt M2 tactical rimfire experience:

    1. The company has very poor quality control. For the U.S. Market why don’t they set the bolt tension for High Velocity rounds (9 turns in ) that 99% of us will be shooting.

    2. Why don’t the manuals emphasize the cleaning of this rifle after 200 or so rounds. The tight tolerences of the gun make it very sensitive to powder residue. Gun Scrubber and a chamber snake or brush will take care of many ftf. Remember: bulk ammo burns dirtier that quality ammo.

    3. Why aren’t the manuals clear as to how many turns to tighten the muzzle compensator. The owners manual says nothing. The online owners manual says 1/4 turn from hand tighten, and a orange paper I got with my first M4 (after repairs) says 1/2 turn. Why the difference? I know the compensator tension is very important for reliability, so why doesn’t the company find the correct torque for each individual rifle and mark that spot. I took a engraver and marked the best spot for my compensator once I found it.

    4. For the American market, why doesn’t Umarex sight in the rifles using Federal, Winchester, or CCI ammo. My first rifle front sight was not cocked to left so I had to remove the swivel, loosen the screw under the swivel and knock it with a plastic hammer. The front post had to be run down all the way down. In fairness, the second M4 sights were set OK.

    5. Clean the barrel then loosen the compensator to seperate the lower and upper reciever to clean the action. Do not bump the end of the barrel when the compensator is loose. This was on the above mentioned orange paper with the “repaired” first M4. Again, why is this important information not included in the the manual???????

    6. The rifle seems to get better the more it is broken-in.

    7. Big 5 will exchange your guns–just make sure you talk to the manager and not some bozo who says he the manager.

    8. Umarex will e-mail you a UPS shipping paper that you put on the gun box for postage free returns. You must cover all writing so nobody will know it is a gun. Just give the box to any UPS driver. I got my gun back in 11 days.

    9. 11 days is a long time to part with a $600 gun.

    10. A $600 gun should not have problems 1-6.

    Things I like about Umarex’s Colt M4 tactical rimfire:

    1. It is made from quality materials. I had a Colt AR-15 .223 and they are similiar in fit. finish, and feel (and of course .22 ammo is much cheaper than .223 ammo).

    2. They look nice and turn heads!

    3. They are very accurate and fun to shoot. I have several .22 rifles but none with aperture sights. Aperture sights are a welcome change and fun to use.

    4. It has a banayot lug, although a little filing is necessary for a banyonet to fit.

    5. Umarex will give you a free magazine when you send a gun in for repairs.

    Overall I really like my M4, and don’t regret the purchase, but I feel that I went through too much research and drama to get it working the way it should. I hope my experience will help you have happy shooting with your M4!

  • Mike Crafton

    I have recently purchased a Colt/umarex carbine version. After installing the Walther PS22 red dot sight (very good product), I immediately noticed the front sight seemed to be angled slightly to to the RIGHT. To verify this, I re-installed the carry-handle and tried to sight-in the rifle using the open sights. This is when I knew for sure the front sight was off! The rear sight had to be moved almost all the way to the right to zero the shots. I noticed that in previous posts, someone suggested loosening the set screw an “tapping” the front sight back to the left. I highly recommend NOT attempting that! The front sight is VERY tightly PINNED to the barrel. NOT likely to move without loosening, and possibly seriously damaging the receiver halves where the barrel seats, as it has a “flat spot” that aligns it. If you try to turn the sight, you’re gonna turn the barrel, and that ain’t good! Also, the set-screw under the front sight is Locktited in place! You must use HEAT to break it loose. I decided to knock out the pins an thread the pin-holes in the sight using a 6-32 tap, and install allen set screws to secure the sight. After sliding the sight BACK just enough to clear the pin-holes in the barrel, I evenly tightened the set screws after centering the front sight. Now the front sight is visibly straight, and the rear sight is dead center, and the shots are dead-on! Also, this makes the front sight easy to remove to install the Umarex front (floating) quad-rail (RIS) setup. Which is also a very nice product. Also, if you are experiencing “light strikes” from your firing pin causing too many misfires, remove the firing pin from the bolt and SHORTEN the rebound spring (on the firing pin) about 1/8 to 1/4″. This will cause the pin to hit harder against the primer. Also, some misfires are caused by the bolt not closing fully when chambering a round (dirty bore, sometimes) Make sure you have properly adjusted the tension on the main spring. The factory (flush) setting is too light for just about ANY ammo! The folks at Umarex say “a MINIMUM of 9 full turns in from flush.” I keep mine all the way in, with no problems. Now I have a really SWEET-SHOOTER! My next project is to re-work that AWFUL trigger-pull! I’ll keep you informed on my progress…

