Fighting With a Shotgun

“Old Painless” from Box O’Truth has written a interesting article about fighting with a shotgun over

Some folks make the very dangerous assumption that owning a shotgun is the same as knowing how to fight with a shotgun. Such is not the case.

Birdshot is only for practice or shooting little birds.


“A sling is to a shotgun what a holster is to a handgun.”

The article mentions Clint smith with an H&R single shot shotgun. This video clip briefly shows him demonstrating the single shot:

Steve Johnson

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  • jdun

    The box 0 truth is a good site. Pack full of useful information.

  • M.A. Martinez

    Good video. A good practical demonstration of many varieties of shotgun. There’s a lot more to cover: gauges pros/cons; barrel length; tactical movement; shot placement; ammo types with pros/cons; accessories; etc. But this was a nice introduction to the shotgun — IMO the best defensive weapon (dollar for dollar) available.

  • Good video and great article.

  • K. D.

    Had a 80 year old neighbor a few years ago shoot 2 robbers inside his home with a single barrel .410. One lived to stand trial, the other didn’t. ( The one who lived probably wishes he didn’t.)