Machine-gun shaped liquor bottle leads to arrest

A guy, likely drunk, thinks pointing a machine gun shaped liquor bottle at a cop during a traffic stop would be a good idea.

Edmonton police say they’ve arrested a 24-year-old suspect after a man pointed what turned out to be a machine gun-shaped liquor bottle at an officer conducting a traffic stop Friday night.

Around 11 p.m., police say a second officer noticed a man in a nearby house pointing what looked like a long barreled gun at the officer doing the traffic stop.

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Tommy Guns Vodka

For the sake of all Canadians I hope he is barred from ever owning or using a firearm.
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  • Mr. Murillo

    I think this is an absolute exageration. If a 24 year-old thought it was funny to point or aim at the officer that does not mean we all need to pay for his childish mistakes of unrespectfull upbringing.

    Having said that, it is ridiculous to even think of prohibiting this beautiful piece of art glass from getting in our hands and why not, enjoying its content which should be good too.

    Think about it!

  • Mr. Murillo, 24 year olds are not children. Pointing a replica gun at a police officer should have about the same consequences as pointing a real gun. If the policeman pulled out his pistol and fired at the guy, the consequences would have been the same either way.

  • Mr. Murillo


    No one is having an oversight of the “Young man”`s failure. My only comment is that We, all the other citizens are not supposed to pay the consequenses for other people`s mistakes and making bad publicity to a beautiful piece of art glass because it was wrongly used is not fair and we are not supposed to be affected by other people`s missbehavior.

    Still me and many other people who enjoy a nice bottle appreciate the fact that there are this type of products in the market and we will be buying them because we appreciate the inner value of it, these are the types of reactions that make Americans feel so unsure about many things now a days, seeding public panic.