Chinese reporters shot at police anti-gun briefing

This is hilarious, you just can’t make this stuff up (not of course for the poor guy who was shot). The BBC reports:

Three Chinese reporters attending a police briefing on the success of an anti-gun campaign were accidentally shot, media reports say.

An officer picked up one of the weapons on show – a confiscated home-made gun – but it went off in his hand.

A reporter needed surgery for injuries to his ankle, crotch and chest, after being hit by what appeared to be pebbles fired by the gun.

It was a homemade shotgun designed for birds. UPDATE: Actually it was a homemade double barreled pistol shotgun!

I think if anyone needs guns confiscated it is the Chinese police. Stay clear of them if you are attending the Olympics 😉

The classic policeman-discharging-his-pistol-in-a-classroom video shows incredible lack of safety but it is even more unbelievable that nobody checked to ensure the gun was unloaded between confiscating it, processing it, storing it and then displaying it to the media.

More here.

UPDATE: I found a photo of the gun at

Picture 6-13

Very cool. A double barreled pistol!

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Other guns that were on display. Those looks like Norinco pistols.

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  • Acad Ronin

    The pistol reminds me, in concept if not execution, of the old Ithaca Auto and Burglar 20 ga. double-barreled pistol. Too bad they are no longer legal.

  • Eddy Alvarez

    lol too funny. sad that they’ll use it as another reason to deny the right to have guns.

  • this is really not a surprise. TheGunPoll pretty clearly shows that outside of the US, people view gun rights very differently and they just don’t get the same training on how to handle guns. you can check out all of the raw data at pretty interesting

  • I have been at the wrong end of a barrel. I have been threatened by a policeman with death. I have seen policemen lie. I have never been arrested in my life!

    No way do I trust government to do right by me or my family. No way do I trust political parties to really do anything for me.

    I will clean up my neighborhood if you will stay out of it and allow me the tools. Only a fool doesn’t learn from his environment.

  • welll what did you expext in the people paradice a pd officer who accualy knew how to handle a firearm or that maby that would have a class in ordinace handling most of the higher up cop,s ie leftenent and above for the mosrt ppart are oplitacal hack,s

  • Justin Jones

    Did anybody else think the reporters were doing the shooting?

  • Sam Suggs

    Some what unrelated but how well do you trust uncle leo