4th Generation Glock? I think it is a fake

UPDATE: It is real.

I saw this ad, purportedly for the next generation Glock, over at Xavier’s blog:

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I think, and hope, it is a fake. The “fish gill” slide serrations look too “pretty”, not at all “glock-like”.

Picture 40-1
Fish gills. Sorry, I had to make my point 😉

If you look closely at the rear slide serrations and compare them to the zoomed in version you can see that the spacing does not match up. But, as someone at GlockTalk pointed out, it is not uncommon for gun companies to photoshop advertisements, sometimes displaying another gun all together.

GlockTalk has a long discussion about the so called 4th gen Glock.

Real or fake? What do you think?

4th gen Glock. Real or Fake?


I have been analyzing the image. In my opinion it is defiantly photoshopped.

*** I do realize this is an advertisement, the fact that it has been photoshopped does not mean it is a fake. ***

Consider the Glock logo on the grip and on the flashlight. Look how perfect they are. This is a low resolution image. The logo borders are pretty much 1 pixel wide if you ignore the apparent anti-aliasing around the edge.

The image is very low resolution, and is a compressed JPEG, and has very bright lighting. This is far too much detail.

Picture 41

Picture 42

Compare it to the zoomed in image of the Glock photo in the Glock Catalog:

Picture 54

The lines are also too perfect. Everything appears parallel, exactly, when zoomed in (I rotated the image). The lines should not be so distinct on a low resolution, highly lit up, zoomed in photo.

Picture 53

No rear sight, at this angle we should be able to see it.

Picture 55

The Glock catalog photo was taken at a lower angle and the rear sight is visible.

Picture 56
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This “fish gills” are also much too perfect and apart from some “anti-aliasing” are nearly identical. Again, a low resolution, zoomed in, highly lit (think shadows),compressed JPEG photo should not have this kind of detail.

Picture 44-1

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  • laurent

    Ouch. I hope for Glock this is fake, because that would be an excellent advertisement for SIG-Sauer… I would only be interrested in a 4th gen Glock if it takes the modular handle step, à la P250/P99/P2000.

  • Nomen Nescio

    call me weird, but i like the fish gills. reminds me of the “fish scale” serration type that NAA offers as a custom-shop option for their semiautos.

  • jdun

    US made Sig are going down the drain. There are a lot of QA problems with their gun since 2004. Customer service is horrible from what people at Sigforum and AR15 posted.

    Glock is the only plastic handgun that I would buy (have G19 and G30) and only the second generation. There no reason why handguns needs finger groves and rails. Of the two the rails on handgun are stupids. It makes the pistol unbalance and harder to draw if you put a flashlight/laser/etc on the pistol.

    Modular handle is even stupider. People will be whinning about modular handle on plastic frame breaking off in the coming years. If your back strap broke then your entire frame need to replace unlike an AR15 where you could just put a new grip in.

    If Glock going to do a new grip texture they should copy Magpul MAID. I am very impressed with MAID grip texture.

    The top pistol shooters in the US use Glock and 1911.

  • Nick

    I think its real, almost all guns ads i see are photo shopped in some way, but i believe its real, its unconventional for sure, however, i don’t see why anyone would go to the trouble to fake a glock ad, with that much detail. i think its quite probably real, just very heavily photo shopped.

  • Adam

    NEWS FLASH>>>>>It is very real. A buddy of mine has one…..It gets better, he’s currently trying to sell it now for only 900.00 .I say, good luck with that. They look terriable! I’ll stick with my gen 3 G17. How stupid???

  • Nick

    This is real, unfortunately. The new 4th Gen is on display at Scottsdale Gun Club available for fondling. I took a look at it earlier today. The stippling feels cheaper and the slide serrations are awkward, but the magazine release is now ambidextrous which is at least ONE improvement to try to balance out the less comfortable grip and lame slide…

  • Bryan

    It is real. I saw one in person today.

  • Scott

    Saw them today in Atlanta in 10MM and .45. No 9s or .40s.

    I’ll be honest and say I don’t own any of the previous generations, but I thought the grip was an improvement; very tacky. It has a slight sandpaper feel.

    I don’t know what to make of the slide grooves. They don’t slip as easily; your finger tends to dig into them, being drawn to the center of the groove.

    As far as trying to sell one for $900, good luck with that. They were selling for $449.

  • I just purchaced one..Yes its real

  • Alex

    Is not FAKE ! I just hold a GLOCK 22 yesterday. The feeling is awesome ! Same Glock we love just with some little improvements. As of right now only the Glock 22 has those new features. My guess is that is on a limited release. With the new texture you will not need grips or grip tape.

    I want to buy a Glock 26 or 27 with this texture, so my search begin !

  • Dwain Smith

    It’s real!!!! I just purchased two of them….The feel is awsome

  • Andrew

    I’ve seen a couple of these for sale on gunbroker, but I haven’t seen one in person yet. I’m going to reserve judgement until I see one in person. The picture may be photoshopped, but the ones that I have seen for sale have the “gill” serrations on the slide and an odd texture on the grip.

  • Greg Seneff

    I held one just yesterday at a local gun shop. I purchased the prior 22 model for my son. I held this model and I like the feel better. Of course, that is a totally subjective thing. Not that the prior model’s feel is bad, the new version has more of a distinguishable grip.

  • Mike Bennett

    Well This isnt fake its very real. I own one. I love the gun and the grip is perfect. It feels like little spikes and is very secure even when it is raining. I love this gun. I just got a glock 26 and am waiting to pick it up! But Im a glock fan period

  • Greg

    You guys are idiots of course it’s real. They have been advertising this new RTF2 Glock for almost a year now. For the last and final time, ” This is the new Glock RTF2, not the 4th generation Glock, this is a real photo!”

  • Briggs Webster

    This is very real…. i carry one for my duty weapon, all the other officers carry the 3rd gen and they want one like mine, even my Cpt. wants one

  • Briggs Webster

    the grip is great even in rainy situations

  • Briggs Webster

    the grip really sticks to your hand, even in rainy situations.

  • JamesPMullin

    I own the Glock17 RTF2.I also own the model 20c,32 and 33.The new frame gives you a much improved grip over the older Glocks.I’d snatch up a g21 or a G31 in RTF2 in a second.People who complain about the RTF2 just need to get a real life.They might even try to shoot guns rather than talk about them.As a matter of fact i carried the RTF2 G17 9mm today at work,loaded with 3 Doubletap 124 gr +Ps and 14 Winchester Ranger 124 Gr FMJ NATO rounds. Buy one,you’ll like it. Jim

  • Jose montanez

    For those that think is not a 4th gen Glock17,sorry but it is,I have it.I love the new handle grip on this gun and it can fired any hot round +p+ like winchester ranger 124 grn +p+ hollow point.looks better than 3rd gen