GSG-5 : .22 MP5 pattern rifle

Atlantic Firearms will be getting in the MP5 pattern .22LR GSG-5 Sport rifle (although I would call it a carbine).

Picture 7-6

Picture 9-10


Caliber: .22LR
Action: Semi-automatic
Length: 855mm
Height: 207mm
Width: 53mm
Barrel Length: 414mm (16.3″)
Weight (without magazine): 2930g (6.45 lbs)
Magazine weight: 115g
Magazine capacity: 22 rounds ( 10 and 22 will be available in the future)

It also comes with a fake suppressor.

Apparently MP5 accessories and furniture is compatible with the GSG-5

Atlantic Firearms will be selling if for $499 and they are expected to arrive in January or February 2008.

Some more photos:

 Gsg5 Media Pics Kurz 2

 Gsg5 Media Pics Lang 3
A video of the GSG-5 in action

Looks like fun!


Some more photos from American Tactical Imports

Picture 7-8

Picture 8-11

Picture 9-12

Picture 10-9

Picture 11-12

Picture 12-8

DEMIGOD has written a review:

Is the GSG-5 anything other than a plinker? For shooters who need to use an MP5 “for work”, the GSG-5 may be a viable training platform since the controls are identical. In addition, a suppressed GSG-5 may have some law-enforcement applications.

According to Tony at Amchar, the first shipment to the U.S. will contain 1320 rifles and should be heading out to dealers around the country and the end of February 2008. GSG’s production plans for 2008 include 10,000 GSG-5s.

Steve Johnson

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  • Tim

    Regardless of other comments made ( some obviously by people who have not shot, let alone own a GSG-5), this rifle is awesome. The fit and finish of this German-made gem is far above average, and mine was incredibly accurate right out of the box. This is not intended to take down bad guys or terrorists; it is made to be a fun plinker that is enjoyable and economical to shoot. It is not a BB gun converted to .22 LR (that has to be one of the most ignorant statements I’ve heard). It is a solid and reliable pltform that is loads of fun to shoot…..try it out and you’ll agree.

  • Pops

    Just an fyi for the uninitiated…the 22 caliber is indeed lethal and is the caliber of choice of assasins worldwide

  • 10mm

    it may not be intended for putting down terriosts but i think it would still kill him a hyper velocity .22 has 190 foot pounds energy which is the same as a .32 caliber!! the REASON why it wouldnt be a good idea to comfront an armed terriost with a gsg is because of the lack of STOPPING POWER ie. a .22 wouldnt drop him and hence he could fire a rounds at you!! but IT WOULD KILL HIM make no mistake……

    not just a plinker but a good training tool

  • Walther P22

    To Pops and 10mm: I am thrilled to see some people that are smart enough to realize that a .22 is a lethal round and not a joke. So many people think they have to have a 44 magnum to stop a man. These are generally the same people that think you need 180 grain bullets to stop a deer and preferably use no less than a .270 rifle On man and deer a .22 will certainly kill them both (now yes, a .22 is not LEGAL for deer, but it is LETHAL on deer).

    The reason that assassins choose the .22 is because they often go for head shots I imagine and thus there is no point to having a 9mm or .45. Bigger calibers are made to get more lethal results out of less lethal shots. And think about this: a .223, which is nearly the same as 5.56 (ie. M-16/AR-15 ammo), is only a tiny bit bigger than a .22. Now there is considerably more powder, but if the argument is that the .22 doesn’t make a big enough hole then the military would tend to disagree. In fact I would venture a guess that a hollow point .22 would make a bigger hole than a FMJ .223. A .223 isn’t all that much more powerful than a .22 magnum.

    The BB-Gun comment is completely ridiculous. I had a person the other day tell me a .22 was about the same power as an air rifle. I admit I haven’t shot many air rifles but it would take one hell of an air rifle to be as powerful as a .22. On a random note the .22 magnum round is also one of the best rounds there is, it’s too bad more semi-auto pistols, or rifles for that matter, don’t come in .22 WMR. I would love to have a P22 in .22 WMR.

    It’s funny, no one that tells me a .22 is worthless and can’t kill has ever been willing to let me shoot them to test their theory 🙂 (note: I do not condone shooting people for disagreeing with you/me, except on Thursdays.).

