[SHOT 2023] Hands on With the new Savage A22 Takedown, 1911’s and more

    [SHOT 2023] Savage A22 Takedown

    This year at Shot Show Industry Day at the Range, Savage brought their new 1911 pistols in 3 different trims both with and without rails, and with Black Nitride, Stainless and two-tone schemes.  Savage Also brought out their new A22 takedown and their carbon barreled lightweight Impulse Mountain Hunter straight pull rifle.

    [SHOT 2023] Hands on With the new Savage A22 Takedown, 1911’s and more

    Savage A22 Takedown

    [SHOT 2023] Savage A22 Takedown

    First up was Savage’s new A22 takedown.  While this compact rimfire carbine could ring steel just as well as the regular A22, the A22 takedown breaks down with a simple clockwise twist of the fore-end.  All you have to do is unload the gun, lock the bolt to the rear, and you can assemble or disassemble the gun into its two major components.  Featuring magazine storage in the stock as well as a top rain and iron sights, this is a lot of value for its price.

    MSRP: $479.  Specs, Per Savage

    Savage 1911

    [SHOT 2023] Savage 1911

    Next up was Savage’s new 1911 line.  I’m an experienced 1911 shooter and used to compete with this platform.  The Savage 1911’s were on the nicer end of factory 1911 pistols.  There was no rattle to these guns.  All of the controls and physical inputs (racking the slide, switching the safety on and off, dropping the magazine, pulling the trigger) seemed spot on and very much of the quality what a consumer would expect to receive for a $1300-1500 dollar pistol.  The Novak night sights are a nice touch as well.

    [SHOT 2023] Savage 1911

    MSRP: $1349-1499. Specs, Per Savage

    I was able to run the Savage 1911’s as fast as I could, and they hit targets accurately out to 50 yards.  They point and balance nicely, and did not have any malfunctions during my shooting experience, despite being run hard on range day.

    [SHOT 2023] Savage 1911

    Savage Impulse Mountain HUnter

    The Savage Impulse Mountain Hunter combines the Savage Impulse action with a 22″ Proof Research Barrel, bringing the Impulse’s weight down to 7.34lbs, as opposed to The Impulse Big Game’s 8.8lbs.  Despite not being the lightest carbon barreled rifle, the Impulse mountain hunter was very well balanced.  The reduction of weight out front helped me make consistent offhand hits out to 300 yards.

    [SHOT 2023] Savage Impulse Mountain Hunter

    [SHOT 2023] Savage Impulse Mountain Hunter

    MSRP: $2,437.00.  Specs, Per Savage

    For more information, and to see more of Savage’s new products, please visit Savage.

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