FNAR 7.62x51mm

FN have a new 7.62x51mm (.308) autoloader called the FNAR. It is only available in 7.62x51mm and comes in two models Light barrel and Heavy barrel. It uses AR-10 magazines. (UPDATE: Owners report AR-10 magazines CANNOT be used).

Fnar Light
FNAR Light

The FNAR puts autoloading speed and bolt-action accuracy in your hands. Every FNAR rifle must meet a 1 MOA or better accuracy specification, just like the FN SPR precision rifles. The receiver is constructed of aircraft grade alloy for light weight and strength. The fluted barrel is offered in a choice of light or heavy contours and features a hard chrome lining and recessed target crown for accuracy and long life.

The action looks like it is based on the Browning BAR (not to be confused with the Browning Automatic RIfle, which is completely different), a sporting auto-loader. Browning is owned by FN.

Browning BAR Light

These excellent photos were take by TalonArms.com



Steve Johnson

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  • I have handled one of these and I can say fit and finish are up to FN Herstals great quality standards. This will make a great medium sniper rifle, and with magazines in from 5 to 30 rounds it will enable firepower if needed.

  • Enrico Suave

    SHould I buy? or convert m existing BAR?

  • I have not heard of a conversion kit.

    I would also be surprised if they made one available. This rifle is marketed to law enforcement and the military. They don’t want their “not evil” hunting rifle to be associated with “black” rifles.

  • They are already for sale at my local gun store. 1399.00 is the going price for the Light and Heavy version. Both are 7.62 Nato caliber.

  • Daniel

    I just sprung for one, it ships tomorrow. I didn’t need or even want a new rifle, but when I saw this and talked to some knowlegable folks in September, I knew I had to have it. They are shooting into 1/2 groups. I like the look, not too “evil”, but just tactical enough to command respect. The .308 caliber is a hole that needed filling in my gun locker. Dan

  • Mike

    This is a very interesting rifle.
    I’ve heard it told both ways concerning magazines though.
    Some have stated it “WILL” accept AR-10 mags and some
    say it WILL NOT and that the bolt hold open on an AR-10
    mag is on the opposite side as the FNAR mag????
    I don’t know but would like a definitive answer as I’m
    interested in buying one of these FN rifles.

  • Mike, contact FNH-USA, they will know.

  • Rob

    I bought an FNAR yesterday. I own an AR-10 and several M1A rifles. The AR-10 and M1A mags do not fit the FNAR. Oh well…
    The $125.00 rebate will buy you 2 and leave you with change.

  • Sam Adams

    I’m sorry but the last thing I need is a less-than-accurate BAR with a black stock and pistol grip all at an inflated price … to each his (her?) own, I guess.

  • Dave

    Sam —

    What makes you say the rifle is less than accurate? From what I have read, it is *quite* accurate.


  • Shane

    Sam & Dave — Both Browning & FN have excellent reputations… the accuracy on the FNAR is guaranteed 1 MOA or better… and with my BAR I consistently outshoot my friends with their customized Rem 700s (we’re all military)… granted this is based solely on personal experience, but I’d fault the shooter long before I’d fault a properly maintained BAR… switching gears, I wished the stock folded like on the SCAR. –Shane

  • Kevin

    I Purchased a Browning BAR in 243 this fall, it was made by FN. I shoot 1/2 inch groups at 200yds consistantly off a sand bag. I like this new FNAR, can anyone tell me how the 308 recoil on this rifle is, as far as effecting accuaracy in rapid fire with the 20 round mag. Thanks

  • Daniel

    I bought one at the end of December, and I can tell you that it is extremely accurate. The recoil is not even worth mention. Compared to the other rifle I mainly shoot, a Ruger Mark II 7mm .08, it is unnoticeable. Now I’m just waiting for aftermarket companies to make some interesting parts.

  • chuck

    Anyone found a source of clips for the FNAR. I have looked high and low and none are to be found so far.

  • Matt Bee

    When I bought the fnar 308 it says to clean it before I fire it, so I did and to my great dissapointment one of the screw pins broke during reasembly. I hardly put any pressure on it. My dissapointment is in how cheaply the pin was made, almost like it was supposed to break.

  • Kevin

    Thanks Daniel, I went ahead a bought one but have not fired it yet. I ordered a Dednutz one peice scope mount. I have not decided which scope yet.
    Chuck, Reds trading post in Idaho (do not know their website) says they have some mags coming in and Reds is pretty reasonable for price.
    Anyone know what ammo not to use and what ammo is most accurate for this rifle.

  • Dan

    Now that I have had this rifle for three months or so, I have to say it is my favorite. I broke it in with buffalo bore ammo and right out of the box was shooting sub 1/2moa with a Leupold Mark 4 scope. Recoil is not worth mentioning, not for .308. It does weigh a lot with scope and full clip and bipod, but I am not carrying it any great distances or even shooting off-hand that much. Who ever said “Iā€™m sorry but the last thing I need is a less-than-accurate BAR with a black stock and pistol grip all at an inflated price ā€¦ to each his (her?) own, I guess.” is dead wrong on accuracy and price. 1350 is not a lot for this level of performance. dan

  • Brian

    I just got the scope on my .243 Browning Shortrac last week and I am very happy with it. With just a bore sight and a little mounting care I was up and left less than an inch at 100 yards and grouping less than an inch out of the box with cheap factory ammo! I have no idea if the FN action is built heavier but I would hope that with a steel receiver vice aluminum and a heavy Barrel that the FN would better the shortrac performance. The shortrac is much lighter than the FN and when you get to the bigger bores the short/longtrac barrels don’t seem heavy enough for a semi. Looking at the parts breakdown the shortrac and FN AR are very very close. What I like about the .243 semi is the quick recovery for a second shot. For me that means coyotes down. Very light recoil and flat shooting. The FN AR has potential, but until I can readily get a magazine or other parts for it I’m not buying. Its bad enough trying to get parts for any browning right now.
    My choice would be a 300 WSM version of the FN. Though I’m not giving up my pre 64 style bolt actions for long range targets yet.

  • HB

    I bought one last week and love it. I took it to the range and love it even more. My only complaint is lack of magazines and parts; you can’t find this stuff anywhere. I’m hoping in a couple months when things settle down it will get easier.

    Here is a good review of the FNAR –

  • Randy

    I just got my FNAR and took it to the range yesterday. I am a cross dominant shooter and from the first time I picked one up it just fit me. Once getting the scope sighted in it was very accurate and groups of 1/2 were the norm for me. This rifle is going to be one of my favorites for sure.

  • Nate

    I bought my FNAR a few weeks ago and I’ve got to say it shoots like a dream. Accuracy is no problem, you point, it shoots. Recoil is surprisingly low for a .308 rifle, even an autoloader. I’ve put over 500 rounds through the gun with no mishaps, now I’m not saying that that’s impressive (in fact it’s only to be expected) but what IS impressive is that the other day after blowing 300 rounds of crappy serb plinker ammo through it, when I went to clean it, the first patch I ran through was a little dirty, but the second was as clean as when it entered. With my AR-15 if I shoot 50 rounds it looks like it was lost for a week in the La Brea tar pits. So much for ever having to worry about this thing malfunctioning

  • Nate

    There are really only a few drawbacks worth mentioning. The first being that the factory hard case that comes with the rifle, while high quality for a factory case, is just barely too small once you add a Scope and bipod. Perhaps if you mounted a small scope on low pro rings you’d be able to squeeze it in there, but it would be tight. The other drawback I might mention is that the pistol grip is molded into the stock and not a separate entity. While it is a nice grip, I would have preferred to be able to swap it out later on down the road is I so chose.

    That’s it, so buy one… immediately

  • Mike J

    I have just ordered my FNAR. I am anxious to receive it on Tuesday. I already have a BAR Safari in 338 with BOSS. I am very pleased with the Safari. Is there still a rebate available ? Thanks.

  • Mike J

    One more …….. with the chromed bore, how do I remove the copper / powder debris ? Thanks.

  • Exgunn

    Got one and I like it. A Barska 3X9 mil dot scope works great on it. Would like suggestions on bipods.
    LA Police Gear is offering closeout price on tactical rifle cases and it works well also.
    Also, I think FNH should address the issue of non-available mags. They owe it to their customers.


  • Paul R Freese

    I am considering the purchase of the FNAR and am undecided about which to choose, heavy or light barrel? Some pros and cons would be appreciated. Is the accuracy potential of the heavy barrel vs the light a consideration.

  • Dave

    I think there are 3 differences:

    1. Heavy barrel will take more rounds before it heats to the point were it may effect accuracy.
    2. Recoil probably slightly less on the heavy.
    3. The heavy is cooler to show your friends.

    (I have a heavy and love it :-))

  • Cmonster

    I’ve got an FNAR as well.

    It is my favorite rifle and the most fun I’ve ever had the pleasure to shoot.

    Can’t say enough good about it — get one you will not be disappointed.

  • Chuck

    Have been out shooting the FNAR for a while now. Could not be more impressed and it is my favorite rifle at this point. However recommending it is something I wouldn’t do because of the magazine issue. Seeing magazines selling for 250.00 might be considered bad for business.

  • michael brownell

    i was recently visiting a friend who had recently purchased an FNAR. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL RIFLE. so we went to the range for the maiden voyage with a leupold 4.5-14×50. the #^$$ thing would not zero. the *#^&&^ thing would only work as a bolt action!!!!!!! any suggestions? he put it in the safe with much dismay and that beautiful rifle will not see daylight unless there is some enlightenment on the performance or operator error. thanks!

