Centurion 5mm Remington Rimfire Magnum

The 5mm Remington Rimfire Magnum is back!


The 5mm Rem Magnum was originally produced from 1970 to 1974. Only a few firearms where chambered in it. The bolt action Remington Model 591 and Model 592 where chambered in it and Thompson Center Arms offered it for a brief period of time.

In comparison the 30 gr .22 Magnum (WMR) traveling at 2,200 ft/s generates 322 ft/lb of energy.

More about the Centurion 5mm Remington Rimfire Magnum @ varminter.com

For those who held onto their Remington 5mm Rimfire rifles in hopes that someone, someday, would revive this fine cartridge, their prayers have been answered in the Centurion made 5mm Remington. For those of you who wished for a new generation of 5mm rifles and handguns, your day is at hand. There can be little doubt that the reintroduction of this cartridge will produce a new line of firearms to augment the original Remington rifles that might be in a shooter’s rack. And with current powder technology, better bullets and a better understanding of internal ballistics, there is yet, more to come! Future development of newer, higher performance Centurion 5mm Remington ammunition is already underway! The future indeed looks bright for this old veteran cartridge…


THe ammo should be available after SHOT Show. According to an bayouboy @ RFC Aguila said:


UPDATE: More info at GunPundit

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  • My dad collects the old 5mm ammo. Maybe I’d better send him this link, huh? Might be time to unload some of the old ammo. But he’s also got a couple of rifles in this caliber, so maybe it’ll be good news.

  • The rep at the Aguila/Centurion booth did say that it will be out next week.

    I posted a bit and a pic here.

  • Bill VanEtten

    5mm is available now. Go to ows-ammo.com. $19.95 a box + shipping . I just ordered 5 boxes and shipping by FedEx was less than $10.00. Bill

  • Thanks Bill for letting us know.

  • Johnny C. Kitchens

    J&G has it for $17.95 a box!!!

  • I was so excited to hear this news. I have a few boxes but haven’t spent much time out shooting with it yet. Anyone else tested it?

  • Gary Poling

    I just ordered six boxs from Ceaper than Dirt catalog $17.95
    I bought this fine Remington back in the 70s and wanted to sue Remington when they dropped it and vowed I would never buy a remington or rimfire again! This was my squirrel hunting baby! And now it’s going to get a new pair of shoes! G. Poling- Ohio
    . Hooray for the ammo maker that brought it back and the heck with Remington.

  • Steve

    This new 5mm stands up to the .17 HMR ammo.

    .17 HMR ammo is too tiny with the Centurion 5MM beating it hands down.

    Hey Remmington, your Edsel works fine!

    • Jimmy

      Have tried about all Cal’s which is field testimony hands down beats all it’s lite got to be a good shot recently I got 218bee haven’t got around to use it yet 5the Mohawkw

  • Fred Wright

    While I love the round, I’ll lay odds that it goes away like it did before! It’s simple economics. You have a round that is in the same basic class as the 17HMR, the 22Mag, and the 17HM2; although it has slightly better ballistics. There are 100+ times the number of 22Mags out there as there are 5mm’s. There are 10 – 20 times the number of 17’s out there. While there are a few new guns being chambered for the 5mm, who is going to buy them? When you can buy 500 rounds of 22Mag or 17 HM2 in the $80 to $100 range, and 17 HMR’s in the $100 to $130 range; who is going to buy a gun that takes a round that costs 150 to 200% as much? And if they don’t have the number of guns out there that need the round, they won’t sell the ammo! If they can keep the price in line with the other rounds in the same class, or even slightly more since it is a slightly better round, it will probably sell (in proportion to the number of guns that use it). Right now, the owners of the5mms who know it’s available seem to have already ordered and bought what they need to last them for a while. In the last month, I’ve picked up 5 boxes at gun shows in my area for $10 and $12 per box from dealers who said they were selling it at $18 to $20 per box when it came in. Then everyone in their area that needed it had bought what they wanted and now it’s just sitting there using shelf space. They wanted to turn it and get inventory that would move. It’s a great round!!! If they keep the price in line with the competition, it should do well. If they keep pricing it so much higher, it will fade away again!

