Now Without The Tube: Bear Creek Arsenal Bufferless 9mm AR

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y

Bear Creek Arsenal has a new 9mm AR pistol with no buffer tube. This new bufferless design incorporates a patent-pending blowback bolt carrier group. And yes, it takes Glock mags!

Bear Creek @ TFB:

BCA fits a 5-inch barrel on the bufferless pistol. The upper receiver is a side-charging design. The retail price is $504.83 and it is available now directly from Bear Creek Arsenal.

From the manufacturer:

Having a handgun is an essential part of everyday carry, but one always needs a backup or spare option. Bear Creek Arsenal has the ultimate truck gun now in a 9mm bufferless option. Designed for discerning shooters who demand portability without compromising performance, this bufferless option represents a new era in PDWs. This pistol eliminates the need for a traditional AR buffer tube, significantly reducing the overall footprint. Our patent-protected BCG seamlessly integrates with the blow-back operating system, resulting in a compact, efficient firearm.

Coming in with a 5” barrel, this AR pistol skips over the brace issue altogether and gives you a firearm that you could have in the trunk, under the seat, or stored in a case without getting in the way and the 1913 Picatinny rail gives you the option if you want to add a foldable brace. Our 9mm firearm uses Glock-style magazines so you can have options in carrying capacity and magazine reloads are easy. Being compact and lightweight, you can carry it in a bugout bag and still have room for more essentials. Whether you’re maneuvering in a vehicle, navigating confined areas, or needing a discreet home-defense solution, the pistol delivers unparalleled versatility. You will have a dependable firearm without having to break the bank. BCA redefines what’s possible in a bufferless AR pistol. Experience the future of personal defense with Bear Creek Arsenal.

All images from Bear Creek Arsenal.

Daniel Y
Daniel Y

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