    More on topic, the GSG MP5 is a beautiful gun that I hope to eventually own. I’ve handled one and they seem very sturdy and well made. I’m quite confident in the German’s ability to make guns. One complaint/question: why are there no 50 round magazines for one? So far that’s an advantage to my Ruger 10/22. I’m also really looking forward to the GSG .22 1911. It should make a wonderful full size .22 pistol. Maybe it will give my Walther P22’s a run for their money 🙂

  • Casey

    The SEALs used a suppressed .22 S&W called a Hush Puppy in Viet Nam to kill sentrys and guard dogs. I’ve read the .22 kills more people every year than any other caliber because it doesn’t get the respect it deserves. It may not be a ‘combat’ round but it is capable of killing.

    On a differant note, I wonder why 22 rounds per magazine and not 30?

  • RonT

    I just got a GSG-5 carbine, My first shooting day was frustrating with lots of jams but I contacted Ray @ American Tactical and he asked if I noticed a burr inside the magazine, he suggested filing it with an emory board and I did. Day 2 was awesome even though it took a week to get time from work to shoot. I shot probably 350 rounds with very few mishaps that were caused when I inadvertenly grabbed the magazine when firing( I guess it doesn’t like that) I am very happy with my purchase, it just took getting the bugs out. Gun seems very accurate and definitely fun to shoot. Its nice to have a cheap to shoot cool looking rifle. Lets face it the GSG-5 looks cool. I have many semi autos to shoot but this one is easy on the wallet. Would definitely recommend to anyone thinking about getting one!

  • Carl

    After reading some of the comments I felt I have to add my two cent’s about the .22 Cal round, most people don’t know that the two types of rounds that have killed more people through out modern history are the 9MM and the .22LR. who ever think the .22Cal is not a lethal round should do a little more research. other then that I wish you all a wounder day. P.S. the .223 round has a hell of a lot more power then a .22WMR.

  • Duane

    I have a gsg 5 2nd generation,it jams 2 of 50 rounds. No one seams to know about scope mounts not fitting. Dealers have not heard of this problem. I took mine all the way down to find the problem,it is a disign flaw. Need help to find a mount or parts replacement.

  • anthony

    i have a second generatioin gsg-5 and it is an overall great gun. The guy that says it has a disign flaw is completely wrong. I the only misshaps are due to the ammo. the gsg-5 fired perfectly out of the box and is no very loud. After shooting a few rounds i took the ear pluggs out. It is extremely fun and cheap to shoot. Only bad thing is the finish is subject to scratching if treated ruffly. i have shot many air rifles and NONE of them compair to the GSG. i would recomend getting one to all buyers. On other chat forums people say it can kill a deer with a head shot from 50 yards out. the fireing is smooth,fun, acurate, and consistent. The guy that says he has issues with his must have got the first generation and was lied to because all, if any, flaws were removed in the second generation.

  • Aaron

    As an ex-marine that served in ‘Nam I once knew said to me, “I’d rather hit someone with a .22 than miss them with a .45”

  • I Got a 1st anniversary model that came with all sorts of extras, brushes,different sights posts, and other goodies. Does anyone know, what, the small hex pin that fits right on or into the bottom of the front of the barrel under the slingpost, (cocking handle)is for ?. its part number 95 on a breakdown of the GSG-5..the description is a firing pin retaining something or the other ….just wondering.
    Thanks D

  • Jim

    What’s the difference between the 1st generation and the 2nd generation? If no outward difference, how do you tell them apart?

  • cabopc

    A guy at the range today was shooting one of these and I had to go take a look because it looked so darn cool. He was kind enough to let me fire a mag and now I’ve gotta have one. He had a cheap red-dot sight on it that worked great.

  • John Baker

    I rec’d my GSG-5 carbine from Jax Shooters in Florida for $449. and bought lots of extras from I put an after market 552 sight on it. I shot it today and sighted it in………………WOW! Very impressed with it and had only 1 miss fire where the .22 cartridge didn’t fire. I used Federal copper plated HPs. I just loved the Halo 552 sight as you kept your both eyes open on your target. Even at 50yds with rapid trigger pulls the sight stayed on target. Awesome weapon and would not hesitate using it as a defensive weapon due to its accuracy, quanity of fire power, and no recoil. Hitting a head size target at 50 yards with multiple shots is soooooooo easy. I highly reccommend getting a red dot or a halo 552 for this gun.

  • Troy S.