  • Kevin

    I have been to the range only 3 times with my FNAR and am very happy with it. I personally have not had any problems at all. I have used new ammo only so far, no reloads. I found 2 extra mags for $47.00 ea locally but have not found any more yet. FNH says they are coming soon. I used british surplus new ammo and blasted 20 rounds then cleaned and oiled the barrel and blasted 20 more and again cleaned and oiled the barrel. I then switched to Buffalo bore match ammo. I have a Dednutz one peice scope mount which is what I switched to on all my rifles. It is very rugged and holds the scope on zero. On it I have a Nikon Monarch X 2.5x10x44 Tactical scope. 5 rounds and I was on zero at 200 yds and it has held it ever since with 1/2″ groups at 200yds using both Boffalo bore and Federal Gold Medal Match. At 100 yds it uses the same hole over and over. It eats up surplus very fast (but not as accurate) and this rifle is one fun gun. The trigger is the best I’ve seen on an over the counter rifle. Hopefully it continues to perform flawlessly, with 600 rounds throught it now I recommend this rifle highly.
    If your rifle does not cycle in semi auto then it is either the ammo preasure is not high enough. (problem with some cheap reloads) OR was the rifle disasembled and reassembled incorrectly. Also do not use a heavy oil or grease on semi’s, they do not function with it. I wipe off all excess oil. For accuracy finding good ammo that your rifle likes cures most problems. Try differant brands of new ammo to set your scope. If the scope does not hold zero it is most likely your scope mount and torque’s (make sure you use manufactures torque specs for tightening and lastly a defective scope. In todays machining standards the rifle bore of any new rifle is the last place you will find fault.

  • Wade Irwin

    you might want to have the gas system looked at ; you’re not getting enough gas pressure to cycle the bolt

  • Troy

    I have been to the range 2x with mine and it shoots great. I had an issue with black hills 168 hp bt. Most of the rounds would hang up on a ridge in the chamber and actually compress the round. Has anyone else had this problem? No issue with remington umc fmj’s. Grouped as advertised. This rifle definantly likes the heavier stuff. 180’s grouped 1/2 moa @ 200yds.

  • Kevin

    FNH said they had 50,000 20rd magazines ordered, 25,000 are on backorder with groups of 2000 coming in soon. I think I’ll wait for them to get here instead of paying over $100.00 for them.

  • Shane

    Has anyone shot this rifle at distances greater than 200 yards? If so, what results? How does this compare to say a Springfield M1A or even a BSA58 for long distance shooting? I would like a rifle that can reach out to 400+ yard range. For the price of about $1400, I want to get the best rifle for my money. I currently have a Browning A-bolt in 300WSM, but after 15-20 rounds my shoulder can no longer take the abuse and I just love how this rifle looks and feels.

    Any input would be appreciated.

  • Mark Smith

    I have been shooting the FNAR at 200 yds from a bench using both reloads and factory ammo from 150 to 168 grain. I am also shooting an Armalite AR10T. Both shoot consistent 1moa groups, and could probably do better if the guy shooting the gun was a better shot. They both shoot better than my model 70 winchester bolt gun in.300WM.The Armalite 10T is built with very close tolerances and will not cycle with a lot of off-the- shelf ammo, especially the cheap stuff. The FNAR shoots anything flawlessly. The AR10 design is easier to dismantle and clean, but the FNAR doesn’t seem to care whether you clean it or not. In a survival or hunting scenario, where being dependable is as important as being accurate, I’d take the FNAR any day. I would also carry the FNAR on any deer or elk hunt, whereas I only want to carry the heavier armalite from the vehicle to the bench.

  • Brian

    I finally got my hands on a light barrel FNAR and I really liked the balance.
    Fits me right off the rack and I want one…for a little less coin.
    My preference for these would be a non-Browning recoil/comb pad design. Something with adjustable length and drop like a spec ops would be better. I haven’t accepted the aluminum receiver for a tactical application. For rapid fire close tactical I would prefer the heavy barrel with a steel receiver like the safari grade. For intermittant use I would like the light barrel in a longer length. The light barrel is still heavy relative to the production shortrac series which is a good thing. If I had to carry one in Afghanistan I would want a 23″ light Barrel in .300wsm, a steel receiver, adjustable stock and a better fitting pistol grip. I do like the forearm rails and the trigger pull is awesome. The 7.62 FNAR is a bonafide 500 meter utility tool. l like it better than the clumsy bulky AR10, trust it to hit harder than the 5.56, but, If I have to pay double for a black gun that is just a modified hunting rifle then I’ll get a better hunting rifle. Maybe something in .338 Lapua.

  • Mark Smith

    Anybody know when magazines for the FNAR will be available? Their website shows 20 rd, 10 rd and 5 rd. I even emailed FNHSA and got no response.That was a month ago. If you can place an order anywhere online, they are backordered. Have my name on the contact me when available list at a couple places.

  • Mark Smith

    Well nevermind. I just went to my local gunshop and they had just gotten a bunch of 20 rd FNAR magazines in stock. Bought a couple of those.

  • Mark Smith

    has anyone seen a 5 round clip for sale for this gun? THeir websight shows they do exist.

  • Scott

    I bought my FNAR light barrel in April (at that time I did not know they made a heavy also), I have only put about 80 rounds through it so far w/no problems. I placed a swarovski 3-10×42 scope (pricey but was informed it is built heavy enough for semi auto rifles. Zero’d with no problem. I contacted FHN and they gave me two websites to order their magazines from – barts and cmmg. Both do not have them in stock, but plan on carrying 5, 10, and 20 round magazines. I have hit a metal target at the range at 411 yards.

  • Mark Smith

    Scott, thanks.
    I will try to have my local store order the 5 rd. I would just like to have that for hunting deer and coyote. I have the light barrel also, and I like it for the lighter wt(also bought it for my wife, so lighter is better). I put a leupold 3-9x varix3 on it, but may upgrade to a nightforce or leupold mark 4 tactical. My wife prefers to shoot the fnar over the armalite ar10. She thinks it kicks less and she likes the trigger pull better.
    I think the trigger pull is great on this gun.

  • Scott

    Hello Mark
    I agree about the trigger pull it is very smooth and reminds me of my berreta storm. I almost purchased the ar10 in .308 instead and wondered about the recoil difference in the two systems. Instead now I believe I may buy an M1A socom ii.

    About the 5 round mags. When I spoke with Barts in April and placed an order for the 10 rnd mags they informed me they have no idea when they will receive them. According to Barts they have only received 8 shipments of 10 rnd magazines for customers…I have a feeling it will be a long wait. So I am on the waiting list for the 5 rnd also…

    Good luck, with the magazines. I hope you have better luck getting them.

  • Scott

    Hopefully someone can help with this.
    I wonder if the stocks are interchangable between the Browning BAR and FNAR? I live in the left coast of California and I hate the “bullet button” I have had to purchase because of the “evil feature” of the pistol grip (also the company I purchased it from rushed the job and it does not function well, and they don’t want to deal with it now). I have been told if I had purchased an M1A or BAR, I would not need the bullet button. Checking the Browning website and comparing the BAR LongTrac to my FNAR it shows some pictures of a disasembled stock and shim, they look identical to my stock and shims. I have contacted 3 authorized Browning dealers here in California about ordering a stock, but to my disapointment, they won’t let me order without bringing a rifle in for them to verify which stock I need. Any help would be greatly apreciated (besides telling me to move to the real USofA). ;)-

  • Dale

    Can you chamber and shoot a Winchester 308 cartridge in the FNAR 7.62×51 MM with out any harm to the gun or the person ? if there is a difference.

  • Kevin

    No differance at all, It shoots 7.62 or 308 exactly the same. I’ve shot Federal 308. Buffalo Bore 308. British surplus 7.62. Wnichester 308 and Winchester 7.62 military and it shots the same, Accuracy is a differant matter.

  • Mike J

    Does anyone have experience using moly ( or similar ) coated bullets with the FNAR ? Does anyone know where to get in stock Black Hills ammo for the FNAR ? Thanks.

  • Mark Smith

    I reload hornady 168 grain AMAX moly coated bullets with excellent results in the fnar. I have seen black hills ammo in Cabela’s, but can’t get it locallly. In fact the difficulty in getting good ammo locally is why I went to reloading… that along with the cost savings.

  • Tom

    Kevin, you are claiming to get sub 1/4 moa groups out of both your FNAR and BAR consistantly? I HIGHLY doubt that. That is VERY difficult to do with a custom built bolt gun, let alone a factory built gas gun.

  • Mike J

    Sadly, I had to sell the FNAR HEAVY 20 RD today. I sold it to a retailer. The gentleman behind the counter said that they received about 15 FNAR 20 RD magazines 2 days ago. They are getting $75 per. Five already sold and 3 more have been spoken for. Good news is the factory is shipping mags. Happy to say that I have not had to sell my BAR Safari in 338 yet.

