TFB EXCLUSIVE: Zastava Teases A New M70 Underfolder AK Rifle

    TFB EXCLUSIVE: Zastava Teases A New M70 Underfolder AK Rifl

    Photo: Ryan Ogborn

    TFBTV’s James Reeves and Ryan Ogborn have been spending some quality time out in the Chicago area hanging out with the good folks from Zastava USA. Zastava is most well known for its very popular lineup of AK rifles and pistols including the ever popular ZPAP 92, and of course the ZPAP M70 rifle. Zastava released some information on an upcoming project that has been requested, asked for, demanded by Zastava customers for quite some time – a new M70 Underfolder AK. TFBTV will have all of the details in a full video from Zastava USA in the next few weeks.

    More from Zastava USA @ TFB:

    TFB EXCLUSIVE: Zastava Teases A New M70 Underfolder AK Rifle

    At the time of writing, we’re not permitted to share the full details, but Zastava did give TFB and TFBTV permission to share a couple of sweet photos snapped by TFBTV’s expert videographer/photographer Ryan O. Once again, Zastava made the decision to develop this new rifle based on customer feedback – you guys asked for it, and here it is. Enjoy the photos!

    There will undoubtedly be more information forthcoming about the new Zastava M70 Underfolder AK coming to TFBTV. If you’re interested in keeping track of this new development from Zastava, feel free to check out our YouTube Channel TFBTV or follow James or Ryan for updates on the new AK.

    Curious about the history of Zastava Arms and their close-knit relationship with the United States? Check out this great video interview below from TFBTV Gunfest 2021 that goes over the history the two countries have together over shared conflict during WWII as well as some firsthand details on the 5.56 Zastava M90 rifle.

    All Photos Credit: Ryan Ogborn

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