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  • Matthew

    I think this isn’t a fake, because on the IVA 2008 in Nuernberg there was a poll about a new grip material.

  • Dennis C.

    It may be old news at this point, but it is definitely is not fake. I attended the Shot Show in Orlando this year and stopped by the Glock booth. The new generation models were on display. The grip is as pictured above on all of the new generation models. The slide varied. Some of the new generation models had the slide in question which some have dubbed the “fish gill” design. Some had the design we are all familiar with. Since the booth was mobbed when I went by I didn’t get a chance to ask about the inconsistency, but I can confirm it’s existence.

    I thought the new grip design was terrible though. It seems as if Glock was listening to the people who say their grips are still too slick when they designed the new one. The nubs dig into your hands like tiny barbs making it nearly impossible to drop it by accident, and providing moderate discomfort just gripping the weapon. I can’t even imagine what it would do to my hands if I tried to actually fire it. Not a fan of the new grip.

  • wendell chenault

    I like the grip and “fish gill” design on the G17. I hope they do a G19 also. A gunstore in my area is supposed to confirm that for me tomorrow. The more the grip is like my SR9 the more I will like it.

  • wendell chenault

    I have contacted Glock several times in the past 2-3 months to see when they may come out with the new griped model 19. As of now they do not have any plans on when it will be made, only the model 22 and model 17.

  • wendell chenault

    Called Glock again yesterday about the new grip Model 19 and they are still saying no plans for the 19 yet. If they do it will probably be announced at the dealer gun show next year which will be in Jan or Feb.

  • wendell chenault

    Got my Glock 19 back in Sept and finally got to shoot it today for the first time and got to compare it to my SR9. You can read the comparrison of the two on The Firearm Blog, The Ruger SR9. I have been carrying it for CC with a Crossbread Supertuck IWB. I really like this gun but wish Glock would change the grip to that like the G17. It feels better when shooting it than it does to just hold it. I shot Monarchs some old China Sports and reloads with no problems what so ever. I plan on getting a CT laser for it and continue to CC with it.