Defense Mechanisms: A New Player in Tactical Nylon

Richard L.
by Richard L.
Defense Mechanisms A New Player in Tactical Nylon (21)
Last year I had the pleasure of training with Tim Marshall at Alliance Police Training Facility in multiple CQB and shooting courses. Tim recently launched a new brand called Defense Mechanisms. His brand offers a very refined option for tactical nylon. Below are some responses from a short interview I had with Tim Marshall to tell our readers more about Defense Mechanisms.
What is Defense Mechanisms’ mission statement?
I’ve never really believed in mission statements. They always feel made up and full of empty promises. We are here to create streamlined gear that serves its purpose and doesn’t get in your way. Not really a mission statement, but our commitment to our customers.
What sets Defense Mechanisms apart in the industry?
Things that set us apart:
1) We have a long standing track record in soft goods design and manufacturing working as a leader in the outdoor industry.
2) Making everything in house gives us total control of quality and allows us to offer unique, customized combinations that are not available anywhere else.
3) Our designers are also users of the products they make. We have first-hand knowledge and experience with the products we design, compared to designers who simply consult with end users, but fail to fully understand every demand placed on the product line. We also consult with end users with more experience than ourselves, but our personal investment in these products shows in the details.
4) Every product we make is designed with light weight and minimalism in mind. This industry suffers terribly from excess features and unnecessary add-ons and components. We only put the features you need in our products keeping them lighter, more streamlined and purpose built. We don’t see our role as reinventing the wheel when it comes to the products we create. However, we are taking proven design ideas and moving them to an increased level of refinement and efficiency while adding our own touch.
You can see in our products an improved usability that leaves you wondering why nobody ever did it that way before.
-Tim Marshall Founder; Defense Mechanisms
Defense Mechanisms already has many products available for sale with more to come. Much of their product line revolves around plate carriers, with a full assortment of accessories. One of the key elements I like about their setup is that it is almost like a tactical build-a-bear. Each piece can be customized to your needs and you do not have a drawer of swapped out, wasted pieces when you are done. I’m sure this plays a major role in how they can offer reasonable prices without sacrificing attention to details.
Each plate carrier can be customized by the user.
Another product I am very excited about is their new ankle medkit. Even for those who do not regularly use a plate carrier, this low profile option is a great way to comfortably carry the medical supplies. This allows you to carry medical gear without damaging it in your pockets. Stay tuned for a full review coming soon.
The ankle medkit can also be ordered in multiple color schemes as well as left and right-handed versions.
For more information on Defense Mechanisms check out their website.

Photos by Defense Mechanisms

Richard L.
Richard L.

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