  • Walton

    hey guys, just bought an FNAR standard, took it to the range and have tried many different factory rounds including the Fed Gold Match 168 and have found the rifle less than impressive. I bought it because of all of the posts claining 1/2″ groups and was hoping to have a semi auto to shoot almost as well as my Steyr SSG-04. Is there a minumum break-in round count on these rifles or should I contact FN…thanks

  • Walton

    a little more information, I have topped it with a Leupold VXIII 3.5X10 and am shooting off a led sled on the bench. The conditions were afternoon with no wind at 100yards. I had bought an AR-10 A4 carbine and was dissappointed in its grouping, the FN seemed to be the logical choice. I am very impressed with the MUCH lower recoil of the FN over the Armalite rifle. I picked up some Fed Gold Match 174gr the other day and am headed back to the range soon. thanks again…

  • Mark Smith

    I have the same scope on my FNAR light barrel. Sitting at a bench, using the bipod, 168gr hornady amax moly, IMR 4895 40.1grain with no break in, I get 5 shot groups at one inch, no problem. It is shooting nearly as well as my armalite ar10T. My armalite AR10A4 rifle shoots 1.5-2.5in groups at 100 yds, whether I am using peep sights or vari -x 3 scope.I think the ar10a4 would do better with a 2 stage trigger, but it is not built to be the tack driver that the ar10t and FNAR are. Of the 3, the FNAR has the best trigger pull and is the lightest. My wife thinks the recoil is lighter with the FNAR, and I agree. My wife loves the FNAR and won’t even shoot the armalites.I just wish the FNAR magazines were easier to find. That is my only complaint about this gun.

  • Kevin

    Just received 2 more 20 rd mags from Arizonagunrunner for 49.95 ea.
    Tom, I understand your doubt. I have been shooting for over 35 years and I am defintly no marksman or competitor and always had bolt rifles because everyone said the semi’s were not accurate and or dependable. The best bolt rifle I have is a 270 wm that shoots 1″ groups @ 200yds. Consistantly means when I am setting or checking the scope on my hyskore dangerous game rest and hydraulic remote trigger release. The 243 BAR off the Hyskore or sandbags shoots better than the 270wm bolt. The FNAR heavy off the Hyskore also beats it with Buffalo bore but british surplus has 2″ groups @ 200. I usually shoot standing or off a bench for fun not with the hyskore and yes I do not get the same results for I am not that steady. I must of just got lucky and received better than normal product. I guess I should keep them since you say gas guns are not accurate.

  • Charles

    FNAR magazines are available in the 20-round size at Bart’s (or Burt’s) Sporting Goods. Phone 1-410-761-8686 or 1-410-768-8643. They were very helpful, but the price was $57 and change for one 20 rd. mag plus shipping. The five round size mag. (for hunting) is not going to be available until September. FN Herstal said they are shipping all they can make of the 20 round mags. now and waiting until later on toward hunting season to make and ship the five round mags. required in many states.

    The FNAR I have gets good accuracy (1 and 2 inch groups) at 100 yds with many brands of cheap ammo but my 168 gr. Hornady bthp handloads get same hole results consistently at 100 yds. This is just a great rifle when fitted with a 4-16 power scope, green laser, and tactical flashlight which uses up all of the factory picatinny rails. Pricey, but worth the money with the heavy barrel.

  • Tom

    Kevin, I never said gas guns are not accurate. In fact, I shoot a Noveske AR10, Armalite SASS, GAP built MK12 Mod 0, regularly with good results. I just doubted your sub 1/4 MOA claim.

  • JC

    Hopefully someone can help with this. Has anyone found replacement stocks for the FNAR?
    Will the Browning BAR Forearm fit the FNAR?

  • Kevin

    Tom, that is a nice collection you have. Alot better than my DPMS, Smith & Wesson & Daniel Defense AR’s. Sorry you doubt me but I am happy with it. And I really like the FNAR. Keep up the shootin.
    Everyone please, we all need to be NRA members. if your not please join. We need to be 80,000,000 strong against the anti gunners. Obama’s going to back door us one day.

  • Mark Smith

    I echo Kevin’s plea that we all need to be NRA members, whether you agree with all their policies or not. If there were no NRA this forum would not exist because these guns we own and love would not exist.
    I would just add that if you are a hunter and especially if you hunt with a dog or hounds, join the United States Sportsman Alliance. Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is the hunter’s arch enemy and is using its $100 million dollar war chest to try to eliminate hunting and they are doing that now by attacking sporting dog ownership through puppy mill legislation in many states . At least visit USSA’s website and check them out. Sorry to go off topic.

  • Kevin

    Just checked out United States Sportman’s Alliance, Looks good so I just joined. I am a life member of the NRA and Pheasant’s Forever, also belong to the Second Amendment Foundation and My State organization. I have a male GSP that lives to hunt. Like I said, Obamer is funeling money to these anti gunner and anti hunting groups and is in his plan to back door us on everything. And since this is a FNAR blog, I really like the FNAR to.

  • Mark Smith

    very happy that you joined. I lost my 4 y/oGSP female last year to an accident, so I gave up bird hunting. Now just foxhunting on horseback with my pack.

  • Walton

    Kevin, I have been back to the range several more times. I have now tried the 175gr Fed Gold Match and several more factory rounds, several were Hornady (they usually always shoot very well) and I am still unable to get better than 2″ with it. Seems like the barrel starts to warm up after the second shot and it opens well up into the 3-5″ range going into the 5th shot, thats with 15 minute cool downs between every shot. I guess I need to send it to FN. I was really hoping for a consistent shooter at 1″ or better.

  • Kevin

    Sorry to hear about your GS, they are very devoted dogs.

  • Kevin

    I have a heavy barrel and a freind has a heavy and we do not get that fluxuation when thay are very hot. Some of the guys with light barrels may be able to give you their experience but what you are experiencing does not sound right of course. FN gaurentees 1 MOA or better and when I talked to them at the show they told me it was much better than 1 and I told them mine was much much better. We just tried some HSN 168 and they did really well.
    Recommend contacting FN of course, they should replace that barrel. I once had a new 338 hunting rifle that I had a new Leupold on it that did that and the scope was defective. I took a scope off my 300 and put it on the 338 and it held fine then. Cabela’s replaced it and its been fine for years now.
    If anyone with light barrels have any info maybe they can respond.
    Good Luck

  • Mark Smith

    I have a light barrel on my gun with a leupold vari x3 on it. I get 1 moa or better with pretty much any ammo I put through it. I have used federal 150 grain , Winchester 168 grain and reloaded ammo with a 168 grain Hornady amax moly. The federal 150 grain gave me the worst groups, but still much better than what Walton is getting.
    I agree with trying a different scope before blaming the gun. I have read where a scope gone bad will frequently show up first with suttle widening of the groups.

  • Walton

    I am going back to the range this weekend and am going to change the scope, I contacted FN and Tim spoke with me for a half hour and was very nice, they are sending me a shipping label and he said it would be taken care of. Yes, I have had a scope problem new out of the box recently, and it was a Meopta I put on my new AR10, the guy talked me into it at the store, I have always bought Leupold scopes since I was kneehigh to a grasshopper…Tim said they do all of their accuracy tests with the Fed GoldMatch 168gr. I will see what happens with the scope change, thank you guys for the help…

  • Walton

    Called FN back, they sent me a shipping label and are going to check the rifle out there. I went back to the range this weekend and fired two test groups of 5 shots at 100. Changed the scope in between them to rule out the scope being the problem. Same results, and am sending them the targets and brass. The guy at FN sounded very eager to help and I am so far satisfied with thier customer service dept.

  • Mark Smith

    Thanks for the update. I will be eager to hear what they find out. Keep us imformed

  • Nick


    Just to let you know I have a light barrel and am having the same problems as you. I can fire maybe 2 nice shots and then the group opens to 5″ or more. I am switching scopes and buying some 168gr match ammo to see if that make any difference. Hoping I don’t have to ship back. Look forward to hearing if sending it in fixed your problems.

    Good Luck

  • Tony

    I bought my FNAR in May, but took a while to pick rings/scope as this is my 1st hunting rifle (have AR & AR, but not scoped). Finally decided on Warne steel rings (reusable) & Nikon Prostaff 3-9 x40 – A cheap entry-level which I could upgrade from once I learn the basics & can improve my shot w/ better glass. I finally sighted in last week, using Remington 150Gr & Russian 168 Gr Match. I got within 3-4″ groups @ 100m in first ~20 rounds (remember I’m a rookie & my first sighting) & routinely within that 3-4″ between ammo types for next few mags (poor lighting @ range w/ 100m limit). To fire my last 20 Win 168Gr, I shot pretty rapid (full mag < 40 Sec) hitting w/i 5", but noticable 1" drop from the Win 150Gr I had just been firing… net-net, I think the 150 had better velocity & consistency than the heavier 168 OR didn't account for drop when sighting w/ mix ammo … which I didn't notice while firing slowly & thinking my aim was off – From the rookie.

    The recoil was managable & only odd thing I found was the expended casing was expelled so hard from the chamber, it bent the brass nose to a D shape on all the rounds, making some scratches at the rear of the extraction port. I'm sure this is known to the folks here as normal, but as a rookie, thought it odd. One would certainly have to true the brass nose for reloading purposes.

    I love the weapon & selected it for my 1st hunting rifle as it seemed to have rave reviews (outside of mag availability) compared to many other rifles/calibers out there… and was much better priced than many ($1300 @ CDNN Sports).

    Question – I have ~260 rounds of Barnaul 7/62×51 ammo ($7.50/box – why I bought it!) which has the red primer where the brass/round meet – was initially told lacquer, but then corrected this is around the primer. I've heard from some that this primer is a bear to clean out when rifle cools & I should avoid ammo with it like the plague… others have said use a box of non-primered ammo to 'clean the bore' while hot after firing primered ammo… other military types have said use it & no big deal… any thoughts on putting this through 'my baby'?

    Thanks in advance!

  • nick

    i will be purchasing the heavy barrel model does anybody know how easy the firearms are to come by, and what kind of accuracy can i obtain at 300 yds. with match ammo with a leupold mark 2 scope 4-12x 40mm?