  • has anyone got problems with the dust cover closing surely it is not just for looks

  • Curt

    glenda casey,

    Believe it or not – that is just what it is there for, looks. Just like the forward bolt assist and bolt hold open on the left side of the receiver. Even what I have found is that the sights are for full caliber AR’s and not calibrated for the .22 LR. Even so, I have no issues with the sights on my example. After adjusting the bolt speed, I have zero issues with mine, except not having enough time to shoot. But that is a personal issue.

  • Mike Crafton

    Actually, the first versions of this rifle came with a working dust cover. But, according to Umarex, they made the dust cover non-functioning as a “safety feature”. You are supposed to keep that little blue plastic “empty chamber indicator” in the breech when the gun is not in use. Hence, you cannot close the dust cover.I guess they figured that if the dust cover stayed closed, people would CLOSE IT! And then you would SHOOT SOMEBODY because the little blue plastic thing WASN’T IN THERE! They are apparently trying to make guns “safe” for IDIOTS and CHILDREN. You can probably see where the little spring-loaded “catch” on the cover was intentionally sheared-off. I have an email in to Umarex to see if they can supply the original WORKING catch so that us SAFE, RESPONSIBLE, ADULTS can have this nice feature working on our guns! Also, you may have to file down the piece on the cover that holds the spring and the plunger in order for it to close fully without hitting the bolt when it snaps shut. I had to do it to mine to help it to snap shut more firmly. I actually hand=made a working plunger for mine and it works GREAT. Also, I’d be willing to bet the non-working “bolt-release” button is another feeble “safety” feature to help prevent “slam-firing”. Like there might be a possibility of accidental firing when you “slam” the bolt shut. That refers back to COMMON SENSE again! I’ll let you guys know when I hear back from Umarex about the part in question.

  • Jamie Tinker

    I’m waiting on the background check to get a Remington 597 VTR .22lr and I got a Sight mark lazer/holo sight as a gift, and just wanted to be sure that its compatible with the rails that come standard, might be a stupid question but some feedback would be appreciated. thanks

  • Jack

    For Jamie Tinker, I’m sure the rails are standard size, should be no problem.

    Next: I’ve just started bench shooting with my M4 and at 100 yards the best group I can get is about 2.5 inches in diameter. Wondering if this is about right for most M4’s or if should be able to do better? My ammo brand is Federal. No jams. Had a few jams with Remington.

  • NHgunner


    Experiment with different ammos.

    My M4 Tacky loves the mini mags, and I can get groups of about one inch at 100 using a scope.

    I’m extremely happy with that, considering it’s not a ‘match gun’. lol

    I’m using a simple Burris 1.75-5x scope. Perhaps with more magnification, it might even do better.

  • Jack

    Carlos I totally agree with you. From day one I experimented with my M4 and decided it doesn’t like Remington ammo, but it loves Winchester. Given there is no price difference for me I’m fine with that. I also did the usual tweak with the spring tension to improve ejection and now it works like a fine Swiss watch. Zero problems.

    I would like to hear from more people about the group they are getting at 100 yards. I was a former Grand Master in PPC, shooting against the best in the world. The very best group I can get with my M4 is 1.5 inches @ 100 yards and I’ve used every trick in the book to do it. I find it almost beyond belief than anyone could get a one inch group @ 100 yards with a stock M4 even with a 5X scope – but maybe I am just losing my touch and getting old!

  • NHgunner

    ” I find it almost beyond belief than anyone could get a one inch group @ 100 yards with a stock M4 even with a 5X scope – but maybe I am just losing my touch and getting old!”

    Well fella, over the course of 100 rounds in CCI mini mags, and shot from a bench, over a Midway cheapo rest in the front and a bean bag in the rear, the aveage groupings ran from 1.1″ to 1.6″….like I said, “about one inch”.

    I also had to do alot of “tweaking’, as you suggested to make it function flawlessly, up to and including cleaning the barrel with JB bore paste after every 20 rounds forthe first 100, then every 50 rounds till 200, then every 100…I’m at about two thousand five hundred rounds now, it shoots better every time.

