Sniper’s Hide Special Edition APO SABER M700 ERT Rifle

    Special Edition APO SABER M700 ERT Rifle for Sniper's Hide Students (1)

    Ashbury Precision Ordnance has published a press release telling about a new special edition SABER M700 ERT rifle built to Sniper’s Hide specs. This rifle is built to be an entry-level sub-MOE precision rig for long range shooting. The new rifles are available chambered in .308 Winchester or 6.5mm Creedmoor.

    Special Edition APO SABER M700 ERT Rifle for Sniper's Hide Students (10)

    Special Edition APO SABER M700 ERT Rifle for Sniper's Hide Students (9)

    The Sniper’s Hide special edition rifles are built using a hand selected and trued Remington Model 700 SPS AAC-SD barreled actions that are fitted with Trigger Tech triggers tuned to a 3 lb trigger pull weight. The chassis features an M-LOK handguard and a 20MOA Picatinny rail on top of the receiver. The stock is folding and adjustable. The position and angle of the Magpul pistol grip can also be adjusted. The rifle is compatible with AICS pattern magazines and comes with one Magpul PMAG 5 7.62 AC magazine.

    This special edition SABER M700 ERT rifle is available in one of the following Cerakote color options: Armor Black, Sniper Grey, FDE and OD Green. It is also possible to order custom finishes. The barreled action comes with Remington’s factory black phosphate finish. The muzzle is threaded with 5/8-24 thread pitch and the barrel comes with an APO Arclight SC-3 muzzle brake installed. The overall weight of this rifle is 11.25 lbs. You can learn more about its features by downloading the APO brochure.

    Below you can read excerpts from the APO’s press release quoting what Frank Galli, Managing Director of the Sniper’s Hide, and Matthew Peterson, Ashbury’s Production Manager, said about this joint project.

    Ruckersville, VA. – Recently Ashbury Precision Ordnance Mfg was selected by, the Internet’s largest tactical marksman community, to create an all American made, full-featured, entry level precision rifle for recreational long range shooting and multi-sport long gun competition. The APO precision rifle platform selected, and specially configured for this Sniper’s Hide project is the SABER® M700™ ERT (Extended Range Tactical) rifle, chambered in .308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor.

    APO’s Custom Shop started production on the Sniper’s Hide rifle in March 2019.The rifle was designed to an operational spec by Frank Galli, Managing Director of the Sniper’s Hide, in close collaboration with Ashbury’s Precision Weapons Section.

    Galli, himself a former US Marine Corps Scout Sniper, tasked APO to create a solid, best value, precision rifle for novices attending the growing number of Sniper’s Hide Precision Rifle training courses. The rifle absolutely needed to be a “sub-MOA out of the box range ready” rifle for training, recreational shooting and tactical competition, with no upgrades required.

    “Many Sniper’s Hide students have little to no background selecting their first precision rife and have limited budgets,” said Galli. “Too many students end up spending far more on a rifle than they need to, not understanding precision rifle shooting is a sport you grow into,” continued Galli. “More often than not we see students regrettably make poor initial purchasing decisions and end up with a first rifle that doesn’t work for them. But here at the Hide, we are looking to help the new shooter make smarter choices!”

    “As a precision rifle instructor teaching students across the country,” said Galli, “the number one question we get is always about gear. ‘What rifle should I buy?’ And the answers can vary wildly based on the current conditions out there in the market and who’s doing the most advertising. By partnering with the team at Ashbury Precision Ordnance we now have a single, vetted answer.”
    “Ashbury is excited to be chosen by the Sniper’s Hide to build their tactical rifles,” said Matthew Peterson, Ashbury’s Production Manager. “We’ve long admired the work Frank has done expanding the precision rifle shooting sports community online, respect the significant growth of, and we really dig his Everyday Sniper Podcasts. The SABER M700 ERT is an optimized entry level rifle that combines sub-MOA precision, ergonomic adjustability, and true modularity into a lightweight, moderately priced, precision rifle that can grow as the novice shooter becomes a more proficient rifle marksman.”
    “When recommending a rifle for new students we try to focus on the simple things,” said Galli. “It’s too easy to chase gadgets and gear, so having a vetted system we can offer is huge. The Sniper’s Hide rifle from Ashbury Precision Ordnance covers all the bases: adjustability for the shooter, popular calibers, and features that help promote rifle marksmanship. We want to focus on the shooter and not the equipment. This rifle takes the guess work out of our buying recommendations.”


    The Sniper’s Hide Special Edition SABER M700 ERT Rifle is listed on Ashbury Precision Ordnance’s website at a base MSRP of $1,950. There is also an online configurator on APO’s website allowing to select the desired options and add more features.

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