  • Tony

    I suggest calling CDNN Sports @ 800-588-9500. They had the heavy & light barrels in stock when I ordered mine. Prices were far better than those of my range or local providers – $250-400 less! I’ve ordered 4-5 weapons from them & only issue I’d note… they expect you to know what you want & ‘time is money’ to their Sales Reps.

    Also as a tip to the group – this is the best price I’ve found for ‘range ammo’ – just ordered 500 rounds myself. Reviews call it a bit dirty, but 1/2 the price of normal range ammo (ie twice the fun!) & no typical russian Red Primer to coat the barrel…

    $7.95/20 rounds – Brown Bear .308 145grn FMJ

    I can post a review if anyone wants. LMK.


  • Nick

    Sent mine back to FN last Friday, just couldn’t get the rifle to shoot the type of groups it should be able to shoot.

  • Kevin

    Spent 5 hours at the range Thursday with a couple rifles, I used 175 Buffalo Bore and 175 Federal sierra match ammo. both performed flawlessly in my FNAR. the Federal shot about an inch higher than the Buffalo bore but both had the same groupings. see target groupings at the bottom of the attached article, http://gunblast.com/FN-AR.htm
    this is exactly what my FNAR does using the above ammo and Federal 168 match. I also used a hyskore rest to get these results.

  • Big-FED

    Will FN-FAL mags work?

  • Big-FED

    Also, how does this rifle do with “standard”/available military style ball ammo? After all, primary potential use for this rifle will be for SHTF more than hunting and user will have to make do with what ammo is available and not much of that is going to be the really great stuff everyone is using to get those tight groups.

    A little real world thought on how this rifle behaves with what ammo we may actually end up having to shoot would help. There is a huge variety of 7.62×51 military ball ammo out there and it is more likely we will end up shooting a lot more of that than the Buffalo Bore, Black Hills match grade stuff. šŸ™‚

  • Tony

    Big-Fed, the info I’ve gathered from other Forums is that the FN-FAL Mags will not work in this. Mag availability & price is the biggest challenge to this rifle, but just about the only one… and as a new gun, somewhat to be expected. Who needs more than 20 rapid & accurate shots at distance anyway šŸ™‚

    If you’re on the fence, here’s a pretty nice write-up that has more information in one-spot than I’ve seen prior: http://gunblast.com/FN-AR.htm

    On Ammo – Per my post above, I’ve fired Remington 150Gr & Serbian 168 Gr Match (not Russian, specifically Prvi Partizan .308 Match 168grn HP) in the past and recently purchased 500 rds of Brown Bear Russian 145grn FMJ which I tested 120 rds this past weekend 72-200 yards – worked flawlessly. Surprisingly, the PP 168 & BB 145 were dead-on without any elevation adjustments required (Rem 150 shot 1″ higher). I shot 20 of another off-brand my first trip out, but can’t recall the brand. It seems to eat whatever you put through no probs!

    I have some Barnaul that I haven’t shot due to the bullet/casing paint primer/lacquer – Don’t want it to dirty up my pretty rig… if SHTF, I’m confident it’d go through no probs & would have plenty of free time to clean it šŸ™‚

  • Big-FED

    Tony, Many thanks. Looks like a FNAR is in my future.

  • Dear FNAR lovers
    FN tells me they are trying to keep up with demand for Mags
    but police and militarys come first. Be patient keep checking
    your local gun dealers for mags the gun is worth it

  • JC

    Hopefully someone can help with this. Has anyone found replacement stocks for the FNAR?
    Will the Browning BAR Forearm fit the FNAR?
    Has anyone changed ther FNAR into a Carbine?

    Help!!! JC

  • Charles

    I would like to know which bipods to use

  • Kevin

    I use a versa pod with quick release to remove it from the fixed rail mount which is extra, It is a little heavier but very sturdy.

  • Earl

    This is an excellent forum and I’ve learned a lot more about the FNAR from readers’ comments and experiences as well as from other sites. My questions pretty much echo JC’s — I’d like to find out if conversion kits to upgrade the FNAR to a military-type configuration are, or will possibly soon be, available, and from whom.

    I sail a lot and have found that a reliable assault-style rifle is ideal for vessel defence against piracy and other acts of hostility, but I would also like to retain the best possible long-range accuracy in the same weapon, hence my interest in the FNAR.

    Any help with this would be much appreciated.

    With Best Regards To All,

  • Mark Smith

    In its present configuration, you can put on any accessory that you might want to attach to an AR15 or AR10. Rather than try to modify it to look like an AR 10 ( which is what I assume you mean by military style) then I would suggest you just spend the few extra hundred dollars and get an armalite AR10t. At least as accurate as the fnar, but the fnar will shoot pretty much any ammo flawlessly, where as due to tighter tolerances, the ar10t needs the best ammo you can get to recycle without jamming

  • Earl

    Thanks for the great advice, Mark. I certainly appreciate your input on this matter. Since reliability and general versatility ( including the ability to readily digest a wide range of available ammunition in the appropriate caliber ) in a balanced assault rifle type package are what I’m looking for, I think the FNAR would suit me better.

    Perhaps I should have elaborated a little more about what I was looking for in a conversion kit and what I meant by “military-style” — specifically, a folding stock, addition of a flash suppressor for night engagements and the ability to readily accept laser sights. These features go a long way towards making any rifle more suitable for shipboard storage and use as a defensive weapon.

    From what I’ve seen and read so far, the FNAR will probably have no problem accepting the latter, so if you or anyone else has an answer to the first two requirements, please let me know.


  • Looking at the gist of comments above, I’d like to pitch-in and offer this on my relatively short experience with my FNAR heavy barrel, purchased Spring, 2009: Have fired about 400 rounds through it so far.

    For a good published review with photos, check out Quinn’s Gunblast website.

    I regard this rifle as multipurpose for hunting, fighting (self-defense) and medium-range target shooting. I would love to get into a herd of hogs with it. Hope to do just that this fall. I’ll also be taking a few deer with it. Don’t expect to need more than a single shot for that.

    I am an AR-15 fan. And I like the feel and fit of this rifle much better than most A-10’s I’ve handled (only at gunshows). And, I too purchased it to fit a hole in my gunsafe. I expect it to perform very well if the zombies come.

    The stock combs, recoil pads and shims offer a great deal of versatile customization for comfort and fit.

    Magazines: Hard to come by. Got my one extra from armaliterifles.com; still waiting on my 10-round mags, ordered 5 months ago.

    To the best of my knowledge, this rifle accepts only the FNAR mag’s.

    Rifle shoots great! You should expect sub-MOA groups. To 700 yards is the farthest I’ve gone at my deer lease. Have shot many 3-rd groups w/holes touching at 100 yards.

    I use a Leupold 6.5×20 LRT w/ tactical milling reticle; on a Nightforce unimount (base and rings are integral – easy on and off with two nuts/bolts). You may not need that much scope, but my old eyes do, and I like to shoot paper at long distances. That scope costs as much as the rifle! But I also use it on another long-range rifle.

    You could just as easlily mount a holographic scope with no magnification for relatively short-range work, or a lesser magnified scope. Whatever your budget or need happens to be. This rifle is very versatile in that respect.

    With normal circumstances, I would be fairly comfortable and confident of an ethical shot to harvest deer or other big game out to 500 yards with the equipment I have. But no further for me with ANY rifle, regardless of its accuracy.

    I have used two different Harris bipods with swivels and locks, plus the LaRue QD adapter on each.

    Have used Buffalo Bore match ammo and found it to be very consistent. Higher velocity and heavy bullet = fair amount of recoil. In my case, the hvy bbl helps because I don’t particularly like much recoil, and I can get back on the target quicker.

    Had trouble at first with ammo-feed malfunctions on round-nosed 150-gr Federal’s I was using for breaking-in and general range ammo. Was pretty sure it was the magazine. Took it to dealer, gunsmith adjusted the mag lip, and problem was solved in a few minutes.

    Like Tony says above, the rifle ejects the the spent cartridge with vigor, and forms an indentention on the nose of the brass. I had not previously experienced that with other semi-auto’s either.

    A few things I don’t like about the rifle:
    Comes with only one magazine, and extra mag’s are too darned hard to get.

    Wish the handgrip was removable and replacable. Don’t like the hard plastic. I’m looking for a soft-rubber wrap for it.

    For me, the rifle was difficult to dissassemble and reassemble for detailed cleaning of the piston system. I have only done it once, and the learning curve was pretty steep and slow for me. However, FN says that doesn’t have to be done very often. Probably depends on your shooting habits and ammo quality.

    All in all, I’m very pleased with the rifle. Am looking forward to using it this hunting season.

    • Terry, great review, thank you

  • big dave

    has anyone seen the model that is being sold under the winchester name same rifle but full camo heavy bbl and less the two rails on the side of forearm.comes with ten round mag.i would think it would shoot as well as

    the fnar…if u want to see it they have them on the gungenie website.


  • Mark Smith

    kind of interesting that these are showing up there and at gunbroker , yet I can’t find it even mentioned on the Winchester website. No info on it about any guarantee of accuracy or other details

  • Kevin

    big dave,
    That’s sweet but I would think Winchester would market it as a Deer rifle instead. Don’t really need camo or .308 for varmits, unless there the size of Obama. least the varmits we have here you could use flame orange ballbats and they wouldn’t care. Since FN, Browning and Winchester are under one roof I’ll bet there is no differance in accuracy or quality. I might need another safe after all.

  • Kevin
  • Terry Cheek

    This is “a day-after the range” followup to my post of 28 Sep 2009.

