GSG-5 : .22 MP5 pattern rifle

    Atlantic Firearms will be getting in the MP5 pattern .22LR GSG-5 Sport rifle (although I would call it a carbine).

    Picture 7-6

    Picture 9-10


    Caliber: .22LR
    Action: Semi-automatic
    Length: 855mm
    Height: 207mm
    Width: 53mm
    Barrel Length: 414mm (16.3″)
    Weight (without magazine): 2930g (6.45 lbs)
    Magazine weight: 115g
    Magazine capacity: 22 rounds ( 10 and 22 will be available in the future)

    It also comes with a fake suppressor.

    Apparently MP5 accessories and furniture is compatible with the GSG-5

    Atlantic Firearms will be selling if for $499 and they are expected to arrive in January or February 2008.

    Some more photos:

     Gsg5 Media Pics Kurz 2

     Gsg5 Media Pics Lang 3
    A video of the GSG-5 in action

    Looks like fun!


    Some more photos from American Tactical Imports

    Picture 7-8

    Picture 8-11

    Picture 9-12

    Picture 10-9

    Picture 11-12

    Picture 12-8

    DEMIGOD has written a review:

    Is the GSG-5 anything other than a plinker? For shooters who need to use an MP5 “for work”, the GSG-5 may be a viable training platform since the controls are identical. In addition, a suppressed GSG-5 may have some law-enforcement applications.

    According to Tony at Amchar, the first shipment to the U.S. will contain 1320 rifles and should be heading out to dealers around the country and the end of February 2008. GSG’s production plans for 2008 include 10,000 GSG-5s.

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