    One of the biggest things I have found pertaining to the accuracy of the rifle is the torque on the flash hider. Make sure it is NOT over tightened. Follow the ‘book’ on this. I had flyers everywhere at first, till one day on a re-assembly I realized I was over-torquing the flash hider.

    Nothing different about how I broke this in, I do the same to EVERY rifle. I feel it does make a difference.

  • texasteph

    my husband purchased our colt m-4 ops version for $499 last year, and we love it. we added a cheap laser and a couple 30 round magazines. we have used federal ammo (brown value box) and it fails to fire almost every magazine, we have adjusted the pin and cleaned it well. we have shot maybe 100 rounds or so. otherwise i love the gun to kill snakes and chase coyotes away from my chickens.

  • Mike Crafton

    If your failure-to-fire is caused by “light-strikes” to the primer, you need to shorten the rebound spring on the firing pin. About 1/8″ off should do it. I have pretty much totally eliminated FTF’s in my colt. When done correctly, you should see a nice “groove” in the rim of the shell after firing, instead of the little “dimple” that’s normally the case.

  • Ron

    Hello. I just got my Umarex M16 22 LR. The big selling point for was the 21 inch barrel. Should be the most accurate 22 lr in the game, and it is very accurate when I can get it to fire. I had a lot of FTF, fail to fire, and fail to eject issues the first time I went out. out of 300 rounds I only had 3, 30 round mags that were fail free. All others had issues and I felt like a fool at the range. I could feel the coments in their heads via their looks—- Look at that dummy and his M16 toy… I called Umarex and they said most likey the bolt needs to be set right, and they are sending me the Allen wrench for it. I thought it would be factory set for standard ammo… That is what I was using standard CCI mini mags, the best right??? We’ll see what happens.


    RON – You should read through the comments some, but I would suggest you turn the recoil screw all the way in despite whatever the factory recommends. I had the same problems as you and tried dozens of settings, this one worked the best and will shoot damn near any ammo, including Remington, CCI, Federal, etc without consistently FTE. I get about 1 every couple of mags and a handful of FTF out of a box, which is gonna happen with cheap .22 sometimes.

  • NHgunner


    “usually” all the tools needed are in the box, sometimes under the ‘flaps’ that make up the ineed box.

    Take your time, experiment with different ammo, and different settings of the bolt. Put a small mark on your bolt and write down the changes you make to the adjustment. this will help alot.

    Good luck. it took about 5-6 trips to the range to finally get dialed in.

  • Curt

    Hey Ron,

    Welcome and congrats on your purchase of the M16. I got the M4 before I knew about the M16 or I would have gotten that instead. I prefer the look of the longer barrel. As for the FTF and FTE issues, I think just about all of us had those same issues. Once you get the bolt wrench, and get it adjusted, you should not have too many problems. I have not. Just remember, these things like High Velocity ammo. I have not ran the CCI Mini-Mags yet. I purchased a butt load of BVAC (Bitteroot Valley Ammo Corp.)

    I am surprised that you did not receive an Allen wrench with your gun. Mine came with two. Maybe I got yours? lol Most people that I have spoken with that have these guns crank the bolt screw in clockwise until it bottoms out, then back off a couple full turn counter-clockwise. That USUALLY solves the issues. But you will have to just keep at it. In the end, I am sure you will enjoy yours as much as I do mine.

  • razoray g

    my wife gave me a m16/22 for xmas what a great wife or what? Its in the middle 6000 ser# and there have been changes for the better. 1st the dust cover will stay closed. Lock the bolt open with an empty mag and close the door. It will open when you install a loaded mag and pull back the charging handle to load. ( there is a cut out in the bolt for the door catch) and will open when pulling the charging handle. 2nd the safety in now a 90 deg. arc not the 180 deg. as before. 3rd the bolt buffer is held in place by a long set screw ( will not fall out while cleaning) and the fake bolt release is locked in place. Emailed umarex and they said that they were indeed updates, because of customer requests!!! Anna was very nice to deal with. Tested the unit after cleaning on 1/14/11, ran 50 rounds of 10 different types of 22 LR ammo both standard, high and hyper velocity. There wasn’t any problems at all “0” none nada zip! The bolt spring is were the factory set it, all the way out. The ammo used was Rem. viper hyper solid point, rem yellow jacket hyper hp, federal auto match , rem std velocity target, wolf match target (i do not like the jello lube on these) American eagle HV, Peters Hv (have had these a long time, brown boxes, $1.39 sticker per box from Big 5) Federal 550 HV value pack, federal 525 blue box and CCI stingers. There was not a single FTF, Fail to fire or FTE. The best was the peters HV 3 ten round mags (30 rounds) into a 1 inch sight in target box at 25 yards off bench and bags. Using open A2 sights, only adjustment was 4 clicks right. The only thing I did’nt like was the 2 ton trigger, but it did get better the more I shot it. Do I like this rifle/ whats not to like? W. Ray G.