  • Perhaps now that they’re retooled for 5mm ammo the prices will come down in the future?

  • Fred

    Let’s hope so. It’s a great round and ballistics are superior to it’s competition. In these economic times, if the price is competitive with the competition (both guns and ammo), it should do well in the long run. But if they price it higher to recoup their initial setup quicker, it’s popularity may dwindle again just like the first time! I certainly hope not, as I’ve put several thousand rounds (most of it the original stuff) through my 591 and love it. Let’s hope the manufacturer and the retailers keep it in line with it’s competitors so it lasts forever this time. (or at least as long as our government lets us keep our guns, but that’s a different subject that I shouldn’t get into here)

  • I have noticed the prices coming down, so hopefully the setup cost to re manufacture this ammo has been recouped. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

  • Richard Burger

    I need a clip for my 5mm does anyone have one for sale.

  • 77 you

    If the price is coming down to 10 or 12 dollars a box then it is as cheap as the 17hmr. I have had a rem 591 since I was 14 and was lucky enough to buy a couple of cases at sunset sports in the early 80s. I also have a 17hmr and a 17mach2. The 5mm is by far the best shooter ( no comparson)

  • Fred Wright: I personally never saw any point to the .17 rimfire nonsense. .22LR works just fine and is cheap.

    But if they can catch on, perhaps this can catch BACK.

    Richard Burger: Magazine for what rifle? I may have a source.

  • blaine carter

    i would like to buy a 5 mm magnum rifle if anyone has one for sale-model 591 or 592 doesn’t matter

  • richardweisjohn

    I’ve got close to 20 boxes of the 5mm mag ammo in the white boxes and another bunch of the old green and yellow. Is the old ammo worth anything anymore seeing they brought it back?

    I bought it up when I saw it and sat on because it was becoming worth a fortune.

  • CJ

    I am looking for the Remington Model 592 tube fed. Does any one know where I might find one.

  • Larry

    Could some one tell me what scope base fits the Remington 591 & 592.

    Thanks for any information


  • robert wise

    Larry, the 591 and 592 both have 3/8 in divetailed receivers to accept rimfire scope rings also to anyone intersted thompson centers has a g2 contender barrel for 5 mm its a 23 inch heavy barrel i have 1 and it shoots awesome

  • texasdeadeye

    I have a 592 tube fed 5mm remington and 6 boxes of original rem. ammo.
    I got it about 5 years ago from a good friend who is now deceased. I have not yet shot it , but I am going to.

  • fredga


  • Richard Burger

    I bought one from Mark Lloyd. Expensive but I needed one also so I had to pay the price. rembolt788 [ at ] hotmail dot com

  • Mark Kirichkow

    I have two bolt action ones. Will sell the one I got at an auction last year. It shoots just fine. Has a scope on it. Contact me for a price.

  • huckabuck

    I have a 592 that came with 3 boxes of original Rem ammo and 11 loose rounds. I shot the loose stuff just for the experience (never thought I’d ever see one much less shoot one). Sat on the ammo to see what happens and last year while just browsing ammo sites I find the Centurion stuff, almost fell outta’ my chair! Bought 500 rounds right off and after seein’ what it does to groundhogs I bought 500 more. I haven’t even taken my 22 mags outta’ the house.

  • RickyB

    I applaude the efforts of Centurion to load ammo for this great “suburban varminter”. Their 30 gr bullet at 2300 fps is really just a starting load for this cartridge. The original 38 gr load offered by Remington moved along at an advertised 2100 fps. Centurion promises there is yet more to come, and this cartridge has plenty of potential.
    I have a 591M converted to centerfire, a process that destroyed the ability to shoot the rimfire rounds. I easily get 2000 fps with a 40 gr Schroeder roundnose, and 2500 fps with the Berger 30 grainer, and no signs of excess pressure. I’m happy with this, no need to push the envelope, I have other more powerful varmint rifles.
    A couple of guys out there make a living producing oddball cases and bullets. Now we wildcatters have kept these 5mm rifles shooting up till now, although handloading a miniature round such as this is a labor of love. And getting square milled cartridge rims to feed through a scratchy plastic magazine is a challenge. No feed problems with the original rimfire rounds.
    Now to find either an original complete bolt assembly, or just a bolt head, to fire the Centurion rounds. Any offers or leads?

