Blackwater’s new AR-15: BW15

    Blackwater announced that they will soon be selling AR-15s. Customers will choose what features they want and the Blackwater Armory will build it.

    Picture 7-11
    Blackwater BW-15

    The public seemed poised to receive Blackwater’s new BW15 rifle after handling two samples that featured the Blackwater logo. “We’ve had a lot of people ask how they can get one, said Alan Alligood, Blackwater armorer.” Blackwater’s highly trained and ex-perienced armorers take the basic M4 to the next level by offering custom rifles that are built exactly to the customer’s wishes.

    “We have a hard time helping people understand that we are not offering a line or series of guns. We build want they want. Each one may be different,” says Armory Chief Bill Kirkland. In a business where the firearms industry is saturated with variations and types of ARs, the BW15 represents a truly unique approach. The rifles can only be ordered through the Blackwater Armory, making them very exclusive and highly desirable.

    I have emailed Blackwater for more information … lets see if they respond.

    Steve Johnson

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