  • gil elayda

    Hi guys,
    I just bought the full size Colt m16 22 and was wondering if its possible to
    put on a collapsable stock on it instead of using the fixed buttstock? Would there be a need top modify it in order to do so or can i just bolt on an aftermarket one? Kinda new here so please bear with me and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • Ron

    I got my Allen wrench form Umrarex, and it has taken care of 95% of the issues.

    I had a few jams, and I think a 10 round mag might help FTF less??? What you think?

    Also cleaning the blot assembly? The Video says nothing about that…

    Just leave it dirty?

  • Jack

    Ron, unlike an AR or the mil-M4 there’s no blow back tube, so this M4 is relatively clean shooting. I suppose you could clean the bolt assembly, but not sure it would serve any practical purpose. AR’s and military M4’s are really dirty shooting weapons and need serious cleaning to avoid jams. My advice is just give it a normal cleaning followed up with 5 or 6 drops of gun oil. I know a lot of people never use more than 3 drops. That’s wrong. Don’t be afraid to use gun oil where its needed, just be reasonable not to over do it that’s all. The military has a fettish about keeping oil to a bare minimum because it looks cool, but it’s not doing your weapon any good if its too dry.

  • Tim in NC

    I would disagree on the need to clean bolt and guides. Any .22 rimfire will blow back some crud, semi auto’s are probably the worst. Also the “grease” that comes from factory on bolt gets dirty and gritty. There are procedures on web on disassembly of rifle down to bolt removal and cleaning. On my 2 after cleaning and light coat of Wilson Slide grease or Wilson oil the rifles cycle much more reliably with 0 FTF or stove bolts. Another good practice is to only hand tighten the flash supressor. These guns do require regular through cleaning to function reliably. Tim in NC

  • ankenytom

    I think there is such a thing as too much oil used on guns and rifles. The reason the military does not like excees oil is because it attracts sand, dirt and grit in dry, humid climates. A light coat of good, high quality gun oil such as TetraGun brand, or Break Free, CLP, ( cleaner, lubricant, preservative), or even WD-40 if you have nothing else. In really cold weather, do not over lube or your gun not function well. There are some “dry lubes” out on the market for really cold climates. Besides solvent, try Tetra brand “ACTION BLASTER” gun cleaner. Follow instructions on can. Good luck and have fun shooting your M4/M16 Colt/Umerex .22LR!

  • ankenytom

    I purchased 2 20 round magazines from Umerex on their website, and I am very happy with them. They stick out the bottom of the mag well about the same length as a 30 rd mag in a AR-15 .223 caliber. I found they are not as prone to failure to feeds as the 30 rd mags, due to shorter springs in the 20 rd mags and when bench shooting the mag does not hit the bench because it’s shorter and you still have enough firepower and capacity for most shooters.

  • Ron

    ankenytom, Oh yes. Thanks I did not even look there. My local gun guy only has to 30’s or 10’s.

    Yeah i will buy the 20 rounders and give them a shot.

    thanks a lot.

  • Ron

    Hello. I just got back form the range and after cleaning my rifle I am happy to report all your suggestions and advice really helped me a lot.

    I fixed my bolt setting issue, the mag issue, and out of 500 rounds I only had 6 mis fires and I blame the cheap Blazer ammo for that.

    This M16 22 is a great fun rifle. I had a blast shooting my brains out for 4 hours today.

    I was going to pawn her and get me a SIG 522, but not now. I am very happy with my M16 22.

    I just wish they made magnetic magazines for the Colt 22, and eliminate all them feeding issues.