    As said, I have had and continue to have excellent results with the 175 gr Buffalo Bore match ammo.
    I also have had surprisingly good results with the cheap Federal blue-box 150 gr soft points which I used while sighting-in and breaking-in the rifle.

    Yesterday, I tried Winchester’s Supreme Ballistic Silver Tips in 168 gr and 150 gr. These are boat-tail nosler-point bullets.
    They sprayed all over the place at 100 and 200 yards. Very erratic, not even real groups – way over 1 moa of spread from point of aim. The barrel was clean.

    This was an unpleasant surprise for me, since I have gotten superior results over the years with the same type of ammo in Win. 270, both 130 gr and 140 gr. Yes, it’s a completely different rifle and is a single-shot bolt action.

    However, at the end of the day, I tried another type in the FNAR: Federal’s Premium 165 gr Sierra Game King provided acceptable results. Groups of 5 at 100 and 200 yards were all within 1 MOA of the POA, usually 3 of the 5 within 1/2 MOA. And that was when I was tired. Would expect better results if rested.

    For now, it looks as if that will be my hunting ammo for this season. Looking forward to the day I have time to get into reloading!

    • Terry, thanks for the range report.


    it is a fn fnar .308 heavy
    awsom rifle
    i have shot 500 rnds
    100 m 200 m 400 m
    win match 168 g
    Buffalo bore awsom / best
    lupia reloads great
    and black hills awsom / best
    and 762×51 nato good
    and match reloads verry good
    all fed and shot well
    good moa from all jeff

  • Garrett

    Just wondering. Has the price dropped on these bad boys at all? I’m going to be turning 18 soon and i was wondering if my father could afford to buy me one of these. And is it a significant upgrade to a .270 WBY or a custom bolt action 30-06? Im going to go to Texas Tech out in Lubbock, Texas, and i have to have SOMETHING to shoot prairie dogs with ;). also, im a card carrying life member of the NRA.

  • To one question, is it a significant upgrade to a custom bolt-action .30-06 ? Well, it’s a whole different animal.

    First – it’s a semi-auto rifle with 10 and 20 round magazines available. But it’s very accurate with certain ammunition. However, the trigger is only average when compared to match triggers found in a custom rifle used for precision shooting.

    Second – IMO, the FNAR is better suited for as a fighting rifle, for defense against crowds of charging zombies, or getting into a herd of feral hogs, or taking down medium-to-large game, than for shooting poor little pd’s.

    Third – the ammo selection for a .308 is much more limited than for what may be the most versatile rifle in history with regard to the ammo selection available for it: the .30-06. Ammo is available for it to shoot anything from little varmints in West Texas to heavy game in Africa.

    Fourth – the .308 is not typically reknown as a flat-shooting round. There are many rifles in a variety of calibers available to you that shoot cheaper and smaller bullets with greater speed and with better, flatter ballistics – all of which may be more suitable for varmints. Just a few are the .17, .22-250, .223, .25-06 and many more. You’ll need to research what your needs are.

    Enjoy Tech and keep carrying that card! Hope this helps.

  • Mark Smith

    Go to the winchester website and check out their new SXAR rifle.
    Looks just like the FNAR with camo

  • Terry Cheek

    Hunting ammo performance report – Reference my 13 Oct 2009 Range Report.

    Another good performer found, tested at the range yesterday:

    Win Match 180 gr. Nosler Accubond by Black Hills.
    Performed about the same as the Federal 165 gr Sierra Game King.

  • Sean Ingram

    I went to the range to shoot mine yesterday and it’s shooting 2-2.5 inch groups at 100 yards for me using Winchester 150 grain SPs. I know I could probably improve this but it’s good enough for deer season opening gun day over in Alabama this weekend.

  • Kevin

    I forgot to cancel some of my orders for mags, I have ended up with 9 20rd mags now. Do not know what I’ll ever need with 9 mags for my FNAR. I’ll stuff em back in the closet incase the revolution comes I guess. And I was in Gander Mtn. last night and they had 15 of both 10 & 20 rd mags on the shelf. Little pricy at $59.95 though. Looks like they have caught up with demand.

  • Ben

    Just recently discovered this beautiful gun and really enjoyed all the information everyone had to offer. I have a couple of questions open for anyone’s advice/answer;
    1) has anyone heard if they will offer the FNAR in other calibers?
    2)like mentioned above I’m looking to add to my collection but am looking for an extremely accurate weapon to be used for 800-1000yd shots on very small targets(pd’s).
    3) has Mag avaibility improved over the last couple of months?
    All of my accurate long range guns are a bit large for shooting PD’s, I have 7 custom built bolt guns built from 8mm mauser recievers, all with .65 lbs triggers, they vary from .257 roberts to .308 norma mag but seem a bit over kill for a small PD.
    I love my auto loaders, I have 2 M&P AR’s and believe it or not my SKS I absolutly love.
    By no means would the FNAR be a dedicated Preaire Dog gun, but I really like the idea of an auto loader for this, quick follow on shots, time on target…etc, now if someone would just build one with the .204 rugger.
    I’m not the best shooter around but I like to think I’m good enough that a good rifle would really show itself in my hands.
    Thanks guys!

  • Kevin

    The FNAR is in my opinion a very fine piece of equipment and is one of my favorites. It is extremly reliable and fun and easy to get back on target because of the soft recoil. I am sure if you called FNH they would tell you if they are planning more calibers, I have not heard they are and since FNAR builds mostly for our proud Military and LE I would doubt the smaller calibers but only FNH would know that for sure.
    If you are looking for extreme accuracy to 800 – 1000 yds for PD’s the FNAR is probably not what you want. (But buy one anyway) FN built it for short range accuracy hence the 20″ barrel. the velocity of the 308 will start dropping off earlier with the shorter barrel. Mine is very accurate at 100yds & 200yds with 1″ groups and less at 200 yds. I have hit 12″ steel plates at 400yds consistantly with a Nikon Tactical 2.5-10×44 and I just bought a Nightforce 5-22×56 (not just for the FNAR) to see what it can do to 700yds but that is probably the end of it’s range and a small PD at 700yds will take several rounds but with the 20 round mags it may be possible in my opinion. Depending on your patience. Definatly not one shot one kill. 400yds may be the limit for prarie dogs with the FNAR. I have a Browning BAR 243 camo shorttrac which is similar and made by FNAR that shoots 55 grain bullets at 4000fps mv, with it’s 22″ barrel it can hit a prairie dog at 600 yds (no wind) one shot one kill.
    I have several M4’s one being a S&W also but they all have 16″ barrels and for PD’s 200yds is max for them. I think Remington makes the R-15 in camo in 22-250 with a long barrel that should be pretty accurate at longer ranges for an over the counter rifle.
    FNAR mags are more available now, several internet stores have them and I am sure your local shops will have them by now. Watch and look around and you can find them for as low as $47.00. I ended up with 9 and did not pay any more than $49.99 / $55.00 with shipping for any of them.
    Check out the Winchester version of the FNAR also and good hunting.

  • Sean Ingram

    To my knowledge, magazine availability has not improved and there has been a drop-off in gun sales lately according to the local gun shop that I frequent.

    In the past, I had problems distinguishing the heavy barrel version from the light one. I read somewhere that you could weigh them and the light barrel version averages about 10 pounds with a scope so I must have the light barrel version. Also, there seems to be a break in period for shooting this rifle as I shoot left handed. Until recently I kept getting beaned on my cheek but lately the brass has been ejecting straight out the side away from my face, but I now believe that it’s the most accurate autoloader that I’ve ever known.

  • Kevin
  • Brian

    Ben, I have to agree with Kevins assessment of the .243 shorttrac. I’m only good for 400yds due to whitetail ammo (95-100 gr) and 2-6x scope, but with varmint grenades and mil dot it could probably run 500-600yd. Definitely nicer to carry than FNAR. Very fast recovery on coyotes. I still think a light barrel FNAR in WSM 7mm or .300 with a 22″ barrel is a long range contender, but thats not the market focus. I have a son in gunsmith school and I’m trying to decide on a project for him. I was thinking of converting a .300WSM short trac to a long barrel FNAR if i can use the same gas piston/port arrangement. The other option is customizing an AR30 in some wildcat cartridge. He is doing a 204 ruger bolt action for himself and that will be the PD gun. I have never tried a semi on PD’s at the distances your looking for. I only get wood chucks at 3-400 yds with my model 64 220 swift.

  • Chatterbox

    Good reviews and comments!

    Any experience/input with 20-round mag-loaders (name, where to buy) using stripper clips for the FNAR mags would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, magazines are a really (extremely) tight fit. Your experience and recommended correction would be appreciated. Would like the mag to hit the deck when the mag release is pushed. But then, i guess, if we’re paying $70 per mag, maybe “floating” to the ground would be better.

  • Robert G.

    I own an FNAR which I purchased about a month ago and have fired about two hundred rounds with it. In the last 75 rounds I have had two failures to feed. The first one had the cartridge not pulled fully off the clip and the bolt hung up on the round. The second time, the bolt for some reason seemed to miss picking up the cartridge altogether from the clip and closed without chambering the round.

    Is there any advice that anyone can offer? I am pondering giving FN a call.

  • Sean Ingram

    Robert G, I would suggest that you consider the ammo that you’re shooting. What kind is it? Military surplus, commercial? In my case I was shooting military surplus through mine and I was hitting the paper but not getting the tight shots that I get with 150 grain Winchester soft points.

    Last week I put a deer down with one shot using the Winchester round and I hit exactly where the point of aim was, no deviation so look at the ammo your using vs. the gun per se before you call FN.

  • Robert G.