  • dennis m

    larry center point precision optics makes a scope that comes with rings that fit the divetailed receiver perfectly i just mounted one the only problem is i can not find a boresite to help aline the scope go to http://www.centerpointoptics.com or call 1-866-726-1122 the scope is model cp392rg comes with limited life time warrenty

  • wendell

    Contact lowell at eagle view arms.
    http://www.5mmcraig.com HE has the rimfire firing pin for the centefire conversion. I also have shoot the centerfire 5mm

  • wendell

    ! more thing.
    Eagle view bought out mike craig in 1995.Mike couldn’t keep up with the demand for the conversion and brass.

  • RickyB

    Wendell: Thanks for the tip. I’ve spoken with Lowell several times over the phone in years past, then I thought he might have been out of business as his website was down. I know he was having production problems for a while. I checked the website you gave and saw the “grand opening”.
    The firing pin strike on my 5mm centerfire bolt conversion is significantly off center, although it reliably sets off Federal (but not CCI) primers. I’m tempted to get a box of Centurion ammo just to see if the off center strike will light off the rimfires. If so, problem solved. If not, I’ll get the rimfire firing pin from Lowell.
    I also own a Mossberg 640KA .22Magnum made in the late 60’s, a competitior rifle and cartridge to the 5mm Remington back in the day. I recently chronographed 10 rounds of Winchester 40gr JHP out of the 24″ barrelled Mossy at an average of 1770 fps. I found that pretty disappointing. Makes my handloaded 40gr 5MM bullet at 2000 fps look like a true magnum.
    I’ve read there are handloaders who pull the heads off .22 magnum rounds, then experiment with powder charges and bullets to improve performance. And I thought I was on the edge with the 5mm Remington centerfire.

  • Gene

    I bought a 591 model from a friend back in the 90’s with the understanding I’d have and hard time (if not impossible) finding ammo. He was right and when I did find the ammo at gun shows I had to pay 50 dollars a box! There were stories that when the ammo became obsolete, a gun show dealer was offering to throw in the rifle if you bought 5 boxes of the ammo. I had a hard time understanding why Remington would let a firearm they manufactured just go by the wayside and not make an effort to see that people, like me and thousands of others, would still be able to hunt and shoot “their” rifle. Thank goodness Centurion started manufacturing this ammo! I had 3 old boxes and purchased another 3 from Anguilla and just yesterday took my son out squirrel hunting using the 591 5 mm Rem Mag and my old 22 WMR made by Revelation (Western Auto) and was extremely impressed with the 5 MM. We’re both adults and hunt religiously for just about everything huntable and had an awesome time making some 75 yard shots on those little tree critters. I will say though, unless you make head shots with either the 22 Mag or the 5 MM Mag, there isn’t a whole lot left to clean on the squirrel. Thank you Centurion!

  • julian rentenaar

    I had found a 5mm remington 592 in noatak alaska in 1984. I was only 14
    and that was the year alaska gave out the first state dividend for 1000.00
    I found it in a 4by4 crate exposed to the weather for some years by my uncle blue. he said be careful it could be still loaded but it was not. I brought it home and cleaned it, I found pitting in the bore as well as the barrel and outer surface of the action. I determined it was not safe to fire and put it away. I have not seen it since. I have always been curious when I could get another rifle and amunition. I am thankful for your site so I can find one. Note I am native Alaskan and a master ivory carver and balleen basket maker.

  • Mark Kirichkow

    Mark Kirichkow E-Mail makirichkow@trane.com I have a 591 for sale. Julian, I would like to get that pitted 592 from you if its for sale.

