Winchester Speed Pump Black Shadow Field

As far as I can see the action is identical to the “Speed Pump Defender” and is a hunting version of the shotgun ie. longer barrel.

Rugged reliability with a non-glare matte finish on the barrel and receiver that won’t cause birds to flare. The durable composite stock and forearm are up to tough conditions. The hard working Speed Pump action fires all factory 2 3/4″ and 3″ steel, tungsten, bismuth and lead loads through a new, chrome plated .724″ back-bored barrel with Invector-Plusâ„¢ chokes, ensuring optimum patterns. Choose a tough 12 gauge with 26″ or 28″ barrel.

Gauge: 12
Barrel Length: 26″ / 28″
Weight: 7 lbs / 7lbs 4 oz

Steve Johnson

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  • Anon 1:50


    Any owners out there care to weigh in?

  • Ethan

    No owners yet as the roll out is delayed. According to Winchester maybe next quarter. (fist quarter FY 09)

  • Ethan, thanks for the info.

  • Brett

    This is an amazing looking gun is it out yet? Does anybody have any feed back on the quality of it or any comments about this gun?

  • Armando Cordero

    Hey guys I just ordered one today but can’t give you any info on it’s performance just yet. Here in Texas it was $340.00 + tax. Don’t know exactly the wait time since the call would go in on Monday.


    • Armando, please let us know how it preforms after you have tried it out.

  • Armando Cordero

    I sure will I am actually very excited once it comes in. I ordered it with the 28′ barrel since I will use it for small birds and skeet. The price was very reasonable in comparison to the Benneli Nova and the Mossberb 900 model. There were a few Stoeger models around the same price but I choose the Winchester. The sales guy will start making an order call on Monday, I pray that there isn’t a long delay on the model, I kind of hinted to him if it is longer than 60 days to get one that I would not be interested in it. I have a little hard time with waiting that long to get my hands on something I really like…guns that is.

    Much Blessings

  • Cole

    This gun has actually been out for a few years. I purchased one in September of 2004, and I assure you, it’s the “black shadow” model.

  • Billy Bob


  • Texcooker

    I handled one today and it feels like the Nova, The forearm sildes all the way back to the trigger guard,The release is on the front of the trigger guard and easy to operate,( but dont keep you finger there) With its lite weight it will probly have a good kick and need a counter weight in the stock to reduce the recoil like the Nova. The gun I looked at was priced at $399 and had a good feel to it and looked and shouldered great BUT I have not shot one, I did own a Nova for a while and spent extra money trying to tame the recoil. I feel that this Winchester gun is trying to compete with a Nova and may give it a good run for the money. Somebody just go buy one and let us know what you think,