    Sean, I am using Federal cases which I am reloading with Nosler
    168 gr. HPBT bullets. I have no problem with accuracy. My issue is
    with the two failures for the bolt to pick up cartridges from my magazine.

  • Sean Ingram

    Initially when I first bought my rifle I briefly had the same problem but not any more. I’m guessing they might have a break in period unless the occurrence is happening so often(like every time you fill up a magazine) that it’s more like shooting a bolt action after every shot. If you think that’s the case then you should call FN.

  • Kevin

    I agree with Sean, check your reload specs for length and check your magazines for damage. sprung feed lips or sprung case. Open the chamber and load a magazine with a few rounds and insert magazine into the rifle. look in the chamber and see how high the top cartridge is. something is binding and not letting the cartridge come to the top of the magazine. I’m Just shootin in the dark here but good luck.
    I checked all 9 of my mags and they all fit loose when empty, they rattle in the rifle untill you round them up then they are snug because of the cartridge preasure but when I hit the mag release they pop out easily with no hangup, whether empty or full. They do not bind in the rifle at all. Hope this helps.

  • Robert G.

    Thanks for the input. I spoke to FN tech support today. I was told to note the magazine if the problem occurs again. If I have a problem magazine they will exchange it.

  • Bill

    I have had a heavy barrel FNAR for several months now I put a Mark 4 6 x20 scope on it and short of adding a muzzle brake it’s just like it came out of the box. Over the past months I have tried numerous brands of ammo, as I found it and I have had my best accuracy results with the 175 gr ammo that Buffalo Bore produces.

    Now that 308 is becoming more available are there any other manufactures that anyone has had good luck with? Not that I am at all unhappy with Buffalo Bore its great stuff, but it’s always a good idea to know what else it will run well.

  • Robert G.

    I have determined that my failure to feed problem was with one of my magazines. The last bullet fed from this 20 round magazine hangs up each time on the outer edge of the chamber. FN said they will exchange it.

    Question: How often should I take apart and clean the gas system??

  • Mark Smith

    Just ordered 2 5 rd mags, Finally, they are showing up online.

  • Mark Smith

    Yeah!! got my 5 rd FNAR magazines from Bart’s sports today. Only looked for 14 mo to finally find some, and they are priced about the same as gold by the ounce!.

  • Chatterbox

    Today, went to pick up the two 20-round mags that i’d ordered and, with tax, they were $108 apiece! Asked the gun shop manager if there was anyway he could give them to me for $70. He went and did some figuring – came back and said “the best i can do is $80, plus tax”. Needless to say, the mags are still at the gun shop if anyone’s interested.

    Where can we get FNAR 20-round mags for a decent price? There has to be an aftermarket mag coming out, soon…

  • DTD

    The much desired 20-round magazines are $50 a piece. Search google or check gunbroker, they are out there.

    This is an excellent weapon, fires and loads very cleanly, however, accuracy does not match that of a good bolt action. I have shot winchester, remington, and now ppu, all BTHP 168 grain match ammo. 2 inch groups were my best, and that was with winchester ammo, from a benchrest.

    Barrel twist is somewhat slow at one turn in 12 inches, I suspect that a longer bullet in the order of a 190 grain match load might improve the accuracy, something I intend to test in the near future. Any other suggestions are also welcome.

  • Brian

    A while back when mags were short I got a couple through TGSCOM.com for $56.00ea. I didn’t find 5 round though. I will need 5 rd for hunting in some states. I suspect once mags are available the BAR crowd will want FNAR mag well/trigger conversions so they can burn up their light barrels. Has anyone looked at gas port/piston similarities between the FNAR/BAR rifles?
    What pricing is everyone seeing on the FNAR rifle? I’ve seen everything from 1299 on sale at cabela’s to 1599 at gander. Most small gun shops can’t match the cabela price, but cabela never has them anyway.
    DTD I thought barrel twist was 1 in 10?
    If its 1 in 12 I don’t want it on my rack. 1 in 12 is almost useless for a tactical .308 rifle. If the twist is slow you need lighter bullets with higher muzzle velocity. I want terminal energy. Try something like Hornady factory custom SST 150 gr and then SST 165gr to see if the group changes. That way your using fairly consistent ammo to start with. I have become disenchanted with winchester ammo lately. Especially the ballistic silvertips. Not worth the coin and nickel plate doesn’t like my reload dies. A “good” tactical gun should shoot cheap FMJ well.

  • Kevin

    DTD don’t settle for less! FN is more than happy to fix your rifle. They are very helpfull and want you to have a quality accurate product. Call them if you can not get less than 2 moa they guarentee 1 moa @ 100. They use Federal gold match seira 168 for testing. mine is as accurate or more accurate than many bolts out there.

  • Brian

    This 1 in 12 twist thing got my attention. I did a quick search and most of the short barrel (18-20″) .308 tacticals are either 1 in 11.25 or 1 in 10. The longer barrels (24-26″) are 1 in 12. We all know the palma guys and bench rest shooters usually run longer twists. All the browning .308 i checked are 1 in 12. Calibers/chambering above and below .308 are shorter twist.
    Im thinking two things. One, the twist isn’t that important, or two, Browning is using the same tooling as the FN. Do I have the velocity vs twist vs weight thing backwards? Typical 30-06 used to have a slower twist, but .300 win mag and .300 wsm are usually offered 1 in 10. It looks to me like the twist rates have gotten faster just in the last decade.
    I’ve seen the twist make a difference on an AR-15 or 220 swift, but I haven’t played with enough .308 win. yet. I’m confident longer twists (ie 1 in 14) will be more sensitive to ammo quality.
    I will expect any “tactical” semi to be able to shoot cheap ammo accurately. Maybe not sub MOA, but I certainly don’t expect to spend alot of time/money on ammo for a semiautomatic. I’ll save my calipers and dial indicator for a bolt gun.
    Anyone out there successfully banging paper past 300 meters with these FN’s using HSM, PMC, or even Wolf ammo?

  • Mark Smith

    I am no expert, but I have copied and pasted the below from Chuk Hawk’s website on guns and shooting.
    “Rifle barrels are designed to incorporate lands and grooves that spin the projectiles they fire so that they will fly true and hit point-on. That is the fundamental definition of a rifle, it uses a rifled barrel. Rifle barrels are grooved so that the bullet makes one complete turn in a given number of inches on its trip down the barrel.

    There seems to be an inordinate interest in twist rates these days. With very few exceptions the major manufacturers have carefully and correctly researched the subject and experimented to determine the most appropriate twist rate for each caliber. There is very little to be gained by second guessing their conclusion.

    What follows is a list of the rates of twist for common rifle cartridges. These were taken from various sources. The rates of twist below are expressed as “one complete turn in so many inches” (i.e. 1 in 9″, 1 in 10″, etc.).

    .17 HMR = 1 in 9″
    .22 Long Rifle = 1 in 16″
    .222 Remington = 1 in 14″
    .223 Remington = 1 in 12″
    .22-250 Remington = 1 in 14″
    .223 WSSM = 1 in 12″
    .243 Winchester = 1 in 10″
    6mm Remington = 1 in 9″
    .243 WSSM = 1 in 10″
    .240 Wby. Mag. = 1 in 10″
    .25-06 Remington = 1 in 10″
    .257 Wby. Mag. = 1 in 10″
    6.5×55 Swedish Mauser = 1 in 7.5″
    .260 Remington = 1 in 9″
    .264 Win. Mag. = 1 in 9″
    .270 Winchester = 1 in 10″
    .270 WSM = 1 in 10″
    .270 Wby. Mag. = 1 in 10″
    7×57 Mauser = 1 in 9″
    7mm-08 Remington = 1 in 9.25″
    .280 Remington = 1 in 9.25″
    7mm Rem. SAUM = 1 in 9.25″
    7mm WSM = 1 in 9.5″
    7mm Rem. Mag. = 1 in 9.25″
    7mm Wby. Mag. = 1 in 10″
    .30 Carbine = 1 in 16″
    .30-30 Winchester = 1 in 12″
    .300 Savage = 1 in 10″
    .308 Winchester = 1 in 12″
    .30-06 Springfield = 1 in 10″
    .300 Rem. SAUM = 1 in 10″
    .300 WSM = 1 in 10″
    .300 Win. Mag. = 1 in 10″
    .300 Wby. Mag. = 1 in 10″
    7.62×39 Soviet = 1 in 7.5″
    .303 British = 1 in 10″
    .32 Win. Spec. = 1 in 16″
    8×57 JS Mauser = 1 in 9.25″
    .338-57 O’Connor = 1 in 10″
    .338 Win. Mag. = 1 in 10″
    .340 Wby. Mag. = 1 in 10″
    .357 Mag. = 1 in 16″
    .35 Remington = 1 in 16″
    .35 Whelen = 1 in 16″
    .350 Rem. Mag. = 1 in 16″
    .375 H&H Mag. = 1 in 12″
    .378 Wby. Mag. = 1 in 12″
    .416 Rem. Mag. = 1 in 14″
    .416 Wby. Mag. = 1 in 14″
    .44 Rem. Mag. = 1 in 20″
    .444 Marlin = 1 in 20″
    .45-70 Govt. (Marlin and Ruger rifles) = 1 in 20″
    .450 Marlin = 1 in 20″
    .458 Win. Mag. = 1 in 14″
    .460 Wby. Mag. = 1 in 16″ “

  • DTD

    Update. I attempted to contact FN about this weapon failing to perform to thier guarantees by email. No response. I will be calling them when I have time off during daylight hours.

