Hogue’s Legion Tomahawk – First Impressions

    Last week, Hogue came out with their Legion series line of knives and tomahawks. Hogue has been making knives for SIG over the last few years but now they have extended into the Legion series with several offerings in different blade styles and lengths. I was one of the lucky few to receive an early version of the Legion Tomahawk so let’s jump into what you get for the price.


    The Hogue Legion Tomahawk is fairly light and maneuverable. Overall, the tomahawk is just over 14 inches and weighs almost a pound and a half. The Legion tomahawk has a nice balance to it and comes from the factory extremely sharp. I took it out camping a couple weeks ago and it had no problem cutting up firewood and everything else I needed it to do. The grips are made out of the same G10 material as the Legion handgun grips. Having aggressively textured grips gives the user a very positive grip and plenty of leverage. The Legion tomahawk comes with a polymer sheath that goes onto the belt that holds the tomahawk snugly into the sheath with a magnet and a manual lever.

    The blade is made out of S7 tool steel and then Cerekoted with a gray finish to match the Legion handguns from SIG. The overall fit and finish between the Legion tomahawks and the Legion handguns from SIG are almost identical. Hogue’s decision to skeletonized the tomahawk handle was a way to keep the tomahawk well balanced in the hand without making it feel top-heavy. The MSRP for the Legion tomahawk is $309.95 with the various attachments sold separately.

    Using The Tomahawk

    I decided to take Legion tomahawk out on my late fall camping trip to see how things went. I decided I was only going to use the tomahawk as a hatchet to cut wood and whatever else.  The ability to add attachments onto the back of the head was a nice way to customize the hatchet. Having the choice to customize the backside is a huge plus for me. Being able to install a spike, prybar, or hammerhead onto the back of the hatchet is a great way of being modular. The blade from the factory was extremely sharp right out of the box. Even after a long weekend of splitting wood, it still had a sharp edge. I never felt like I needed something heavier to split the logs I used throughout the weekend and overall I was extremely happy with the Legion tomahawk.

    Initial Thoughts

    So far, I’m really impressed with the overall quality of the Hogue Legion tomahawk. It may not be the cheapest option on the market, but the blade feels really sturdy in the hand. The overall feeling of quality gives me confidence when abusing it in the field. I wasn’t expecting to be using the blade as much as I did on my trip and overall, I was very happy to have it on my belt. Hogue knives have always worked flawlessly for me over the years and I really have become a fan of them. I get a tomahawk may not be everyone’s taste but it’s a great option for backpacking and general use.

    I plan on doing a full review after I get more time under my belt with the Legion tomahawk. So far it’s been a great woods companion and I have enjoyed using it. Let me know what you guys think of the Hogue line of knives and tomahawks in the comments below. If you have questions feel free to contact me on Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there!

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