  • ankenytom

    Ron, glad I could help. Sounds like you have your rifle working really well now. If you take the time to read everyone’s comments of this whole blog, you will learn just about every trick in the world to get your 22LR AR-15 Colt/Umerex running like it probably should have from the factory! Experiment with different brands and types of ammo, and bullet types. You will usually be able to find some ammo that you can buy locally that will do the job, then just buy that same ammo each time and it should work for you. Remember to clean your rifle as often as needed to keep it functioning with 99% of less malfunctions. You will never want to sell or trade your rifle for something else if you are happy with it! There is a great wealth of information on this website for sure.

  • J. Tinker

    I have a Remington 597 vtr and i live in California.. i only use the gun for target shooting but i was wondering if you can get in any serious trouble for using illegal 30 round large capacity magazines. My uncle lives in navada and offered to ship me one over.. but if someone with no prior law violations of any kind is looking at jail time if u get busted then i don’t wanna mess with that.

  • Quentin

    I don’t know CA law but if it’s illegal, it’s illegal. Doesn’t matter if it’s just a .22LR, the law doesn’t change. I’ve never seen any code that excludes a certain caliber from a draconian law.

    • Bigmag47

      The only thing illegal in Ca. about any .22 cal. semi-auto is the magazine holding more than 10 rounds. 922r compliance laws are Federal laws and apply to centerfire rifles only.

  • my m16 SPR shoots 5″ to the right at 75′ i have adjusted the rear flip up site as far as it will go to get it this close, any one else have this problem otherwise i love it shoots well looks good, help!!!

  • junsajr

    Most likely your front sight is canted off to one side. I have heard there is a set screw underneath it that will allow you to move it (I have not personally verified this) or you can call Umarex and ask them how you can correct it. They have good customer service.

  • I have talked to customer service and that was their thought, i loosened the allen set screw and tried to tap the front site with a rubber mallot. I didnt notice any movement but it did help some now it is shooting right on center, but the rear sight is as far left as it will go so its still not right as it has no adjustment left for the future. I’m concerned and dissapointed that the recomended fix attempt is so crude and rough espically after spending $400+. The service center did send me a return tag after i told them of the results even though i dont think they believe me. they did appear to be friendly and somewhat concerned. I guess i will send it in and will see if they can make it right i hope they do the right thing after reading the forum i have become worried about my choice of rifle, I should have researched before i purchased, if they can get it right i will be happy with my purchase although i really dont have much choice.. I guess worst case i could put some sort of optical sight on it and would have the adjustment and accuracy of it although that isnt the way it should be, thanks for letting me ramble. Im hopeing for the best.

  • Curt

    Dave Ryan,

    It is good the you are now on target. Remember, though, that these sights (unless changed since I got mine last year) are not scaled to the .22lr round. My info stated that they are for full size .223 AR’s. If you can call .223 full size. lol But, since they did send you a return tag, I would send it in and let them fix it.

    As much as I loved mine, I ended up giving it up for an HK (okay a CETME, but the same thing). Prob will acquire another in the future.

  • Dave;
    I had the same prob with one of my colt 22s. I have both the carbine and the ops. I had to get tough but it fixed it. now the aft sight is centered and every thing is ok now. When you use the rubber mallot I could not see the movement but it is ok now. It took me several tries but it worked out ok. Guy they have great service down there and they return your rifle very QUICK not likw S&W they take forever so hang on if you havt to return it.
    Sherman Jines
    Wichita kansas

  • DGunns

    If your having extraction problems most of them are from shooting cheap bulk ammo , The m4 pretty much will not shoot Remington. It will feed and fire federal target grade over and over with out flaw . Magazine pops out ,,on some due to a faulty catch only on some . Umarex will send you a new one right away

    the compensator they sell Is pretty much for looks only It did nothing for sound, recoil or accuracy .But it looks cool .