    Shot again with PPU match 168’s. Again, 2 1/2 inch groups at 100 yards. They might ‘guarantee’ bolt action accuracy, but apparently you might have to send your gun to them a few times before you get it. I have a DPMS LR308 Sportical, cost me $500 less than this FNAR and gets the same groups with the exact same ammo and the exact same scope and it only has a 16″ barrel. If I was to do it again and pick another semi-auto sniper/hunting system, I’d go with an AR-10 platform and a 24″ bull barrel. But in all actuallity I might sell this gun and buy a good bolt action and get real bolt action accuracy.

  • Bill

    I’m sure you checked this, but I didn’t, I had a similar problem and found all the screws on the picatinny rail just a bit loose. Tightened them and with a bit of loctite it corrected the problem.

  • Kevin

    The 1 in 12 twist comes from Federal Premium Ammo specs for the 168 gr bullet, FN uses their specs since they use the Federal seirra match king 168 for their testing. The other AR 10 platforms with shorter barrels were mostly built to use the lighter nato 147 gr. thats why the 1 in 10 twist which was also speced by the manufactures of the military ammo. Untill they started making them for civilian and hunting also in the heavier bullets. I am sure the rifle manufactures test and retest their twist rates for accuracy. Maybe the ammo manufactures could help with how they get their specs on barrel twist.
    My FNAR gets under 1″ moa with the 168 and above weights. Buffalo Bore 175, Federal 168 & 175 match king. and HSM. The 147 military surplus I burn gets 1.5″ to 2″ groups @ 100 and its the least expensive I’ve found. The rifles I have with the same calibers all use differant brands & weights for accuracy, I wish they would use the same so I could reduce my inventory. Well not reduce it but consolidate it.

    The FNAR uses the same barrel as the FN SPR bolt rifle.

  • chris

    can i buy the FNAR 7.62x51mm in california?

  • Brian

    Don’t forget the FN ($150) rebates run out January 31st!!
    Gander dropped prices this week to $1259 in NY so with the rebate you can get an FNAR for $1100. Finally beginning to get back to reasonable.
    I got one to compliment my .243 BAR. Except for the heavy barrel and mag well nothing else justifies the added expense over a shorttrac. I’ve been waiting for prices to drop like this. Hopefully they will stay down awhile. Had freezing rain today so no testing results yet.

  • Jonathan

    I’ve read about 1/2 of the posts here starting from the top and was curious to know is the FNAR a gun for more of an experienced shooter or for anyone willing to learn? It just seems most of everyone here “knows their stuff”.

    I do have plenty of experience handling and shooting firearms and hunting but am looking for a little more to keep me busy in the off season when not hunting. I’m also trying to get into varment hunting too. I’ve always had an interest in “precision” shooting but have never tried it.

  • Kevin

    The FNAR is an easy rifle to shoot as is the AR’s. It’s very enjoyable whether shooting for medium range accuracy or just burning money with the cheap stuff and you have plenty of experience for this rifle. The FNAR is more difficult to disassemble and clean than an AR is, There is a good video on you-tube on how to do this. But you seldom have to clean the FNAR, I have only cleaned mine twice in over a year and many rounds through it.
    Some people on this post like to compare the AR with the FNAR – They do not compare, they are different rifles built for different purposes. But they both can be just as accurate. Look at both and buy what you are comfortable with. Besides my bolt rifles I have several AR’s and the FNAR and a Browning BAR and I like them all but maybe the FNAR a little more. I do not think any one is easier than the other is to shoot. The FNAR is a very fine rifle and is fun to shoot but then again I think anything is fun to shoot. You are seeing and will see more AR’s coming out with the 243 win cartridge. In my opinion the 243 50 $ 55 gr for varmints is the fastest / flatest most accurate shooting round out today not including the 338 Lapua or the 416 & 50 cal. much more accurate than the 223 or 308. DPMS has a good AR in 243 and most AR manufactures have excellent accurate products.
    I purchased a Bushmaster Varminter for varmints and it is a very accurate rifle. Have not shot any varmints yet just paper. My BAR in 243 is a varmint killer at any range.
    Remember the 1 gun is not enough rule, buy what you like and shoot em when ya can.

  • Jonathan


    Thanks for the reply. I really am interested in getting a FNAR to add to the collection. I have not been able to find anything bad said about it except for the mag complaint of hard to find and pricy but that should change with time. I have not been able to get by Gander Mountain to look at one yet as it is an hour away from where I live but I plan to go before the sale goes off on 1/31.

    Above you also mentioned the .243 and flatness for varment shooting. I do have a Rem Model 7 .243 that I actually use to deer hunt with and shoot 100 gr. rounds in that instance. I have never had a deer go more than 10 or 20 yards when shooting this rifle. What are your thoughts of this rifle and it’s varment capabilites? Would a 50 or 55 gr. as you mentioned above through the Model 7 be comparable to others out there for varment?

    Sorry for all the questions just tyring to learn as much as I can.

  • Kevin

    I am sure your Rem would do very good. I prefer semi auto for varmints because we have so many pd’s here. I take both a 223 and 243 to use. Sometimes the 22 lr. Check your state laws for magazine usage and hunting regs of course that will effect what you may use. I have used 500 rounds in one day on varmints before and thats alot of work for a bolt gun. Just my opinion anyway.

  • Brian

    The .243 is probably the most versatile short action out there. My BAR “almost” competes with my .220 swift when I have a high power scope on it. I’ve dropped whitetails and coyotes with both and the big advantage with the BAR is obviously the fast follow up. I like the .243 better than the .308 because I can hold the sight picture better during recoil. I keep a lower power scope (1.5×6) with wide field on my .243 semi and a higher power (4X16) on my bolt actions. I seem to like a smaller (42mm) low profile scope on my semi’s also. The big(50-56mm) scopes require a higher cheek set and slower time to focus. The long rail on the FN does get in the way of one of the low mounts I tried, but I still haven’t decided which optics to use on that. A black gun with picatinny just begs for nite vision.
    The .243 shoots flatter than the .308 and hits harder than a .223 so its easy to see why the AR guys are going to the .243 and .260 rounds. If Browning gets smart and uses the FN light barrel on the WSM calibers they may have an awesome selling product.
    I would like to know if the Safari grade uses a heavier actuator rail. The steel receiver with the heavy barrel would seem like an AR10 competitor.
    I think I may be on the verge of building a custom semi. Hmmm, maybe Safari grade steel WSM receiver drilled for FN mag well, FN style Barrel, custom forearm and thumb hole stock. That should throw down a couple big critters. ARE YOU LISTENING BROWNING??

  • Kevin

    I did not mean to mislead you when I did not mention taking the FNAR varmint hunting, I do but only take it with a few boxes of ammo. I get carried away sometimes and it cost me an arm and a leg in ammo cost.
    For your info the FNAR mag will hold 10 rounds of 300 wsm, looks like it would function too. Might have to adjust the spring tension. Your project sounds good, are you going to use the 24″ FN rifle barrel on the build. With a suppresor maybe? Sounds v e r y interesting!
    300wsm would get very good range through that. Keep me posted on that project.
    Check out Winchesters new ballistics calculator on their web site.

  • Brian

    Thanks for the encouragement, Maybe winchester folks will do an SXAR in 325 WSM. The hardest part with customs is finding someone to do the chamber, so I have to wait until my son gets a little more experience machining and lapping lugs. I think I can take the follower out of a bar wsm mag and put it in the FN mag. High cost game to play.
    Are you implying the threads and lugs on the 24″ bolt action might match?
    I was thinking Kreiger 5R with 11.25 twist?
    BTW FN has the 16″ carbine version of the FNAR posted for you guys that like short barrels!! Thats a street fighter. God bless body armor.
    I did get a few shots off with my new FNAR yesterday and then got distracted by an old super grade .270 that wouldn’t pattern. Out of the box I was shooting 1″ 3 shot groups at 100 yards with a crap scope i grabbed out of my parts pile. Next to a guy with a pre-64 model 70 that couldn’t get 2″ groups. When I started touching holes the model 70 guy started whining. Then he did it with the FN too and he got all excited. I hope he doesn’t go home and buy a new scope or sell his super grade! Using american eagle and cheap remington 150gr i had no feed issues or wild “fliers”. I put 40 rounds through with only one pull of the bore snake mid way. These are clean shooters. I probably won’t have the heart to put wolf or herstal ammo in it yet.

  • Robert

    You guys need to try Gander Mountain for FNAR mags

  • Brian

    In some states 5 round mags are required for hunting. The FN 5 round mag is a modified 10 round with the word “5 round” printed on it for those DEC agents who have a problem counting and seem to be prejudice against any black gun with a clip. The modification consists of a little clip spot welded inside the mag to prevent further travel. For this modification I am seeing a $15.00 avg price increase and have found it harder to get a 5 round than a 10 round. My state also does not allow 20 round mags. For those of you interested in hunting with a conventional scope you may want to look at the Winchester SXAR. It is a camo version of the FNAR without rails. Winchester is listing the MSRP lower than the FNAR and it seems to have the light barrel. With the FNAR rebate expiring you may be able to get an SXAR ordered for a little less coin. The scope rail on the FNAR is so long it can interfere with the front bell on a low mounted scope. The SXAR uses conventional scope mounts.
    I would really like to get some guys together with a remington R-25 and an AR-10 to do some apples to apples shooting with these rifles. Today would be a good day to test extreme powders at my place. It hasn’t got out of the single digits.