    .22 only practical purpose over 9mm is the cost and 9mm are fairly inexpensive. I like my .22’s primarily because of being able to fire all day without a dent in my wallet but more importantly you don’t need any ear protection. It’s great to walk around with a buddy poppin off rounds and being able to hold a conversation. I would be deaf if I was doing that with my 9mm’s.

    Sure a .22 can be lethal but so can a rock thrown at someones head. The point is that for the common shooter a 9mm rifle would be way more lethal than a .22. (I think that Beretta Storm is bomb bomb) I would easily say that a 9mm round is the all around best purpose round there is taking into consideration price, versatility, availability, and variety. If you want about the all around best civilian “killing rifle” and price is not that big of a deal but you want to avoid a second mortgage, get an ar-10 and fire some .308 at a person and I guarantee they will die faster than a .22. Plus they are legal for big game. yeah yeah you could say get an ar-50 but I am staying within the realm of a reasonable civilian firearm. Although I have often thought about buying a .50, but I don’t think I want the ATF and FBI to set up a field office in my backyard.

    As far as the argument that the military uses a .223 and therefore since it’s “about the same as a .22” then the .22 must be lethal is so illogical that I can’t begin to start-but I will try.

    This argument is like saying a bicycle and a crotch rocket are about the same because they are about the same size. Reeeetarded.

    Furthermore, the military started using .223 because they were LESS lethal than other rounds. They did this because they found that injuring 1 enemy combatant would theoretically take 3 out of the game because 2 would have to drag off their fallen comrade. If you killed the guy then there would be less urgency to haul them off the battlefield to safety.

    Ok now I have cleared up everyones confusion on this topic, have a nice day.

  • John Baker

    I agree with all that Troy S. said. I liked the GSG-2 carbine so much, I ordered the last in stock a GSG-5PK ($409) from Shooters Jax. And I plan using it as a defensive weapon when I get it. I own 2 liquor stores. And the one I am at all day is in a little town just east of down town Houston off I-10. Crime is way up here and this town has a large increase also. I wear a Colt 45 1911 on my side all day 6 days a week (CHL)and open on my side in the store. My greatest concern is getting ambushed when I am going from my store to my parked car, on the way home, and when I get home. I am very much involved with “Airsoft battles” (when the temp’s permits) and know that “cover fire” can be very useful. I own an Olympic OA 93 223 pistol, as well as a Colt AR15 9mm, Hi point 9mm, and a Thompson like 9mm however, my free standing store is surrounded by homes and other businesses and fear spraying the bad boy(s) area with 9mm or 223 concerns me. Having 2 22 round mags (Pistol on a bongi sling under my jacket) and 2 8-round 45 mags on me for the Colt 1911 would hopefully give me the fire superiorty of both cover fire & fire power. Even though a HP 22 would not stop one in their tracks, just getting shot/wounded in a robbery attempt could be enough to break the attack off. And I would rather hit them with several 22s than miss with a 45 because of recovering from the recoil. When you have just a pistol, most are unwilling to unload their full 8-15 round mag when their target is not standing in front of them. I can unload a 22/22 round mag, and still have another clamped 22rd mag plus my 45 to continue the fight. When these illegals rob down here they do it in numbers not one on one. And if I had to choose between carrying just one weapon, I would choose 22rd mag x 2 than a Colt 45 8 round when ambushed on the outside. “Different strokes for different folks” (in different situations).

  • John Baker

    Has anyone used CCIs .40 grain jacketed 22s in the GSG-5?

  • John Baker

    Sorry, I forgot add to the last entry of the CCIs that they were also LR mini-mags. Has anyone used them in the GSG-5?

  • Jason B.

    a tip 2 any1 that wants 2 make the most out of a 22 cal weapon take each round and shave about 1/20 off one side w/ a knife. When the bullet hits a person it will yaw more than usual and do the damage of a 30 cal bullet. u lose accuracy but its still more accurate than a 9mm
    The 22 kicks A if u know how 2 use it

  • RG

    Nice gun but 10-15,000 of the SD version being recalled according to ATF. The Faux Suppressors are deemed illegal and in violation of NAF and ATI/GSG apparantly knew about them last year during manufacture and shipping. ATI/GSG have never been known for great customer service, now it appears they shipped to dealers weapons that were NEVER authorized or suspect at best. According to ATF, the standard GSG-5 version is not part of the current recall, but likely may be at a later date.