    I keep a 1 inch group at 100 , I do not think it can get much tighter .

    if your front sights are off . disassemble it Slide the action and barrel out clean it up and reassemble , Do not take the nuts and bolts out of the action. Then do not over tighten the flash hider just snug it up good , I seen this fix several of them Perhaps the flash Hider was way over tightened..

    don’t waste your money on the walther flash light, Sure its cheap and it does look good , But its not bright , the switch is of toy quality . Use that money on some more ammo .

    once you have all the quirks fixxed it really is a great shooter

  • Shane Gann

    I bought the Colt M4 .22lr for my 10 year old to shoot in 4H. I, unfortunately, have nothing good to say about it. I have had many guns. This is the worst piece of junk I have ever owned. It shoots about 3 out of every 4 shots, if you are lucky. The firing pin hits, but will not fire. You can put the same cartridge back in and it will usually shoot it the second time.
    You might shoot 2 or 3 cartridges before it jams, but it usually jams after every shot. I have adjusted the tension spring every way possible. I have shot CCI Stingers, CCI mini-mags, Remington, Federal Lightning, Federal bulk. They ALL do the same crap.
    First and LAST gun with the Colt name on it that I will EVER purchase!!

  • Curt

    Shane Gann,

    Wow. Sorry to hear that you are having so much trouble with your firearm. You seem very angry, and I can understand, but I certainly hope that your son does not see this anger. Have you talked to the dealer about getting it sent in to see if the company can resolve the issue? I have heard that if all else fails, they are usually fairly good at fixing any issues you may experience.

    Remember, you want to be a positive role model, so take a deep breath, count SLOWLY to ten, calm down and contact your dealer and ask for their help getting it fixed.

    It is not end of the world stuff going on.

  • ankenytom

    Shane, sorry to hear of your bad experience with your Umerex M4 Carbine. If it is that bad, and has a clean chamber and bore, then sent it back to Umerex for service. Most the users from this website have had good luck with that option. My wife works for 4-H full time here in our state. What a bad experience for your child to have on his maybe “first gun”? For strickly target shooting where accuracy is very important, I would have maybe purchased a Bolt action or Lever action rifle for that purpose. Henry makes good .22 LR rifles that I have had good luck with. I realize that you may have purchased your M4 on looks alone or wanted a simi-auto action. If that is the case, they maybe try the 10/22 Ruger rifle. Magizines with 25 to 50 rounds or more can be purchased for those. All I can say is read all the blogs here, as there are many, take the suggession’s and apply them, and decide for yourself if sending in the rifle for repair is the right option. Colt does not actually manufacture the Umerex M4 .22 LR rifle, they just put their name on it for “marketing”. I also can say my Umerex M4, when kept clean, lubricated properly, and set up the way people here in the blog have done, work’s perfectly for me in the 1 year I have owned it. Hope this helps some.

  • Tim in NC

    Try some different ammo before giving up. Mine does not like any Remington but does well with other brands including bulk Winchester. CCI mini mags if you want do more than plink work really well. Cleaning by removing bolt helped both of mine, also leaving flash suppressor only hand tight was a huge help. Both mine are running fine, better after lots of rounds down range. I also touched up the extractor grove with a fine file. I would not recommend this unless you are used to fine file work, I am tool and die maker and have the skill, eye sight is failing but good enough with magnifier to get it smoothed up.
    Tim in NC.

  • Jack Lee

    Shane, if you would like get rid of that lousy .22 please contact me. Mine was stolen out of the trunk of my while it was parked right in my RV driveway!

    It really made me sick because my .22 was great. I can’t really afford to buy a new one again and my insurance refuses to cover my loss…long story, but insurance companies are like that. Anway, I wouldn’t mind having a used .22 M4 and I’ll be happy to take my chances that I can fix whatever is wrong with yours if you would like to sell it at a fair price.

  • DaveL

    Just bought the M-16 version (for my son to shoot) for $399 at a gun show. As a follow-up to Ron’s comment, has anyone replace the fixed M-16 buttstock with a collapsible one? i.e.
    1. Will the M4 stock fit on the M16, as they are essentially the same rifle?
    2. Will an aftermarket buttstock from Magpul/others work?

  • DaveL

    BTW – My son shot a full box (550 rounds) of CCI Blazer through it at the range today, with only one FTF, no FTE’s!

  • Sichart Ratanarat

    Have anyone convert the Colt M4 .22LR to be fully auto?

  • NHgunner

    If you go to youtube, there are videos of folks bump-firing their Colt 22’s.

    I do not believe in it, nor do I think it is safe.

    1. I do not advocate it, and believe it is just abuse.
    2. Why would one want to waste ammo in such a way?
    3. “If” I was going to rapid fire, I personally would want to stay on target as much as possible, to see just how accurate the firearm could be in a quick fire mode.

