The first smokeless military cartridge: 8mm Lebel

The 8 mm Lebel (8x50Rmm French) was and first smokeless powder cartridge adopted by the military of any country. It is also the one of the most bizarre looking cartridges I have seen.

 Wikipedia Commons 3 34 Lebel 8Mm Round
Photo from Wikipedia

It was introduced in 1886 and served through WWI. It was made obsolete in 1929 with the introduction of the 7.5x54mm MAS mod. 1929 (7.5 French) cartridge.

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  • Don Ballard

    I have one box of Remington Kleanbore 8 m/m Lebel Hi-Speed, 170 grain soft point rounds. Can you tell me the approximate value? Thanks in advance for your reply.

    Don Ballard