  • Bill M

    YES!… My prayers Have been answered! I bought a Rem. 5mm magnum in 1970 and fell in love with it. For West Texas jackrabbits, gray foxes and prairie dogs, NOTHING worked better. I have had a .17 HMR now for 3 years, and yes it shoots flat and is accurate, but is lacking in the ‘WHACK-EM’ department on small and medium sized game. The 30 grain bullet going just slightly slower than the tiny 17 or 20 grains from the .17 is much better medicine on critters in my experience; I and my 5mm put many a javelina down with one shot, and literally hundreds of jackrabbits at 100 yds +. I remember reading an article in a shooting magazine back in 1970 where the writer tested the 5mm on turkeys and gave a rave review on its deadliness on toms, but it is not legal for turkeys here in Texas because it is a rimfire. I just purchased my first few boxes of the new Centurion ammo to test it and was very pleased; shooting sub 1″ groups at 80 yds. – I will be ordering more. But I don’t believe the Centurion bullets quite match the quality and accuracy of the old ammo with the Remington match hollow points – in the early 70’s I was able to cut coathanger wire at 100 yds.— It was a tack-driver! Hopefully a reputable firearm manufacturer will develop a new rifle that will show what this great little cartridge can do.

  • So are there any firearms manufacturers releasing anything new chambered in the 5mm?

  • Ethan

    Where can i by a g2 contender in the 5mm? its not listed on tc web site my dad is a big 5mm fan and would love to own one

  • Bill Smith

    I am looking for a clip for a 591. Anyone with one for sale?

  • steve g

    Does anyone have or know where I can get a 5mm model 592 barrell. I bent mine on the farm. 🙁 Love the gun and want to fix it.

  • keith

    im pumped to hear they are reprodusing this load but
    where do i get 5mm amo in canada?

  • Steve G, check Gun Broker. They have a bunch of 5mm parts available there.

    Keith, you might try contacting Centurion directly and ask if there are any distributors in Canada that sell it.

  • Hey, any wildcatters around? A 5.7X28 FN will make a dandy speeder if necked to 5 mm. Midway has a lot of 5 mm barrels. Now, if we can have a good ‘smith who can ream TC Contender in 5 mm
    or completely re-make a miniature Mauser.. It may not be in the same league as a Ruger.204 but close.
    Who says old men stopped dreaming?

  • CJ

    Wow looks like a lot of people like this round. I am still looking for new or used 592 or 591 or any other 5mm rifle leave me a message here and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks.

    • jimmy

      Have a 592 5mm rifle in great cond. if your still looking

  • JR

    Has anyone heard of a rifle made in this caliber yet? If not are there any used rifles available. My uncle used to manage a shooting facility in Southern California Coto de Caza and we used to dispatch critters that bothered the upland population with this rifle. My email is sniar10@aol.com.

  • Dennis

    I have 4 clips for Remington 591 5mm rifle theses are original $65.00 each ph. 276-356-6154

    • Dennis

      Sold all the 5mm clips

      • Dennis

        ALL THE 5MM CLIPS ((((( SOLD ))))) THEY ARE GONE

    • Dennis

      Eagle arms will be making a medal clip for the Remington 591 wery soon also they are going to make a new 5mm rifle comes with 2 bolts one Rimfire and one centerfire Craig, The new 5mm looks AWESOME

  • Quillgordo

    Taurus announced the tracker or rAging bull in 5mm a few weeks ago!

  • i need a magazine for a 591 5mm

  • bhowes

    I have a 591 for sale. 2 clips and 9 boxes of ammo. Any takers?

    • Brad K. Brumback

      Do u still have a clip?

  • jimmy

    I have 592 in very good condition for sale with amo . contact me @ 985-856-5419

  • carlhoffman

    I have had one since 1970/71 stopped shooting it when down to last box of ammo. I am back to shooting it and seven dead ground hogs, one shot, each dead. Good round and fun to shoot. Purchased one box of the new ammo and found it worked well so got enough to hold me a lifetime. Hope they will keep it going.

  • Brad K. Brumback

    I’m looking for a bolt and a clip for a 591? 1660-621-9907