  • The Pilgreen’s

    I’m getting ready to buy this gun used from a guy at work.. I really like the ops version with the rails better than the plane m4 carbine. Does any body know if I can buy the parts to change it into the ops model??? Thanks and buy the way, I wonder if it has the problems most of you guys are dealing with.might be the reason why he’s selling it for $275.00… 🙂

  • w4yn

    There are no issues that can not be fixed.
    Sounds like a great deal to me.
    Not sure about conversion parts but I would bet Urmax has everything in stock.
    Tim in NC

  • Jack

    Dravel, I think you just bought the wrong version. The Colt M-4 in .22 has the collapsible butt stock. That M16 was purpose built to look like an original M16 with the fixed stock and that’s why I bought mine.

    As to the intechangability, I found that not much on the .22 M4 or M16 will change over to the real deal. However, a quick call to the importer should resolve whatever questions you may have about furniture swaps.

    I do know the airsoft furniture is just a tad smaller so they won’t interchange without some honing or tooling. Not really worth the trouble.

    I just finished writing an article called, “Shooters Corner, Building the Perfect AR 15 by Jack Lee” You can google it if you want to read about building a nice kit rifle in .223.

  • NHgunner

    anything available to up fit this gun [m4 ops] is on Umerex’s website.

  • Pete

    Hello everybody,

    please excuse my grammar – English is not my mother tongue.

    By now I read through all the posts regarding the Umarex .22 Colt M4 carbine and I really like how many people submitted posts and gave their input.
    I bought my M4 two month ago and have nothing to complain about. Of course, it’s kinda weird, that you need some tools to field strip a rifle which is an assault rifle clone (the weirdest thing is that you have to untighten the flash hider….I am German and was wondering, what my fellow countrymen did to this weapon when they produced it…. usually we don’t come up with a design like that, which requires that the flash hider needs to be unscrewed so that the rifle itself can be field stripped).

    Other then that, it’s smooth sailing – even the dust cover stays in place (if nobody sneezes).

    But here’s me question: Does anybody know, if the HK416 butt stock can be attached to the M4? I already got a rubber buffer for the usual butt stock, but I would like to attach the HK416 one.

    I am not going for the “real” HK416 butt stock, because it’s way to expensive (or..I’m not drunk enough….yet).

    Have a great weekend, everybody!


  • That was kind of inspiring! Completely unpredicted. Now I understand what I’m heading to do tomorrow 🙂

  • Ben from vegas

    Hey guys just got back from the range with my brand you colt 22lr m16 ver. I had about 5 ftf at the range and wanted some input from you guys. I see on here some members talk about tightening the barrel by hand and not using the wrench to tighten it down. Is this true will it stop my colt from ftf issues. Also I was using the winchester 555 ammo and it seemed to do well my I went through about 300 rounds with this ammo and only the one issue. I also have seen on here that some members suggest NOT to get a 30 round clip is this true. and last but not least, what do you guys think about the adjustment setting on the spring. Should I leave it at the normal factory default or should I crank it down. Let me know guys and thanks so much for your time on this issue.

    Benjamin from vegas.

  • Jofhn

    I love my Colt m16 22. I about 1000 bulk Federal rounds from Wally world through mine with no adjustments and no issues. I see a lot of complaonts but i think that for some reason people are biased.

    • dgs

      nice looking rifle.

  • John

    I love my Colt m16 22. I about 1000 bulk Federal rounds from Wally world through mine with no adjustments and no issues. I see a lot of complaints but i think that for some reason people are biased.

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      @Danny B, If you remove the carry handle by loosening the 2 screws on the handle, you expose the “flat top” rail. You can attach your red dot there. Good luck.

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  • Where can i buy this weapon?

  • andy

    does any one know were I can buy the trigger assembly for the m4 .22 as ive damaged mine and cant find a replacement

    • Tanner

      It is probably just a normal AR15 Mil-spec trigger, which means that you can get a replacement anywhere. However I don’t know that for sure as I don’t own this rifle but the M&P15-22. You should contact the manufacturer and confirm this then just order another AR15 trigger assembly or lower parts kit that you like.

  • Brian

    does any body have a replacement barrel?

  • Jose

    hi…. how can i get one of this in México?

    • Bob Preiss

      You don’t! It’s not legal, the polocia will come after you. Look what they have done to one of our Marines.