[IWA 2022] Is the Norlite USK-G Glock Carbine Chassis Coming to the USA?

    [IWA 2022] Is the Norlite USK-G Glock Carbine Chassis Coming to the USA?

    IWA is always an interesting weapons expo to keep your eye on partially because of the vastly different firearms laws that European firearms manufacturers have to adhere to. One example of this is that under most European countries’ laws, certain parts and accessories are not considered firearms and thus do not count against one of the limited number of slots that private firearms owners have to fill. Germany is one such country and the German company Norlite has designed and produced the USK-G Glock Carbine Chassis that “borrows” a Glock pistol frame and fire control group and turns it into a carbine without taking up an additional slot on one’s firearms license.

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    [IWA 2022] Is the Norlite USK-G Glock Carbine Chassis Coming to the USA?

    [IWA 2022] Is the Norlite USK-G Glock Carbine Chassis Coming to the USA?

    For citizens of the United States, owning one, two, ten, or ten thousand firearms has no bearing on our ability to buy more and thus the Norlite USK-G may seem like an odd item to Americans. However, for Europeans, the USK-G offers a solution to an arguably arbitrary law imposed on citizens of Europe. But what does the USK-G offer that other chassis platforms don’t?

    First of all, the USK-G has its own free-floated barrel and bolt. This means that all that is needed to complete your carbine is to add a completed Glock frame. For Germans, this means that you can purchase the USK-G Kit without asking for an additional allowance on your license as it is considered a “Gock part” and not a gun in and of itself.

    The Norlite chassis is made specifically for the Glock 17 and 19 platforms for generations 3, 4, and 5. The chassis is capable of mounting any mil-spec AR-15 stock, features a proprietary bolt with an original unmodified Glock striker, but also features Norlite’s own firing pin safety, extractor, and ejector.

    Another advantage the Norlite chassis may have over other chassis systems is that the upper features a monolithic design complete with a full-length Picatinny rail section which should translate to better accuracy. The rail also features M-LOK slots on the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions, and the upper itself houses a non-reciprocating charging handle. The Norlite USK-G is available in Germany for $1.380, and Norlite is currently in negotiations with some US partners to bring the USK to the United States where it should be expected to sell for below $1,000.

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