  • I recently purchased a FNAR and decided to blog about the gun and everygthing I’m doing to setup it up to my liking. I have a bunch of detailed photos and my blog can be found at http://arealmansreviews.blogspot.com/
    I also purchased a 5 round magazine from Scottsdale Hunting Club for $70 plus shipping ($82). It has “5 round” printed on it just like Brian said. I have not gotten to the range yet, but have high hopes for this gun.

  • Brian

    Did some 200yd shooting this weekend. Not impressed with results so I’ll wait for better weather. I was all over the place. I had rounds touching at 200yds, but, I couldn’t get a decent 5 shot group. Hard to believe wind gusts and thermals were the problem. One interesting thing happened though. I shot a group of the Federal gold medal match with Sierra 168 gr and got two tite, two loose, and one flier (still within a 3″ circle). I then followed up with Hornady 168gr Amax and shot exactly the same pattern, except it was two inches lower. Picked up the box and read the data. I don’t know how federal is getting that flat a trajectory with the same muzzle velocity and both brands supposedly high BC, but the data on each box for a 200 yd zero correllates to the Hornady being 2″ off vertical. I guess all I can say for now is I shot tighter with 168gr than the 147 and 150gr and my Nikon held zero. I did learn something with a .270 though. Keep track of your shot sequence and placement as your firing a group.
    I found after ten shots at 100yds the old .270 winchester was making a spiral pattern.

  • Keith

    I picked up an SXAR and finally got to the range. Purchased it for 850 at Sportsman’s warehouse. You may want to check that out before paying 1300 for the FN, they are almost identical except for the paint.

    I’m a mediocre shot at best, windy day, with cheap 1990 vintage surplus ammo I was at 2.5 inch 10 shot groups at 100 yards all day long and several shots in the same hole. I don’t doubt the 1 MOA claimed by FN. Comfortable, descent trigger, put 100 rounds through without a misfire or jam.

    Stunningly little kick, it felt like a 22 after shooting my 7 mag. Less kick than my AK. Great learning rifle, not intimidating at all for a full power rifle.

    Got it for hunting Antelope\Deer\Elk and for general home defense, Should be great for both.

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  • Jonny

    Hello is there anybody who knows who is the manufacturer’s Fnar pictinnys Rail

  • Neal Johnson

    I have FNAR and it shoots “OK” but the trigger leaves a lot to be desired and I would prefer an M4 style stock. I hope some of the various companies start to offer various accessories for same in the near future.

  • Brian

    Neal, Dont hold your breath waiting for the aftermarket on an FNAR. Too many other more popular sporting rifles for now. Even though I chose this over an R25 you can bet Remington will customize sooner. Browning just doesn’t understand the U.S. market. As for trigger pull what are you comparing to? Find a good gunsmith and build it your way. These aren’t AR variants with a bazillion options. What they are, is very accurate .308 semi’s that perform well. Mine has good trigger feel and when using quality ammo will do consistant sub moa at 200-300 yds. I’m doubling holes at 100 yds. Crap ammo yields crap results.

  • Brian

    I don’t know how many of you have tried the new Hornady ammo, but, I just had a batch that blow primers out. This is a very detrimental condition in a semi auto. Fortunately I had no jams or misfires as I was almost through 20 rds when I realized the primers were flinging out of the brass during ejection. Just one batch of super performance did this and all others were fine. I have a call in to Hornady on this issue.

  • David Mercado

    You can find the magazines for the FN AR on MIDWAY.COM

  • wesley whiton

    hey guys; jut purchased a shiny new fnar lite 20 inch at gander last night for $ 999.00 (after $ 300.00 gander rebate) my question is who has some info they would care to share on your most accurate handloads. I am an avid reloader, but have no experience with this type rifle. Im a bolt action guy, but at this price had to have one of these. any tips would be greatly appreciated. pleae include C.O.L. thank!

  • Mark Smith

    Mine does well with IMR 4895, 41.5gr shooting hornady 168 grain, amax.I get a litle better accuracy with the amx moly coated, but not much over just the amax.
    I also use small size dies to resize the cases, but that is because I also reload for a couple of AR10s that seem to require this in order to eject properly. This gun may not be as finicky if you use the standard size dies. I really like the 168 gr bullet in this gun, but I am going to play with some different powders. you got a great deal, by the way.
    visit AR10t.com, check out their forum in the section on reloading. some great advice there for reloading any semiautomatic .308 cal rifle

  • AJ

    OK here we go’ I bought one 1.5 yrs ago. First is that the optic rail is mounted CROCKED and CANTED, easy to see if you look from the barrel end towrds the reciever. Put it in a gun vise and made the reciever perfectly vertical, then placed levels on the rail at various locations statring at the trigger end going forward. the rail is tilted to the right and gets worse as you go down the rail. It actually is mounted canted meaning it rolls down to the right, by the time it gets to the chamber ring its way off. About 1/3 bubble off at the reciever and a full buble off at the end. I took photos and contacted FN. they were great, sent me a prepaid shipping slip to send it back. About 3 months later they sent a new gun. It was crooked too, not as bad, not canted just not square (90% to the reciever) Figuring the optics could deal with it. So I bought a ELCAN 1.5-6 power scope, military grade. $1850…. when adjusting windage the point of impact goes in a diaginal path, same with the vertical. Very difficult to zero since the base is a fixed component of the optic. Ya it can shoot tight groups at 100 yards if you suck the rifle in tight and fight against the bolt cycling before the bullet leaves the barrel.
    The recoil is much greater than the M1 I have, rifle needs an adjustable gas port to compensate for the bolt hammering. This is a heavy barrel rig and is not balanced well, very front heavy. Can shoot better off hand with the M1 even if I use a sling and pull in the rifle tight, just like the military teaches. Have looked at many FNARs’ at dealers and they all are crooked. FN made them and the tooling was off and are unwilling to admit they need to recall these and replace the reciever. The mounting holes for the rail are drilled crooked and cannot be redrilled, inserts are used. I would buy an HK 91 if I could do it again. Very unhappy with it

  • jeff

    i had bought a fnar in 2009
    this my second post
    i love it exept for the mags being to high
    i love it my next will be a .308 scar heavy
    i have shot it it was awsom
    boath were tack drivers i have shot the fnar
    to 700 yards awsom
    i hand load match using siera, hornady 180 and 200 gr
    it shoots 168gr aswill i hopw some body
    makes mags for the fnar hope p mags


  • Kevin

    I have not posted for a long time now but I have still been shooting the FNAR with great results, pretty much using federal sierra match king 168. with the front versa pod and shooting bags on the rear I get 1/4″ to 1/2″ groups @100 still when wanting to be accurate and trying best I can. I still shoot surplus for fun and not caring about accuracy. Today the range instructor suggested I try Federal American Eagle OTM match 168 made for M1A competition. I have not had luck with American Eagle in my handguns and have avoided it. He guarenteed I would be pleased so I thought what the he77 it was only $19.00 a box compared to $26.00 for the Seirra. first group was 1 1/2″ higher but the group was 1/2″. 6 clicks on the nightforce and the next group was on bull and touching. same with the next 2 groups – touching – 4th group was 2 1/4th holes they were touching so close.
    I was impressed and will definetly stock up on this stuff, and its cheaper. So far it is the most accurate factory loads so far.

  • I enjoy your site and its style and design. You do a good job here; keep up the fine efforts.

  • 1bushwhacker

    I have owned two fnar’s. The first was a heavy barrel version. I fitted it with an Elite 6500 4.5-30 scope with medium tactical rings and harris BR bipod, a perfect match for this gun. I shot a wide variety of ammo through it. My best perfect hand load shot 1.1″ 100 yrd. groups on a perfect day, factory match grades averaged 2″+, and russian averaged 4″ groups. Unhappy with the accuracy and the fact that the heavy barrel was so front heavy that it was impracticle to ever shoulder fire, I sold it and bought a standard light barrel version. The standard balances very well, especially with an elbow sling, and averages under 3/4″ groups, even with match. Very satisfied. The scope rail is slightly crooked on my light version, but luckily I have a scope with plenty of adjustment. So those of you having accuracy problems with your FNAR, don’t look too long in the mirror, I can testify there are inconsistencies in manufacturing, and probably no two barrels are the same. They weren’t in my case. Try a different scope just to be sure like I did. Good luck!

  • joe

    shot,looked at, for five yrs, wanted one except for price. shoots like a dream,.well, went to local gun show sat. cheap entertainment,.and first booth had one,for a grand , new,.walked the show, and came back, and handed. him my carry glock for a down payment, and i’ll finally have my 308 next season. so glad i did, the 1,000 is caused by a special sale of an over run they are selling off, heavy,20inch, with 2 2o rd clips case,and all pads,shims, saw an ad the night before on internet for 999.00,..but i dont have the cash now,.and the local dealer accepted a trade,and payments ! the gun shows really are a bunch of great family folk,..so patronise your local gun shows,..and i had the best home made 3 dollar bowl of chille i ever had. cooked by the local wives of the gun show people.plud,no shipping,or fees,.. just a normal tax. So see if you can find one on sale,..they will be reg.price very soon ($1500) And as I try to get people to know, “It’s not about guns, It’s about ypur rights” 2nd ammd.has nothing to do with hunting…it has everything to do with your PERSONAL rights already taken away from the people….

  • tpeek

    Are the FNAR 7.62×51 built to handle the pressure of a 308 Win round? I know some of the older surplus 7.62 rifles can get damaged with 308 rds because of the 62,000psi chamber pressure. Anyone familiar with this?

    I just bought a FNAR stamped 7.62x51mm with a 20″ heavy fluted barrel..I have some 308 Win I would like to shoot in it but don’t want to damage the gun.