[SHOT 2022] MODTAC’s Next-Gen Rigid Suppressor Cover

    [SHOT 2022] MODTAC's Next-Gen Rigid Suppressor Cover

    The concept of a suppressor wrap or suppressor cover isn’t a new one and technically the MODTAC Rigid suppressor cover isn’t new either. However, the cover is new for me and is also new to the Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro bolt action rifle. So what makes the MODTAC Rigid suppressor cover so special? First off, most suppressor covers accomplish their job by being made out of extremely heat-resistant material similar to an oven mitt. However, these materials have their limits and still transfer heat directly through the medium into your hand after a certain threshold. The MODTAC Rigid suppressor cover takes a different approach and at the same time, reduces the weight that you’ll have to carry around for the benefits.

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    [SHOT 2022] MODTAC’s Next-Gen Rigid Suppressor Cover

    Aside from acting as a physical piece of protection from bumps scrapes, the MODTAC Rigid suppressor cover also eliminates mirage from the suppressor and still provides excellent cooling abilities by allowing air to flow around the suppressor and out of the sides of the cover. The Rigid suppressor cover features two designs including a CQB variant with more vent holes added at the 9 and 3 o’clock positions while the standard variant allows hot air to escape directly below and around the cover keeping it out of your line of sight.

    [SHOT 2022] MODTAC's Next-Gen Rigid Suppressor Cover

    The MODTAC Suppressor Shield is made from a 0.095″ thick carbon fiber tube which is said to conduct approximately 40 times less heat than aluminum and 10 times less heat than steel. Throughout their testing, MODTAC has exposed the shield to temperatures of up to 1,000°F (measured on the suppressor) and external temperatures never exceeded 450°F. The MODTAC can make use of two unique mounting systems that integrate directly with your rifle including the M-RAC Modular Rail Attach Coupler which is secured to your M-LOK handguard, and the U-RAC (Universal -Rail Attach Coupler). Each of the couplers including the new one for the Delta 5 Pro features a simple 90° twist to remove and attach the suppressor cover making it easy to install and uninstall.

    The Standard Duty version of the MODTACT Suppressor cover starts at $139.00 and goes up from there depending on attachment methods and configuration. What are your thoughts on this suppressor accessory from MODTAC? Thoughts are always welcome down below!

    [SHOT 2022] MODTAC's Next-Gen Rigid Suppressor Cover

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