GSG-5 : .22 MP5 pattern rifle

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Atlantic Firearms will be getting in the MP5 pattern .22LR GSG-5 Sport rifle (although I would call it a carbine).


Caliber: .22LR
Action: Semi-automatic
Length: 855mm
Height: 207mm
Width: 53mm
Barrel Length: 414mm (16.3″)
Weight (without magazine): 2930g (6.45 lbs)
Magazine weight: 115g
Magazine capacity: 22 rounds ( 10 and 22 will be available in the future)

It also comes with a fake suppressor.

Apparently MP5 accessories and furniture is compatible with the GSG-5

Atlantic Firearms will be selling if for $499 and they are expected to arrive in January or February 2008.

Some more photos:

A video of the GSG-5 in action

Looks like fun!


Some more photos from American Tactical Imports

DEMIGOD has written a review:

Is the GSG-5 anything other than a plinker? For shooters who need to use an MP5 “for work”, the GSG-5 may be a viable training platform since the controls are identical. In addition, a suppressed GSG-5 may have some law-enforcement applications.

According to Tony at Amchar, the first shipment to the U.S. will contain 1320 rifles and should be heading out to dealers around the country and the end of February 2008. GSG’s production plans for 2008 include 10,000 GSG-5s.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • GW GW on Mar 24, 2011

    And for John Baker, yes, i have used CCI's HP mini-mags and they work great. If your planning to use these in the GSG MP5 as a personal defense weapon, then i have a few suggestions: you mentioned you were concerned about spraying 223 rounds everywhere and potentially hurting someone that you didnt mean to shoot (which i absolutly agree with) but you also said you own a few 9mm weapons. why not use those? I recently bought a highpoint 9mm rifle and it rocks! (which im sure you already know). it would be perfect for the job. Compact, light weight, accurate, reliable, versatile, powerful...everything you would look for in a self defense weapon, right? Not to say the GSG MP5 isnt any of those things, but it just lacks the stopping power. Even with stopping power there comes recoil, the highpoint does not kick much at all, so no worries about recovering for follow up shots. Not to mention it will fire just as fast as the GSG if you have a quick finger and it makes ALOT more noise than a 22 does which has a big impact on guy at the other end of the barrel. It also seems like your worried about ammo. Pro Mag makes 15 round magazines for the highpoint 9mm and there are double magazine pouches available too. And the 9mm round isnt like a rifle cartridge that keeps going. High muzzle volecity, but putters out after a short distance and a wall or two later. And if you dont wanna take the chance, which who does, get some hollow point 9mm's. Garunteed to stop at the first thing they hit.......Ok, i think thats it....And for anyone reading this, i am NOT putting down the GSG MP5 in any way at all, and i do realize the 22. does have the ability to fend off thugs and definitly has the ability to be lethal. If you still think the GSG MP5 is still the best choice, i would look into buying the 100 round drum for it. Then theres no chance of running out. They also make dual mags. Aint the guys at GSG great? haha

  • Jesse Jesse on Apr 10, 2013

    What kind of ammo are you guys using? I purchased regular .22lr and it will shoot one round then stop. I can manually rack it then once the bullet is in the chamber it will shoot then stop again. I called to complain and the retailer told me i need .22lr HV. Which i cannot find anywhere. Have any of you had a similar problem?