Blast from the recent past

Jay emailed me an old CDNN catalog from 2001. It is hard to believe the prices listed were the norm only 8 years ago. Click to expand images.

Picture 1-13
Good luck finding a used Mateba for under $1200

Picture 3-18
Saiga 12: $600+ today if you can find it in stock.

Thank to Jay for the history lesson.

Steve Johnson

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  • jdun1911

    CDNN does have very good deals from time to time. Earlier last year I bought a Charles Dalyl BHP (new) with XS sights for around $289 IIRC. The XS sight alone cost over $100. Tactical Response guys swore by them. The XS sight system is made for combat and work as advertise but I have a hard time getting use to them.