Remington’s Cannon: The MasterBlaster

The Remington MasterBlaster is a big suppressed 8 Gauge kiln gun.

The MasterBlaster system is the most productive and cost-efficient way to remove virtually any type of build-ups in boilers, kilns, silos, quarries or mines. Both the gun and the ammunition provide superior power, accuracy and dependability, shot after shot, at distances up to 300 feet

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“Rapid Firing” 😀 nice

It fires special remington 8 gauge slugs weighing up to 3 oz. / 1312.5. 8 gauge has a caliber of 0.835″ / 21mm.

Zinc Build-Ups With Hard Exteriors and Soft Interiors


Perfect for self defense 😀

More info here.

Steve Johnson

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  • Doug

    Methinks if it were loaded with shot instead of a slug, it would be perfect for duck hunting.:D

    • Jonathan

      Except the Fed has declared the 8 gauge to be illegal for game hunting. And it’s been that way for quite some time now.

  • Bill Kaline

    Where can I find a supplier for 8 ga. kiln gun ammo ??
    I’ve searched the Web and find no suppliers listed.

  • Andrew

    This is going to be my panic room gun, for the zombie apocalypse. as long as you have shells and some powder, you could load just about any thing in a 20mm. Nails rocks razors, chain links, bollo wires, explosive shells, hell even dispatched zombie teeth.

  • bobby

    use it everyday at work!

  • john

    bill wondering if you have found ammo for 8ga i have 3000 rds if intrested. john

    • grady

      i would be interested in your 8 ga ammo

  • Sam Suggs

    cool however why is its range limited to 300ft and why isnt the barrel rifled

  • Ben

    Mate uses one of these at work, Also dumped 200 rounds of it on me of which I have no use

  • john

    grady I have 2800 left if interested 9 cases 2 lead, 4 cases 4 ld and 2 cases of 00 buck. if interested call john at 770-560-6995 or email