Blackwater’s new AR-15: BW15

Blackwater announced that they will soon be selling AR-15s. Customers will choose what features they want and the Blackwater Armory will build it.

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Blackwater BW-15

The public seemed poised to receive Blackwater’s new BW15 rifle after handling two samples that featured the Blackwater logo. “We’ve had a lot of people ask how they can get one, said Alan Alligood, Blackwater armorer.” Blackwater’s highly trained and ex-perienced armorers take the basic M4 to the next level by offering custom rifles that are built exactly to the customer’s wishes.

“We have a hard time helping people understand that we are not offering a line or series of guns. We build want they want. Each one may be different,” says Armory Chief Bill Kirkland. In a business where the firearms industry is saturated with variations and types of ARs, the BW15 represents a truly unique approach. The rifles can only be ordered through the Blackwater Armory, making them very exclusive and highly desirable.

I have emailed Blackwater for more information … lets see if they respond.

Steve Johnson

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  • jr

    how much is that gun if i want evey thing on it

  • Billy Kelley

    I am very much interested in this rifle. Let me know more about it.

    Billy Kelley

  • This is an awesome AR-15 and chambering in 6.8mm, a widely available round with nearly all the stopping power of the 7.62 NATO is an excellent choice IMHO.

  • Doug

    The BW-15 doesn’t shoot the 6.8mm!!! It shoots the 7.62 NATO round or the 5.56 NATO round, where did you hear that it shoots the 6.8mm? The only assault rifle that shoots a 6.8mm round is the Barrett made M468. Nice try though.

  • henry
  • Bob

    They do chamber the 6.8 unless the website is lying. Barrett developed the 6.8 but there are many manufacturers that have products in that caliber. Nice try though know it all!

  • Mark Heather

    Just wondering if I can interchange parts from a sabre AR 15 which I currently use. Also night vision as well as a KAD sound suppressor. Finally, can I use the BW 15 lower receiver with a TAC 15 crossbow? Thanks, Mark… USN(ret.)

  • brad

    my ar-15 has bushmaster on the left side of the lower and blackwater on the right side. so i mean what brand lower is this?