  • GW

    ok ive had my gsg5 for about a year now and got it at gander mtn. I dont know what the problem is, but out of the box it shoots about 4 inches down, and about an inch to the left CONSISTANTLY with different types of ammuniton….?? other people besides me have shot this gun and have had the same result. ive read other reviews and havnt read anything negative about its accuracy. i dont know if should have it looked at or if i should talk to the dealer or whatever….any suggestions? and by the way, besides that one problem ive had with it, AWESOME gun! ive cycled clips of the cheapest, crappiest, most low grade ammo through it and ive only had one hang up where the shell didnt fully exit the reciever! As for the design and quality, it is very sturdy, although it has a slight woble in the stock which ive heard is normal. any help would be useful 🙂

  • John Baker

    I own both the pistol and carbine and when I went to shoot them I had bought a scope mount and redot sights for both so didn’t used the iron sights and the sights were adjusted perfectly right on target consistently………..I would suggest the same.

  • James Gammon

    In the military I trained on the M16 with the .223. The characteristic that made it so lethal was that between 50 to 100 the bullet began tumbling.

  • Jeff Williams

    I have 2 first gen GSG5s consecutivly numbered. SHould I get the other one and save these 2? There is one more at the shop.
    What is the difference between 1st gen and 2nd gen? Asked but not answered.
    When were in the army we had a class about gunshot wounds. ER Drs said the worst round to get shot with… this was in the 80’s was a 22 mag due to the tumbling after impact. They would tag them they oughta know.

  • george h. w.

    I,ve had a 2nd gen. GSG for several months. The second gen gun has an ejector that is riveted on the receiver, as opposed fo the first gen gun. The GSG is very accurate, from a rest, I can get about 1 in groups at 50 yards, with the iron sights, using Federal h.p. 35 gr. carts. I recommend using low strength Locktite on all the machine screws and nuts . There are over 20 of these!

  • GW

    shooting my mp5 today and something went wrong. i had been shooting for about 30 minutes and put about 50 rounds through it and on the last few shots in the clip, it didnt fire like there was a dud or something. so i go to pull back the reciever to clear it and it would only go back half way. then i realized there was somethin rattling inside the stock so i took it off and two little pieces came out: a little metal O-ring (broken), and a silver bolt (about an inch long). you can see where it screws into a silver block at the back. cant find my parts list and cant find any online, so can anyone help me? i dont know if this usually happens or what…ive probly put, my guestimation, about a 1000 rounds through my gun. anyway, if you can help, please be quick to tell me.

  • GW

    And for John Baker, yes, i have used CCI’s HP mini-mags and they work great. If your planning to use these in the GSG MP5 as a personal defense weapon, then i have a few suggestions: you mentioned you were concerned about spraying 223 rounds everywhere and potentially hurting someone that you didnt mean to shoot (which i absolutly agree with) but you also said you own a few 9mm weapons. why not use those? I recently bought a highpoint 9mm rifle and it rocks! (which im sure you already know). it would be perfect for the job. Compact, light weight, accurate, reliable, versatile, powerful…everything you would look for in a self defense weapon, right? Not to say the GSG MP5 isnt any of those things, but it just lacks the stopping power. Even with stopping power there comes recoil, the highpoint does not kick much at all, so no worries about recovering for follow up shots. Not to mention it will fire just as fast as the GSG if you have a quick finger and it makes ALOT more noise than a 22 does which has a big impact on guy at the other end of the barrel. It also seems like your worried about ammo. Pro Mag makes 15 round magazines for the highpoint 9mm and there are double magazine pouches available too. And the 9mm round isnt like a rifle cartridge that keeps going. High muzzle volecity, but putters out after a short distance and a wall or two later. And if you dont wanna take the chance, which who does, get some hollow point 9mm’s. Garunteed to stop at the first thing they hit…….Ok, i think thats it….And for anyone reading this, i am NOT putting down the GSG MP5 in any way at all, and i do realize the 22. does have the ability to fend off thugs and definitly has the ability to be lethal. If you still think the GSG MP5 is still the best choice, i would look into buying the 100 round drum for it. Then theres no chance of running out. They also make dual mags. Aint the guys at GSG great? haha

  • Jesse

    What kind of ammo are you guys using? I purchased regular .22lr and it will shoot one round then stop. I can manually rack it then once the bullet is in the chamber it will shoot then stop again. I called to complain and the retailer told me i need .22lr HV. Which i cannot find anywhere. Have any of you had a similar problem?